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Bethel Church & Cemetery

Location: In Section 3, Township 31 N and Range 50 West. It is about 3 miles East of Whitney, NE and 8 Miles South on a dirt road or 17 miles East of Crawford, NE. From Crawford, NE travel

East on Hiway 20 about 2 miles, turn right (East) onto dirt road. Travel East about 7 miles, turn right (South) one mile, turn left (East), travel about 2 miles.

The church is still standing. People in the community built it in 1893. James and Lizzie Wilson gave the acres for the church and cemetery. James' brother, W. J. "Billy" Wilson, is supposed to be the first burial in this cemetery. Billy Wilson married Lavona. Neither are in the list published by the Northwest Genealogical Society in July 1978. I have added W. J. Wilson to this list and estimated year of death as 1893-94. Bertha B. Sprague, died May 14, 1894 therefore, Billy Wilson must have died before that date. Bertha died at age 6 months and 7 days, the daughter of A. B. Sprague.

The latest burial in this list is HARLENSKE, Elmore V. "Harley" 16 Jan 1922-6 Nov 2004.


John Hamilton is buried in the Bethel church cemetery. He was born May 8, 1819 in Morgan Co., Illinois and died Sep 24, 1925 at the age of 106 years, 4 months and 16 days


To view grave markers go to - select Dawes County. Some of the pictures listed under Bethel Cemetery include burials from Whitney Cemetery because some surnames are the same in both cemeteries

BALL, Charles E 28 Feb 1858-12 July 1898

born, Ohio and died at home, West Ash Creek


marr: Mary Elizabeth Britton,

25 Sep 1883 in Washington Co., NE

par: John Fletcher & Mary Ann Smith Ball


BALL, Charley Wesley 16 Apr 1896-11 Sep 1920

WW I, Co. B. 48th Eng.;

par: Charles E. & Mary E. Britton Ball

Died from injuries, auto accident


BALL, Mary Elizabeth 14 Apr 1859-25 Sep 1951 "MOTHER"

born: Wisconsin

died: Crawford, NE

marr: Charles Everett Ball,

25, Sep 1883

par: James Wm. Henry &

Mary Ann Bernard Britton


BETSON, Annie L. 1869-1931



BETSON, Charles Eston 15 Feb 1889- 10 Jan 1921

marr: Jeanette "Nettie" Holder

5 Apr 1914, Dawes Co.,

Nettie marr. Cliff Wallace in 1940's

ashes buried in Missoula, MT

par: William and Anna Betson


BETSON, Infant daughter 2 Feb 1907-26 Feb-1907

dau. of W.H. Beston

"Safe in the arms of Jesus"


BETSON, William H. 1858-1931


BRITTON, Bernice J. 24 Aug 1893

died 1 Nov 1894, age 1y, 2m, 7d

dau of Geo. & Livvie (Hearn) Britton


BRITTON, James William Henry 1833-1911

Correction :born in Virginia 9 Oct 1832 or 33-21 Aug 1910

died at home on East Ash Creek

21 Aug 1910 NOT 1911

married Mary Ann Bernard

28 July, 1856 in Wisconsin

par: John and Mary Britton


BRITTON, Mary Ann Bernard 13 Apr 1835- 3 Feb 1918

born Prince Edward Island

died at dau. Isabelle Ball's home,

Chadron, NE

marr 28 July 1856 Wisc

James W. H. Britton six children

par: James and Jane McLeod Bernard


BROWN, Wm. Reynold 18 Oct 1917-24 Aug 1991



CRAMMER, Infant Daughter 27 Feb 1907-20 Mar 1907

par: George Crammer


CROWELL, Frank 1869-1950


CRUM, Alice (no marker) died in 1950's

par: Turpin & Susan Cole,

husb Halsey Crum


CRUM, Halcey (Halsey) 7 Apr 1852-11 May 1919

wife-Alice Cole

par: John & Mary Crum





CRUM, Mary (no marker) bur 24 Feb 1930

mother of Halsey Crum,

husb: John Crum was probably buried

on the homestead a few miles east of

Crawford, NE.




GRIFFITH, Alma M. 25 Dec 1908-4 Jan 1909

"Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"


GRIFFITH, Charlie Lawson 10 Dec 1897-19 Dec 1910

"Gone but not Forgotten"


GRIFFITH, LeRoy C. 1903-1967


HAMILTON, John 8 May 1819-24 Sep 1925

aged 106 years 4m, 16d

"Uncle John"


HARLENSKE, Elmore V. "Harley" 16 Jan 1922-6 Nov 2004

on the back of the grave marker:

Beloved Husband of Mary Jean,

married Nov. 12, 1953

Father of Kay (Harlenske Miller)

Grandfather of Anissa, Blake, Tyler, Faith


HOEVET, Beverly Ann 1942-1942

twin sister of Betty Jo Hoevet

dau of Arthur & Gladys (Leetch) Hoevet


HOEVET, Charles W. d-6 Jan 1905-age 92y, 7m, 3d

marr: Elizabeth Ritter, 25 Dec 1859

"Christ can make a dying bed soft as down,

a pillow_____

and as I lean my head upon his brest (breast),

I'll breath my life out sweatly (sweetly) their (there)"


HOEVET, Edward Henry 12 Oct 1873? (1874?) 3 Mar 1934

marr: Emma Richardson, 12 June 1902

par: Charles & Elizabeth Ritter Hoevet


HOEVET, Elizabeth Ritter 28 Nov 1842-21 May 1926

marr: Charles W. Hoevet 25 Dec 1859;

par: Jacob & Sarah Hammond Ritter


HOEVET, Emma E. Richardson 26 Jan 1884 (1883?)-29 Mar 1956

marr: Edward Henry Hoevet, 12 June 1902

par: Levi & Emma Armstrong Richardson


HOEVET, "Ted" Theodore Eugene 17 Jun 1906-5 Feb1965


par: Edward Henry &

Emma E. Richardson Hoevet


HOEVET, Wilbur 12 Apr 1905-19 Aug 1965

marr: Dorothy Mullinax

par: Edward H. & Emma Richardson Hoevet


HONNOLD, Ruth 8 Mar 1914-17 Mar 1914

"Rest in Peace"


HOOD, Laverta "Pete" Beth Peterson 9 Jul 1925-21 Apr 1990

husb: Wm" Rod Hood,

child. list on East side double stone


HOOD, Wm. "Rod" Rodger 8 Nov 19325-29 Aug 1993

Pfc. US Army, WWII;
wife: Laverta Peterson,

child. list ON East side double stone


LANGE, Augusta J. Nieman 22 Nov 1866-28 Aug 1947


marr: Charles Lange, 22 Oct 1883


LANGE, Carl Frederick "Fritz" 8 Jan 1884-6 Apr 1922

marr: Fryne Mudgatt, 27 Mar 1915;

par- Carl (Karl?) Lange


LANGE, Caroline 1830-1902


husb: Karl Lange


LANGE, Charles Fredrick 11 Jan 1856-19 Sep 1949


marr: Augusta Johanna Nieman, 22 Oct 1883

par: Karl & Caroline Lange


LANGE, Infant daughter dau. of C. F. Lange


LANGE, Infant daughter dau of C. F. Lange


LANGE, Infant son son of C. F. Lange


LANGE, Carl G. 1902-1981

wife: Lillian


LANGE, Karl 1824-1910


Wife: Caroline


LANGE, Lillian H. 1909-1974

husb: Carl G. Lange


LEES, Judith L. 1936-1981

"Beloved Wife, Devoted Mother"

wife of Jim Lees; son & daugh survived


MARTIN, May Jane (Gill) 4 Mar 1827-1 Jan 1919




MILLER, Faith Michelle died 31 May 1999

"Asleep In Jesus"

Beloved daughter of Craig & Kay Miller

sister of Anissa, Blake & Tyler


MILLER, Tyler James 5 Dec 1995-15 Dec 1995

par: Craig & Kay,

triplet bro of Anissa & Blake Miller


RAYMOND, Jessie L. d 27 Jan 1897-14y, 4m, 7d

daughter of G. E. & O. L. Raymond


RICHARDSON, Charles Levi 7 Jul 1870-12 Sep 1956

wife -Jane Lucetta "Jennie" Britton

in Dawes Co. on 10 Feb 1897

par: Levi & Emma Richardson


RICHARDSON, Emma 3 Dec 1900, 61y, 8m,12d

"Sheltered and safe from sorrow"

husb-Levi Richardson


RICHARDSON, Levi 8 Sep 1905, 75y, 10m,4d

"Sheltered and safe from sorrow"

wife: Emma


RICHARDSON, Shannon A. 28 Sep 1878-8 Oct 1955

son of Levi & Emma Richardson


RICHARDSON, Wm. Luther 23 Mar 1868-1 Aug 1956

"Uncle Will",

son of Levi & Emma Richardson, never married


RICHARDSON, Jane Lucetta "Jennie" Britton, 9 Jan 1876-8 Sep 1953

marr: Charles Levi Richardson

in Dawes Co. on 10 Feb 1897

par James WH & Mary Ann Bernard Britton


SMOCK, Girtie 1 Mar 1897, 1 month, 21 days

daughter of M. & M. Smock


SPRAGUE, Bertha B 14 May 1894, 6m, 7d

daughter of A.B. Sprague


STANTON, Ralph 22 May 1906, 9y, 8m, 0d


WILSON, W. J. "Billy" died circa 1893-94

marr. LaVona


YEARNS, Isaac L. 26 Mar 1861-Nov 1925

marr. Mrs. Lucy Townsend


ZELLER, Charles F. 1 Oct 1894-17 Oct 1974


wife: Inez Hoevet Zeller


ZELLER, Inez I. Hoevet 4 Jul 1907-20 Mar 1989

husb-Chas. F. Zeller

This cemetery was transcribed by Bettirae Thornton.

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