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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "W" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)


Wachal, Barbara J.  Sargent Leader  06/06/1935  Mrs. Valclav F. Klanceky
Wachter, Mrs. Albert  Merna Messenger  10/10/1919
Waddington, Anselmo Enterprise  Bro. of Sam & Will Waddington
Waddington, (infant)  Merna Record  04/10/1914  dau. of Wm. Waddington
Waddington, 2 children  Loup Vall Queen  05/25/1916 & 05/18/1916 & 07/06/1916 dau 11  & son 4 of MM Bert Waddington die of dyptheria on same day. 
Waddington, Fern  Callaway Courier  05/18/1916 & 05/25/1916  Child of Bert Waddington
Waddington, James B.... Anselmo Enterpr 03/04/1927 Berton
Waddington, Samuel Anselmo Enterpr 08/26/1921  
Wadsworth, George  Comstock News  11/22/1917 & 11/29/1917
Wadsworth, George  Sargent Leader  11/29/1917
Wagers, Pluma  Arnold Sentinel  10/20/1932  weds James C. Arbuthnot
Wagner, Ansley Argosy  08/10/1911  Inf. of Rev. D. G. Wagner
Wagner, Frank  Sargent Leader  10/09/1924  teenager, gunshot, Comstock
Wagner, Frank  Ansley Herald  10/16/1924
Wagner, Idella  Sargent Leader  10/11/1945  83, Mrs. Joe Thomas
Wagner, Paul  Sargent Leader  09/03/1942  weds Frances King
Wagner, Sarah Marie  Sargent Leader  04/11/1929  Mrs. Lewis Dowse
Wagner, T. Miller  Comstock News  02/04/1915
Wagner, Walter  Arnold Sentinel  10/07/1920  ditch cave in in Broken Bow
Wagoner, Mrs. Lee  Ansley Herald  06/19/1930  nee Dulcie May Welch
Wagy, Floyd  Sargent Leader  04/04/1946  weds Mrs. Emma McClure
Wait, Daisy Maude  Ansley Argosy  01/29/1914  Daisy Myers
Wait, Jared Leland  Ansley Herald  01/31/1924
Waits, Clinton  Arnold Sentinel  05/28/1931  weds Hyldred [sic] Robinson
Waits, Wm. Ola  Arnold Sentinel  06/15/1933  32, tornado
Wakefield, Mrs. Thomas  Sargent Leader  01/28/1937  p. 8 Nancy Jane Worth .  Age 65
Waldmann, Paul  Sargent Leader  05/23/1940  married to Fern Wiley
Waldron, Fae  Loup Vall Queen  11/16/1916  weds Ed Westman
Waldron, Miss Esther  Loup Vall Queen  07/01/1937  of Callaway weds Harold Dexter of Kansas
Waldron, Si  Arnold Sentinel  04/07/1932  state representative
Walker, Adella  Merna Postal Card  06/02/1911
Walker, Alzina (Coleman) Moore  Merna Postal Card  08/11/1911  husband John L. Walker
Walker, Anna E.  Arnold Sentinel  01/20/1926  Mrs. Thomas Gill
Walker, Miss Beulah  Arnold Sentinel  06/23/1932  weds August Cumpston
Walker, Bob  Arnold Sentinel  11/19/1924  weds Mrs. Esther Main
Walker, Clarence E. Arnold Sentinel  02/24/1926  weds Gladys Dailey
Walker, Eldon W.  Sargent Leader  04/20/1944 & 06/01/1944 WWII fatality
Walker, Evelyn  Sargent Leader  03/05/1942 & 03/12/1942 Mrs. Pete Mallart
Walker, Geo. H. Arnold Sentinel  01/29/1931  80, m. Addie Hopple, 6 kids
Walker, Jay O.  Arnold Sentinel  10/24/1923  weds "prettiest girl in Alliance, NE"
Walker, John L.  Merna Postal Card  02/23/1912
Walker, Mrs. Keith Arnold Sentinel 09/29/1938 nee Mattie Needham
Walker, Lambert  Sargent Leader  02/17/1944  65 died in MO
Walker, Miss Lilia Mason City Trans 04/29/1927  
Walker, Miss May  Arnold Sentinel  03/16/1933  weds Clayton Cunningham
Walker, Miss Phyllis  Sargent Leader  04/25/1946  weds Dallas Hyde
Walker, R. J.  Ansley Herald  04/25/1929
Walker, R. L. Sr.  Ansley Herald  04/10/1924  item
Walker, Ray  Sargent Leader  01/28/1943  weds Kate Kenyon
Walker, Ray  Loup Vall Queen  12/21/1916  weds Esther Stockham
Walker, Robert Mason City Trans 11/01/1923  
Walkin, Thomas  Sargent Leader  11/23/1939  Weds Marguerite Hickman in GI
Wall, Brita  Arnold Sentinel  02/13/1930  74, m. Olof Ohlson, 12 kids
Wall, Emma J.  Arnold Sentinel  08/17/1927  Mrs. Clinton Nelson, 6 kids
Wallace, Gelina Isabelle  Sargent Leader  01/14/1932  Mrs. Gelina Isabel Daman
Wallace, Howard  Sargent Leader  07/10/1941  death notice
Wallace, John  Sargent Leader  01/08/1925  10, son of mm Geo. Young, diabetes
Wallace, Mrs. Mary E. Sargent Leader  01/01/1942 & 01/08/1942 Mary Elizabeth Sutton
Wallace, Perl  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1928  47 of Sargent,  suspicious death
Wallace, Purl  Sargent Leader  12/20/1928
Wallace, W. Jasper  Sargent Leader  01/29/1922
Wallace, Wesley  Sargent Leader  02/27/1918  weds Edna Owen at  Grand Island
Wallenknotter, Opal Mason City Trans 01/3/1929  
Waller, John Ernest  Sargent Leader  10/30/1941  weds Florence Cheeseman
Waller, Mary  Ansley Herald  01/17/1935 & 01/26/1935 nee Waller, Mrs. J. H. Carothers, 
Waller, Maurice Wm. Arnold Sentinel  09/01/1926  weds Lois J. Boone
Walsh, Wm. Merna Postal Card  07/19/1912
Waltermire, Joseph E. Arnold Sentinel 10-28-1937  
Walters, Mrs. Inga  Arnold Sentinel  05/11/1933  41, 1 dau
Walters, Nellie Jane Arnold Sentinel 03/23/1939 22 Mar 1919 (in Days Gone By column)
Walton, Frank  Ansley Herald  02/16/1917
Walton, George  Arnold Sentinel  05/13/1925  67, husb of Mary Grim, 4 kids
Walton, Jessie  Sargent Leader  02/20/1941  Weds Claude Willhoit
Walton, John H. Comstock News  10/27/1911
Walton, P. T.  Comstock News  09/08/1910  marr. in Lincoln to Lydia Vernon
Walton, S. P.  Sargent Leader  08/21/1919
Wampool, Martha  Sargent Leader  05/28/1931  Mrs. Martha Doty
Wanke, Tena  Mason City Trans  01/04/1917  Mrs. Binder
Ward, Catherine Mason City Trans 03/13/1924 Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. J. H. Moody
Ward, Edna  Sargent Leader  08/19/1920  nee Wright, also Mrs. Cleveland
Ward, Jessie  Ansley Herald  06/14/1918
Ward, Mabel  Arnold Sentinel  06/28/1934  weds G. L. "Pat" Price
Ward, Mrs. Mahala C.  Sargent Leader  08/20/1931
Ward, Owen  Comstock News  03/08/1912
Ward, Phoebe C.  Arnold Sentinel  02/29/1928 &03/07/1928  Mrs. Charles Chesley, 8 kids, 98
Ward, Mrs. Sabina Mason City Trans 11/04/1926  
Ward, W. H.  Ansley Chronicle  06/01/1906
Ward, Walter B. Sargent Leader  07/13/1939  age 39, airplane wreck
Wardrobe,  Mrs. James Merna Messen  12/30/1921  nee Ruth Stella Sage
Wardrobe, James Merna Messenger 10/18/1928  
Wardrobe, James  Arnold Sentinel  10/10/1928  69, m. Ruth Sage, 6 kids
Wardrobe, Ray  Arnold Sentinel  12/24/1914  weds Ray Stupplebean
Wardrobe, Wm. Anselmo Enterpr 06/15/1923  
Warn, Florence Anna  Ansley Argosy  05/23/1912  infant
Warner, Mrs. Amos G. Merna Messenger 03/13/1930  
Warner, Elsie Mason City Trans 07/21/1927 nee Spencer, Mrs. John J. Warner
Warner, Jane  Sargent Leader  06/26/1919  Mrs. John Abbott
Warnken, Leslie  Sargent Leader  09/11/1941  weds Wanda Livermore in Lex
Warnock, Mabel  Comstock News  03/13/1914  Mabel Stevens 
Warren, John Thomas Mason City Trans 03/27/1924  
Warren, Lacy Blanche  Sargent Leader  12/24/1936  Mrs. Lacy Blanche Sargent, Gates
Warren, W. M.  Callaway Courier  06/19/1913 & 06/26/1913
Warrington, Ann Mason City Trans 03/03/1921 nee Warrington, Mrs. John F. Holster
Warrington, Earl Mason City Trans 10-15-1925  
Warrington, Mrs. "Mac"  Ansley Herald  07/07/1938
Wasson, Thelma  Sargent Leader  01/15/1942  weds Clifford C. Long
Water, Bertha  Sargent Leader  06/05/1913  Mrs. Bertha Evans
Waterbury,  Ansley Chronicle  08/16/1907  7 yr. old child of Smith Waterbury
Waterbury, Jessie May  Ansley Herald  03/26/1919  Mrs.Chas. Wolford
Waterbury, L.  Sargent Leader  11/20/1913
Waterbury, Mrs. Lewis  Sargent Leader  04/11/1929  nee Susan Brown,  Mrs. Green
Waters, Bertha  Comstock News  06/06/1913  nee Waters, Mrs. Thomas Evans 
Waters, child Callaway Queen 02/18/1915 child of Mr. & Mrs. Waters of Lodi
Waters, Della  Arnold Sentinel  05/14/1931  weds Otto Lewis of Arnold
Waters, Geo O Mason City Trans 04/01/1926 age 77
Waters, Mildred  Ansley Herald  01/11/1923  nee Herman, adopt. by Roy Waters
Waters, Mrs. Mabel  Ansley Herald  05/14/1925 & 05/21/1925 nee Comstock
Waters, Roy G.  Ansley Herald  07/28/1932
Watkin, Mrs. C. B.  Loup Vall Queen  11/11/1937 & 11/18/1937 71 nee Dunlap 
Watkin, LouiseAnnaMay Loup Valley Que.. 11/11/1937 also Nov 18, nee Dunlap, Mrs. Chester B. Watkin
Watkins, Caroline Mason City Trans 02/13/1919 nee Watkins, Mrs. Scott Haddix
Watkins, Lysinda  Ansley Argosy  02/03/1910  Lysinda Burnett
Watkins, Nettie Louise Arnold Sentinel 03/30/1939 Mrs. Maxson
Watkins, Wm. Thomas Arnold Sentinel  06/29/1933  55, wed G. M. Lathrop, 2 sons
Watson, Mrs. Emmeline O.  Anselmo Enterprise  12/05/1913
Watson, Ernest, L..... Mason City Trans 03/23/1922 Laurence
Watson, Estelle R. Sargent Leader  06/15/1944  Mrs. Jake Honeycutt
Watson, Frank  Oconto Register  04/03/1919
Watson, Frank  Ansley Herald  01/15/1925 item
Watson, George W.  Ansley Herald  07/08/1920
Watson, Geo W Mason City Trans 07/08/1920  
Watson, Mrs. Geo. W.  Ansley Herald  10/27/1932 & 11/03/1932 nee Margaret Jane Lesch, 
Watson, Jacob K Mason City Trans 03/25/1920  
Watson, Nancy  Sargent Leader  03/16/1917  nee Taylor
Watton, Joseph  Arnold Sentinel  08/11/1926  46, killed jumping a train
Watts, Charles  Arnold Sentinel  03/26/1931  20, son of mm Wm. Watts, Cumro, hunting
Watts, Linda Kay  Sargent Leader  10/14/1943  5 month old dau. of Mr. & Mrs Orlie Watts
Waxham, Adelaide V.  Ansley Argosy  08/03/1909 & 08/19/1909 Mrs. O.B.Foster
Waybright, Joe  Sargent Leader  03/06/1918  weds Opha Evans at Taylor
Waybright, Joe  Sargent Leader  11/07/1918
Waybright, John  Sargent Leader  05/22/1918  weds Emma Woods at Taylor
Waybright, Mrs. W. S.  Sargent Leader  06/23/1921
Wayman, Anna  Sargent Leader  03/30/1939  Weds Kenneth Ellingson
Wayman, Iceland Comstock News  07/13/1922  child
Waynick, Dr.  Sargent Leader  11/    /1930
Weast, Abbie Lodema Mason City Trans 02/17/1921 nee Weast, Mrs. Lybarger
Weatherly,  Arnold Sentinel  07/08/1920  rifle accident, age 9 ??
Weatherly, Edward  Merna Messen  07/16/1920
Weatherly, Oakley  Arnold Sentinel  09/28/1933  weds Lauretta Hagler
Weathers, Aggie  Arnold Sentinel  01/23/1929  Mrs. Jim Middleton, auto/train
Weathers, Hamilton C. Arnold Sentinel  03/28/1928  81, husb. of Rachel Kittle, 4 kids
Weathers, Miss Aggie  Arnold Sentinel  11/07/1928  weds James G. Middleton
Weathers, Mrs. Hamilton Arnold Sentinel  12/29/1921  nee Rachel Kittle
Weaver, Clara Anna Mason City Trans 02/06/1919 Mrs. Samuel Weaver, nee Hughes
Weaver, Ed  Loup Vall Queen  09/23/1937 & 09/30/1937  dies in Cheyenne , age 49.  no wife, no kids
Weaver, Horace  Arnold Sentinel  07/23/1924  weds Margaret Myers of Callaway
Weaver, Horace  Arnold Sentinel  08/24/1927  2 kids
Weaver, Jane Mason City Trans 10/16/1923 Mrs. Keller
Weaver, Leota  Mason City Trans  03/15/1917
Weaver, Mary Mason City Trans 03/30/1922 also 4-6, nee Weaver, Mrs Norton Amsberry
Weaver, Mary Elizabeth  Ansley Herald  03/30/1922  Mrs. Norton Amsberry
Weaver, Mrs. Mary J. Mason City Trans  02/04/1915  nee Foster
Weaver , Minera Mason City Trans 01/25/1923 Mrs. Byron Mack
Weaver, Orlie (DR.) Mason City Trans 01/23/1919 also 1-30-1919
Weaver, Samuel  Ansley Chronicle  05/15/1903
Weaver, Stephen L. Mason City Trans  07/26/1917
Weaver, Floyd  Arnold Sentinel  08/06/1924  weds Ada Vincent of Callaway
Webb, Alfred Vernon Callaway Courier  05/02/1912 Marriage / Alice Gertrude Ashley in Kearney-4-24
Webb, Chester  Merna Messenger  11/22/1918
Webb, Joe  Ansley Chronicle  02/10/1905
Webb, Tillie  Ansley Herald  01/21/1932  Mrs. R. W. McCulley
Webber, Hazel Arlene  Arnold Sentinel  03/14/1928  infant of mm Harry Webber
Webber, Mrs. Scott  Sargent Leader  09/18/1924  nee Anna Slegel
Webbert, Henry James  Arnold Sentinel  07/02/1924  weds Clarissa Cleveland of B. B.
Weber, James E.  Sargent Leader  02/17/1927
Weber, John  Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1934  weds Grace Henry
Webster, Joan  Sargent Leader  05/11/1939  Weds Howard Grint
Webster, Mrs.  J. S.  Arnold Sentinel  06/23/1921  nee Reed,  in California 79
Wedeking, Herman  Arnold Sentinel  03/31/1926  pioneer, Mildale
Week, Martha  Arnold Sentinel  05/02/1928  weds Ernest Widholm
Weemer, Mrs. David F. Mason City Trans 06-11-1925 nee Kryder, Mary
Weeth, Dora  Ansley Herald  07/06/1933  nee Karker
Weeth, Joseph N.  Ansley Argosy  02/28/1912
Weeth, Myrtle  Ansley Chronicle  04/26/1907
Weidenbach, Wm. Arnold Sentinel  07/15/1925  weds Sarah Gemar
Weiland, Tracy  Merna Postal Card  07/19/1912  Mrs. P. B. Riley
Weimer, Claud F. Mason City Trans 12/13/1928  wed Lillie Marston Dec. 8 at Metamora, Ohio
Weimer, D. S.  Merna Messen.  12/15/1916
Weimer, Daniel S. Mason City Trans  11/30/1916
Weimer, David  Merna Messen  01/28/1921
Weimer, David F Mason City Trans 01/20/1921 Civil War Vet.
Weimer, Mrs. Francis  Ansley Herald  07/21/1916
Weimer, Grandma  Mason City Trans  06/22/1916
Weimer,  Mason City Trans  05/08/1913  98th Birthday, Mother of David Weimer
Weimer, Rae O. Mason City Trans 08/02/1928 wed Arletta Schmuk at Indianapolis, Ind.
Weinlie, Margaret E.  Arnold Sentinel  07/18/1929  weds Garland Harrell, now of Denver
Weinman, Anna Maria  Sargent Leader  05/07/1914  nee Sitentaker
Weinman, Howard  Sargent Leader  10/16/1941  age 15 of Arnold, broken neck
Weinman, Mrs. Sam  Sargent Leader  01/23/1936 & 01/30/1936  Marianna Ottun, (Round Valley)
Weinman, Mrs. Wm. Sargent Leader  01/01/1942  nee Emma Mary Janesofsky
Weinman, Raymond L.  Sargent Leader  08/31/1922  child
Weiser, Hannah C. J.  Arnold Sentinel  03/17/1921  wife of Joseph Schloatman, 12 kids
Welborn, Geneva  Sargent Leader  09/18/1941  weds Eugene Debs, Sargent
Welch, Dulcie May  Ansley Herald  06/19/1930  Mrs. Lee Wagoner
Welch, Geo. Mason City Trans 05/20/1926  
Welch, J. Starling  Sargent Leader  01/10/1946 &01/17/1946 & 01/24/1946 "Junior" Welch 
Welch, Leslie Franklin  Ansley Herald  08/04/1938
Welch, Otis Samuel  Ansley Argosy  11/16/1911
Weldon,  Ansley Argosy  11/04/1909  son of Geo. Weldon
Wellenkotter, Opal  Ansley Herald  12/29/1928  nee Turpen
Weller, Vina  Sargent Leader  01/11/1945  90, Mrs. Frank  Hicks
Wellington, Charles  Sargent Leader  03/09/1939  age 65, Spanish American war vet
Wells, Archie  Sargent Leader  02/03/1938  suicide in Walworth, age 55, bachelor
Wells,  Sargent Leader  08/30/1917 daughter of Ode 
Wells, Mrs. Ernest  Sargent Leader  03/21/1935 & 04/18/1935  nee Gertrude Marsh, 
Wells, Evelyn  Sargent Leader  05/17/1945  weds Mevin Gideon
Wells, Flora B. Merna Messenger 12-26-1929 Mrs. Chas. A. Teel
Wells, Frank C.  Arnold Sentinel  03/19/1931  53, Stapleton
Wells, Franklin Pierce  Sargent Leader  10/01/1936  (Sargent)  Age 76
Wells, Gladys  Arnold Sentinel  01/14/1925  weds Aaron Storms
Wells, Harry E. Arnold Sentinel  01/05/1933  weds Noma Holt
Wells, Mrs. Helen  Arnold Sentinel  02/06/1930  nee Pierce
Wells,  Sargent Leader  04/24/1919 infant of George 
Wells, John Callaway Queen 01/28/1915 brother of Mrs. J. B. Dickson
Wells, Joseph Rob't. Arnold Sentinel  07/31/1919  Age 3, son of  mm Jos. Wells, Pleasant Hill
Wells, Mrs. Julia A.  Merna Postal Card  04/16/1915 nee Wilson
Wells, Lewis W.  Sargent Leader  11/27/1930
Wells, Lloyd Franklin Merna Messenger 03/28/1929  
Wells, Louisa  Sargent Leader  12/19/1929  nee Louisa Bitter
Wells, Ray  Sargent Leader  07/22/1943  age 54, tree fell on him near Walworth
Wells, Roselean  Sargent Leader  05/29/1941  Weds Robert Perrin
Wells, Sarah Mildred  Ansley Herald  02/01/1923  Mrs. Charles K. Wells
Wells, Mrs. Urah Jane  Mason City Trans  03/06/1913  Mrs. Daniel Wells
Wells, Mrs. Wm. Arnold Sentinel  02/13/1930  nee Helen Pierce
Welsch, Mrs. Isabelle  Sargent Leader  05/15/1941  age 58, nee Whitmore (Witmore?)
Welsh, Geo. Henry  Ansley Herald  05/27/1926
Welsh, George H.  Sargent Leader  06/03/1926
Welsh, J. Starling  Sargent Leader  06/01/1944  weds Mary Lucille Allen
Welsh, James D.  Merna Messenger  02/08/1918
Welsh, Jay  Sargent Leader  02/22/1945  weds Evelyn Gates
Welsh, John  Ansley Herald  06/12/1919
Welsh, Leslie F.  Sargent Leader  07/28/1938  of Walworth, husb.  of Chloa Points
Welsh, Mrs. Leslie  Ansley Herald  03/13/1924  item
Welsh, Neva Pauline  Sargent Leader  11/10/1927  daughter of Justin
Welsh, Sarah Lovina  Ansley Herald  12/10/1925  nee Starling
Welsh, Wm. R. Loup Vall Queen  07/05/1917  lived with Deardorff's, age 93
Welte, Louis  T.  Ansley Herald  10/12/1950 & 10/19/1950
Welton, Ellen Cleo  Oconto Register 01/27/1911
Welty, Carl Glen  Arnold Sentinel  02/11/1925  weds Effie Hutchens
Wemple, Miss Anna  Arnold Sentinel  05/29/1929  weds Wm Clyde Barton
Wemple, Bertha  Arnold Sentinel  08/04/1926  weds Geo Davis
Wemple, Glenn Ralph Arnold Sentinel 12/23/1937  
Wemple, Mrs. Aaron  Arnold Sentinel  08/06/1924  nee Lucy J. Avery, 80, mom of 4
Wemple, Ransler  Arnold Sentinel  02/22/1928  weds Mary Davis
Wenburg, John Henry  Oconto Register  05/06/1915
Wenquist, Morris  Arnold Sentinel  08/31/1933  weds Pauline A. Hagadorn
Werber, Fern  Sargent Leader  08/17/1944 & 08/24/1944 in Caif., age 48
Werber, James Mason City Trans 02/17/1927  
Werber, John S.  Sargent Leader  04/17/1924  Age 57
Werber, Marie Barbara  Sargent Leader  08/21/1924  infant dau of Mrs. John Werber
Werber, Nellie L. Sargent Leader  05/10/1945  Nellie Laughlin age 69
Werber, Roy Anton  Sargent Leader  01/28/1926
Wertz, Forence  Loup Vall Queen  09/23/1915  wife of W. H. Wertz
Wertz, Mrs. Florence  Callaway Courier  09/23/1915
Werverka, Charles  Callaway Courier  11/06/1913
Wescott, Clara  Sargent Leader  04/12/1923  Mrs. Ed Spooner
Wescott, Eva  Sargent Leader  04/28/1916  nee Bragg
Wescott, Mrs. John E. Comstock News  09/02/1920
Wescott, Mrs. W. S.  Ansley Herald  04/28/1916
Wescott, Mrs. W. S.  Comstock News  04/27/1916  nee Thankful Cleveland
West, E. B.  Ansley Argosy  03/20/1913
West, E. B.  Mason City Trans  03/27/1913
West, Edwin  Comstock News  01/20/1916 & 02/03/1916
West, John W.  Arnold Sentinel  01/15/1920  80 husb of Mary Gough, & M. Halverstadt
West, Josephine  Sargent Leader  06/22/1939  Weds Roger Dowse
West, Lilias Ann  Ansley Herald  03/09/1922  Mrs Albert C. Gates
West, Lottie  Ansley Herald  07/28/1920 & 08/05/1920  nee Thornton, Mrs. Chas. West 
West, Lottie (Mrs) Mason City Trans 7-29-1920 Mrs. Chas
West, Louis  Callaway Courier  09/30/1915
West, Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  03/04/1904  mother of  Mrs. A. C. Gates
West, Mrs. H. C.  Loup Vall Queen  03/22/1917  nee Sarah A. Millholland,  age 60
West, Roger C.  Comstock News  12/23/1920
West, Sarahett  Sargent Leader  01/05/1917  Mrs. W. H. Comstock
West, Wm. McKinley  Ansley Herald  11/19/1936
Westbay, James A.  Sargent Leader  09/29/1938  71, husb of Ethel Macurdy. No children surviving
Westbrook, Charles  Sargent Leader  10/07/1926
Westbrook, Jessie  Comstock News  04/21/1911  infant
Westbrook, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  01/25/1920 nee McElwain, 1st marr. Judson Coger
Westbrook, Mrs. O. M.  Arnold Sentinel  12/12/1929  former Arnold resident, Dry Valley
Westbrook, Vivian  Comstock News  01/25/1917  baby of Charles Westbrook
Westbrook, Vivian  Ansley Herald  02/16/1917  child
Westbrook, Vivian A.  Sargent Leader  02/17/1917  daughter of Charles Westbrook
Westcott, John F. Sargent Leader  04/28/1938  of Comstock,  See biography  May 19, 1938, p. 8
Westcott, Mason  Arnold Sentinel  08/12/1925  weds Genevieve Goodman
Weste, Louis  Loup Vall Queen  09/30/1915  66
Westervelt, Eugene Theodore Ansley Herald  03/30/1950 
Westervelt, James  Ansley Argosy  07/30/1908
Westman, Edmund  Loup Vall Queen  11/16/1916  weds Fae Waldron
Westman, Elmer Callaway Queen 02/25/1915 wed Alma Anderson at Kearney, NE.
Westman, Karine Marie  Loup Vall Queen  06/07/1917  weds James O.  Henry
Weston, Susie  Ansley Argosy  07/02/1914  Mrs. Fred Gebhart
Westwood, Mary  Mason City Trans 03/25/1920 nee Westwood, Mrs. Harry Davis
Wethers, Marjorie E.  Arnold Sentinel  06/18/1931  weds Jerry J. Lee of Bassett
Wetzel, Emma Jane  Sargent Leader  03/21/1940  Mrs. Joseph Durby, age 60
Weverka , Charles  Sargent Leader  10/30/1913
Weverka, Charles  Comstock News  10/24/1913
Weverka, Marie  Sargent Leader  02/19/1942  weds Stanley Slangal
Whalen, Katherine Kinsella  Oconto Register  05/02/1915
Whalen, Mary Tresa  Oconto Register  09/06/1917  Mary Tresa Brennon
Whaley, Arline  Loup Vall Queen  06/03/1937  weds E.J. Vybiral
Whaley, Chas D Loup Val. Queen 10/22/1914  
Whaley, Mrs. Chas. Loup Vall Queen  11/02/1916 & 11/11/1916 nee Rebecca J. Gormley 
Whaley, Mrs. Emery  Arnold Sentinel  01/12/1922  nee Margaret Pilcher,  70 of Callaway
Whaley, Hattie  Loup Vall Queen  09/09/1915  weds Elias Wolfe
Whaley, Laura  Sargent Leader  06/11/1931  nee Orvis
Whaley, Miss Lenora  Arnold Sentinel  01/16/1930  weds Clifford Malcolm
Whaley, Lynn  Arnold Sentinel  09/17/1924  weds Charlotte Croghan of G. I.
Whaley, Maggie  Callaway Courier  04/17/1913  See Mrs. Bert Brown
Whaley, Mrs. Roy Arnold Sentinel 01/26/1939  
Wheeler, Anna  Ansley Herald  06/28/1918  Anna Harris
Wheeler, Henry H. Comstock News  02/02/1912
Wheeler, Henry H.  Loup Vall Queen  08/02/1917  weds Mrs. Ida Drum
Wheeler, John Wm. Sargent Leader  10/09/1941  age 77
Wheeler, Keith  Arnold Sentinel  12/18/1930  weds Marie Blixt
Wheeler, Keith N. Arnold Sentinel 08/23/1979  
Wheeler, Lessie  Sargent Leader  03/08/1945  weds Richard VanHouten
Wheeler, Lovina  Sargent Leader  09/18/1913  Mrs. Monroe Farley
Wheeler, Roy Harding  Arnold Sentinel  10/12/1933  age 12, cave in
Wheeler, Walter  Arnold Sentinel  04/20/1927  weds Mary Sugar
Wheling, Mrs. Justina  Arnold Sentinel  01/16/1929  (last page)
Wherrett, Grace Loup Vall Queen  06/15/1916  weds Chas. Curtis
Whipple, Nelson  Loup Vall Queen  06/14/1917 & 06/21/1917  age 69, nevr married
Whipple, Tom  Sargent Leader  01/30/1919
Whipple, Wm. Loup Vall Queen  02/08/1917 & 02/15/1917  age 55, six children
Whisman, Grace Belle Mason City Trans 11/14/1918 Mrs. Fred J Franklin, nee Whisman
Whisman, Mrs. Mason City Trans 06/10/1926  
Whisman, Thomas J Mason City Trans 11/06/1919 Thomas Jefferson
Whit, Otis  Loup Vall Queen  11/11/1937 & 11/18/1937  50, Loup city, truck accident
Whitaker, Charlotte  Arnold Sentinel  12/01/1932  Mrs. Alexander DeLosh, 72, 2 kids
Whitaker, Isabelle  Arnold Sentinel  11/27/1930  Mrs. Andrew J. Morgan, 2 kids
Whitaker, James Mason City Trans 12/23/1920  
Whitaker, M. L. Mason City Trans 04/19/1934  
Whitala, Prudence I. Arnold Sentinel  08/03/1925  see  Prudence Whitley
Whitcomb, George  Sargent Leader  05/23/1933
White, Alvira  Sargent Leader  01/02/1941  Weds Milo Roach
White, Arthur Eugene Anselmo Enterpr 03/04/1927  
White, Bertha Anselmo Enterpr 11/12/1926 nee White, Mrs. Lehmanowsky
White, Elliott J.  Arnold Sentinel  06/16/1932  dies in CA
White, Elmer  Arnold Sentinel  12/08/1926  wed Goldie Terpenning
White, Floyd  Sargent Leader  07/03/1941  Weds Gaquetta Chapman
White, Geo Anselmo Enterpr 01/07/1927 married Florence Predmore in N.P. 12-27-1926
White, L. E.  Anselmo Enterprise  07/26/1918  Brother of H. E. White
White, Mable Irene(Mrs) Anselmo Enterpr 10-7-1927 nee Snell, Mrs. Frank White
White, Mary  Ansley Herald  01/03/1930  nee White, Mrs. Mary Cassel
White, Minnie  Ansley Herald  02/09/1950  Mrs. A. C. Duryea
White, Rex E. Arnold Sentinel 08/12/1937  
White, Ruth Mabel  Merna Messenger  11/29/1918 & 01/03/1919  Mrs. Ross Lohr
Whited, Alma E.  Sargent Leader  05/24/1928  Mrs. Alma E. Fellows
Whited, Mrs. Charles  Sargent Leader  06/13/1940  Ella Mercer, age 74
Whitehead, Mrs. Mary A. Mason City Trans  03/05/1914 & 03/12/1914 mother of W. T. Whitehead
Whitehead,Wm. Thomas Mason City Trans 09/04/1924  
Whitesel, Wm Allen Loup Val. Queen 07/30/1914  
Whitford, Harley  Arnold Sentinel  01/01/1920  weds Carrie Leach of Arnold
Whitley, Prudence  Arnold Sentinel  07/29/1925  weds Lyle Phifer
Whitman, Nellie C.  Loup Vall Queen  06/17/1915  weds Henry G. Schmitz, 
Whitmore, Isabelle  Sargent Leader  05/15/1941  age 58, see Mrs. Isabelle Welsch
Whitmus, Elaine  Sargent Leader  08/15/1940  Weds Frank Greene
Whitmus,  Sargent Leader  03/13/1919 infant of Fred Whitmus
Whitney, Bernard  Sargent Leader  04/20/1939  Weds Lucile Daily
Whitney, Byron F.  Ansley Herald  01/01/1925
Whitney, Caddie (Mrs) Mason City Trans 06/03/1920 nee Nelson, Mrs. Wirt Whitney
Whitney, Frank  Ansley Chronicle  06/08/1906
Whitney, Raymond  Arnold Sentinel  08/17/1933  weds Pearl McCandless
Whittaker, Caroline  Sargent Leader  04/13/1917  Mrs. James Taylor
Wickham, Isaac Mason City Trans 05/04/1922  
Widholm, Ernest  Arnold Sentinel  05/02/1928  weds Martha Weeks of Rotten Valley
Widholm, Harry  Arnold Sentinel  04/24/1930  weds Miss Una McGuire
Widholm, John  Arnold Sentinel  07/12/1922 & 07/26/1922  of Gothenburg & Tallin Table, 64, 9 kids ,  husb of Alice Peterson,
Widholm, Reuben P.  Arnold Sentinel  10/30/1930  weds Hilga Jensen of Cozad
Wiebusch, George  Sargent Leader  01/02/1941  Weds Corinna Beal
Wieland, Fred Loup Val. Queen 08/06/1914  
Wieland, Joan  Ansley Herald  07/20/1939
Wieland, Louisa  Anselmo Enterprise  12/06/1913 & 12/13/1913  Mrs. Frank Cozad
Wieland, Margurita  Callaway Courier  12/11/1913  Daughter of J. D. Wieland
Wieland, Robert  Loup Vall Queen  04/05/1917  weds Sophia Maller
Wieland, twins born Callaway Courier 07/18/1912 twin girls born to the J D Wieland family July 17.
Wiese,Margaret  Sargent Leader  07/06/1944  weds Romain Peters
Wiester, Geraldine  Arnold Sentinel  05/07/1931  weds Richard Hicks of Kearney
Wiggins, Sarah  Ansley Argosy  12/21/1911  Sarah Jenness
Wiggins, Theron L.  Arnold Sentinel  07/12/1934  Gothenburg rancher
Wigglehouse, C. J.  Ansley Argosy  09/02/1909
Wilbourn,  Callaway Courier  12/02/1915  Infant of Lloyd Wilbourn
Wilcher, Abbie C. Arnold Sentinel  03/22/1922  Mrs. Fred Beardsley, mother of 12
Wilcher, Cora Lucinda  Arnold Sentinel  10/02/1919  wife of James Daniel Haskell
Wilcher, James  Arnold Sentinel  06/16/1932 & 06/23/1932 ,M. E. Robinson, 5 kids, 70
Wilcher, Marie  Arnold Sentinel  03/03/1921  Weds Jesse Main
Wilcott, Mrs. W. H. Arnold Sentinel  05/23/1923  nee Hoffman
Wilcox, Charles  Arnold Sentinel  10/30/1930  weds Charlotte Olofson
Wilcox, Ed  Ansley Argosy  08/10/1911
Wilcox, Samuel  Oconto Register  01/20/1916
Wilcox, Samuel  Callaway Courier  01/20/1916
Wilcox, Wm. Oconto Register  09/06/1912
Wilder, Clem  Ansley Herald  02/26/1920
Wiley, Fern  Sargent Leader  05/23/1940  married to Paul Waldmann of Geranium
Wiley, G. M.  Comstock News  04/07/1911
Wiley, Rachel  Merna Postal Card  01/12/1912  Mrs. Ebenezer Longfellow
Wilgus, Jacob  Sargent Leader  11/28/1929
Wilgus, Mrs. Jacob Sargent Leader  05/12/1938  Elnora Short Miller,  no children
Wilgus, Sarah Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  04/05/1945  Mrs. Walter Brush, age 81
Wilhoit, Anna  Sargent Leader  09/13/1923  Mrs. James Cropper
Wilhoit, Mrs. Louisa Sargent Leader  11/08/1929
Wiliams, T. W.  Sargent Leader  09/02/1915
Wilke, Anna  Sargent Leader  01/01/1925 &01/08/1925  Mrs. Anna Pfrehm, see 
Wilken, Walter  Sargent Leader  06/05/1941  Weds Lois Hyde
Wilkenson, Anthony  Ansley Herald  05/08/1919
Wilkenson, Eva Jane  Ansley Herald  07/07/1938  nee Barnett, Mrs. Jess Wilkenson
Wilkerson, Tibson Francis  Ansley Herald  07/07/1927 
Wilkerson, Vera Alberta Mason City Trans 05/01/1924 nee Smith, Mrs. Dewey Wilkerson
Wilkins, Mrs. Melvin  Merna Messenger  01/17/1919  Creta Sweeny
Wilkins, Mrs. Melvin Arnold Sentinel 01/05/1939 died 1919 (in Days Gone By column)
Wilkinson, Hiram M.  Ansley Herald  03/08/1923
Wilkinson, Katherine H. Ansley Herald  09/15/1921  Katherine H. Miller - Brooks
Wilkinson, Kittie C. Arnold Sentinel  03/25/1920  Mrs. Alvin harris  9 children
Wilkinson, Mrs. Hiram M. Ansley Herald  09/02/1926  nee Mary Paine
Will, Raymond  Arnold Sentinel  08/10/1933  weds Eileen Ricker
Willard, Geneva  Comstock News  06/30/1922  infant of F.S. Willard
Willard, Mrs. Hiram  Arnold Sentinel  05/13/1920  Sarah Ann Cleveland
Willett, A. A.  Merna Messenger  01/24/1919
Willett, Abram Allan  Anselmo Enterprise  01/17/1919 & 01/24/1919
Willhite, Lola Pearl  Ansley Herald  11/18/1920
Willhoit, Cecil  Sargent Leader  07/26/1934  Mrs, Robert Keys
Willhoit, Claude  Sargent Leader  02/20/1941  Weds Jessie Walton
Willhoit, Doris Evanne  Sargent Leader  09/28/1933
Willhoit, Elwin  Sargent Leader  11/02/1944  weds Elizabeth Exley
Williams, Mrs. ?  Arnold Sentinel  10/03/1923  79, mother of R. E. Williams  (died in IA)
Williams, Alice (Mrs) Anselmo Enterpr 10/21/1927 nee Farritor, Mrs. Edward Williams
Williams, Arlene  Sargent Leader  08/24/1939  Weds Herbert Kalkowski
Williams, Billie  Ansley Herald  09/10/1931  infant of Elmer Williams
Williams, Blanche  Sargent Leader  08/29/1940  see Blanche Tarleton,  page 4
Williams, Charity Mabel  Ansley Herald  10/22/1942  nee Houts
Williams, Clarence Lester  Merna Postal Card  05/10/1912 baby of Benjamin Williams
Williams, Dave  Mrs.  Sargent Leader  01/10/1929  daughter of Ben Harvey
Williams, Earl E.  Arnold Sentinel  12/28/1927  weds Helen Simms
Williams, Ed  Sargent Leader  07/08/1943  age 94
Williams, Effie P.  Sargent Leader  01/18/1923
Williams, Elmer  Sargent Leader  05/26/1921
Williams, Essie  Arnold Sentinel  01/05/1922  weds Cary C. Boyce
Williams, Eula  Merna Postal Card  07/26/1912  daughter of Ben
Williams, Evelyn L. Sargent Leader  06/25/1942  weds Bernard Brush
Williams, Francis  Arnold Sentinel  10/21/1920  weds  Floyd Bassett
Williams, George  Ansley Herald  09/21/1922
Williams, Geo M Anselmo Enterpr 09/09/1927  
Williams, Gertrude  Arnold Sentinel  03/25/1920  weds Chas Simms of Arnold
Williams, Haze Anselmo Enterpr 10/12/1923 also 10-19-1923
Williams, I. C.  Sargent Leader  05/05/1914
Williams, Mrs. Ira  Ansley Chronicle  11/14/1902
Williams, Jeff  Sargent Leader  07/18/1918
Williams, John  Loup Vall Queen  11/25/1937  bro. of Mrs. Richard Watkins, died in Casper, WY
Williams, Lafe  Arnold Sentinel  10/08/1924  auto wreck, married, 6 kids, Oconto area
Williams, Lake  Sargent Leader  10/16/1924  Oconto ranch accident
Williams, Leonard Carl  Sargent Leader  04/25/1946  in Calif, only son of Ira Wms. & Helen Griebel
Williams, Lottie  Arnold Sentinel  01/14/1932  weds Raymond Lade of Hazzard
Williams, Lucille  Sargent Leader  02/01/1940 & 02/08/1940 Weds Virgil Butler 
Williams, Margaret Batman Ansley Herald  11/23/1917 
Williams, Mary  Merna Postal Card  07/25/1913 Karnes
Williams, Melvin  Arnold Sentinel  09/26/1929  weds Lucile Pirnie of Broken Bow
Williams, Mrs. Arthur  Sargent Leader  02/17/1944  37, Anna Mary Wolf
Williams, Mrs. Clarence  Sargent Leader  06/12/1930  nee Amy Harrold
Williams, Mrs. Clarence  Sargent Leader  05/04/1933  nee Lydia Sevier
Williams, Mrs. George  Sargent Leader  03/30/1939  nee Linnie Tarleton, Michigan
Williams, Mrs. James  Oconto Register  04/18/1916
Williams, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  09/01/1938  p.8 Mary A. Strong, wife of Rob't. Williams, five children
Williams, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  01/07/1926  nee  Mary Pfrehm, Mrs. W. G. Williams
Williams, Mrs. R. E.  Arnold Sentinel  12/29/1926 & 01/05/1927 nee Judkins, 13 kids
Williams, Pearl  Sargent Leader  12/26/1935  Mrs. Pearl Loghry, age 47
Williams, Roy  Arnold Sentinel  10/13/1932  32, Murdered
Williams, Roy Oscar  Sargent Leader  03/19/1942  WWII fatality
Williams, Sarah Margaret  Sargent Leader  10/02/1924  nee Taylor, age 76
Williams, Mrs. Thomas Sargent Leader  03/15/1928  nee Mary Elizabeth Lewis
Williams, W. G.  Sargent Leader  10/19/1944 & 10/26/1944  Willis Green Williams 88
Williams, Winona Fae  Sargent Leader  12/30/1943  weds Max Leonard
Williamson, Frances  Oconto Register  11/28/1918
Willis,  Emma , Mrs.  Ansley Chronicle  08/31/1906  nee Clay
Willis, Elmer Comstock News  02/17/1911  infant, card of thanks
Willis, John R.  Ansley Herald  10/19/1933
Willison, Mary  Oconto Register  04/17/1919  nee Mary Narragon
Wills, Mrs. Cass E. Mason City Trans 11/17/1927  
Wills, Goldie  Ansley Herald  02/27/1921 & 02/24/1921  Mrs. Chester Real
Wills, Mrs. Emma  Ansley Argosy  04/23/1908  sister of Mrs. J. H. Brand
Wilmoth, Agnes Anselmo Enterpr 07/14/1922 nee Smith, Mrs. Byron Wilmoth
Wilmoth, Mrs. Byron Anselmo Enterpr 07/14/1922 nee Agnes Smith
Wilmoth, John W Anselmo Enterpr 11/05/1926  
Wilmoth, Lloyd  Arnold Sentinel  03/13/1929  weds Lethia Iiams
Wilson, Adabert  Merna Postal Card  11/23/1917
Wilson, Mrs. Birb Mason City Trans 11-17-1927 nee Olive Aurilla Lybarger
Wilson, Mr. Carol  Sargent Leader  12/27/1945  weds Inez Fenstermacher
Wilson, Mrs. C. A.  Arnold Sentinel  02/10/1926  nee Percival
Wilson, Chester A.  Arnold Sentinel  05/16/1928  78, m. Ann Percival, 3 kids
Wilson, Daniel W.  Merna Postal Card  02/16/1912
Wilson, David  Comstock News  06/30/1911
Wilson, F. C.  Mason City Trans  01/09/1913
Wilson, Frank Homer Merna Messenger 01/31/1929  
Wilson, Frank  Arnold Sentinel  08/14/1930  of Anselmo, windmill fall
Wilson, Fred C.  Anselmo Enterprise  01/10/1913  Condolence Resolution
Wilson, H. L.  Arnold Sentinel  06/29/1933  46, B. Bow attorney, 2 kids
Wilson, J. O.  Arnold Sentinel  08/15/1929  death note
Wilson, Mrs. J. O. Anselmo Enterpr 06/15/1923  
Wilson, John  Sargent Leader  05/25/1922
Wilson, John Anselmo Enterpr 05/26/1922  
Wilson, John  Mason City Trans  08/14/1913
Wilson, John Omer Merna Messenger 08/22/1929  
Wilson, Julia A.  Merna Postal Card  04/16/1915  Julia A. Wells
Wilson, Nellie  Merna Messenger  07/26/1918 & 07/05/1918  Mrs. Noah Koger
Wilson, Nellie Arnold Sentinel 02/02/1939  Mrs. Brewer
Wilson, Otis  Mason City Trans  12/23/1915  married Mabel Slack at G. I.
Wilson, Robert  Sargent Leader  01/26/1928
Wilson, Ruth Comstock News  05/20/1915  child of Ed Wilson
Wilson, Sarah B. Merna Messen  08/19/1921  Mrs. Sarah B. Ingram
Wilson, Volney  Sargent Leader  09/12/1940  age 65, at Comstock
Wilson, Wm. H. Merna Messenger 05/08/1930  
Wilson, Woodrow  Sargent Leader  02/07/1924  Ex-U.S. President
Wimmer, Chas.  Arnold Sentinel  06/17/1925  weds Thema  Alexander
Wimmer, E.  Sargent Leader  07/18/1918
Wimmer, Mrs. Elmer  Oconto Register  12/26/1918
Wimmer, Mrs. Elmer  Sargent Leader  12/26/1918
Wimmer, Elwood  Merna Messen.  09/03/1920  wed to Merle Guggenos at G. I. on 31 July 1920
Wimmer, James M. Comstock News  07/21/1911
Wimmer, Mrs. James  Comstock News  06/?/1910  nee Susan Vessels
Wimmer, S. P. Anselmo Enterpr 07/21/1921  
Winberg, Mrs. Jennie  Sargent Leader  03/21/1940  died in Jan. at York, Ne at age 75
Winberg, Wm. Harold  Sargent Leader  07/15/1920
Winchell, James  Arnold Sentinel  11/21/1928
Winchester, Mrs. Alta  Arnold Sentinel  09/01/1932  nee  Winchester, Anselmo
Winchester, Laura  Merna Messen  02/18/1921  nee Elder,  Mrs. J. C. Winchester
Winchester, Laura Anselmo Enterpr 02/11/1921 nee Elder
Winchester, Leora Anselmo Enterpr 09/19/1924  
Winchester, Louise Anselmo Enterpr 03/16/1923 nee Hayes, Mrs. Thomas J. Winchester
Winchester, Mrs. Tho. J. Anselmo Enterpr 03/16/1923 nee Louise Hayes
Wind, Henderikke Mason City Trans 10/20/1927 nee Nielsen, Mrs. Peter Wind, Mrs. Stender
Wind, Mathias C.  Arnold Sentinel  06/15/1927  suicide
Wind, Peter  Mason City Trans  05/13/1915 & 05/20/1915
Windholm, Ruby  Arnold Sentinel  12/26/1928  weds Kenneth Nelson
Windolph, Hugo Edgar  Sargent Leader  11/19/1942  weds Mary Ada Leach
Wineman, Mrs. Samuel  Ansley Chronicle  08/30/1905
Wineman, Sam  Arnold Sentinel  07/12/1922  12 of Sargent, tornado
Wineman, Samuel C.  Ansley Herald  06/24/1920
Winkleman, Eva  Sargent Leader  03/07/1946  Verrol R. Keyser
Winkleman, Lou  Comstock News  07/26/1912  married at Loup City  to Louise Kluna
Winston, Emma (grandmother of)  Merna Postal Card  May or June 1912  also see Maupin, Mrs., at Cliff Hill
Winston, Wm. Thomas  Arnold Sentinel  07/13/1933  92, 6 kids, Cliff cemetery
Winwood, Alice  Arnold Sentinel  01/19/1922  Mrs. Sam Reed, Mrs. Geo. Stockhall
Wirsig, Edith  Sargent Leader  04/06/1922  Mrs. W. D. Jensen
Wirsig, John G.  Sargent Leader  08/17/1939  heart attack
Wirsig, Mrs. Frank  Sargent Leader  03/17/1921  nee Mary E. Britton
Wirsig, Otway  Sargent Leader  11/10/1932
Wisda, Ellen  Comstock News  04/13/1916  nee Stone, Mrs. Adam Wisda
Wise, Albert H.  Loup Vall Queen  11/25/1937  death notice, age 85, burried Rose Hill, obit next week
Wise, Charlotte Mason City Trans 01/25/1934 nee Fell
Wise, Leon  Arnold Sentinel  01/13/1921  weds Opal  Scott in Cheyenne
Wiseman, Ollie  Oconto Register  06/28/1912  weds Chas. O'Conner at Kearney 6-27-1912
Witmore (see Whitmore)  Sargent Leader  05/15/1941
Wittemyer, Jennie  Sargent Leader  11/23/1933  Mrs. Jeremiah Mead
Wittemyer, John  Sargent Leader  08/04/1938  Boulder, Colorado
Wittemyer, Mr. & Mrs. Fred  Sargent Leader  12/02/1937  former Sargent couple die a day apart  in Colorado
Witer, August B. Arnold Sentinel 08/12/1937 also 8-19-1937
Witthuhn, A. P. Loup Vall Queen  05/31/1917  weds Ruth Coolidge
Witthuhn, Bill Arnold Sentinel 08/02/1979  
Witthuhn, Mrs. Emelie  Arnold Sentinel 11/24/1938 nee Pilger
Wochos, Anna  Ansley Herald  10/11/1928  Mrs. Joseph Rushek
Wochos, Anna Mason City Trans 10/04/1928 Mrs. Joseph Rushek
Wolcott, Mrs. Elizabeth  Sargent Leader  12/10/1936 & 12/17/1936 Elizabeth Amanda James.  (Almeria)
Wolf, Anna Mary  Sargent Leader  02/17/1944  37, Mrs. Arthur Williams
Wolf, Charles  Sargent Leader  01/28/1937  Age 45
Wolf, Elizabeth E.  Sargent Leader  12/24/1921  Mrs. Fred Pitkin
Wolf, Larry C.  Ansley Herald  04/24/1930
Wolf, Leonard  Sargent Leader  12/08/1938 & 12/15/1938 esc. prisoner, buried in Sargent 
Wolf, Lucille  Sargent Leader  02/03/1944  weds Owen Vose
Wolf, Mildred  Sargent Leader  05/23/1940  married to Thomas Mount
Wolf, Orland Fay  Sargent Leader  11/27/1941  weds Ethel Christensen
Wolf, Orlando  Sargent Leader  07/01/1943 & 07/08/1943
Wolf, Raymon Eugene  Sargent Leader  02/07/1929  son of Leonard Wold
Wolfe, Elias D. Loup Vall Queen  09/09/1915  weds Hattie Whaley
Wolfe, Mildred Louise  Sargent Leader  06/04/1942  weds Leo R. Douglass
Wolfe, Viola Pearl  Sargent Leader  12/06/1917  Mrs. Henry Marth
Wolford, Jessie May  Ansley Herald  03/26/1919  nee Waterbury, Mrs.Chas. Wolford
Wolford, John A.  Ansley Herald  01/22/1925
Wolford, Mrs. Frank  Ansley Herald  03/04/1920
Wolford, Paul  Ansley Chronicle  04/26/1907
Wolford, Wm. A.  Ansley Herald  12/17/1942
Wolford, Matilda Jane  Ansley Herald  11/18/1937  nee Stone, Mrs. John A. Wolford
Wolselben, Minnie  Sargent Leader  12/02/1926  Mrs. A. B. (Bert) Elliot
Wolsleben, Chas. Sargent Leader  12/15/1916
Wolsleben, Emil  Sargent Leader  02/15/1940  shooting suicide
Wolsleben, Gifford Emil  Sargent Leader  04/17/1924  Age 21 d., "Inactivity of kidneys"
Wolsleben, Lena  Sargent Leader  04/08/1937  Mrs. Lena Scott
Wolsleben, Mrs. Sarah  Sargent Leader  03/19/1942  nee Bolie, Mrs. Chas. Wolsleben
Wolsiczek, Mathias Arnold Sentinel 02/10/1938 d. 05 Feb 1918 (in days gone by column)
Wolverton, Cecil  Arnold Sentinel  08/20/1924  weds Alice Dow of Waterloo, IA
Wolverton, Freda  Arnold Sentinel  12/18/1930  weds Charles Paine
Wolverton, Garland  Arnold Sentinel  12/28/1927  weds Lois Bailey
Wolverton, Gladys  Arnold Sentinel  01/08/1931  weds Robert Seevers
Wolverton,  Arnold Sentinel  12/09/1925  infant dau. of Cecil Wolverton
Wolverton, J. A. Arnold Sentinel  02/11/1925  73, father of Frank
Wonch, Grant  Arnold Sentinel  09/18/1930  weds Miss Elva Dailey
Wonch, Harvey  Arnold Sentinel  04/27/1933  infant son of mm Luman Wonch
Wonch, Lavada Arnold Sentinel 01/14/1937 infant dam. of Guyneth & Luman C. Wonch
Wonch, Luman C.  Arnold Sentinel  09/17/1931  weds Guyneth Dailey
Wood, Althea  Arnold Sentinel  12/05/1929  weds Ralph C. Dailard
Wood, Angie Etta  Ansley Herald  03/31/1932  Mrs. Wm. D. Nice
Wood, Arthur W. Arnold Sentinel  10/09/1930  weds Nita Mae Scott
Wood, Bernard  Merna Record  08/28/1914  son of A. L. Wood
Wood, Bernice  Arnold Sentinel  10/01/1924  wed to Gerald Clinebell
Wood, E. Murtin  Sargent Leader  03/22/1945  74
Wood, Ellen  Sargent Leader  11/21/1940  Mrs. Ellen Cummings, age 84 in IL
Wood, Grace  Merna Postal Card  10/08/1915 nee Budd
Wood, Hardin  Ansley Herald  02/05/1920
Wood, Harriet  Sargent Leader  06/20/1940  Weds Luther Rumbuagh
Wood, Hazel  Arnold Sentinel  11/01/1922  weds Paul Ingwerson of Wyerts
Wood, John J. Mason City Trans  03/20/1913  child
Wood, Josiah Truman Mason City Trans 12/17/1925  
Wood, Lydia Mason City Trans 03/01/1923 nee Kilgore
Wood, Marie Belle Mason City Trans 01/16/1919 Mrs Leslie D Airhead, nee Wood
Wood , Samuel  Sargent Leader  11/24/1916
Wood, T. J. Anselmo Enterpr 01/13/1922  
Wood, Miss Ruby  Arnold Sentinel  05/05/1932  weds Alvin C. Layman
Wood, Mrs. A. T.  Sargent Leader  11/24/1932  nee Lena Jackson
Wood, Patience E.  Arnold Sentinel  06/27/1929  weds Jack Dunnaway
Wood, Roy  Sargent Leader  04/18/1946  nephew of Minnie Drake, car accident Calif
Woodcock, Edith Arnold Sentinel 08/26/1937 died 16 Aug 1917 (in days gone by column)
Woodcock, H. B.  Callaway Courier  04/09/1914
Woodfill, Emma Sarah  Ansley Herald  11/12/1942  Mrs. Crawford
Woodgate, Cecil Arnold Sentinel 02/07/1979  
Woodriff, Diah  Oconto Register  10/17/1918
Woodruff, David  Merna Messen  01/13/1922
Woodruff, David Anselmo Enterpr 01/13/1922  
Woods, David Mason City Trans 12/01/1927  
Woods, Evelyn  Sargent Leader  12/28/1944  weds Donald Leroy Tinkham
Woods, Josh H Mason City Trans 02/11/1926  
Woods, LaVerna  Sargent Leader  04/23/1942  wed Lawrence Chalupa
Woods, T J Mason City Trans 01/07/1922  
Woodward, Charlotte  Arnold Sentinel  09/19/1929  Mrs. Frank Brumbaugh, 42, 4 kids
Woodward, Emeline  Ansley Herald  12/31/1925  Mrs. Wm. W. Hawk
Woodward, Lee A.  Comstock News  10/19/1916
Woodward, Lillian  Comstock News  10/13/1921  Mrs. Clarence Woodward (Lillian Arasmith)
Woodward, Merle  Arnold Sentinel  06/05/1930  weds Esther Reardon of Callaway
Woodward, Mrs. C.  Sargent Leader 10/27/1921  nee Lillian Aresmith
Woodward, Winifred  Comstock News  06/28/1912  of Topeka,KS, married to Olla Shadden at Loup city
Woodworth, Eugene L. Ansley Argosy  03/18/1909  child, Eugene Leland Woodworth
Woodworth, Mrs. Lee  Ansley Herald  10/02/1924  item
Woolery, Thomas  Ansley Argosy  05/11/1911
Woolley, Charles R.  Ansley Herald  08/11/1938
Wooters, Franklin Pierce  Sargent Leader  10/27/1938  82, husb of Minerva Blackwell
Wooters, Miss Fairy E. Arnold Sentinel  06/08/1933  weds Howard Taylor
Woracek,  Comstock News  12/03/1914 infant of Mike Woracek
Woracek, Jake  Sargent Leader  09/09/1926
Woracek, Matthew  Sargent Leader  04/15/1926
Woracek, Mrs. Mary  Comstock News  10/11/1917
Woracek, Mrs. Mary  Sargent Leader  10/28/1926  nee Mary Danskey
Woracek, Mrs. Matthew  Sargent Leader  04/05/1945  nee Katherine Slaba age 61
Worden Emma G.  Ansley Herald  02/28/1924
Worden, Charles C.  Sargent Leader  09/10/1931
Worden, Clint  Arnold Sentinel  09/17/1931  70, suicide
Worden, Emma Gene  Ansley Herald  10/04/1923  neeGreen,  Mrs. Geo. Clinton Worden
Worden, Geo. Clinton  Ansley Herald  09/10/1931
Worden, John S.  Ansley Argosy  02/02/1911
Worden, Polly Ansley Argosy  02/25/1909  nee Perse
Work, Gertrude  Loup Vall Queen  06/01/1916  weds Roy Daggett
Workman, Anna  Ansley Herald  12/20/1918  Anna Mumma
Workman, Ethel  Loup Vall Queen  01/04/1917  weds Elmer Emerson
Worley, Ben  Ansley Herald  01/14/1937  married Velma Zahn at Minden on Dec 23, 1936
Worley, H. M.  Sargent Leader  09/02/1933
Worrell, Mrs. Chas.  A.  Arnold Sentinel  07/11/1928 & 07/18/1928 63, nee Mary Bybee, 3 kids
Worrell, Valerie  Arnold Sentinel  03/19/1931  weds Charles K. Hedges of Walton
Worrell, W. H. Arnold Sentinel 12/15/1938  
Worth, Mrs. George  Sargent Leader  08/04/1927
Worth, Nancy Jane Sargent Leader  01/28/1937 , p. 8 Mrs. Thomas E.  Wakefield, Age 65.  (Lillian)
Wrasse, Iva Marcile  Ansley Herald  03/05/1931  baby of August Wrasse
Wrasse, John  Ansley Herald  09/07/1939
Wrate, Wm Wood Loup Val. Queen 04/16/1914  
Wright, Alexander C.  Ansley Chronicle  12/11/1903
Wright,  Ansley Chronicle  08/16/1907  9 year old child of Joe Wright
Wright, Emerson C.  Arnold Sentinel  07/13/1933  weds Rosemary Needham
Wright, Fannie A.  Ansley Herald  04/05/1934  nee Wright, Mrs. Adrian  Hodson
Wright, Kate  Ansley Argosy  11//21/1907  weds Walter Harbert
Wright, Lola  Sargent Leader  08/08/1940  Weds Dwight Emerson
Wright, Marietta  Sargent Leader  09/13/1934  Mrs. George W. Gibson
Wright, Mary E.  Ansley Herald  07/06/1917  Mrs. O. H. Foster
Wright, Miss Lois  Arnold Sentinel  08/14/1930  weds Marion Hart of Hellsbara
Wright, Mrs. Erasmus  Arnold Sentinel  11/24/1932  nee Rachel Ida Graham, 87, 5 kids
Wright, Mrs. Nora E.  Sargent Leader  02/26/1942  nee Nora Exley, bur. Madison Sq. , age 63
Wright, Mrs. Alexander  Ansley Argosy  02/13/1913  Isabelle Crawford Hill
Wright, Wm. Bailey  Sargent Leader  04/04/1918
Wright, Mrs. Mary Kelley  Ansley Argosy  10/27/1910  Scotland/ Mrs. Edward Kelley
Wykoff, John  Sargent Leader  05/06/1926
Wykoff, Lottie  Sargent Leader  01/04/1934 Mrs. Bruce Chubbuck
Wykoff, Mildred  Sargent Leader  05/21/1942  weds James W. Bowers   p4
Wykoff, Mrs. Lois  Sargent Leader  06/30/1932  nee Godwin
Wyncoop, Liza A.  Ansley Chronicle  04/12/1907  nee Liza A. Kirkpatrick
Wynkoop, W. P.  Ansley  Argosy  01/23/1913 & 01/16/1913
Wynne, John H. Mason City Trans 07/09/1925  
Wynne, Mary Emiline Mason City Trans 10/04/1928 nee Jones, Mrs. John H. Wynne

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