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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "S" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)


Saathoff, Henry Carl  Arnold Sentinel  11/23/1933  wreck
Sadler, Charlotte Ansley Argosy  12/26/1912 Stuart
Sadler, Martha  Mason City Trans  09/08/1927  Mrs. John Ross
Sage, Ruth Stella  Merna Messen  12/30/1921  Mrs. James Wardrobe
Sager, Matilda  Ansley Argosy  07/09/1908  nee Green
Said, William  Arnold Sentinel  02/25/1915  85, husb of Sarah Combs, 7 kids
Sailor, Harlan G.  Arnold Sentinel  07/07/1932  weds Muriel Morrison
Salliday, Bertha  Ansley Chronicle  02/22/1907  nee Bertha Foster
Samp, Verna  Mason City Trans  10/09/1913  Child
Samples, ?  Sargent Leader  11/20/1941  wife of Clarence Bain, age 44
Samples, Amy  Sargent Leader  04/18/1946  weds Eric Olson
Sams, John  Arnold Sentinel  12/15/1938
Samuels, J. B.  Oconto Register  09/03/1914
Samuelson, ?  Arnold Sentinel  06/13/1928  92,  IA,  father of John Samuelson
Samuelson, Mrs. Ivy  Arnold Sentinel  01/27/1926  dies in Lexington
Samuelson, Mrs. J. B.  Arnold Sentinel  12/03/1938  d. Nov. 1917 ( in days gone by column)
Sanders, Lorinda  Sargent Leader  03/22/1923
Sanders, Mrs. H. Ed  Sargent Leader  02/1/-1931  nee Wilhelmina Frost
Sanders, Mrs. Loyd  Sargent Leader  01/23/1936 & 01/30/1936 see Hyatt, Pearl Tena.  (Sargent)
Sanders, Will  Sargent Leader  07/29/1943 & 08/05/1943
Sanderson, Chas. H. Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1926  weds Mrs. M. Isabella Smith
Sanderson, Mrs. Chas.  Arnold Sentinel  03/24/1926  65, nee Mary C. Conkright
Sanderson, Val  Arnold Sentinel  03/10/1921  weds Clara Gunter of Arnold
Sandwall, Sigrid  Arnold Sentinel  06/29/1927  weds Dr. Mason E. Lathrop
Sanford, Mrs. Ted  Sargent Leader  09/01/1932  nee Verna Loyd
Sanford, Mrs. Ted  Arnold Sentinel  08/25/1932  44, Weissert
Sargent (town name)  Sargent Leader  05/25/1939  good article on origin of town's name
Sargent , Walter  Sargent Leader  01/02/1918  weds Edna  Probert at Burwell
Sargent, Arthur  Sargent Leader  01/09/1941  buried at Gates, age 57
Sargent,  Sargent Leader  06/02/1916  daughter of Forest Sargent
Sargent, Eugene Debs  Sargent Leader  09/18/1941  weds Geneva Irene Welborn
Sargent, Florence  Ansley Herald  09/16/1920  Mrs. Florence Hawk
Sargent, Gary Lee  Sargent Leader  04/14/1938  infant
Sargent, John  Sargent Leader  09/20/1934
Sargent, John E.  Ansley Herald  07/20/1939  Noted it had NO obituary, just a news item.
Sargent, Laura Alice  Ansley Herald  04/09/1931  nee Rick, Mrs. John E. Sargent
Sargent, Margaret  Sargent Leader  01/19/1940  Weds William Peterson in Wyo
Sargent, Mrs. Lacy B.  Sargent Leader  12/24/1936  see Lacy Warren, (Gates)
Sargent, Mrs. Phil  Sargent Leader  02/04/1943  death notice
Sargent, Riley H.  Sargent Leader  01/21/1932
Sargent, W. M.  Ansley Herald  11/17/1916  cousin of J. E. Sargent
Sasek, Frank  Sargent Leader  01/23/1941  tractor accident, age 55 see story 1-16
Sasek, Otto  Sargent Leader  06/24/1943  weds Irene BenBen
Sater, Addie  Ansley Herald  10/02/1930  Mrs. Alfred Abrahamson
Sater, Thos. H.  Ansley Herald  03/12/1925  of Timpas, CO and wife Hettie Hancock died prior
Satherwait, Frances  Comstock News  06/20/1913  nee Jambor??
Satoria, infant  Arnold Sentinel  01/07/1925  dau of mm John Swenson of Sartoria
Satterfield, Harry  Sargent Leader  07/10/1930
Satterfield, Mildred  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  weds Raymond Bohy
Satterfield, Mrs. Harry  Sargent Leader  11/24/1927
Satterfield, Mrs. Rachel  Sargent Leader  07/23/1931
Sauers, Robert  Sargent Leader  10/17/1940  Weds Mary Margaret Cambre
Saunders,  Mr.  Sargent Leader  05/14/1914  Father of W. M. Saunders
Saunders, Mike (Hyle)  Sargent Leader  03/14/1940  auto accident in Wyo, age 20, see 3-7
Saunders, Mrs. Mina  Sargent Leader  03/26/1942  85, Mrs. Walter Saunders
Saunders, Ray  Sargent Leader  12/20/1923  Died in Colorado, age 29
Saunders, Walter M.  Sargent Leader  11/18/1937  age 75, husband of Callie Petet, 2 sons
Sauter, Gage G.  Arnold Sentinel  06/09/1921 
Sauter, Gage G.  Arnold Sentinel  11/17/1938  d. 24 Oct 1918 (in days gone by column)
Savage, Hal  Sargent Leader  08/01/1940 & 08/08/1940  died in LA
Savage, Howard Perin  Sargent Leader  09/01/1938  see 9-22-38 for biography
Savage, Lydia M.  Arnold Sentinel  11/27/1919  77, Mrs. Wm Ray
Savidge, Mrs. J. M.  Oconto Register  01/20/1916
Savidge, Mrs. J. M.  Loup Vall Queen  01/20/1916 & 01/27/1916 nee Mary Alice Farrah, age 45
Saville, Dana Monroe  Ansley Herald  06/09/1916
Saville, Mrs. Anna  Comstock News  08/03/1922  Mrs. W. J.
Sawatzke, Harm  Arnold Sentinel  05/06/1925  weds Naomi McCoy
Sawles, Iva  Sargent Leader  03/02/1922  Mrs. Frank Powers, & Mrs. Rittenhouse
Schaper, Carlos  Sargent Leader  09/26/1940  Weds Ethel Kleeb
Schaper, Chris  Mason City Trans  01/11/1923
Schaper, Chris, Sr.  Ansley Chronicle  07/05/1921  of Mason City
Schaper, Henry E.  Mason City Trans  06/02/1927
Schaper, Mrs. Minnie  Mason City Trans  07/08/1918
Schenck, Margaret Ann  Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1923  Mrs. George W. Reed, 12 children
Schenke, Mrs. John  Ansley Herald  02/26/1919  formerly Mrs. Mose Daniels of Ansley
Schisler, Mrs. Mike  Sargent Leader  09/23/1926
Schloatman, Edward U.  Arnold Sentinel  10/18/1922  40, husb of Nellie Larson, 4 kids, Scottsbluff
Schloatman, Francis  Arnold Sentinel  12/31/1931  weds Pearl Simpson
Schloatman, Lawrence  Arnold Sentinel  03/06/1929  weds Helen Miller
Schloatman, Mrs. Jos.  Arnold Sentinel  03/17/1921  nee Hannah Weiser, 12 kids
Schmid, Emelia  Ansley Herald  04/02/1936  Mrs. Henry Schmid
Schmid, Henry  Ansley Herald  08/03/1950 & 08/08/1950
Schmid, Henry Sr.  Ansley Herald  07/14/1927
Schmide, Isabella  Arnold Sentinel  11/04/1920  Mrs. Patrick Tully
Schmidt, Fred  Mason City Trans  07/23/1925
Schmidt, Henry  Mason City Trans  07/21/1927
Schmidt, Mrs. Henrietta  Arnold Sentinel  01/21/1937
Schmidt, Mary Alice  Mason City Trans  05/24/1934  nee Cassell
Schmidt, Rudolph  Arnold Sentinel  06/16/1926  33,
Schmidt, Virginia Mae  Arnold Sentinel  04/10/1930  weds Charles Courtland Auble
Schmitz,  Arnold Sentinel  08/22/1928  Mrs. Julian Ford
Schmitz, Henry G. Loup Vall Queen  06/17/1915  weds Nellie Cloma Whitman
Schmitz, Joseph  Oconto Register 01/25/1917
Schmitz, Virginia  Arnold Sentinel  05/05/1932  age 5, dau of Wm, cave-in
Schmiz, John  Merna Postal Card  11/07/1917
Schmuk, Arletta  Mason City Trans  08/02/1928  wed Rae O. Weimer at Indianapolis, Ind.
Schneider, Eleanor  Arnold Sentinel  11/21/1928  weds Joe Lester
Schnell, John  Arnold Sentinel  04/11/1928  weds Pearl Morgan of G-burg
Schneller, father Mrs. John  Ansley Herald  01/03/1931   
Schneller,  Ansley Herald  06/24/1920  infant daughter of John Schneller
Schneringer, Hall B.  Loup Vall Queen  10/14/1937  88, husb of Missouri J. Mendanhall of St. Louis,  2 dau, 2 sons
Schneringer, Walter S.  Mason City Trans  02/08/1923
Schnoor, Mrs. Minnie  Arnold Sentinel  02/18/1932  weds Lynn Downing
Schomann, Louie  Ansley Herald  01/21/1926
Schrader, Otto  Sargent Leader  02/11/1943  weds Mrs. Lela Case
Schreyer, Addie  Arnold Sentinel  11/24/1938  nee Mulvaney, d. 25 Nov 1918 (in days gone by column)
Schreyer, Bessie  Loup Val. Queen  05/07/1914  married David N Noberg in Kearney 5-7-1914
Schreyer, Frances  Arnold Sentinel  02/11/1915  weds Rolla C. Hickenbottom
Schreyer, Frederick  Mason City Trans  12/31/1914
Schreyer, Mary Etta  Arnold Sentinel  07/18/1928  Mrs. Louis Longmore, 43
Schroat, Otto  Mason City Trans  11/04/1920
Schroder, Bernard  Mason City Trans  12/27/1928
Schroder, Mabel  Ansley  Herald  08/20/1915  nee Hawk
Schroeder, Bernard O.  Ansley Herald  01/02/1929  Bernard Omil
Schroeder, Clara Louise  Arnold Sentinel  02/08/1934  weds Melvin E. Keyser of Arnold
Schroeder, Margaret  Arnold Sentinel  07/08/1927  weds Donovan Gift of Anselmo
Schroeder, Rev. Frank  Loup Vall Queen  10/07/1937  weds Naomi Lozier
Schuder, Alvin M.  Sargent Leader  07/17/1919
Schufeldt, Arlene  Sargent Leader  06/08/1939  Weds George Segard
Schultz, Dorothea  Mason City Trans  02/14/1929  nee Holinger
Schultz, Niomia  Sargent Leader  04/01/1943  weds Bill McGrew
Schultze, Fred Sr.  Mason City Trans  06/15/1922
Schumann, Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  10/14/1904  of Ash Grove
Schuyler, Dean  Sargent Leader  02/08/1940  Weds Wanda Ford
Schvenfeld, Frank R.  Sargent Leader  02/15/1945  weds Lois Elaine Owen
Schwab, Dora  Ansley Herald  01/19/1928  nee Schwab, Mrs. Ben Townsend
Schwab, William  Ansley Chronicle  11/21/1902  son of Charles Schwab
Schwartz,  Comstock News  01/07/1910  infant of J. M. Schwartz
Schwartz, Julius  Sargent Leader  09/12/1935 & 09/19/1935
Schwartz, Michael  Sargent Leader  06/03/1927
Schwartz, Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  03/18/1937   Mamie TePoel, Cancer,  (Merna)
Schweitzer, Jayne  Loup Vall Queen  08/05/1937  weds Donald Pierce
Scofield, Reo Anna  Arnold Sentinel  02/17/1938
Scott, Arthur  Sargent Leader  08/02/1945  62
Scott, Belva  Ansley Herald  08/22/1929  wed Carlyle Staab March 25, at Smith Center KS
Scott, Carrie  Oconto Register  12/28/1916
Scott, Cordilla  Ansley Herald  05/21/1942  Mrs. Roy Breeden
Scott, David P.  Ansley Herald  12/01/1932
Scott, Edgar M.  Anselmo Enterpr 02/27/1920
Scott, Ethel  Arnold Sentinel  02/01/1979
Scott, Geo. Henry  Ansley Herald  04/06/1950
Scott, Georgia  Ansley Herald  02/07/1929  baby of George
Scott,  Ansley Argosy  07/02/1908  infant of Sam Scott
Scott, Jamina Bardick  Ansley Herald  11/06/1919  Mrs. John Scott
Scott, John  Ansley Herald  09/05/1929 & 09/12/1929
Scott, John J.  Anselmo Enterpr  10/14/1921
Scott, Joseph W.  Mason City Trans  04/10/1924
Scott, Leon  Arnold Sentinel  04/26/1922  weds Leon Scott on April 30
Scott, Mary  Anselmo Enterpr  01/28/1921  nee Newland, Mrs. Walter Scott
Scott, Mary R (Mrs)  Anselmo Enterpr  03/26/1926  Mrs. David Scott
Scott, Mrs. Lena  Sargent Leader  04/08/1937  Lena Wolsleben, of Somerford Valley
Scott, Mrs. Walter  Anselmo Enterpr  01/28/1921  nee Mary Newland
Scott, Mrs. W. W.  Anselmo Enterpr  03/03/1923  sister of Mrs. A. Parkison
Scott, Nita Mae  Arnold Sentinel  10/09/1930  weds Arthur W. Wood
Scott, Opal  Arnold Sentinel  01/13/1921  weds Leon Wise in Cheyenne
Scott, Orion M.  Sargent Leader  04/22/1926
Scott, Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  05/23/1928  weds Clarence Johnson of Central City
Scott, Walter  Anselmo Enterpr  10/24/1922
Scovill, Otis  Anselmo Enterpr  04/23/1920
Scritsmier, Rasmus P.  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1933  civil war vet, 78, 2 sons, Gates cemetery
Seabrooke, Joseph Rev.  Merna Messen.  11/19/1920
Seabrooke, Mrs. J. W. Merna Messen.  11/10/1916  nee Effa Mark,
Seaney, E. J.  Arnold Sentinel  05/06/1925  weds Julia Halouska
Seaney, Jacob  Arnold Sentinel  11/25/1925  72, m. Nancy Mendenhal, 5 kids
Seaney, Kenneth  Loup Vall Queen  07/29/1937  weds Viola Hutchins
Searle, S. A. (Judge)  Mason City Trans  10/04/1917
Sears, Anga Eva  Sargent Leader  12/23/1943  age 63, see Aga Eva Hall
Sears, James  Comstock News  03/16/1922
Sears, Mrs. Dan  Sargent Leader  01/14/1937  (Cummings Park)
Sears, Mrs. Sam  Sargent Leader  08/25/1927  nee Elizabeth E. Ralls
Sears, Mrs. Sam Sargent Leader  03/01/1943  nee Fannie Sedlacek
Sears, Ruth  Comstock News  12/19/1917  Weds Ed Mill
Sears, Samuel V.  Sargent Leader  02/01/1934
Sears, Tena  Sargent Leader  05/29/1941 & 06/05/1941 Mrs. Tena Miller 
Sears, Will  Sargent Leader  09/07/1939 & 09/14/1939 age 73
Sears. James B.  Sargent Leader  03/16/1922
Seasboy, Mrs. ?  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1925  weds Leo Campbell
Sedlacek, Fannie  Sargent Leader  03/01/1934  Mrs. Sam Sears
Sedlacek, Mary  Sargent Leader  11/22/1934  Mother of Jim & John Sedlacek
Sedlacek, William  Sargent Leader  02/27/1941  Weds Alice Cerny
Seeley, Charles  Mason City Trans  03/20/1913
Seevers, Robert  Arnold Sentinel  01/08/1931  weds Gadys Wolverton
Seevers, Robert M.  Merna Messen.  03/11/1921
Seevers, Robert Milt  Anselmo Enterpr  03/11/1921
Segard, George  Sargent Leader  06/08/1939  Weds Arlene Schufeldt
Sehau, Phoebe  Sargent Leader  12/06/1923  See Goehring
Sekera, Marie  Sargent Leader  02/27/1936  Mrs. Marie Klapal
Sell, Hazel  Arnold Sentinel  01/18/1934  weds Rollo Alexander of G-burg
Sell, Lillian E.  Arnold Sentinel  06/02/1926  weds John  D. Troyer
Sell, Miss Evelyn  Arnold Sentinel  10/10/1928  weds Hary Zierlein of Arnold
Sell, Velma  Arnold Sentinel  02/23/1933  weds Harry Gorman
Sell, W. I.  Callaway Courier  05/18/1916
Sell, W. I. Loup Vall Queen  05/18/1916  of Pocatello, ID, formerly of Callaway
Sellick, James  Arnold Sentinel  05/27/1920  long death story, lumber yard accident, 57
Sells, Mr. Ansley  Chronicle  04/10/1903  near Georgetown
Semler, Job  Sargent Leader  11/02/1933  Golden Wedding Anniversary
Semler, Job D.  Sargent Leader  05/18/1939 & 05/25/1939 buried West Union
Semler, Miss Kathryn  Sargent Leader  05/29/1941 & 06/05/1941 
Semler, Mrs. Amy  Sargent Leader  01/16/1919  age 93, married 2nd to Calvert
Semler, Mrs. Job  Sargent Leader  03/05/1936  Lillie Belle Orvis,  Age 67.
Sennett, Erma Adna  Ansley Herald  08/04/1932  nee Curtis
Sennett, Harry (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  08/08/1918
Sennett, John B. Mason City Trans  04/09/1914
Sennett, John Mark  Mason City Trans  01/29/1920
Sergeun Albert  Arnold Sentinel  01/12/1922  "Notice of Intention to Marry Annie Kummetz who resides in Germany."
Sergeun, Albert  Arnold Sentinel  06/07/1922  weds
Severa, Mrs. Anna  Sargent Leader  12/04/1930  nee Krbel
Severance, Loraine  Ansley Herald  02/26/1920  Mrs Abraham Hyatt
Severns, Mrs. Nancy Ann  Ansley Herald  09/02/1926
Sevier, Gladys  Sargent Leader  04/14/1916  child
Sevier, Imogene  Sargent Leader  05/04/1939  Weds Victor Uhlman
Sevier, James Brown  Sargent Leader  5/27/1920
Sevier, James Madison  Sargent Leader  12/20/1923  Age 65
Sevier, Lydia  Sargent Leader  05/04/1933  Mrs. Clarence Williams
Sexe, Minnie  Arnold Sentinel  06/24/1925  weds J. Hervey Bonta
Seyerson, Paul K.  Loup Vall Queen  11/11/1916  age 67
Shackelford, Wm. H.  Arnold Sentinel  09/15/1926  76, m. M. Thompson, 4 kids
Shadden, Olla  Comstock News  06/28/1912  of Comstock, Weds W. Woodward at Loup City
Shadden, Stella Ansley Herald  02/21/1919  nee Brown
Shade, Adam  Loup Vall Queen  10/21/1915  bro of Mrs. F.A Joedeman. 
Shadle, Samuel  Ansley Chronicle  05/10/1907
Shafer, Alfred  Sargent Leader  03/08/1923
Shafer, Ghile  Sargent Leader  12/21/1939  age 80, Comstock
Shafer, John  Sargent Leader  01/24/1918
Shafer, Merle Ivan  Ansley Herald  07/27/1939
Shafer, Mrs. John  Sargent Leader  12/21/1933  Louisa Shannon
Shafer, Mrs. Kate  Sargent Leader  07/11/1935  Kate Buckbee
Shafer, Wm. Dale  Sargent Leader  06/01/1944  page 4, age 15, horse accident in Calif
Shaffer, Chas. W.  Mason City Trans  04/22/1927
Shaffer, Elias  Mason City Trans  02/06/1913
Shaffer, Eliza M. (Mrs.) Mason City Trans  09/02/1926  nee Laborde
Shaffer, John D  Loup Val. Queen  04/02/1914
Shaffer, Mrs. Joseph  Mason City Trans  09/14/1916  nee Longmore
Shaffer, Mr. J. A.  Loup Vall Queen  09/21/1916  nee Hallie Longmore
Shaffer, Wm. Ansley Herald  03/03/1917
Shafto, Ida Gertrude  Loup Vall Queen  11/04/1915  weds Percival Troyer of Arnold
Shaggs, Lucretia  Ansley Herald  10/04/1923  Mrs. Gabriel Chism
Shamblin, Hazel  Anselmo Enterpr  07/02/1926
Shanks, ?  Comstock News  12/23/1915  husband of Mable Shanks Kelley
Shanks, George  Sargent Leader  03/05/1928
Shanks, Loyd  Sargent Leader  07/12/1923
Shanks, Martha Maxine  Comstock News  10/07/1920  infant of John  Shanks
Shanks, Wayne Perry  Comstock News  02/03/1915  infant
Shannon, Louisa  Sargent Leader  12/21/1933  Mrs. John Shafer
Shannon, W. I. (Mrs.) Callaway Queen  12/24/1914
Shark, Marie  Sargent Leader  02/27/1919  Mrs. Marie Bitter
Sharp, Casville  Arnold Sentinel  06/28/1922  MO
Sharp, Charles  Sargent Leader  06/27/1940  age 77
Sharp, Charles Rex  Sargent Leader  09/16/1928  son of Harry V. Sharp
Sharp, Evelyn  Sargent Leader  04/06/1944  unwed airplane pilot who wrecked in PA
Sharp, Ruby  Arnold Sentinel  04/27/1927  weds Wm. Chapin
Sharpe, Tonnie (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  06/16/1921  nee Masters, Mrs. Fountain Sharpe
Sharpless,  Ansley Chronicle  06/09/1905  infant of Milom Sharpless
Sharpless, J. F.  Ansley Argosy  09/03/1908 & 09/10/1908
Sharpless, Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  08/14/1903
Sharpless, Sally  Ansley Chronicle  02/10/1905 nee Chrisman
Shattuck, C. H.  Arnold Sentinel  09/29/1932
Shaw, Aubrey Walter  Mason City Trans  12/26/1918
Shaw, Blanche Gertrude  Anselmo Enterpr  12/08/1922  nee Lodge,
Shaw, Chas Ferguson  Mason City Trans  03/1918
Shaw, Dale (Mrs.) Arnold Sentinel  04/27/1939  (in Days Gone By column)
Shaw,  Ida  Sargent Leader  07/08/1926  nee Carey, also Mrs. Kenyon
Shaw, Alvin  Sargent Leader  07/30/1931
Shaw, Arren S.  Arnold Sentinel  08/23/1979
Shaw, Arthur  Sargent Leader  03/01/1945
Shaw, Bayton Ralph  Arnold Sentinel  07/26/1922  age 1, son of Robt. & Francis Shaw
Shaw, Clara  Arnold Sentinel  11/30/1927  weds Lee H. Matoush
Shaw, Dale  Arnold Sentinel  06/08/1927  weds Florence Houghton
Shaw, Dale M. Loup Vall Queen  07/08/1915  weds Katherine Simshouser
Shaw, David M.  Sargent Leader  03/06/1930
Shaw, Earl  Sargent Leader  12/12/1918
Shaw, Harold  Arnold Sentinel  01/27/1926  child, pneumonia
Shaw, Jacob F.  Callaway Courier  12/30/1915 & 01/13/1916
Shaw, Jacob F.  Loup Vall Queen  01/13/1916  age 65 Callaway
Shaw, Jacob F.  Loup Vall Queen  12/30/1915  64 Bright's Disease
Shaw, James  Arnold Sentinel  11/18/1925  age 6, son of mm R. B. Shaw
Shaw, Joe  Sargent Leader  12/06/1923  Died of tick bite--spotted fever.
Shaw, Joseph Edward  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1923  20,Spotted Rky Mt. fever, son of D. D. Shaw
Shaw, Louie Vale  Ansley Herald  07/13/1950
Shaw, Miss Mary  Arnold Sentinel  01/09/1929  weds Waldemar Hunse
Shaw, Mona Bertha  Sargent Leader  11/27/1924  Mrs. Frank Bruner, poisoned by husband
Shaw, Mrs. Alva  Arnold Sentinel  11/15/1922 
Shaw, Mrs. May  Sargent Leader  12/31/1936 & 01/07/1937 May Loiuse Courtney
Shaw, O. F.  Arnold Sentinel  01/06/1921
Shaw, Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  09/12/1929  weds Cecil Vickers of Oconto
Shaw, Verna  Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1929  weds Mayne Lester
Shaw, Viola  Arnold Sentinel  06/09/1921  weds Samuel M. Leach of Garfield Table
Shea, Richard  Arnold Sentinel  10/17/1921  of Callaway, dies in G. I.
Sheets, Mrs. Cora  Arnold Sentinel  10/02/1930  Cora's sister's death notice
Sheets, Winnie  Arnold Sentinel  08/15/1923  weds James Hacker
Shelbourne, Buddy  Sargent Leader  07/15/1937  age 13, of Valentine, snow smothered, see Linkenbeard
Sheldon, Cyrus Edwin  Sargent Leader  12/31/1914
Sheldon, Jemima  Sargent Leader  07/17/1924  see Cooley
Sheldon,  Sargent Leader  09/13/1928 son of  M. R. Sheldon
Shelton, Dick  Sargent Leader  04/06/1944  weds Opal Irene Galbreath
Shepard,  Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  09/16/1915
Shepard, Levina  Sargent  Leade  01/01/1914  Mrs. Levina Hargan
Shepard, Velma  Arnold Sentinel  09/19/1929  weds Charles Garringer at Kearney
Shephard, Archie Hiram  Ansley Herald  02/23/1933
Sherbeck , Florence  Ansley Herald  12/13/1918  Florence Hickenbottom
Sherbeck,  Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  05/18/1906  mother of Mrs. Andrew Sherbeck
Sherbeck, Andrew  Ansley Herald  02/12/1931
Sherbeck, Elizabeth Ann  Ansley Herald  11/17/1938  nee Pester, Mrs. Albert Sherbeck
Sherbeck, Irwin Ezra  Ansley Herald  11/06/1919
Sherbeck, Mrs. Rosetta  Ansley Herald  10/05/1922  nee Rosetta Ann Marple, Mrs. Andrew Sherbeck
Sherick,  Bernice  Sargent Leader  03/11/1915  nee Hartley
Sheridan, Harold  Arnold Sentinel  05/15/1930  weds Marjorie Kellenbarger of Arnold
Sheridan, Harold A. Arnold Sentinel  08/20/1931  29, farm accident
Sheridan, Mrs. Charley  Sargent Leader  11/29/1934  Josephine Morgan
Sherman,  Mrs. Truman  Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1932  66, nee Ida Elnora Hinds, no kids
Sherman, Mrs. Geo. W.  Sargent Leader  11/12/1931  nee Ruth Sherman
Sherman, Mrs. Wm. Sargent Leader  12/07/1933  nee Hannah  Courtney
Sherman, Ruth  Sargent Leader  11/12/1931  Mrs. Geo. W. Sherman
Sherman, Truman  Arnold Sentinel  02/09/1933  58, m. Ida Hinds
Sherrich, Benjamin F.  Sargent Leader  03/07/1918
Shettron, Sarah E.  Sargent Leader  05/09/1912  nee Smith, Mrs. Wm. Shettron
Shettron, William  Sargent Leader  12/01/1932
Shields, Columbus (Mrs.)  Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1938  d. 02 Dec 1918 (in days gone by column)
Shields, Ed  Arnold Sentinel  07/22/1937
Shields, James  Arnold Sentinel  10/29/1931  58, m. R. Shoemaker & A. Swisher
Shimek, Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  07/15/1943
Shinn, Douglas Sr. Sargent Leader  05/22/1941  cancer, age 75
Shinn, Judge H. J. Sargent Leader  04/21/1938
Shinn, Nancy  Sargent Leader  05/10/1928  Mrs. Nancy Ailshie
Shipley, Albertha  Sargent Leader  05/18/1944  weds Clyde Kissell
Shipley, Mrs. Edwin  Sargent Leader  06/15/1917  nee Bertha  Richardson
Shipper, Ralph  Oconto Register  12/07/1916
Shires, Orlin  Sargent Leader  05/20/1943  weds Louise Matthews
Shires, Wilma Annette  Sargent Leader  02/14/1946  weds Milton J. Lynn
Shirley, Orville E.  Sargent Leader  04/19/1928
Shirley, Ted B.  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1933  weds Frances Iwanzky
Shively, Maud E.  Sargent Leader  04/17/1919  nee Jameson
Shively, Wilma  Sargent Leader  07/25/1940  married to Robert Johnson of Sargent
Shoemaker, Emma (Mrs.) Anselmo Enterpr  06/29/1923  nee Himes
Shoemaker, Henry J.  Sargent Leader  05/21/1914  Civil War Veteran
Shoemaker, Mrs. Wirt  Comstock News  10/08/1914 nee Happalona Johnson
Shoephelt, N. M.  Callaway Courier  03/16/1916
Shoephelt, Nathan M.  Loup Vall Queen  03/16/1916  29, unmarried
Shook, Rev. Charles  Ansley Herald  02/23/1939
Shores, Mrs. Rachel  Ansley Herald  11/17/1916
Show, John A  Mason City Trans  02/24/1921
Showalter, Mary  Sargent leader  07/21/1932  Mrs. Jonathon Ogden
Shuck, Evert Neil  Arnold Sentinel  03/24/1921  age 13, typhoid, son of mm  Wm. Shuck
Shuck, Wm. M. B.  Arnold Sentinel  04/17/1930  81, 5 kids
Shultz, baby of Jay  Ansley Herald  01/28/1937
Shultz, Bertha  Merna Postal Card  09/14/1917  aka Bertha Carr
Shupp, Vera  Callaway Courier  05/09/1912  marriage to Clarence H Stevenson at Kearney 5-8
Sidlo, Lydia Eva  Sargent Leader  08/08/1940  Mrs. Charles Harpham
Sigmaman, Walter  Mason City Trans  09/16/1915 & 09/23/1915
Silen, Pearl  Arnold Sentinel  01/02/1924  24 unmarried
Sillivan, Arley  Sargent Leader  03/21/1935
Sillivan, Ben  Sargent Leader  10/26/1939  stroke in Wichita
Sillivan, Claude N.  Ansley Herald  06/26/1924
Sillivan, Clyde, Claude  Sargent Leader  06/19/1924 & 06/26/1924 age 23, battleship explosion
Sillivan, Floyd  Sargent Leader  11/10/1927
Sillivan, Herbert L. Sargent Leader  02/17/1944  weds Victoria Kutchins
Sillivan, Ida  Sargent Leader  06/25/1918  weds Milo C. Vose at Burwell
Sillivan, J. Tom  Sargent Leader  04/30/1925  age 68
Sillivan, Luella K. Sargent Leader  12/14/1944  Mrs. Thorton Myers, age 75
Sillivan, Mrs. Sarah  Sargent Leader  05/11/1917  nee Sarah Gibbs
Sillivan, Mrs. Tom  Sargent Leader  06/04/1931  nee Charlotte Elizabeth Toffelmoyer
Simmons, William  Sargent Leader  05/25/1939 & 06/01/1939  "Billy" at Milburn  age 80 
Simms, Chas. C. Arnold Sentinel  03/25/1920  weds Gertrude Williams of Virginia
Simms, Hattie X. Loup Vall Queen  02/17/1916  weds Gerald Brewer
Simms, Helen  Arnold Sentinel  12/28/1927 weds Earl E. Williams
Simms, Isaac Newton  Anselmo Enterpr  09/19/1922  wed Clarinda Chisholm at Knox Co., Illinois
Simms, Mrs. Rufus  Arnold Sentinel  06/12/1929  nee Julia A. Chilson
Simon, Elmer  Sargent Leader  08/03/1944  Brewster
Simons, L. A.  Arnold Sentinel  03/23/1927 & 03/30/1927 Overton, 51
Simons, Minnie A. rnold Sentinel  11/06/1930  weds Truman L. Smith
Simpson, Alexander  Ansley Herald  04/27/1927
Simpson, Alfred Clark  Loup Val. Queen  03/19/1914
Simpson, Anna (Mrs.) Merna Messenger  01/23/1930
Simpson, Annie  Ansley Chronicle  04/08/1904  wed L. Dircstad at Patrick, Wyoming
Simpson, Arnold  Sargent leader  04/13/1933
Simpson, Beulah  Arnold Sentinel  10/08/1931  weds Harold Nafzinger
Simpson, Clyde John  Ansley Herald  01/28/1937
Simpson, Edith Eva  Sargent Leader  03/28/1940  age 27, Comstock
Simpson, Elizabeth  Ansley Herald  12/06/1917  nee Harris
Simpson, John  Ansley Herald  02/23/1917
Simpson, Julian F.  Arnold Sentinel  12/13/1922  57, single, son of Wm. Simpson
Simpson, June  Sargent Leader  03/13/1941  Weds Wayne Lewin of Comstock
Simpson, Loie L.  Arnold Sentinel  04/17/1930  Mrs. Walter Lindholm, Jr. 4 kids
Simpson, Marie  Arnold Sentinel  05/19/1932  weds Lee Foster of Hastings
Simpson, Miss Eva  Arnold Sentinel  04/14/1932  weds Vurl Strasburg
Simpson, Miss Pearl  Arnold Sentinel  12/31/1931  weds Francis Schloatman
Simpson, Mrs. L. Clay  Ansley Argosy  10/22/1908  Mrs. Lemuel Clay 
Simpson, Mrs Wm. Arnold Sentinel  08/09/1922  nee Sarah Neve, 77,  6 sons, 1 dau
Simpson, Mrs.Clara Mae  Ansley Herald  02/23/1917  nee Burton
Simpson, Orie  Arnold Sentinel  09/04/1930  weds Hattie Hutchison
Sims, Ethel  Mason City Trans  01/19/1928  wed Kenneth Russell at Taylor, Nebraska
Sims, Mrs. G. W.  Ansley Chronicle  05/15/1903
Simshouser, Katherine  Loup Vall Queen  07/08/1915  weds Dale M. Shaw
Singleton, Ora  Merna Messenger  11/08/1918  brother of Lulu Foster
Sinner, Henry  Sargent Leader  03/15/1934
Sinner, Leona  Sargent Leader  07/31/1941 & 08/07/1941 19, single auto accident 
Sirles, Sarah  Mason City Trans  09/27/1917  Married Nels C. Dady
Sitentaker, Anna Maria  Sargent Leader  05/07/1914  Mrs. Andrew Weinman
Sitter, Dorothy  Sargent Leader  03/04/1937  Age 22.  Auto accident.
Sittler, Edward  Merna Messen.  02/06/1920
Skelton, Joseph (Mrs.) Anselmo Enterpr  03/02/1923
Skinner, J. G.  Sargent Leader  07/25/1917
Skinner, Wayne  Sargent Leader  04/13/1939  Weds Pauline Hatch
Skolil, Frank  Sargent Leader  12/26/1918
Skolil, Joseph  Comstock News  03/17/1911
Skolil, Mrs. James  Sargent Leader  09/26/1918
Skull,  Ansley Chronicle  01/06/1906 child of W. E. Skull
Slaba, Katherine  Sargent Leader  04/05/1945  see Mrs. Matthew Woracek,  age 61
Slack, Mabel  Mason City Trans  12/23/1915  married Otis Wilson at G. I.
Slack, Mrs. Leslie  Oconto Register  07/25/1918
Slade, Beryl  Loup Vall Queen  06/14/1917  weds Mabel Lewis
Slagel, Elmer Roy  Sargent Leader  09/17/1931  son of John Slagel
Slagle, Elma Maude  Sargent Leader  01/05/1928  Mrs. Elma M. Poland
Slagle, John Sr.  Sargent Leader  12/21/1939 & 12/28/1939 age 68
Slagle, Minnie Irene  Sargent Leader  08/30/1945  Mrs. Frank Finley
Slagle, Mrs. John Sr. Sargent Leader  01/16/1941  age 65, Minnie Irene Vandervort
Slagle, Wilber  Sargent Leader  03/23/1939  Weds Jean Arnold
Slangal, Frank  Sargent Leader  12/11/1941  death notice
Slangal, Stanley  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  weds Marie Weverka
Slater, Margaret  Sargent Leader  05/29/1919  Mrs. Margaret Campbell
Slater, Mrs. Annabel  Ansley Herald  01/22/1942  nee Gentry
Slaven, Mrs.  Arnold Sentinel  03/27/1930  mother of Mrs. Fred Ervin
Slavicek, Rose & Frank  Comstock News  05/07/1914
Slazar, Mrs.  Comstock News  06/25/1914  news item about her
Slegel, Barbara Rosie  Sargent Leader  10/03/1940  age 50, Mrs. Frank Brim
Slegel, Mrs. Anna  Sargent Leader  09/18/1924  age 74, Mrs. Scott Webber, b. Bohemia, burned
Slentz, Emma  Sargent Leader  01/20/1921  Mrs. P. L. Metcalf
Slingsby, Lucille  Sargent Leader  06/06/1940  Weds Clinton Leep
Slingsby, Mary Loreen  Ansley Herald  12/13/1923  child
Sloan, Bennett B.  Ansley Chronicle  08/24/1906
Sloan, Ethel  Ansley Herald  03/31/1916
Sloan, John  Sargent Leader  11/04/1926
Slocum, Hazel  Ansley Chronicle  06/08/1906 child
Sloggett, Alfred  Anselmo Enterpr  03/25/1921
Slonecker, Rebecca  Oconto Register  02/23/1912  Mrs. Charles Thurman
Slosser, Matthew  Sargent Leader  01/10/1924  Suicide
Small, Lois Maxie  Sargent Leader  11/30/1944  weds Kenneth Bergstrom
Smee,  Arnold Sentinel  04/27/1927  2 day-old son of mm Edgar Smee
Smets, William H. "Jim"  Sargent Leader  03/13/1924 & 03/20/1924 Of Round Valley, had 10 kids.
Smisek, Charles  Sargent Leader  02/18/1937  Sargent
Smith, Agnes  Anselmo Enterpr  07/14/1922  Mrs. Byron Wilmoth
Smith, Almeda  Mason City Trans  04/29/1927  nee McClatchey, Mrs. Levi Smith
Smith , Mrs. Valentine  Sargent Leader  10/14/1926  nee Iba Jones
Smith,  J. Wood  Merna Postal Card  09/12/1913
Smith,  Mrs. Jesse  Arnold Sentinel  03/09/1933  cousin to Mrs. Oliver Forrester
Smith, Angus  Sargent Leader  05/04/1939
Smith, Anna  Sargent Leader  08/01/1940  Mrs. James Smith
Smith, Audrey  Sargent Leader  07/13/1939  Weds Kenneth Clay of Taylor
Smith, Benjamin Frank.  Arnold Sentinel  12/08/1926  70, m. S.K. Reed, no kids
Smith, Benjamin Mrs.  Sargent Leader  03/29/1928  nee Gertrude M. Russell
Smith, Bernare, L. Loup Vall Queen  05/20/1937  weds Miss H. Gladys Campbell in Kansas
Smith, Catherine Mae  Sargent Leader  09/21/1939  married to Robert Beck, (dau of Albert M Smith)
Smith, Charles  Sargent Leader  09/19/1940  Weds Anne Zulkoski of Loup city p. 4
Smith, Chester Loyd  Ansley Argosy  12/29/1910  baby
Smith, Claud  Sargent Leader  05/01/1941  Weds Cecile Stewart
Smith, Cornelius Driskle  Merna Postal Card  01/12/1912
Smith, Edward  Sargent Leader  06/15/1922
Smith, Elinor  Sargent Leader  07/03/1941  Weds Leroy Gibson
Smith, Emily  Ansley Herald  10/08/1931  Mrs. A. L. Real
Smith, Emma  Arnold Sentinel  06/02/1926  weds Rob't. Smith of Gothenburg
Smith, Ernest Austin  Sargent Leader  04/16/1942  age 54
Smith, Ester  Arnold Sentinel  07/15/1925  weds Alvin Pearson
Smith, Ethel  Oconto Register  02/  /1920
Smith, Ethel M.  Anselmo Enterprise  12/06/1918  See Ethel M. Bowley
Smith, Evelyn Lucille  Ansley Herald  11/15/1934  neeGross, Mrs. Eugene Smith
Smith, Forest  Sargent Leader  10/20/1921
Smith, Francis Valentine  Sargent Leader  09/27/1928
Smith, George, H.  Ansley Herald  12/06/1923
Smith, Gerald  Sargent Leader  05/29/1941  Weds Dorothy Travers
Smith, Gladys Emma  Sargent Leader  06/08/1939  see Owen, Mrs. Jay.   Age 48
Smith,Hattie M (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  03/17/1921  nee Dailey, Mrs. Charles R Smith
Smith, Hollis  Sargent Leader  09/28/1939  Weds Dorothy Brown
Smith, inf. of Elmer  Ansley Argosy  02/18/1909
Smith, infant daughter  Ansley Chronicle  08/16/1907  infant daughter of Ed Smith
Smith,  Merna Messenger  06/20/1919 infant of E. T. Smith
Smith, Ione  Arnold Sentinel  06/12/1930  weds Cecil Steel of Arnold
Smith, J. Woods  Mason City Trans  11/13/1913
Smith, James S. Sargent Leader  09/27/1934
Smith, Mrs. Jane Merna Messen.  01/23/1920  Mrs. Cornelius Smith
Smith, Joseph W.  Sargent Leader  08/18/1916
Smith, Julia  Sargent Leader  11/23/1933  Mrs. Thomas McCormick
Smith, Julian  Sargent Leader  04/01/1937  p. 9, Brother of Albert M. Smith
Smith, Lena May  Merna Postal Card  01/10/1913 & 01/17/1913
Smith, Levi J. Mason City Trans  03/08/1917
Smith, Levi Joseph  Ansley Herald  03/16/1917
Smith, Louisa K.  Sargent Leader  11/04/1926
Smith, Loyd  Arnold Sentinel  05/09/1923  weds Mabel Geiser
Smith, Mabel L.  Arnold Sentinel  09/12/1929  weds C. I. Peake of Milwaukee
Smith, Magdelin  Anselmo Enterpr  06/26/1925  Mrs. David Christen
Smith, Martha  Ansley Herald  03/09/1950  Mrs. James O. Russell
Smith, Mary E. Arnold Sentinel  05/11/1927  Mrs. John R. Brummett, 9 kids
Smith, Mary Jane  Ansley Argosy  04/23/1914  Mary Burton
Smith, Moses Franklin  Anselmo Enterpr  07/03/1925
Smith, Mrs. Anna L.  Sargent Leader  10/28/1943  age 83, mother of judge Thurman Smith
Smith, Mrs. Bert  Sargent Leader  06/02/1916  nee Mary Griebel
Smith, Mrs. Emmett  Ansley Herald  12/17/1936
Smith, Mrs. Francis  Ansley Argosy  09/16/1909
Smith, Mrs. Fred  Sargent Leader  03/04/1920  nee Alta Almira Hoobler
Smith, Mrs. Isabella  Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1926  weds Charles H. Sanderson
Smith, Mrs. Mary  Arnold Sentinel  03/15/1934  weds Fred M. Pickens
Smith, Mrs. Roy  Oconto Register  09/07/1916/
Smith, Mrs. T. L.  Arnold Sentinel  12/19/1928  3rd family death in a week
Smith, Mrs. Thomas  Callaway Courier  10/21/1915  Died at the home of daughter, Mrs. Jeff Courtier.
Smith, Mrs. Thomas  Loup Vall Queen  10/21/1915  mother of Mrs. Jeff Courtier
Smith, Mrs. Truman  Arnold Sentinel  12/26/1928  nee Bertha Vincent, 48
Smith, Mynor A.  Arnold Sentinel  08/28/1919  weds Cecil M. Nansel
Smith, O. N.  (Dr.) Anselmo Enterpr  02/11/1921
Smith, Oscar  Merna Messenger  03/29/1918
Smith, Oscar Albert  Anselmo Enterprise  03/15/1918
Smith, Ray  Mason City Trans  03/25/1915  child of Chas.
Smith, Rev. J. Franklin  Comstock News  11/05/1914
Smith, Richard  Comstock News  04/15/1915  child of Albert Smith of Sargent
Smith, Richard  Sargent Leader  04/15/1915  child
Smith, Rob't. Arnold Sentinel  06/02/1926  weds Emma Smith
Smith, Robert A. Sargent Leader  01/01/1942  weds Rugh Laughran
Smith, Roy Chester  Ansley Argosy  10/01/1908  infant son E.E. Smith
Smith, Sarah E.  Sargent Leader  05/09/1912  Mrs. Wm. Shettron
Smith, Thelma  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1928  child burned in house fire
Smith, Truman L.  Arnold Sentinel  11/06/1930  weds MinnieSimons
Smith, Uncle Ben  Arnold Sentinel  11/24/1926  death notice, early 70's
Smith, Vera Alberta  Mason City Trans  05/01/1924  Mrs. Dewey Wilkerson
Smith, Vernon  Arnold Sentinel  08/08/1929  weds Blanche Troyer
Smith, Virginia  Sargent Leader  10/12/1944  weds Reed Pulliam (dad of Rosemary Davis)
Smith, Wirt B.  Merna Messenger  05/02/1919
Smith, Wirt B.  Arnold Sentinel  04/27/1939  23 Apr 1919 (in Days Gone By column)
Smith, Wm. Sargent Leader  10/06/1916  of Dunning
Smith, Wm. Ansley Herald  08/22/1935
Smith, Wm W.  Arnold Sentinel  03/28/1923  weds Bertha Robison in WY
Smithwick, Matt  Mason City Trans  09/17/1914
Smock, Ethel  Oconto Register  02/    /1920
Smolik, Edna  Sargent Leader  06/22/1939  Weds Leonard Ptacnik
Smolik, Emanuel  Sargent Leader  08/17/1944  weds Clara Olson in Texas
Smolik, Emil  Sargent Leader  06/22/1939  Weds Lillian Vincent
Smolik, Joseph F.  Sargent Leader  08/23/1934
Smoyer, Lawrence  Sargent Leader  06/24/1937  slain sheriff of Boone Co.
Snell, James Wm  Anselmo Enterpr  01/09/1925
Snell, Mabel Irene  Anselmo Enterpr  10/07/1927  nee Snell, Mrs. Frank White
Snider, Eva  Mason City Trans  01/27/1927  nee Sprunce, Mrs. Geo. M. Snider
Snider Mahala, Mrs.  Merna Record  04/03/1914 & 04/10/1914
Snider, Charles F.  Arnold Sentinel  06/13/1928 & 06/27/1928 m. Elsie Seaney, 1 dau
Snider, Geo.  Mason City Trans  05/19/1928  wed Mrs. Lucinda Moorman at Litchfield, Ne.
Snodgrass, Ruth  Arnold Sentinel  05/22/1919  weds J.C. Naylor of Lexington, NE
Snodgrass, Margaret A.  Arnold Sentinel  02/16/1939  nee Prendergast
Snoodgrass, Floyd  Arnold Sentinel  08/08/1928  weds Ethel Marrs
Snyder, Allen  Arnold Sentinel  11/18/1925  weds Blanche Eberle
Snyder, Althea  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1927  weds Glenn Pinkston
Snyder, Andrew  Anselmo Enterpr  07/09/1920
Snyder, David  Anselmo Enterprise  12/05/1913
Snyder, Lucetta  Arnold Sentinel  10/02/1919  Mrs. W.A. Mason
Snyder, Mamie  Comstock News  07/23/1914  see Mamie McKnight
Snyder, Verena Jean  Ansley Herald  03/09/1939
Sokol, Pete  Ansley Herald  09/22/1932
Sokol, Peter  Arnold Sentinel  09/22/1932  33, corn binder, 4 kids
Sommer, Andrew  Merna Messen.  02/06/1920
Sommers, Vera  Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1928  weds Nelson Downing
Soran, Mary  Anselmo Enterpr  08/17/1923  Mrs. Mary Powers
Sorensen, Andrew  Arnold Sentinel  10/12/1933  weds Mrs. Selma Nelson
Southard, Grace Elizabeth  Ansley Herald  06/15/1933  nee Fanning
Southard, Theodore N.  Ansley Herald  01/11/1934
Sowles, Mrs. E. F.  Ansley Herald  11/24/1932
Soy, Elizabeth Mary  Ansley Herald  08/13/1931  Mrs. Thomas C. Berry
Spacht, John K.  Sargent Leader  12/15/1916
Spacht, Levi  Sargent leader  06/04/1931
Spacht, Mrs. J. K.  Sargent Leader  06/25/1913 & 07/03/1913  nee Louise Dahling
Spalding, Charles  Loup Vall Queen  10/14/1937  born 1888, sister is only survivor
Spanel, Emelian  Anselmo Enterpr  10/02/1925
Spangberg, Mary  Comstock News  09/30/1915  see Mrs. A.C. Duryea
Sparks,  Comstock News  05/09/1913  son-in-law of S.Glovers
Speak, Anna Ansley Argosy  03/14/1912  nee McIntyre, Mrs. J. J. Speak
Spearing, Mrs. John  Arnold Sentinel  05/13/1920  see Sarah Ann Cleveland
Specht, Fred  Loup Vall Queen  08/05/1915  weds Inger Chathrine Hanson
Speer, Cora  Comstock News  11/09/1916  see Clifford Roth
Speer, Frank E. Sargent Leader  11/26/1942  weds Mildred Jensen
Speer, Mayme C.  Sargent Leader  02/22/1934  Mrs. Will Manning
Speer, Velta  Arnold Sentinel  12/01/1932  weds Earl Root
Speer, Wilber M. Sargent Leader  05/21/1942  80 of Comstock
Spegal, Francis Marion  Arnold Sentinel  08/04/1932 & 08/11/1932 63, m. Alice Alexander, 4 kids
Spelts, Cyrus E.  Arnold Sentinel  05/07/1931  weds Edna Mae Gettys of Ansley
Spencer, Blake W.  Arnold Sentinel  01/06/1921  weds Ruth Needham of Arnold
Spencer, Clara Massie  Mason City Trans  02/26/1925  Mrs. John Spencer
Spencer, Elsie  Mason City Trans  07/21/1927  Mrs. John J. Warner
Spencer, Howard  Sargent Leader  02/25/1943  weds Helen Roe
Spencer,  Arnold Sentinel  06/10/1925  infant son of mm Blake Spencer
Spencer, Mrs. H. A.  Sargent Leader  10/06/1916  daughter of George Mann
Spencer, Mrs. Hazel  Sargent Leader  10/08/1936 & 10/22/1936 Hazel McGregor
Spencer, Nellie  Ansley Herald  01/28/1932  Mrs. Ben Thorne
Sperry, Jaude  Loup Vall Queen  10/12/1916  wed to Percy Morrison
Sperry, Julia Zidna  Ansley Herald  03/01/1923  Mrs. Joseph Giddings
Sperry, Rais  Ansley Chronicle  06/23/1905  good obituary
Sperry, Ray S.  Ansley Herald  11/10/1921
Spitzer, Cathrine  Merna Postal Card  05/14/1915  aka Cathrine Vollmer
Spooner, Alvah Forbes  Comstock News  07/01/1915 & 07/08/1915
Spooner, Ed  Sargent Leader  09/23/1943  of Comstock, fire, age 82
Spooner,  Sargent Leader  03/13/1919 infant of Earl Spooner
Spooner, Justus S. Sargent Leader  04/10/1941
Spooner, Mrs. E. C.  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  page 3, nee Eliza Dowse, 69
Spooner, Mrs. Ed  Sargent Leader  04/12/1923  nee Clara Wescott
Spooner, Mrs. Fay W.  Sargent Leader  02/15/1945 & 02/22/1945
Sprague, Mrs. Francis  Arnold Sentinel  06/29/1927  sister of Mrs. Ben Hardin
Sprague, Steven L.  Loup Vall Queen  08/19/1937  age 81, husb of Celcia Pierpont, 2 daus.
Spratt, Alice C.  Arnold Sentinel  12/28/1933  weds Eric G. Olson
Spratt, Edna Cleo A. rnold Sentinel  06/29/1927  weds Edgar Deterding
Spratt, Mrs. Willis  B.  Arnold Sentinel  12/19/1928  nee Jane Bonta, 2 sons
Spratt, Willis Brown  Arnold Sentinel  10/10/1928  74, m. Mary Bonta, 2 kids
Springman, Anna  Ansley Herald  08/04/1927  Mrs. Anna McKnight
Springman, Harve  Ansley Herald  09/05/1929 & 09/12/1929
Sprunce, Eva  Mason City Trans  01/27/1927  Mrs. Geo. M. Snider
Squier, Alice  Sargent Leader  11/24/1921  Mrs. Alice Tracy
Squire, John A. Sargent Leader  10/23/1941  weds Irma Pedrick
Squirer, Reuben  Sargent Leader  03/13/1941  Weds Dorothy Millsap
Squires, Edwin E.  Sargent Leader  07/24/1941  attorney
St. John E. L.  Sargent Leader  11/22/1934  son of Mrs. Walter Saunders
St. John, Orlo O.  Arnold Sentinel  06/17/1925  weds Eldora Lester
Staab, Carlyle  Ansley Herald  08/22/1929  married Belva Scott March 25th, at Smith Center KS
Staab, David  Ansley Herald  11/06/1919  child
Staab, John  Ansley Herald  12/25/1930
Stagers, Margaret  Loup Vall Queen  04/05/1917  Mrs. CC Nichols, age 46.  aka Mrs. Perry Demoss (2 children)
Stairs, George  Oconto Register  10/31/1918
Stairs, Mrs. Ezra T.  Oconto Register  09/12/1918
Stairs, Reason Bradfield  Oconto Register  09/15/1911
Stalling, Frank C.  Arnold Sentinel  11/19/1931  weds Helen Conrad
Stallings, Cyrus Jesse  Sargent Leader  03/16/1939 & 03/23/1939 age 65, Gates. 
Stallings, Samantha  Sargent Leader  10/30/1919  Mrs. Cyrus Talbot
Stallings, William  Sargent Leader  06/12/1924  Age 89
Stalnaker, Anna Eliz. Arnold Sentinel  01/05/1927  Mrs. Arthur Blixt
Standlea, Elizabeth Marinda  Ansley Herald  10/09/1936  nee Heacock, Mrs. Wm. F. Standlea
Standlea, Maria A.  Ansley Herald  12/24/1942  Mrs. Wm. Cross
Standlea, William F.  Ansley Herald  05/31/1923
Standridge, Noel N. Sargent Leader  09/13/1945  weds Dorothy Eileen Buckbee
Stanford, Mrs. A. C.  Ansley Herald  01/20/1921  former Ansley resident
Stanley, Ruth  Sargent Leader  07/22/1943  weds Elmer M. McKee
Stanley,  Mason City Trans  03/27/1913  little son of Mrs. Nancy Stanley
Stannard,  Merna Postal Card  02/10/1911 child of Dr. & Mrs. Stannard
Stark, James A. Sargent Leader  05/11/1944 & 05/25/1944
Stark, Levi  Ansley Herald  06/07/1928
Stark, Mrs. Jesse  Ansley Herald  11/15/1918
Stark, Mrs. Sarah  Ansley Argosy  02/02/1911
Starks, Ira  Ansley Chronicle  08/11/1906  wed to Minnie Holley at Loup City 
Starling, Sarah Lovina  Ansley Herald  12/10/1925  Mrs. Welsh
Starr, Don Carlos  Sargent Leader  05/14/1925  Dunning. Nebr's oldest man, 107
Starr, Mrs. Millie  Arnold Sentinel  02/15/1928  43, dies in OR , nee Kimberling
Stauffer, Susan Emily  Loup Vall Queen  09/16/1937  Mrs. Henry H. Miller, 68
Stebbins, Irl  Arnold Sentinel  04/15/1925  weds Norma Thompson
Steburg, Mrs. Gus  Arnold Sentinel  07/22/1920  nee Kate Meek
Steel, Cecil  Arnold Sentinel  06/12/1930  weds Ione Smith, Aurora, NE
Steel, Samuel  Arnold Sentinel  05/07/1924 & 05/14/1924 father of Nolan Steele age 72
Steel, Wm.  Arnold Sentinel  07/21/1938  d. 18 Jul 1918 (in days gone by column)
Steel, W. R.  Arnold Sentinel  11/02/1927  weds Ulva Roby
Steele, Geo. A.  Callaway Queen  05/06/1915
Steele, "Grandma"  Arnold Sentinel  11/25/1925  87
Steele, Kenneth  Arnold Sentinel  04/26/1934  weds Vivien Johnson
Steele, Orval  Arnold Sentinel  08/25/1926  weds Hazel Pinkston
Steele, Otto  Arnold Sentinel  07/09/1931  weds Mera Morgan of Arnold
Steffen, Pierre  Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1934  m. Matilda Miller, 2 kids
Steffen, Pierre (Mrs.) Arnold Sentinel  10/13/1938  nee Matilda Miller d. 05 Oct 1918 (in days gone by column)
Stefka, Libbie Evelyn  Sargent Leader  08/27/1942  weds Frank Lewis Chalupa
Stefka, Mildred Ann  Sargent Leader  04/30/1942  weds Frank Klapal
Stefka, Mrs. Rudolph  Comstock News  08/05/1920 & 09/09/1920 nee Louise Kriz
Steinhoff, Marilyn Joyce  Sargent Leader  12/27/1945  weds Robert Lee Bishop
Steinman, Mrs. Joacob  Ansley Herald  04/13/1917
Steinmeier, Bertha  Ansley Herald  07/19/1918  nee Pankratz
Steinmier, Wm. E.  Ansley Herald  04/13/1917
Steinrmeier, Chas. H. F.  Ansley Herald  02/12/1942
Stender, Antonia (Mrs)  Mason City Trans  08/07/1919  nee Nelson,
Stender, Henderikke  Mason City Trans  10/20/1927  nee Nielsen, Mrs. Magnus Stender, Mrs. Wind
Stepanek, Katherine  Sargent Leader  06/13/1940  Weds Richard Dreessen
Stephen, Thomas  Mason City Trans  02/25/1926
Stephens, Mary Ann  Arnold Sentinel  07/25/1928  87, Mrs. Wm Hamilton, 7 kids
Stephenson, Susie May  Sargent Leader  09/03/1942  Mrs. Lorin Carter   46
Stepka, Frank  Sargent Leader  08/16/1928
Stepka, Mrs. Rudolph  Sargent Leader  08/12/1920
Sterling, Allen Jr.  Arnold Sentinel  06/19/1929  age 1 month, son of Allen Sterling 
Sterner, Florence Beryl  Mason City Trans  03/25/1926  dau.Geo C and Florence P Sterner d 3-19-1926
Sterner, Mrs. Permelia  Arnold Sentinel  09/28/1933  91
Stevens,  Ansley Herald  06/09/1922  brother of Mrs. C. J. Stevens
Stevens, Albert R. Sargent Leader  04/01/1943
Stevens, Alma E.  Merna Messenger  11/22/1928  Mrs. Henry Neve
Stevens, Clifford  Sargent Leader  12/13/1945  weds Carol Fellows
Stevens, Franklin J.  Sargent Leader  06/09/1932  married Rena Emmerson
Stevens, Gladys  Ansley Chronicle  05/18/1906 child
Stevens, Mabel Isabel  Comstock News  3/13/1914  nee Warnock, Mrs. W. N. Stevens
Stevens, Mary Ellen  Ansley Herald  07/15/1920  Mary Ellen Taylor
Stevens,  Ansley Herald  06/30/1922  mother of C. J. Stevens
Stevens, Mr. C. J.  Ansley Herald  05/01/1930  also Mrs. C. J. Stevens
Stevens, Mrs. William  Sargent Leader  12/11/1941  nee Mina Winnie Bright  76
Stevens, Ralph  Ansley Argosy  09/22/1910  Clarence Ralph Stevens
Stevens, Stevens  Sargent Leader  04/30/1942  of Comstock  74
Stevens, William Miller  Comstock News  07/18/1913
Stevenson, Clarence H.  Callaway Courier  05/09/1912  wed to Vera Shupp at Kearney 5-8-1912
Stevenson, Cornelia  Ansley Argosy  12/03/1908  nee Bradley
Stevenson, Fred  Callaway Courier  05/09/1912  wed to Lora Barnes at Kearney
Stevenson, Hugh  Ansley Chronicle  07/19/1907  20th anniversary of death
Stevenson, Mrs. Geo. Arnold Sentinel  11/06/1930  nee Ella Belle Livingston, 55
Steward, Cecile  Sargent Leader  05/01/1941  Weds Claud Smith
Steward, Robert  Arnold Sentinel  08/15/1929  weds Miss Ida Day at Gandy
Stewart,  Sargent Leader  06/20/1914  daughter of Harry Stewart
Stewart, May  Merna Postal Card  09/24/1915  aka May Graham
Stewart, Mr.  Ansley Chronicle  12/27/1901  of Westerville
Stewart, Mrs. Frances Jane "Fannie" Ansley Herald  04/04/1929 & 04/11/1929 nee Moody,  Mrs. Samuel Stewart
Stewart, Mrs. Wm. F.  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1927  nee Minnie Rutner, 5 kids, 50
Stillwell, Mrs. Geo. R. Ansley Herald  06/02/-1928  Ollie Totten
Stithem,  infant  Arnold Sentinel  10/26/1927  dau of  mm Samuel Stithem
Stithem, Lois  Arnold Sentinel  02/23/1933  age 8, dau of mm Samuel R. Stithem
Stiver, J. J.  Loup Vall Queen  02/08/1917 & 02/15/1917  age 67,  two children
Stock, Vera  Sargent Leader  11/16/1939  Weds Willard Bird
Stockdale, C. L.  Sargent Leader  06/08/1944  of Broken Bow
Stockham, David  Arnold Sentinel  11/30/1927  64, never married
Stockham, Esther  Loup Vall Queen  12/21/1916  weds Ray Walker
Stockham, James  Arnold Sentinel  08/13/1931  78, m. Mary Goodler
Stockham, Jennings  Arnold Sentinel  04/12/1922  weds Bernice Menary
Stockham, Lottie Maxine  Sargent Leader  05/30/1935 & 06/06/1935 Mrs. Harold Helmick
Stockham, Mrs. Harve  Loup Vall Queen  02/03/1916  Redfern Table & Lodi
Stockham, Mrs. Harvey  Oconto Register  02/03/1916
Stockman, Mrs. Harve  Callaway Courier  02/03/1916
Stockwell, Louis S.  Arnold Sentinel  09/18/1930  81, father of Mrs. S. J. Medlin
Stockwell, Mamie  Arnold Sentinel  10/05/1933  Mrs. S. J. Medlin, 57,   4 kids
Stoddard, Elijah  Mason City Trans  08/31/1922  Old pioneer
Stoddard, Elijah  Mason City Trans  01/31/1929
Stoddard, Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  01/23/1903
Stode, Mrs. Lewis H. Mason City Trans  01/09/1914  nee Stode, Mrs. Lewis H Thomas
Stoffer, Clara  Anselmo Enterprise  12/12/1913  Daughter of Guy Stoffer
Stoger, Morris  Mason City Trans  04/30/1914  child
Stokes, Henry  Sargent Leader  08/09/1934
Stokes, Sarah Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  07/21/1916
Stone, Elaine Jenette  Comstock News  02/24/1911  infant of Robert Stone
Stone, Ellen  Comstock News  04/13/1916  Mrs. Adam Wisda  (Is Stone her maiden name?)
Stone, George  Comstock News  11/18/1920
Stone, Matilda Jane  Ansley Herald  11/18/1937  Mrs. John A. Wolford
Stone, Muriel  Sargent Leader  12/17/1942  weds Robert Boggs Thompson
Stone, Nettie  Sargent Leader  06/26/1913  nee Potter
Stone, Nettie Marble  Comstock News  12/17/1910  Weds George Haynes
Stone, Olene Leona  Comstock News  08/25/1910
Stone, Opal  Comstock News  06/20/1913  dau of James Stone
Stone, Richard Leroy  Sargent Leader  05/14/1931
Stone, Sarah  Sargent Leader  08/26/1937  see Gatliff,  5 girls & 2 boys
Stone, Thomas  Comstock News  07/14/1921
Stonesipher, Blanche  Arnold Sentinel  06/19/1930  weds Thomas C. Hutchinson
Storms, Aaron  Arnold Sentinel  01/14/1925  weds Gladys Wells
Story, Clark  Sargent Leader  08/04/1927  son of Omer
Story,  Sargent Leader  05/24/1928 baby of Omer
Story, Orvel B.  Sargent Leader  12/05/1914
Stott, Lloyd  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1929  weds Gladys Bowers
Stott, Miss Iva  Arnold Sentinel  10/31/1928  weds Jake Thorpe of Cozad
Stouffer, Clarice  Merna Postal Card  12/12/1913 & 12/19/1913  daughter of Guy
Stouffer, Geo. W.  Arnold Sentinel  05/31/1934  74, suicide,
Stouffer, George  Sargent Leader  05/31/1934
Stough, Howard B. Arnold Sentinel  06/09/1921  weds Ruth Knox
Stouts,  Callaway Courier  10/10/1912  Baby girl of H. G. Stouts
Stout's, Joseph (brother)  Callaway Courier  03/21/1912
Stover, Isaac  Sargent Leader  09/23/1920
Stover, Maggie H.  Ansley Herald  04/19/1923  Mrs. B. F. Haines
Stowell, Cora  Sargent Leader  07/13/1933  Mrs. Joe Young
Strasburg, Harold  Arnold Sentinel  09/30/1925  weds Madeline Carlson
Strasburg, Lavern  Arnold Sentinel  03/07/1923  weds Pearl Nelson of Hoagland
Strasburg, Mrs. Henry  Arnold Sentinel  03/20/1929  nee Winifred Ellen Bailey, 47
Strasburg, Reta  Arnold Sentinel  04/11/1928  weds harold Clark
Strasburg, Vurl  Arnold Sentinel  04/14/1932  weds Eva Simpson
Strate, Daniel  Mason City Trans  08/19/1918
Stratton, Mrs. James L.  Merna Messenger  02/07/1929  nee Esther B. Given
Street, Alvah Merna  Postal Card  04/23/1915
Street, Charley  Anselmo Enterpr  10/09/1925  married Alvena Rissick at Marion Ind on Oct. 1.
Street, Martha  Anselmo Enterprise  01/24/1919
Streeter, Addison Edmund Ansley Herald  09/30/1926 
Streeter, Mrs. Julia N.  Ansley Herald  04/07/1916
Streeter, W. H.  Ansley Chronicle  08/23/1907  brother of A. E. Streeter
Streitwieser, Wm. Arnold Sentinel  07/24/1919  weds Laurine Menary
Strickland, Mary Ellen  Mason City Trans  05/31/1928  Mrs. O. H. Mooney
Strode, John  Ansley Argosy  12/03/1908
Strode, Mrs. John  Ansley Herald  01/04/1918
Stroh, Jake  Sargent Leader  1/20/1927
Strohl, James Allen  Sargent Leader  05/27/1937  Age 50.  6 mi. west of Taylor, 3 dau.   Bro of Maude Lundy
Strohl, Russell  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  weds Mildred Patterson
Strohl, Stanley Roland  Sargent Leader  03/18/1920  child
Strom, Stanley  Sargent Leader  12/17/1942  weds Geraldine Chubbuck
Strombert, Mrs. Aldis  Sargent Leader  05/27/1943  weds Martin Luther Bobbitt
Strong, Charles Elsworth  Sargent Leader  12/04/1934 & 12/13/1934  lived in Almeria
Strong, Mary A. Sargent Leader  09/01/1938  p.8, Mrs. Mary Williams, wife of Robert,    5 kids
Strong, Edith E.  Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1933  weds Frank L. Pinkston
Stroud, Benjamin F.  Merna Postal Card  05/11/1917
Stroud, Beulah Frances  Merna Messenger  03/28/1929  Mrs. Samuel Brock
Strunk, Dollie E. Sargent Leader  04/06/1944 & 04/13/1944 Mrs. Joseph Luei 
Strunk, Ed  Sargent Leader  10/20/1938  84
Strunk, R. E.  Sargent Leader  08/01/1935
Stryker, Marjorie  Loup Vall Queen  08/12/1937  weds Harry Edgington of Waco, NE
Stuart, Charlotte  Ansley Argosy  12/26/1912  Charlotte Sadler
Stubbe, Metta  Sargent Leader  01/27/1927  Mrs. Ben Kleba
Stubbins,  Alice A.  Sargent Leader  08/01/1912  Mrs. Wm. H. Andrews
Stubbs, Jack  Sargent Leader  07/09/1942  weds Emma Pat Bashford
Stucker, Harold J.  Ansley Herald  06/15/1933
Stuckey, Arthur E.  Ansley Herald  07/07/1921
Stuckey, Mrs. Charles  Oconto Register  10/21/1915
Stuckey, Mrs. Fannie  Ansley Herald  01/31/1929 & 02/07/1929 nee Gleason, Mrs. Augustas Stuckey
Stucky, Margaret  Oconto Register  01/25/1917
Stupplebean, Ray  Arnold Sentinel  12/24/1914  weds Hazel Wardrobe
Sturdevant, Anna  Sargent Leader  03/03/1938  see Mrs. James Orvis and Mrs. Charles Freeman
Sturm, Clarence  Sargent Leader  12/02/1943  death notice
Sturm, John  Sargent Leader  12/12/1914
Sturms, Beatrice G.  Sargent Leader  12/26/1928  wed Paul Burnett at Kearney
Sturms, Inez  Sargent Leader  07/24/1924  see Pierce
Sturms, Margaret  Ansley Argosy  01/21/1909  Mrs. Tabor/ written as "Sterns"
Sturms, Stingley  Sargent Leader  09/07/1922 & 06/15/1922
Sturtz, Olive  Arnold Sentinel  08/23/1979
Stutzman, Mrs. Alice B.  Ansley Herald  05/04/1922  nee Donahoe, Mrs. Joseph Stutzman
Sukler, Benjamin F.  Anselmo Enterpr  12/26/1924
Sugar, Mary  Arnold Sentinel  04/20/1927  weds Walter Wheeler
Sullivan, Adley  Arnold Sentinel  06/05/1929 weds Launa Ross, dau of Mrs. E. Hughey
Sullivan, Agatha  Arnold Sentinel  10/02/1930  weds Hugh  Pierce
Sullivan, Everett  Sargent Leader  07/13/1939  death notice
Sullivan, Geo. Arnold Sentinel  06/19/1929  weds Elizabeth O'Keefe
Sullivan, Geo. M.  Sargent Leader  07/21/1927
Sullivan, Judge H. M. Arnold Sentinel  03/17/1932  dies in Omaha
Sullivan, Margaret H.  Arnold Sentinel  08/16/1922  weds Charles A. Miller
Sullivan, Mike  Ansley Herald  10/05/1917
Sullivan, Mrs. Dave  Sargent Leader  06/13/1940  died in Idaho, age 81
Sullivan, Mrs. H. M. Loup Vall Queen  08/17/1916  nee Ella Turner age 56
Sullivan, Mrs. John  Arnold Sentinel  12/02/1925  nee Lulu E. Kilmer, 4 kids
Sullivan, Mrs. Margaret  Sargent Leader  03/15/1945  nee Margaret McDonald in Ireland
Sullivan, Patrick  Sargent Leader  04/26/1923
Summers, Caroline  Anselmo Enterprise  07/10/1914  Mrs. Caroline Tomlinson
Summers, Harriet  Ansley Herald  12/16/1920  Harriet Haines
Summers, Harriett Marie  Mason City Trans  12-23-1920  Mrs. Wm S Haines
Sundstroms, Mildred L.  Ansley Herald  08/22/1935  nee Hollenbeck
Suponchick, Mrs. Marie  Mason City Trans  05/28/1914  nee Kirchner, Mrs. Joseph Suponchick
Surman, Della Viola  Ansley Chronicle  09/10/1907  1 year old dau. of John Surman
Surmon, Aloyd Byron  Ansley Herald  01/03/1924  baby
Surmon, John Byron  Ansley Herald  08/03/1922
Surmon, Oliver  Ansley Herald  02/12/1920  child
Sutton, Bobbie Raymond  Sargent Leader  10/01/1942  weds Wilma Kleeb
Sutton, Edyth  Sargent Leader  04/17/1941 & 04/24/1941 & 05/29/1941
Sutton, Frank  Sargent Leader  09/02/1926
Sutton, Mary Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  01/01/1942 & 01/08/1942 Mrs. Mary Wallace
Sutton, Miss Fay  Arnold Sentinel  06/18/1931  weds Ernest Hutchins
Sutton, Mrs. Lewis  Sargent Leader  05/03/1923  nee Laurinda Dimmitt
Sutton, Sterling  Sargent Leader  06/22/1939  Weds Annabelle Doramus in Idaho
Svoboda, Frances Mrs.  Sargent Leader  04/19/1928
Swancuth, Mrs. David  Mason City Trans  03/26/1925
Swancutt, David S.  Ansley Herald  05/06/1926
Swancutt, Harve  Ansley Herald
Swancutt, Mrs. David  Ansley Herald  03/23/1925  nee Ursula M. Kingery
Swancutt, Mrs. Wm.  Arnold Sentinel  02/15/1928  wreck, elderly,  6 kids
Swancutt, Wm. Arnold Sentinel  02/15/1928  auto accident, elderly, 6 kids
Swanson, Arvid Edgar  Ansley Herald  04/30/1942
Swanson, Axel  Sargent Leader  08/19/1920
Swanson, C. H.  Mason City Trans  05/22/1924
Swanson, Carl  Arnold Sentinel  02/02/1927  weds Ruth Peterson, Tallin table
Swanson, Charles  Sargent Leader  09/03/1942  of Dry Valley
Swanson, Charles  Sargent Leader  06/15/1944 & 06/22/1944
Swanson, Charles  Sargent Leader  07/17/1930
Swanson, Helen Marie  Sargent Leader  10/28/1943  weds Donald M. Pirnie
Swanson, Huldah Dorothea  Sargent Leader  01/09/1936  age 70, Mrs. Carl Nelson, 
Swanson, Mrs. Charles  Ansley Herald  05/11/1917  nee Nelson, of Comstock
Swanson, Mrs. Charles  Comstock News  05/03/1917
Swanson, Mrs. Matilda  Sargent Leader  09/02/1943  mother of Mrs. Harry Shartzer
Swanson, Mrs. David  Comstock News  06/30/1911  see Malm 
Swanson, Fred B.  Arnold Sentinel  04/01/1920  death notice, airplane wreck
Swartz, John Henry  Mason City Trans  08/09/1917
Swartz, Mrs. M.  Sargent Leader  03/31/1921
Sweeney, Mary Alice  Sargent Leader  03/28/1946  age 83, see Mrs. George Dewey
Sweeny, Creta  Merna Messenger  01/171919  aka Mrs. Melvin Wilkins
Sweet, Chaney  Sargent Leader  04/25/1929  Mrs. John R. Orvis
Sweet, Mrs. Caroline E.  Sargent Leader  07/30/1936  Caroline E. Newbecker, Age 86
Swenson, ?  Sargent Leader  3/26/1925 & 04/02/1925  Mrs. Frank Gustafson, burned, 52, 
Swenson, Eliza Matilda  Arnold Sentinel  08/18/1926  Mrs. Olof Holt, 10 kids
Swenson, John  Arnold Sentinel  06/13/1923  85, husb of Amanda Powers,  1 son, John Jr.
Swenson, John  Mason City Trans  09/15/1921
Swick, David  Loup Vall Queen  06/22/1916  suicide, leaves 40, 5 yr old son
Swick, Dorothy Jean  Sargent Leader  04/29/1943  age 11, dau of Fannie and Stanley
Swick, Eliza Jane  Merna Messen  04/14/1922  nee Bass,  Mrs. Osbourne
Swick, Lela  Sargent Leader  07/13/1939  Weds Darel Holmes of Gates
Swick, Marjorie  Sargent Leader  10/24/1940  Weds Wayne Penny
Swick, Oscar  Sargent Leader  10/23/1941  weds Gloria Gibbens
Swigart, Adeline  Mason City Trans  10/19/1916  nee Swigart, Mrs. Gaither
Swirk, David  Comstock News  06/22/1916
Swisher, Eliza Caroline  Sargent Leader  06/22/1922  Mrs. Horace Bradley
Swisher, Madison  Ansley Herald  05/26/1921  of Halsey, former Westerville resident-85 yrs. old
Swisher, Virgil Dawsen  Arnold Sentinel  06/11/1924  age 6,  2nd son of Ervin & Nellie Swisher
Swope, F. D.  Sargent Leader  03/29/1945  weds Joan Coltrane
Swope, Freddie  Sargent Leader  09/19/1940  Weds Joan Coletrane in San Diego
Swortout, Carence G. Arnold Sentinel  06/23/1926  weds Vyrl Lenore DeLosh

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