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Dawson County Township Maps


The links below will take you to the images of the individual pages from the platbook. Look at the map above for the Township and Range coordinates for the area you are interested in, and then find the appropriate image below. These maps are very large, and will take some time to download. If you have a question about a name, let me know, and I'll dig out Grandma's magnifying glass and take a closer look for you.
  1. TOWNSHIP 9 N & PART OF TS 8 N. RANGE XIX W. [518kb]
    [Includes Sumner and Willow Island.]
  2. TOWNSHIP 9 N & PART OF TS 8 N. RANGE XX W. [340kb]
  3. TOWNSHIP 9 N RANGE XXI W. [364kb]
  4. TOWNSHIP 9 N RANGE XXII W. [312kb]
  5. TOWNSHIP 9 N RANGE XXIII W. [276kb]
  6. TOWNSHIP 9 N RANGE XXIV W. [255kb]
  7. TOWNSHIP 9 N RANGE XXV W. [237kb]
  8. TOWNSHIP 10 N RANGE XIX W. [237kb]
  9. TOWNSHIP 10 N RANGE XX W. [264kb]
  10. TOWNSHIP 10 N RANGE XXI W. [317kb]
  11. TOWNSHIP 10 N RANGE XXII W. [307kb]
  12. TOWNSHIP 10 N RANGE XXIII W. [378kb]
  13. TOWNSHIP 10 N RANGE XXIV W. [280kb]
  14. TOWNSHIP 10 N RANGE XXV W. [240kb]
  15. TOWNSHIP 11 N RANGE XIX W. [258kb]
  16. TOWNSHIP 11 N RANGE XX W. [252kb]
  17. TOWNSHIP 11 N RANGE XXI W. [237kb]
  18. TOWNSHIP 11 N RANGE XXII W. [266kb]
  19. TOWNSHIP 11 N RANGE XXIII W. [278kb]
  20. TOWNSHIP 11 N RANGE XXIV W. [312kb]
  21. TOWNSHIP 11 N RANGE XXV W. [318kb]
  22. TOWNSHIP 12 N RANGE XIX W. [250kb]
  23. TOWNSHIP 12 N RANGE XX W. [259kb]
  24. TOWNSHIP 12 N RANGE XXI W. [249kb]
  25. TOWNSHIP 12 N RANGE XXII W. [242kb]
  26. TOWNSHIP 12 N RANGE XXIII W. [250kb]
  27. TOWNSHIP 12 N RANGE XXIV W. [258kb]
  28. TOWNSHIP 12 N RANGE XXV W. [269kb]
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