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   The letters and numerals signify the location of the town on the map. Corresponding letters and numerals will be found in the margins of the map. To locate a given town on the map, trace a line between the given letter on opposite sides of the map and one between the given numeral on opposite sides of the map and at or very near the junction of these lines will be found the town desired.

*--Denotes M. O. Postoffice, B--Denotes banking town.

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County, County Seat.Key.Area Sq.
Pop. 1910.
Adams, Hastings36 V57420,900
Antelope, Neligh38 H87414,003
Banner, Harrisburg2 N7441,444
Blaine, Brewster27 K7111,672
Boone, Albion38 M68613,145
Box Butte, Alliance8 H1,0786,181
Boyd, Butte33 B5558,826
Brown, Ainsworth27 E1,2236,083
Buffalo Kearney32 U98521,907
Burt, Tekamah49 L47612,726
Butler, David City44 P58615,403
Cass, Plattsmouth52 R54019,786
Cedar, Hartington42 D72515,191
Chase, Imperial15 V9013,613
Cherry, Valentine22 B5,89110,414
Cheyenne, Sidney7 Q2,6014,551
Clay, Clay Center38 V58615,729
Colfax, Schuyler44 N40511,610
Cuming, Westpoint46 K58013,782
Custer, Broken Bow28 O2,59525,668
Dakota, Dakota48 F2646,564
Dawes, Chadron7 B1,4118,254
Dawson, Lexington27 T1,00215,961
Deuel, Chappel10 R2,0971,786
Dixon, Ponca46 D45011,477
Dodge, Fremont48 N52922,145
Douglas, Omaha51 P341168,546
Dundy, Benkleman16 Z9214,098
Fillmore, Geneva41 V56814,674
Franklin, Bloomington32 Z56810,303
Frontier, Stockville23 V9808,572
Furnas, Beaver City27 Y71512,083
Gage, Beatrice47 X85630,325
Garden, Oshkosh11 O....3,538
Garfield, Burwell31 L5683,417
Gosper, Elwood27 V4724,933
Grant, Hyannis15 J7601,097
Greeley, Greeley35 N5808,047
Hall, Grand Island36 S56220,361
Hamilton, Aurora38 S55013,459
Harlan, Alma30 Z5629,578
Hayes, Hayes Center19 V7253,011
Hitchcock, Trenton19 Y7235,415
Holt, O'Neill34 F2,41015,545
Hooker, Mullen19 J725981
Howard, St. Paul36 Q57410,783
Jefferson, Fairbury44 Y56616,852
Johnson, Tecumseh50 W38210,187
Kearney, Minden33 V5039,106
Keith, Ogallala15 Q1,1133,692
Keya Paha, Springview27 C7723,452
Kimball, Kimball3 P9601942
Knox, Center39 D1,12518,358
Lancaster, Lincoln47 S86873,793
Lincoln, North Platte21 Q2,57015,684
Logan, Gandy23 O5761,521
Loup, Taylor30 L5742,188
McPherson, Tryon20 N1,6852,470
Madison, Madison42 K57619,101
Merrick, Central City38 Q46010,379
Morrill, Brideport6 M....4,584
Nance, Fullerton39 O4568,926
Nemaha, Auburn53 V40713,095
Nuckolls, Nelson38 Y57213,019
Otoe, Nebraska City52 T61619,323
Pawnee, Pawnee City51 Y43710,582
Perkins, Grant15 T8952,570
Phelps, Holdrege30 W56410,451
Pierce, Pierce41 G56810,122
Platte, Columbus42 O68619,006
Polk, Osceola41 Q43210,521
Red Willow, McCook22 Y72011,056
Richardson, Falls City54 Y54817,448
Rock, Bassett29 E1,0003,627
Saline, Wilber45 V57617,866
Sarpy, Papillion51 Q2259,274
Saunders, Wahoo47 P76421,179
Scotts Bluff, Gering3 L7258,355
Seward, Seward44 S58815,895
Sheridan, Rushville10 C2,1797,328
Sherman, Loup City32 P5688,278
Sioux, Harrison2 C2,0775,599
Stanton, Stanton43 J4317,542
Thayer, Hebron41 Y57214,775
Thomas, Thedford22 J7201,191
Thurston, Pender46 H3968,704
Valley, Ord32 N5789,480
Washington, Blair50 M39212,738
Wayne, Wayne44 G44110,397
Webster, Red Cloud35 V57812,008
Wheeler, Bartlett35 K5822,292
York, York41 S58818,721

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