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Obituaries for surnames beginning with "Y" found in Custer County Newspapers

Obituaries indexed here include:
Anselmo Enterprise, May 1912 to May 1919 (but 1916 & 1917 are missing)
Ansley Argosy/Chronicle/Herald - January 16, 1903 to December, 1939 also Ansley Herald for 1942 and 1950 (not 1940 nor 1941)
Arnold Sentinel -Jan 15, 1914 to July 1934 (include. marriages) (Many issues missing 1914 to 1917)
Callaway Courier, May 1912 - July 1916
Comstock NEWS - August 1909 - December 1917, & January 1920 - December 1922
Loup Valley Queen, Callaway -June 10, 1915 to Oct 25, 1917 (Also includes marriage notices) - and May 20, 1937 to November 25, 1937(incl. marriage notices)
Mason City Transcript Dec 1912 - Dec 1917
Merna Postal Card, Record, & Messenger - 1911 - 1919
Oconto Register, January 1911 - September 1920
Sargent LEADER, 1913 to April 1947 (also includes many marriage notices)


Yarrington, Blanche  Arnold Sentinel  03/11/1925  weds Olon Engleman
Yarrington, Charley  Arnold Sentinel  10/31/1923  weds Hazel Brumbaugh of York
Yarrington, Ethel  Arnold Sentinel  10/31/1923  weds Arthur Lammers of Litchfield
Yarrington, Ida M.  Arnold Sentinel  02/13/1930  weds Seth L. Rader
Yeary, Mrs. Inez Leah  Sargent Leader  08/01/1935  nee Inez Beranek
Yeck, Edith Opal  Arnold Sentinel  08/06/1924 weds George Lesley Beardsley
Yeck, Oma Geneva  Arnold Sentinel  08/06/1924  weds James Gillman Lang
Yeigh, Bertha  Sargent leader  11/11/1932
Yeigh, Frank  Sargent Leader  03/06/1930
Yeigh, Susan  Sargent Leader  06/19/1924  mother of Mrs. S. J. Abbott
Yetter, Glen  Sargent Leader  01/10/1924  Age 18, auto wreck
Yetter, Mrs. John  Sargent Leader  03/29/1928
Yingling, Delores  Arnold Sentinel  12/22/1932  age 1, dau of mm Ted Yingling
Yingling, Lola Lorraine  Arnold Sentinel  10/06/1938  Mrs. Lloyd Narragon
Yingling, Tedd  Arnold Sentinel  08/14/1930  weds Miss Willida Baldwin
Yocum, Bernice  Sargent Leader  03/28/1946  weds Donald Crosier
Yocum, Edward  Sargent Leader  01/20/1944  age 75 of Almeria
York, Mrs. Earl  Sargent Leader  09/21/1922  nee Effie Dasher
York, Dolly  Sargent Leader  03/16/1922 child
York, Effie Inez  Comstock News  09/14/1922  Mrs. Earl Inez York
York, Sarah L.  Arnold Sentinel  07/22/1925  Mrs. John Rotten
York, Sarah Lucinda  Anselmo Enterpr  07/31/1925  nee York, Mrs. John Rotten
Yost, Alice  Mason City Trans  01/19/1917  nee Yost, Mrs. F. M. Bell
Yost, Casper E.  Mason City Trans  12/02/1920 
Yost, Mrs. Frank  Arnold Sentinel  03/13/1930  Stapleton
Young, Arthur R.  Loup Vall Queen  09/30/1915  weds Cora Agnes Moran
Young, Charles  Sargent Leader  12/12/1940  died in MO, funeral at Lillian
Young, Dorothy  Sargent Leader  06/17/1943  weds Jack Myers
Young, Everett H.  Arnold Sentinel  07/05/1934  Denver, formerly of Callaway
Young, Frances  Oconto Register  11/28/1918  France Williamson
Young, Harold E.  Arnold Sentinel  01/12/1933  36, Gates
Young, Ike  Ansley Argosy  08/19/1909
Young, Joe  Sargent Leader  03/13/1941 & 03/20/1941 intestinal trouble, age 81
Young, Lily E.  Anselmo Enterpr  01/16/1920  Lily E. Adamas
Young, Mary Elizabeth  Ansley Herald  11/09/1939  nee Martin, Mrs. Cornelius Young
Young, Mrs. C. R.  Ansley Argosy  04/27/1911
Young, Mrs. Joe  Sargent Leader  07/13/1933  nee Cora Stowell
Young, Mrs. Minnie  Ansley Herald  01/17/1919 & 12/27/1918 nee Minnie Phillips
Young, Mrs. Ellen Busic  Ansley Argosy  04/17/1913
Young, Mrs  Mason City Trans  06/24/1920  mother of Homer Young
Young, Nels  Arnold Sentinel  10/05/1933  60 of Hershey, wreck
Young, Tilda  Sargent Leader  05/09/1912  Mrs. Edmund Gibbons
Young, W R (DR)  Mason City Trans 
Young, William Ellsw..  Sargent Leader  10/04/1945  80,  Walworth
Young, Dr. Wm. R.  Ansley Herald  12/25/1919 
Younghaus, Mrs. Ella  Arnold Sentinel  08/01/1929  56
Youngs, Mrs. Thomas  Arnold Sentinel  04/25/1923  nee Sarah Alderman,  78
Youngs, Verona  Arnold Sentinel  11/14/1928  Mrs. George Unangst
Yowell, Mary Elizabeth Arnold Sentinel  06/01/1927  Mrs. John Birkby, 85

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