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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "P" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)


Packer,  Sargent Leader  03/13/1919 infant of Russel Packer
Paine,  2 children  Arnold Sentinel  03/06/1930  dau's of mm Nate Paine, ages 6 & 4
Paine, Alice Annette Ansley Herald  03/16/1933  nee Cheesebrough,  Hodge, Paine
Paine, Charles  Arnold Sentinel  12/18/1930  weds Freda Wolverton
Paine, Clara  Arnold Sentinel  12/20/1922  weds Rufus Twist
Paine, Cliffton  Ansley Herald  04/11/1929 & 04/18/1929
Paine, D. S.  Arnold Sentinel  04/22/1925  father of James E.
Paine, James Elias  Arnold Sentinel  12/02/1937
Paine, Dr. L. J.  Ansley Herald  03/09/1936
Paine, Estella  Oconto Register  09/12/1918
Paine, Mary M. Ansley Herald  09/02/1926  Mrs. Hiram M. Wilkinson
Paine, Maude Marie  Arnold Sentinel  01/12/1933  Mrs. Geo Morrow, dau of J.E. Paine
Paine, Mrs. J. E.  Arnold Sentinel  04/08/1925  61, 4 kids, nee Norrish
Painter, John G. Mason City Trans  03/19/1914  of Broken Bow
Paist, Stanley C.  Arnold Sentinel  07/12/1979
Pallett, Ruth Novella  Oconto Register  10/01/1914
Palmer, Clara  Ansley Herald  11/12/1915  nee Hill,  Mrs. Thomas Palmer
Palmer, Edgar Tyler  Sargent Leader  11/07/1929
Palmer, Fannie Belle  Oconto Register  12/21/1916  Mrs. R. M. Ervin
Palmer, Fay  Sargent Leader  01/07/1937 See article, accident
Palmer, Frank E.  Mason City Trans  09/03/1925
Palmer, Geo. Tyler  Sargent Leader  04/28/1921
Palmer, George  Arnold Sentinel  04/28/1921  of Sargent, father-in-law of R. M. Ervin
Palmer, Gerald  Sargent Leader  10/26/1939  age 21 of Madison Square, illness
Palmer, Harry  Sargent Leader  01/22/1931
Palmer, Ruth  Sargent Leader  10/23/1941  weds Clyde King
Palmeter, Ed  Arnold Sentinel  12/03/1931  weds Mrs. Ivy Morgan McCory
Pandorf, Mrs. Joanna  Arnold Sentinel  01/14/1937
Pankratz, Bertha  Ansley Herald  07/19/1918  Bertha Steinmeier
Papez, James  Sargent Leader  08/27/1942  weds Louise Peterson
Parish, Marie  Sargent Leader  03/14/1946  weds Kenneth Grint
Parker, Bertha May  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1939  Mrs. Atkins
Parker, Demsey  Merna Messenger  03/06/1930
Parker, Joseph  Ansley Argosy  09/19/1912
Parker, Julia  Sargent Leader  05/06/1920  nee Julia Smith
Parker, Lemon H.  Ansley Herald  05/12/1927
Parker, Mrs. ?  Sargent Leader  04/03  Mrs. Walter Metcalf
Parker, Roy A.  Arnold Sentinel  12/08/1938  d. 08 Dec 1918 (in days gone by column)
Parker, Verdi  Ansley Herald  06/26/1924  marries Frank Dewey at Council Bluffs, IA
Parkhurst, Edna D.  Arnold Sentinel  03/26/1931  Mrs. Geo. Rimpley, 75, 15 kids
Parkin, Anna  Sargent Leader  03/27  Weds Ralph Rose of Sargent
Parkin, Edward Grove  Sargent leader  08/17/1933
Parkison, Ida Sophia  Anselmo Enterpr  05/25/1923  nee Feiska, Mrs. Sherman Parkison
Parkos, Alice  Mason City Trans  02/22/1917
Parkos, Frank  Sargent Leader  04/20/1939  hanging suicide near Comstock, age 48
Parkos, Joe  Sargent Leader  10/06/1921
Parkos, Joe  Sargent Leader  03/01/1934
Parkos, Joseph F.  Comstock News  10/13/1921
Parkos, Mrs Frank  Sargent Leader  07/20/1939  see Barbara Janesofsky page 4
Parkos. Vaclav  Sargent Leader  12/26/1935  age 70
Parks, David R.  Arnold Sentinel  01/12/1933  72, m. Sarah Parkhurst, 8 kids
Parks Sr., David  Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1932
Parks, Lolah Florence  Arnold Sentinel  03/27/1930  m C.C. Brummett, 6 kids
Parks, Marion C.  Callaway Courier  10/09/1913
Parks, Marion G. Mason City Trans  10/16/1913
Parks, Phoebe  Mason City Trans 03/13/1919  nee Taylor
Parmenter, Carey W.  Ansley Herald  01/14/1932
Parmenter, Melinda  Ansley Herald  03/11/1930  nee Hyatt
Parolek, Mrs. John  Sargent Leader  08/08/1940  nee Anna Marie Codr age 67
Parr, Mrs. Arch Merna Messen.  06/11/1920 mother of Mrs. Parr, Mrs. Ester McKay
Parr, Hazel Mae  Loup Vall Queen  05/10/1917  weds Donzel Bryner
Parr, Merle  Merna Messen  05/27/1922  wed to Ardella Cox at Grand Island
Parr, Mrs. John  Merna Postal Card  05/12/1911  aka Amelia Reed
Parry, Richard R. Arnold Sentinel  01/16/1929  in PA
Parson, Marie K.  Sargent Leader  08/08/1940  Mrs. A. G. Anderson, born in Sweden, age 81
Parsons, Arleeta  Arnold Sentinel  09/03/1931  14, dau of mm E. D. Parsons
Parsons, Mrs. Emory D.  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1933  nee Gertrude Ethel Maxon, 52, 5 kids
Parsons, Mrs. Z. T.  Callaway Courier  10/10/1912
Parsons, Vera  Arnold Sentinel  05/07/1931  weds Edgar Rasmussen
Patrick, Dora Frances  Ansley Herald  11/19/1931  Mrs. John Ross Rhodes
Patrick, George  Ansley Argosy  03/16/1911
Patrick, Rosella  Merna Postal Card  04/05/1912  aka Rosella Gordon
Patten, Ella  Ansley Herald  07/18/1929  item
Patten, Ida  Ansley Herald  07/26/1923  Estate Notice
Patten, Miss Ella  Arnold Sentinel  07/18/1929  age 40 of Ansley,  invalid, child birth
Patterson,  Arnold Sentinel  01/16/1924  12 yr old, son of mm Frank Patterson
Patterson, Alonzo M.  Arnold Sentinel  08/29/1929  71, m. Mary A. Evans, 10 kids
Patterson, Betty Jane  Ansley Herald  04/02/1936
Patterson, Clement  Sargent Leader  11/21/1912
Patterson, Gerald Frk.  Arnold Sentinel  12/03/1924  13
Patterson, John  Sargent Leader  11/21/1940  age 54
Patterson, John B.  Arnold Sentinel  03/06/1930  dies in CO
Patterson, Juanita  Sargent Leader  07/10/1941  Weds Gerald Poland of Milburn
Patterson, Mildred  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  weds Russell Strohl
Patterson, Roy F.  Ansley Herald  06/15/1950
Patterson, Sadie  Arnold Sentinel  10/16/1930  weds Clark Twiss
Patterson, Sarah  Mason City Trans  03/05/1914 & 03/12/1914 Mrs. Albert Ellis
Patterson, Wilmet  Sargent Leader  08/22/1940  Weds Fred Cole
Patterson, Wm. Sargent Leader  04/10/1913
Patterson, Wm. Arnold Sentinel  09/08/1926  weds Blanche Narragon
Patton, Edith Viola  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1923  25, unmarried,  dau of N.C. Patton
Patton, Mrs. Frank Merna Messen.  6/1920  mother of Mrs. Frank Patton
Patton, Lester R. Arnold Sentinel  10/02/1930  weds Martha Christensen
Patton, Miss Edith  Sargent Leader  12/20/1923  Age 26.  Drown in cistern near Arnold.  See CHIEF story.
Patton, Mrs Ida  Ansley Herald  01/11/1923  nee Edmonds, Mrs. Ned Patton
Paulson, Wm.  Merna Messenger  02/06/1930
Pavell, Wm. C.  Arnold Sentinel  09/29/1938
Paxton, James Estel  Sargent Leader  01/13/1944  age 56
Paxton, Mary Elsie  Sargent Leader  06/14/1945  Mrs. Ed Knapp  age 61
Paxton, Mrs. Ruhama  Sargent Leader  06/24 & 07/01  see Cobble, age 76, Mrs William Paxton
Payton, Guy Leslie  Sargent Leader  06/04/1942  age 63
Pazderka, James  Sargent Leader  10/06/1938  of Broken Bow, car wreck
Pazderka, Mrs. James  Comstock News  05/03/1917
Peak, Iris  Arnold Sentinel  05/11/1933 & 05/18/1933 Mrs. Earl Rodman, no kids
Peake, C. I.  Arnold Sentinel  09/12/1929  weds Mabel Smith of WY
Pearce, Benjamin F.  Arnold Sentinel  01/20/1921  65, Garfield, husb of Mary McKamey
Pearce, Mrs. Benjamin F. Arnold Sentinel  04/27/1933 
Pearce, Cecil  Arnold Sentinel  03/11/1925  weds Leila Harrell
Pearce, Charles B.  Arnold Sentinel  05/18/1939 nee Mary Thomas McKaney, 72, 5 kids
Pearce, Mrs. Charles B. Arnold Sentinel  08/29/1923  nee Sylvia Elandor Cambell, 48,  4 children
Pearce, Mrs. Gujy  Arnold Sentinel  02/07/1923  nee Mary Anna Pinkston, 28, 3kids
Pearce, infant  Arnold Sentinel  01/16/1930  son of mm Cecil Pearce
Pearce, Maude  Callaway Courier  11/25/1915
Pearce, O. D.  Arnold Sentinel  02/09/1933  bro of Lucretia Bonta and C. B. Pearce
Pearce, Mrs. O. D.  Loup Vall Queen  11/25/1915  50  nee Maude Fidelia Hendricks
Pearce, Peter H.  Callaway Queen  04/01/1915
Pearce, Mrs. Peter H. Arnold Sentinel  06/23/1932  76, m. Peter H. Pearce, 4 kids, nee Lamm
Pearl, Leonard  Sargent Leader  09/17/1936  Age 21.  Killed by lightning, Burwell
Pearson, Alvin  Arnold Sentinel  07/15/1925  weds Ester Smith
Pearson, Mary  Sargent Leader  12/23/1937 p.5 Mrs. Mary Clark, wife of A. B. Clark, 10 sons, 3 dau.
Pease, Floyd  Arnold Sentinel  06/17/1925  weds Louise Johnson
Pease, Harrison  Arnold Sentinel  12/07/1933  major life story
Pease, Mrs. Jonathon  Arnold Sentinel  07/22/1937 & 07/29/1937
Pease, Katherine  Arnold Sentinel  01/10/1923  Mrs. Cornelius Hoffman, 81, six children
Pease, Robert John  Arnold Sentinel  02/26/1931  age 4, son of Dr. and Mrs. B. Chas. Pease
Pechin, David  Sargent Leader  11/30/1944  bro of Emma Lysinger, Idaho,
Pechin, Garrett  Sargent Leader  02/01/1940 & 02/08/1940 age 65
Pechin, Mark  Sargent Leader  04/24/1941  death,  bro of Mrs. I. L. Lysinger
Pechin, Samuel S.  Sargent Leader  10/02/1930
Peck, Vera  Arnold Sentinel  03/16/1939
Pedersen, Mrs. Kristene  Mason City Trans  08/19/1920
Pederson, Christian  Mason City Trans  08/07/1919
Pedrick, Irma  Sargent Leader  10/23/1941  weds John A. Squire
Pedrick, Walter  Sargent Leader  05/04/1939  Weds Delta Rice (her second?)
Pedroli, Melvin  Arnold Sentinel  10/19/1933  weds Jewel Erickson of Arnold
Pell, Grace  Ansley Herald  04/27/1927  Mrs. Geo. Davis
Pembleton, George  Ansley Herald  10/29/1915  aka George Hawes
Pence, W. H.  Arnold Sentinel  05/21/1931  75, Broken Bow
Penn, Howard  Ansley Chronicle  12/30/1904  suicide
Pennington, Dr. W. R.  Arnold Sentinel  01/26/1933  77 of MO
Penny, Dr. R. C.  Arnold Sentinel  11/07/1928  weds Miss Amy Bown
Penny, Lee  Mrs.  Sargent Leader  06/14/1928  nee Ester Oberg
Penny, Mrs. Francis  Callaway Courier  07/24/1913
Penny, Wayne  Sargent Leader  10/24/1940  Weds Marjorie Swick
Pense, Ora Joan  Sargent Leader  11/21/1940  married name Ora Freeman
Pense, Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  02/26/1931  weds Howard A. Tunnell
Peoples, Eldridge E.  Arnold Sentinel  02/26/1931  see 3-5-31, m Anna Ray, 1  dau
Pepper, Harold E. Ansley Herald  09/20/1923
Pepper, Harry  Mason City Trans  09/20/1923
Percival, Electa Anna  Arnold Sentinel  02/10/1926  Mrs. Chester Wilson
Percy, Harold  Arnold Sentinel  08/22/1929  weds Dorothy Roth
Perin, Itasco  Sargent Leader  07/10/1924  see Courtney
Perin, S. Will  Sargent Leader  01/30/1930
Perin, Similien La Branche  Sargent Leader  08/11/1938  age 86
Perkins, Daniel  Ansley Argosy  01/25/1912 & 01/18/1912
Perkins, Genevive M.  Sargent Leader  01/26/1928  Mrs. George Gravely
Perkins, Geniveve  Ansley Herald  01/19/1928  Mrs. George Gravely
Perkins, Glen  O.  Arnold Sentinel  04/16/1931  38, m. Ethel Collins, 3 dau
Perkins, Grandma ?  Arnold Sentinel  03/17/1921  mother of Solomon Perkins death note
Perkins, Joshua  Sargent Leader  03/18/1920
Perkins, Martha  Ansley Herald  07/26/1934  nee Marsh
Perkins, Mrs. Daniel E.  Sargent Leader  08/02/1934  nee Martha Marsh
Perkins, Solomon  Arnold Sentinel  09/02/1920  Arnold businessman, see also 8-26,  age 54
Perkypile, Geo.  Ansley Herald  05/09/1935
Perrin, A. Z. "Ernnie"  Sargent Leader  07/23/1942  see also 7-16  age 78
Perrin, Clyde  Sargent Leader  11/23/1944 & 11/30/1944 heart attack
Perrin, George  Sargent Leader  08/22/1940  dies in Denver, buried in Sargent
Perrin, George F. Sargent Leader  09/05/1940  see several issues around this date
Perrin, Nadine  Sargent Leader  03/09/1944  weds Robert Farrish Amos
Perrin, Robert  Sargent Leader  05/29/1941  Weds Roselean Wells
Perrin, Ronald  Ansley Chronicle  04/14/1905
Perrin, Virginia  Sargent Leader  08/22/1940  Weds Laddie Lysinger
Perrin, William Roscoe  Arnold Sentinel  06/19/1930  weds Genevieve Clark
Perry, Coletta Z.  Merna Postal Card  05/14/1915  daughter of C. D. R.
Perry, Mary Virginia  Merna Messen  05/19/1922  Mrs. Samuel Luce
Perryman, Jessie  Sargent Leader  07/03/1941  Weds Martin Mayberry
Perryman, Paul  Arnold Sentinel  02/26/1931  19 of Gothenburg
Pershall, I. N.  Callaway Courier  10/17/1912
Pershall, Mrs. Delilah  Arnold Sentinel  09/28/1933  90
Person, Howard  Sargent Leader  11/30/1944  weds Lois Castile
Perta, Barbara  Sargent Leader  05/10/1923  Mrs. Joseph Kuklis
Pesek, Mrs. Frances Sargent Leader  01/26/1928
Pesek, Francis  Sargent Leader  11/21/1940  Mrs. Joe Eret, see 11-13, age 70
Pesek, James  Sargent Leader  11/16/1939  Weds Agnes Vopat, double with sister
Pesek, John  Sargent Leader  10/10/1929
Pesek Jr., Louis Sargent Leader  02/04/1943  weds Helen Klapal
Pesek, Mrs. John  Comstock News  03/08/1917
Pester, Alfred Henry  Ansley Argosy  02/10/1914
Pester, Elizabeth Ann  Ansley Herald  11/17/1938  Mrs. Albert Sherbeck
Pester, Ernest W.  Ansley Herald  01/26/1950
Pester, Mother  Ansley Herald  11/19/1915  Mother of Ernest Pester
Peters, Frank  Sargent Leader  07/29/1939 & 08/10/1939 p.4.  See obit . age 74
Peters, Henry  Mason City Trans  06/12/1913
Peters, John  Sargent Leader  04/18/1946  Burwell
Peters, Mark M. Anselmo Enterpr  05/04/1928
Peters, Millard H. Sargent Leader  12/09/1943  weds Mrs. Anne K. Campbell
Peters, Romain  Sargent Leader  07/06/1944  weds Margaret Wiese
Peterson,  Callaway Courier  04/07/1916  Infant of James Peterson
Peterson, Alf  Arnold Sentinel  01/14/1932 & 01/21/1932
Peterson, Andrew  MasonCity Trans  12/16/1915
Peterson, Andrew  Arnold Sentinel  11/17/1938
Peterson, Anna Johanna  Arnold Sentinel  10/20/1932  32, shot, 2 kids, Mrs. Lee Harris, divorced
Peterson, Anna Marie  Arnold Sentinel  01/27/1938  nee Christensen,  Mrs. Peter H. Peterson
Peterson, Mrs. Arthur  Arnold Sentinel  09/08/1932  suicide, 36,  nee Lillian Hudson
Peterson, Carl  Oconto Register  03/29/1912
Peterson, Charles A.  Arnold Sentinel  02/26/1920  55
Peterson, Delores Anna  Ansley Herald  07/17/1930  child
Peterson, Durvard  Loup Vall Queen  08/19/1937  age 4, auto accident, son of Harold and Mary
Peterson, Frances  Arnold Sentinel  01/30/1929  weds Wayne Dailard
Peterson, Gertrude  Arnold Sentinel  11/09/1933 & 11/16/1933 27, unmarried
Peterson, Hans Christian  Mason City Trans  08/16/1928 
Peterson, Harry  Arnold Sentinel  07/07/1926  weds Dorothy Norsworthy
Peterson, infant  Loup Vall Queen  04/06/1916  son of mm James Peterson
Peterson, Ingred Louise  Arnold Sentinel  06/26/1919 
Peterson, J. E.  Arnold Sentinel  06/14/1934  weds Beulah Backes
Peterson, John  Sargent Leader  06/20/1940  Weds Kehler, Mildred
Peterson, Laura C.  Arnold Sentinel  03/15/1934  un wed, librarian, 80+,   b. Denmark
Peterson, Louise  Sargent Leader  08/27/1942  weds James Papez
Peterson, Mrs. Margaret  Mason City Trans  05/21/1925  nee Amsberry
Peterson, Mary C.  Arnold Sentinel  03/22/1922  Mary Tallman
Peterson, Mollie  Ansley Herald  01/14/1932  nee Baldwin, Mrs. Andrew Peterson
Peterson, Mrs. Oscar  Oconto Register  04/29/1916
Peterson, Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  02/02/1927  weds Carl Swanson in Minden
Peterson, Ruth Edith  Arnold Sentinel  12/17/1924  weds Lloyd Griffis, to live in Cozad
Peterson, Walter W. Arnold Sentinel  12/01/1926  weds  Idris Newman (page 3)
Peterson, Mrs. Wm. Sargent Leader  05/13/1943  nee Annie Taylor, sis of Rob't.
Peterson, William  Sargent Leader  12/22/1938  very early settler of West Union. died in CA
Peterson, William  Sargent Leader  01/19/1940  Weds Margaret Sargent in Torrington
Petet,  James L.  Sargent Leader  05/15/1913
Petet, Carl  Sargent Leader  11/09/1939  Weds Leone Cooper in Taylor
Petet, Ernst  Comstock News  01/07/1910 infant of George
Petet, Glen  Comstock News  05/18/1916  infant son of George Petet
Petet, James E.  Sargent Leader  02/09/1933
Petet, James L. Comstock News  05/16/1913 & 05/23/1913  1st dau of Mrs. Jim Herely of Hooper
Petet, Mrs. Bert  Sargent Leader  02/18/1937 & 02/25/1937 See Ida MayHively, Mason City
Petet, Mrs. M. L.  Sargent Leader  02/18/1932  nee Martha Lovina Fuller
Petet, Ralph  Sargent Leader  07/03/1941  Weds Lewis Mable
Petet, Richard L.  Sargent Leader  03/10/1927  infant of Birt Petet
Petet, Warren,  Comstock News  12/10/1914  infant
Petrick, Anton  Ansley Herald  01/23/1936
Petrick, Frank  Ansley Herald  03/15/1923
Petrick, Joseph  Ansley Argosy  11/26/1908  card of Thanks in 12-3-1908
Petrick, Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  01/16/1903
Pfrehm, Aaron  Sargent Leader  07/01/1920
Pfrehm, August  Sargent Leader  03/28/1929
Pfrehm, Irene Sargent Leader  06/27/1935  see Hall, Irene;  see Funke, Mrs. Jack;  see Hank, Irene
Pfrehm, John  Sargent Leader  03/28/1929
Pfrehm, Lewis  Sargent Leader  09/15/1916
Pfrehm, Mrs. Anna  Sargent Leader  01/01/1925 & 01/08/1925  Anna Wilke
Pfrehm, Mrs. Henry  Sargent Leader  05/05/1932  nee Jennie Leep
Pfrehm, Mrs. Henry J.  Sargent Leader  03/15/1923  nee Maggie Bitters
Pfrehm, Roley Henry  Sargent Leader  01/05/1933
Phelps, Hiram  Anselmo Enterpr  11/18/1927
Phelps, Jerry  Sargent Leader  11/21/1929
Phelps, Mary  Anselmo Enterpr  04/30/1920  Mrs. Hiram Phelps
Phelps, Onie M.  Arnold Sentinel  02/10/1938
Phelps, Wm. Henry  Anselmo Enterpr  06/24/1927
Phifer, Daisy  Arnold Sentinel  01/26/1939  22 Jan 1919 (in Days Gone By column)
Phifer, Faey  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1929  weds Melvin Anderson
Phifer, Lyle  Arnold Sentinel  07/29/1925  weds Prudence Whitley
Phifer, Pleasant F.  Arnold Sentinel  11/02/1933  80, m. Elizabeth Judkins, 13 kids
Phifer, R. Verneta  Arnold Sentinel  11/27/1919  weds Tobe DeLosh both of Arnold
Phifer, Ralph P.  Arnold Sentinel  07/18/1928  33, m. Ruth Campbell, 7 kids
Phifer, Shirley Jean  Merna Messenger  08/07/1930
Phifer, Shirley Jean  Arnold Sentinel  08/07/1930 age 2, dau of Ruth & Ralph
Phifer, Miss Willa Arnold Sentinel  09/03/1931  weds Willard Brummett, See 9-10
Phillipa, Jesse  Sargent Leader  09/02/1937 & 09/09/1937  of Comstock, age 74
Phillippi, Harve  Ansley Herald  04/30/1931 & 05/07/1931
Phillippi,  Ansley Argosy  08/23/1910  Son of H. H. Phillippi
Phillips, Amy  Arnold Sentinel  08/26/1937  nee Medcalf
Phillips, Andrew F.  Sargent Leader  09/05/1935 & 10/03/1935 
Phillips, Clarence Jr.  Arnold Sentinel  07/19/1979
Phillips, Frank E.  Arnold Sentinel  07/07/1921  husb of Margaret Fox, 14 children
Phillips, James  Arnold Sentinel  08/09/1979
Phillips, Kern Eugene  Mason City Trans  04/22/1920
Phillips, Lorena Juanita  Sargent Leader  08/05/1938  see Exley, Mrs. Orin, age 21, child birth
Phillips, Martha Jayne  Sargent Leader  10/24/1940  Mrs. Martha McIntosh, age 75
Phillips, Melvin  Sargent Leader  04/29/1915
Phillips, Minnie  Ansley Herald  12/27/1918 &01/17/1919  Mrs. Minnie Young 
Phillips, Mrs. Virgil  Arnold Sentinel  09/16/1925  nee ?, sis of Mrs. T. L. Jones
Phillips, Rilla  Arnold Sentinel  01/09/1929  Mrs. Henry Bishop, 69
Phillips, Woodrow  Mason City Trans  03/11/1915  infant
Philpot, Mrs. Chas.  Arnold Sentinel  07/15/1937
Pickens, Fred M.  Arnold Sentinel  03/15/1934  weds Mrs. Mary Smith
Pickett, Katherine  Arnold Sentinel  04/26/1922  weds Leon Scott (to wed 4-30)
Pickett,Olive  Callaway Courier  05/09/1912  marriage to Floyd McDermott 5-8-1912
Pickett, Patricia  Sargent Leader  08/02/1945  weds Eldon Klapal
Pickrell, Edith  Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1928  weds Francis Maxson
Piece, Henry O.  Sargent Leader  03/15/1945  age 73
Pierce, Alfred Whitney  Sargent Leader  10/26/1933
Pierce, Donald  Loup Vall Queen  08/05/1937  weds Jayne Schweitzer
Pierce, Frank  Sargent Leader  10/05/1944  truck accident
Pierce, George G. Sargent Leader  04/10/1941 age 82
Pierce, Grandma ?  Loup Val. Queen  01/29/1914
Pierce, Helen  Arnold Sentinel  02/06/1930 & 02/13/1930 Mrs. Wells
Pierce, Helen  Arnold Sentinel  11/10/1938  dau. of Loy Pierce
Pierce, Herschel  Arnold Sentinel  11/10/1932  weds Doris Ricker
Pierce, Hugh  Arnold Sentinel  10/02/1930  weds Agatha Sullivan
Pierce, Mrs. Inez  Sargent Leader  07/24/1934  nee Storms, also married to Grint.  Operation
Pierce, Mrs. Jesse  Sargent Leader  02/26/1942  Margaret Walden Knight age 70
Pierce, Mrs. John  Arnold Sentinel  03/31/1932  funeral notice
Pierce, John Allen  Arnold Sentinel  12/21/1927 & 12/28/1927 10 kids
Pierce, Mrs. John Allen  Arnold Sentinel  04/14/1932  nee Josephine Graham,78, 10 kids
Pierce, Margaret  Arnold Sentinel  10/23/1930  weds Fritz Lewis
Pierce, Mrs Peter H. Arnold Sentinel  06/23/1932  see Pearce, obit has both spellings
Pierce, Samuel Nelson  Loup Val. Queen  08/27/1914
Pierce, Thomas L.  Sargent Leader  02/27/1936  age 75, (Summerford)
Pierce, Mrs. W. A.  Sargent Leader  12/05/1918
Pierce, Walden  Sargent Leader  12/25/1941  death notice, car fell on him
Pierce, Walden  Sargent Leader  01/01/1942  age 39
Pierce, William A. Sargent Leader  10/01/1942  age 77
Pierce,Mrs. Minnie  Sargent Leader  06/21/1945  nee Knight, age 89
Pike, Gordon  Sargent Leader  05/18/1939
Pike, Gordon  Sargent Leader  05/18/1939
Pike, Mrs Ida  Sargent Leader  06/20/1940  age 74
Pike, Orvis  Sargent Leader  03/02/1944 & 03/16/1944  92
Pilcher, Margart  Arnold Sentinel  01/12/1922  70 of Callaway, wife of Emery B Whaley
Pilcher, Sarah  Sargent Leader  07/09/1942  age 90, Wash state, partial obit
Pilger, Emelie  Arnold Sentinel  11/24/1938  Mrs. Witthuhn
Pinchin, Lucinda  Sargent Leader  11/28/1912 & 12/05/1912  Mrs. Isaac Bentley
Pinckney, Mrs. Sadie  Arnold Sentinel  07/12/1934  81, minister's wife
Pinckney, Rev. Harvey  Arnold Sentinel  09/30/1925  68, m. S. McCaskey, 8 kids
Pinell, Richard Henry  Callaway Courier  01/25/1912
Pinkerton, Drue  Arnold Sentinel  09/30/1925  20, dau of Mrs. J. H. Priess
Pinkey, Albert F.  Ansley Herald  07/13/1939 & 07/20/1939
Pinkley, brother of A. F. Ansley Herald  02/25/1926
Pinkley, Mrs. A.F.  Ansley Herald  04/19/1928  Eliza B. Moss
Pinkston,  Mrs. Chas. Arnold Sentinel  05/08/1929  76, nee Susan Margaret Cannon
Pinkston, Mrs. Florence  Arnold Sentinel  06/03/1937  nee Bailes
Pinkston, Frank L.  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1933  weds Edith Strong
Pinkston, Glenn  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1927  weds Althea Snyder
Pinkston, Hazel  Arnold Sentinel  08/25/1926  weds Orval Steele
Pinkston, John  Arnold Sentinel  10/06/1926 & 10/13/1926 75
Pinkston, LaVern Osb.  Arnold Sentinel  12/13/1922  infant son of Mynor and mary Pinkston
Pinkston, Lily  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1925  weds Vernon  O. Tubbs
Pinkston, Mary Anna  Arnold Sentinel  02/07/1923  Mrs. Guy Pearce, 28, 3 kids
Pinkston, Mildred L.  Arnold Sentinel  09/03/1924  infant dau of mm Charles A. Pinkston
Pinkston, Verona  Arnold Sentinel  03/18/1920  49, Mrs. Geo W. Boget, 3 kids
Pinnell, Catherine  Arnold Sentinel  06/18/1931  weds Floyd Holt
Pinnell, Flora Elizageth  Loup Vall Queen  07/05/1937  nee Eggleston, age 29, Mrs. Floyd Pinnell, no children
Pinnell, Helen  Arnold Sentinel  12/26/1929  weds Donald Hutchinson, see Morris
Pinnell, R. H.  Oconto Register  02/02/1912
Piper, Eliza Annis  Arnold Sentinel  10/17/1929  50, Mrs. Charles Jarmin, 4 kids
Pirnie, Alex  Arnold Sentinel  07/06/1927  72, m. Lusina Powell, 12 kids
Pirnie, Donald  Sargent Leader  10/28/1943  weds Helen Swanson
Pirnie, Fay Raymond  Sargent Leader  12/08/1916  child of D. M. Pirnie
Pirnie,  Ansley Chronicle  04/12/1907  infant daughter of John Pirnie
Pirnie, John  Merna Messenger  07/21/1919 & 07/28/1919
Pirnie, Lucile  Arnold Sentinel  09/26/1929  weds Melvin Williams of Arnold
Pirnie, Margaret May  Merna Messenger  03/07/1919  aka Mrs. Orlonzo Hopple
Pirnie, Mrs. Evyline  Arnold Sentinel  04/02/1931  weds John P. Long
Pirnie, Mrs. Leland  Arnold Sentinel  03/08/1934  age 24,  nee Cannon
Pirnie, PFC Kennety  Sargent Leader  03/25/1943  WWII fatality,  of Weissert
Pitkin, Charles Ashley  Ansley Herald  03/10/1921
Pitkin, Mrs. Fred  Sargent Leader  12/24/1921  nee Elizabeth Ellen Wolf
Pittman, Jane  Callaway Queen  02/18/1915  Mrs. Jane Empfield
Pizer, Iola  Arnold Sentinel  05/23/1933  age 7 killed by tornado
Pizer, Mary Evelyn  Arnold Sentinel  05/23/1933  age 5, killed by tornado
Pizer, Mrs Harry  Arnold Sentinel  05/23/1933  25, killed by tornado
Plambeck, George H. Sargent Leader  07/13/1944  50
Planer, Elmer  Arnold Sentinel  07/24/1930  Norfolk, 22, bro of Mrs. Frank Hays
Pletek, John  Sargent Leader  02/07/1946  weds Dorothy Nesiba
Pliva, Mrs. Emil  Sargent Leader  10/31/1918
Plock, Thelma  Sargent Leader  03/18/1943  weds Floyd Harris
Plott, Mrs. Margaret  Mason City Trans  04/08/1914  nee Lee, sister of Canute Lee
Plucknett, Eleanor  Sargent Leader  04/03  Weds Don Crosier
Plysmile, Cleda  Ansley Herald  10/18/1918  nee McCollister
Pointer, Doris Lee  Sargent Leader  10/25/1945  age 20  never married
Pointer, Doris Marie  Sargent Leader  02/11/1937  age 34.  See correction of obit 2-18-37
Pointer, Henry  Sargent leader  07/21/1932
Pointer, James W.  Sargent Leader  04/10/1930
Pointer, Martha Elmira  Sargent Leader  01/09/1936  nee Hargan, Mrs. James W. Pointer
Pointer, Maxine  Sargent Leader  09/12/1940  Weds Ward Illingworth
Pointer, Mrs. Henry  Sargent Leader  06/24/1924  nee Carr, Cora Jessie.  Age 52, dau of R. G. Carr
Points, J. A.  Ansley Herald  04/22/1920
Pokorney, Chas. Jr.  Sargent Leader  04/19/1923
Poland, Earl  Sargent Leader  05/07/1942  34 drowned in N. Loup river, body not found
Poland, Earl  Sargent Leader  06/18/1942 
Poland, Elma M.  Mrs.  Sargent Leader  01/05/1928  nee Elma slagle
Poland, Evelyn  Sargent Leader  01/01/1942  weds Earl Dawson
Poland, Gerald  Sargent Leader  07/10/1941  Weds Juanita Pattrson of Michigan
Poland, Mrs. Melvin  Sargent Leader  12/12/1929  nee Etta Elizabeth Ott
Poland, Mrs. Wm. Sargent Leader  07/29/1943 
Poland, Ray  Sargent Leader  10/30/1941  weds Agnes Appleton
Poland, Wm. Wiley Sargent Leader  10/14/1943  age 86
Poland, Wm. Sargent Leader  3-3-1932  Golden Wedding
Polanek, Anna  Sargent Leader  11/05/1936 & 11/12/1936 Mrs. Anna Kriz
Pold, Mrs. Earl  Sargent Leader  01/02/1928
Polkinghorn, Eva  Sargent Leader  11/04/1937  Mrs. Paul Haumont
Pollare, Jessie  Merna Messenger  10/04/1930  Mrs. Joseph Grantzinger
Poor, Levi  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1928  93
Pope, Dr. R. W.  Sargent Leader  11/02/1939  dies in Kansas, wife a Sargent girl
Pope, Dr. Ralph  Sargent Leader  07/06/1939  Weds Millicent Brooke
Pope, Emmett L. Arnold Sentinel  06/09/1921 weds Effie O. Robinson
Pope, Mrs. L.  Sargent Leader  09/22/1927  nee Orvis, also Mrs. Groff
Popejoy, Josephine  Ansley Herald  08/11/1921   Mrs. James H. Hiser
Porter, Geo. E.  Arnold Sentinel  10/16/1930  C. Regis of Deeds, suicide
Porter, Mrs. George Ansley Chronicle  07/11/1902
Porter,  Ansley Chronicle  03/01/1907  infant of W. O. 
Porter, Ida May  Mason City Trans  03/25/1920  nee Cabaret, Mrs. Wm. O. Porter
Porter, Judson C.  Ansley Chronicle  10/02/1903
Porter, Julia L.  Arnold Sentinel  10/17/1923  Mrs. Joseph E. Haught, 6 kids, 60
Porter, Kenneth  Arnold Sentinel  07/18/1929  age 8, son of Mrs. Geo. Porter
Porter, Wm. O.  Mason City Trans  04/07/1927 & 04/14/1927
Postin, Abbie  Ansley Herald  09/24/1925  Mrs. Abbie Zimmer
Poston, Alice  Loup Vall Queen  07/15/1915  weds Oscar Olson of Etna
Poston, Lela M. Loup Vall Queen  09/09/1915  weds Gail C. Butler of Finchville
Potter, Addie  Arnold Sentinel  04/08/1920  weds Floyd Martin
Potter, Mrs. Frank  Arnold Sentinel  02/16/1927  nee Sedonia Kitterman
Potter, Leah  Arnold Sentinel  11/03/1938  d. 26 Oct 1918 (in days gone by column)
Potter, Nettie  Sargent Leader  06/26/1913  Mrs. Stone
Potts, Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  02/061913 & 02/13/1913  Mrs. Dye
Potts, John  Sargent Leader  12/09/1920
Potts, Lewis Joel  Ansley Herald  02/02/1917
Potts, Mabel  Sargent Leader  12/04/1924  Mrs. J. Sullivan, childbirth
Potts, Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  07/24/1930  nee Edna Frank
Potts, Mrs. Ida Boose  Sargent Leader  06/20/1940  age 74, Ida M. Boose Pike Potts
Potts, Mrs. John  Sargent Leader  10/04/1934  nee Sarah Day
Pounds, child  Arnold Sentinel  05/17/1934  age 2, son of mm Lloyd Pounds, drown
Pourke, Mary Jane  Merna Messenger  03/21/1929  Mrs. Xavier Mohatt
Powell, Henrietta  Merna Messenger  05/17/1930  Mrs. Albert Jaynes
Powell, John W.  Ansley Chronicle  01/01/1904
Powell, Mrs. Lewis  Loup Vall Queen  06/14/1917  69, nee Hauenstine  aka Christinia wife of Wm. VanWinkle.
Power, Geo. W.  Ansley Argosy  10/09/1909  resolution of Condolence
Power, Joseph Edwin  Merna Messenger  11/08/1928
Powers,  Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  03/02/1922  nee Iva Sawles, also Mrs. Rittenhouse
Powers,  Ansley Chronicle  01/27/1905  infant son of George Powers
Powers, Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  01/02/1919  nee Alma Brodine
Powers, Mary  Anselmo Enterpr  08/17/1923  nee Soran
Powers, Rosella  Sargent Leader  11/26/1942  weds James Dement
Powers, Walter Harold  Sargent Leader  05/07/1925  age 9, horse accident, step son of H. Brodine
Powers, Wm. Merna Messen.  02/06/1920
Predmore,  Sargent Leader  05/19/1916  baby of Ben & Rosa Predmore
Predmore, Mrs. Ben  Sargent Leader  02/02/1933
Predmore, Dale Eugene  Sargent Leader  11/07/1918
Predmore, Florence  Anselmo Enterpr  01/07/1927  married Geo. White in N.P. 12-27-1926
Predmore, Nelson B.  Sargent Leader  06/07/1934
Predmore, son of Ben  Sargent Leader  04/27/1917  3 years old
Predmore, Wm. Hill  Arnold Sentinel  04/27/1927  m. Bertha Cosler
Prell, Jay  Arnold Sentinel  01/13/1921  weds Florence Beardsley
Prell, Mrs. Jess  Arnold Sentinel  01/25/1934 & 02/01/1934 nee Cora Reba Beardsley 
Prell, Larry Kent  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1937  child
Prendergast, Margaret  Arnold Sentinel  02/16/1939  Mrs. Snodgrass
Prest, Richard  Comstock News  06/06/1913
Preston, Julia A.  Ansley Chronicle  08/19/1904
Preston, Margaret Ellen  Callaway Courier  06/05/1913
Preston, Mrs. Clyde  Arnold Sentinel  09/03/1931  nee Mildred Olson, 3 kids
Preston, Mrs. S. B.  Ansley Chronicle  04/03/1903
Prettyman, Andrea  Comstock News  05/05/1921  Mrs. Frederick Prettyman
Prettyman, Charles  Sargent Leader  11/08/1934
Prettyman, Mrs. Fred  Sargent Leader  05/05/1921
Price, Clarence Orin  Ansley Herald  05/08/1925 & 04/30/1925 son of Ray Price,  item.
Price, Dale  Sargent Leader  05/02/1927  son of Harold Price
Price, Miss Donna  Arnold Sentinel  07/30/1931  15, auto accident, dau of mm E. E. Price
Price, Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  11/04/1937  Mrs. George Cassidy,  2 sons, 8 dau's.  78
Price, G. L.  'Pat' Arnold Sentinel  06/28/1934  weds Mabel Ward of Overton
Price, Jessie  Arnold Sentinel  07/10/1930  40, wreck
Price, Laurella  Ansley Herald  02/11/1932  nee Davis, Mrs. John Wesley Price
Price, Mary  Anselmo Enterpr  04/24/1924  Mrs. Teahon, also Mrs. Thomas Griffith
Price, Orvil Dale  Ansley Herald  05/05/1927  child
Price, son of Ray A. nsley Herald  04/30/1925 & 05/08/1925 Clarence Orin Price/ item
Price, Ted  Mason City Trans  07/22/1928  wed Iva Crosby at Cozad, Ne.
Price, W. A.  Arnold Sentinel  07/15/1925 68
Price, Mrs. W. A.  Arnold Sentinel  06/24/1925  nee Marrs
Price, Wm.  Ansley Herald  05/21/1936
Priel, Miles A.  Arnold Sentinel  08/12/1920 weds Viola Haught
Priess, Hazel Hanna  Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1979
Priess, John  Arnold Sentinel  05/02/1923  weds Grace ?
Priess, Miss H. Edna  Arnold Sentinel  06/09/1932  weds Orville E. Chesley
Pringle, daughter of Levi  Ansley Chronicle  11/02/1906
Pringle, Lester S.  Mason City Trans  08/26/1926
Pringle, Levi C.  Ansley Herald  12/11/1919
Probert Doris  Sargent Leader  10/21/1943 & 10/28/1943 Gehrt Dickman 
Probert, Blanche  Sargent Leader  06/22/1917  Mrs. Thomas B. Murray
Probert, Edna  Sargent Leader  01/02/1918  weds Walter Sargent at Burwell
Probert, Georgia C. Sargent Leader  08/29/1940  Mrs. Clyde Kissell age 34
Probert, Mrs. George  Sargent Leader  01/03/1935  Margarette Clemets
Probert, Rob't. Sargent Leader  09/28/1944  killed in France WWII
Probert, Robert Ray  Sargent Leader  12/14/1944 WWII fatality
Probert,  Sargent Leader  12/27/1928 infant of  Roy Probert
Probert, Wm. George  Sargent Leader  04/10/1941  Weds Lucille Garris
Probert, Wm. LeRoy  Sargent Leader  04/28/1916  baby
Probst, J. C.  Sargent Leader  09/21/1912
Proskocil, James  Sargent Leader  11/18/1943  weds Evelyn Kamarad
Prosser, Mary West  Arnold Sentinel  03/14/1923  wife of Joshua Brummet  90
Province, Clifford  Arnold Sentinel  08/04/1926  weds Opal Rutner
Province, Earl  Arnold Sentinel  11/26/1924  weds Nellie Layton.  will live at Stapleton
Province, Mrs. John Oconto Register  03/02/1911
Province, Nathan  Ansley Herald  10/05/1917
Province, Nathan Spencer  Oconto Register  10/04/1917
Pruitt, Clarence  Sargent Leader  01/27/1944  weds some lady with grown kids
Ptacnik, Leonard  Sargent Leader  06/22/1939  Weds Edna Smolik
Pugsley, Laura Eliza  Arnold Sentinel  02/23/1933  weds John Herbert Compton
Pulliam, Eileen May  Sargent Leader  11/23/1944  weds Sgt. Wm. R. Harvey of Taylor
Pulliam, Mrs. Orlando Scott  Sargent Leader  03/07/1935  Alice Ransom
Pulliam, Orlando  Sargent Leader  04/06/1917
Pulliam, Reed  Sargent Leader  10/12/1944  weds Virginia Smith (mom of Rosemary Davis)
Pulliam,Merlene  Sargent Leader  05/17/1945  weds Norman Grint
Punchochar, Frank  Comstock News  10/24/1913
Purcell, Edward  Sargent Leader  09/08/1938  retired B-Bow printer fell from roof, bro to Emerson
Purcell, Emerson  Sargent Leader  09/09/1943  76 of Broken Bow
Purcell, Fred. Smith  Arnold Sentinel  05/09/1928  87, Arnold,  m. Anna Duncan, 7 kids
Purcell, George  Merna Messenger  03/08/1918
Purcell, Harry C. Sargent Leader  09/11/1941  weds Anita Finley
Purcell, Mrs. Fred  Arnold Sentinel  07/21/1932  nee Anna Rebacca Duncan, 7 kids
Purcell, Mrs. Harry A. rnold Sentinel  11/04/1920  hit by train
Purcell, Vada  Arnold Sentinel  09/10/1924  age 9, dau of Harry and Alice Purcell
Pursell, Wm.  Mason City Trans  03/22/1923
Purdy, Rhoda  Sargent Leader  01/06/1921  Mrs. Wm. H. Ford
Purington,  Ansley Herald  11/08/1918  son of Ervin Purington
Purinton, Talburt  Ansley Herald  08/14/1930
Purintun, Irwin A.  Ansley Herald  06/03/1937
Purkeypile, Mrs. Geo.  Ansley Herald  02/12/1931 & 02/19/1931  nee Larura Etta Chapman
Pursell, Wm. Arnold Sentinel  03/28/1923  death notice,  of Ravenna

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