Dawson County NEGenWeb Project


Vol. XVI

Business Directory for 1917

POLK-McAvoy Directory Co., Omaha, Nebraska

BUFFALO. Dawson county. A p o 15 miles n e of Cozad on the U P R R the banking and shipping point. Mail stage daily from Lexington, fare $1. Walter W. Kopf, P M.
Koehn Jno M blksmith
KOPF WALTER W. General Store and Cream Station

BUZZARD ROOST RANCHE. Dawson county. A station on the U P R R 1 mile n w of Eddyville the banking point and p. o.

COZAD. Pop 1,100. Dawson county. On the U P R R 14 miles n w of Lexington. Has Christian Evangelical and Presbyterian churches, a commercial club, 2 banks, a hotel, 3 grain elevators, a flour mill, an opera house, an electric light plant and water works. A weekly newspaper, the Local, is published. Land sells at $40 to $125 per acre. Ships hay, grain and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U. Hans Jensen P M.
Adams Wm G grain elevator
Allen Chas E gen store
Allen's Opera House Ford & Hecox proprs
Anderson Co The F W Anderson pres C M Anderson sec gen store
Anderson Noble M J H Lee mngr farm impts
Arnold & Helmer (Wm H Arnold Oscar Helmer) gen store
Bailey Jas N barber
Berg O Ferd clothes clnr
Boulier Jos L vet surgeon
Caley Chas C barber
Conley Harry gen store
Cook Guy C r r, exp and tel agt
Cozad Commercial Club F W Anderson pres I C Munger sec
Cozad Local Chas F Kleinhans pub
Cozad Mutual Telephone Co S W Schooley pres G H Bestor sec and mngr
Cozad State Bank (capital $15,000) Wm McLaughlin prs R S Thornton cashr
Cozad Water Works Edw M Davis comnr
Davis & Co (Alb L and Mrs Catherine C Davis) furniture
Doty Kaminky & Bodermer (Geo S Doty G Ernest Kaminky Wm H Bodermer) flour mill
Duvall & Chorpenning (Avery Duvall S Frank Chorpenning) garage
Engle & Orcutt (Jas T Engle Fred L Orcutt) farm impts
Farmers Elevator Co A J White mngr
Farmers State Bank (capital $50,000) M H Brown pres H W Flint cashr
Faught & Son (Tapley W and Carl E) real est
Fisher Chas W gen store
Fochtman & Son (Jno H and Lloyd H) drugs
Ford Ralph L drugs
Ford & Hecox (Ralph L Ford Rex A Hecox) proprs allens Opera House
FOSTER WM J propr The Hendee Hotel (See p 40) [not available]
Gearhart Chas H vet surgeon
GOOD JESSE S Collections Farm Loans Real Estate and Insurance Established 1889 Reference Dun or Bradstreet
Gorum Jos M auctioneer 3 miles n
Harlan Otie A harness
Harrison Ulysses livery
Hart Robt L ins agt
Harvey Merwin M poultry
Hecox Rex A dentist
HENDEE HOTEL THE Wm J Foster Propr (See p 40) (not available)
Hoagland Geo A W T Wallace mngr lumber
Hord T B Grain Co Wilbern H Slade mngr
Hughes Thos B notions
KINNAN'S GARAGE & REPAIR SHOP Wm H Kinnan Propr (See adv)
KINNAN WM H Propr Kinnan's Garage and Repair Shop (See adv)
Kleinhaus Chas F pub Cozad Local
Kness Ellen J jeweler
Kock Wm H tinsmith
Kugler Chas H blksmith
Lexington Mill & Elevator Co Ernest Arnett mngr electric lights
McCrystal Thos A real est
McVicker Allen produce
McVicker Mabel milliner
Maline & McNulty (Elmer Maline Danl McNulty) pumps
Marsh Chas W wall paper
Marshall Arthur U shoemkr
Marshall Lloyd vet surgeon
Mincer David W baker
Mincer Wm T restaurant
Mundell Wm livery
Munger Irvia C phys
Neslund Jno W phys
Nilsson Herman S blksmith
North Bros Lee Webb agt hay
O'Brien Bros (Geo M and Jno G) meats
Omaha Alfalfa Milling Co Fred M Hughes agt hay
Palm Theatre Engle & Orcott proprs motion pictures
Powell Willard L barber
Robertson Wm M real est
Rouse Henry L poultry
Schooley Saml W lawyer
Schooley & Koch (Saml W Schooley Howard Koch) real est
Sheldon & Sheldon Elmer E Cook mngr lumber
Shuler Mrs Minnie E photogr
Slade Geo E real est
Slade & May (Geo E Slade Wm E May) clothing
Smith Roy vulcanizing
Smith Winslow W lawyer
Taft Lucy milliner
Taylor Timothy A ins agt
Thompson Wm T Jr hardware
Weber Henry meats
Whaley & Young (Lorenzo D Whaley W Edw Young) gen store
Wilcox Hardware Store P D Wilcox pres M R Wilcox sec and treas
Willis Jno blksmith
Wilson Alb S shoemkr
Woodruff Ernest S notions

DARR. Pop 30. Dawson county. A village on the U P R R 9 miles n w of Lexington the banking point. Exp Am. Tel W U. Wm F Landercasper P M.
Darr Mercantile Co gen store
Fisher Adolph L r r exp and tel agt
Gunn H A grocer
LANDERCASPER WM F Confectioner and Barber
Nielsen H P grain
Sheldon & Sheldon lumber

EDDYVILLE. Pop 300. Dawson county. An incorporated village on the U P R R 41 miles n w of Kearney. Has Christian, Catholic and Evangelical churches, 2 banks, a grain elevator and an electric light plant. A weekly newpaper, the Enterprise, is published. Land sells at $30 to $60 per acre. Ships hay, grain and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U. Peter M Cunningham P M.
Boyd Julius S, produce
Brandt Max F, barber
Brown Frank, barber
Brown J Harvey, produce
Brown Thos J, r r exp and tel agt
Bryner Walter C, pub Eddyville Enterprise
Eddyville Enterprise Walter C Bryner pub
Eddyville State Bank (capital $20,000) Diah Woodruff, pres B R Hedglin, cashr
Eddyville Telephone Exchange P G Mutchie pres. and mngr
Edmister & Wheelock (Arthur L Edmister Wesley Wheelock) blksmiths
Erwin Geo A, Hardware
Gilcrest F H Lumber Co Frank J Frolkey, agt
Gray Willis D, gen store
Hedglin & O'Meara (Bert R Hedglin Robt O'Meara) drugs
Holcomb Mrs Ida, restaurant
Kershaw Walter J, garage
Kile Jas B, phys
McTygue Patrick, real est
Mutchie Bros (Jos J and Peter G), hardware
Pallett Abbie N Andr Sutherland, mngr electric lights
Rogers Peter, pumps
Security State Bank (capital $10,000) C V Anderson pres G B Hovland cashr
Slonecker Guy, gen store
Wiley Jno H, real est
Woodruff & Frolkey (Diah Woodruff Frank J Frolkey) stock feeders
Wort D, grain elevator

FARNAM. Pop 600. Dawson county. An incorporated village on the C B & Q R R 50 miles n w of Holdregeton. Has Baptist, Catholic, Congregational and Methodist churches, 2 banks, an opera house, a hotel, 4 grain elevators, an electric light plant and water works. A weekly newspaper, the Echo, is published. Land sells at $35 to $50 per acre. Ships live stock and grain. Exp Adams. Tel W U. Jno M Liggett P M.
Ainlay Wm J, real est
Bagley Edw E, livery
Bayley T Harry, hardware
Beisner Henry D, real est
Berger Wm H, real est
Blackwood Jno, farm impts
Bodmam-McConaughy Co Herbert O Willson mngr grain elevator
Brown S Kirke, gen store
Ceder & Co (Eugene E Ceder Loren H Fitck) produce
Central Granaries Co Cornelius J Garvin mngr
COMMERCIAL HOTEL Stebbins Bros proprs
Donaldson Vincent C, meats
Farmers Co-operative Assn W W Wrin pres J B Rice treas H T Nickle sec grain elevator
Farnam Bank (capital $20,000) David Hanna pres S F Parker cashr
Farnam Cemetery Assn A D McNickle pres S F Parker sec
FARNAM EHCO THE Frank J Tuttle Pub
Farnam Electric Light & Water Works Thos W ainlay mngr
Farnam Telephone Exchange (Alb La Bounty)
Foster Lumber Co Walter E Callahan mngr
Frank Jno F, harness
Goesch Louis W, barber
Hatcher J S & Co Clark E Duncan mngr lumber
Highline Shorthorn Breeders Assn W C Reed pres F B Kerr sec
HINKLEY JNO T Clothing Furnishings and Shoes Complete Outfitters of Men
Jackson Chas E, furniture
Johnson Millard S, garage
La Bounty Opera House Alb La Bounty propr
Liggett Jno M, phys
Lydic Edw W, blksmith
Mc Elmoil Clyde, blksmith
Meradith Ernest L, drugs
Nebraska Grain & Milling Co Milton D Stebbins mngr grain elevator
PARKER'S GARAGE (Jno Wayne and Burr Parker) New Up To Date Garage and Repair Shop Blacksmith and Machine Shop Well Drillers)
Parker Smal F, ins agt
Parker Wm G, gen store
Pollard Bros (Chas G and Walter G) real est
Pollard Wm O, auctioneer
Pollard & Corell (Quincy B Pollard Chas E Corell) gen store
Ralston Lide W, ins agt
Ralstone Hugh, automobiles
Reeves Alf E drugs
Schroeder Harry B r r exp and tel agt
Starkey Geo B, harness
State Bank (capital $20,000) Hugh Ralston pres C R Gastineau cashr
Stebbins Bros (Orville and Levi) proprs Commercial Hotel
Tanner Carl A, gen store
Thomas Ross A, restaurant
Tuttle Frank J pubThe Farnam Echo
Whetstone Howard B, meats
Wyckoff J F, feed stable

GOTHENBURG. Pop 2,000. Dawson county. Settled in 1883. A city on the U P R R 25 miles n w of Lexington. Has Catholic, German Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, English and Swedish Mission churches, 3 banks, 4 grain elevators, 2 flour mills, an electric light plant, 2 opera houses, a hotel and water works. Two weekly newspapers the Independent and the Times are published. Land sells at $12 to $125 per acre. Ships live stock, grain, corn, produce, flour and hay. Exp Am. Tel W U and Postal. Jno H O'Kane P M.
Aden Menhardt G gen store
Alexander Frank L livery
Anderson Joel phys
Anderson Noble M farm impts
Back Geo lumber
Beath Helen M restaurant
Beghtol Maud A milliner
Birkofer Wm J phys
Farm Loans and Insurance (See adv)
        H. C. BOOKER
  Real Estate, Farm and City

Brauer Mrs Anna E art goods
BYRD FRANK J Attorney at Law (See Legal Blue Book Dept) [not available]
Carroll Thos L grain elevator
Collom Alb A restaurant
Cotton Oren H hay
Cozad Canal Co. A J Blair pres J B Huenink sec W P Byron mngr
Dagget D Washington billiards
Dahlquist Gust O gen store
Derickson Wm T billiards
Duffy Thos F clothing
Edwall Peter N meats
Electric Roller Mills Leigh C Carroll mngr
Erb Geo W furniture
Farmers Co-operative Assn M H Kraxberger pres Wm Findlay sec and treas grain elevator
Farmer's State Bank (capital $25,000) S L Burson pres C W Burson cashr
Farrell Chester C dentist
FIRST STATE BANK (Capital $50,000 Surplus and Undivided Profits $15,000) J H Kelly Pres T L Carroll Vice Pres H L Ainlay Cashr Jno Aron Asst Cashr
Frasier Clifford R conf
Gem Theatre Geo Straus propr
Gentzler & Loutzenheiser (Arthur Gentzler Homer C Loutzenheiser) real est
George Bros (Saml and Chas) dry goods
Gingrich Dan'l harness
Gothenburg Cemetery Assn E G West pres J J Jennings sec J H Kelly treas
Gothenburg Hardware Co E G West pres Walter Dale sec
Gothenburg Independent Arthur F Howell pub
Gothenburg Light & Power Co Fred Vogel Jr pres G A West sec
Gothenburg Opera House H C Loutzenheiser mngr
GOTHENBURG STATE BANK (capital $50,000 Surplus and Profits $25,000) Chas E Ford Pres E J Loutzenheiser Vice Pres Glen G Hampton Cashr
Gothenburg Telephone Exchange (Wm C May)
Gothenburg Times J Casper Holmes pub
Gothenburg Water Works Geo Stiff comnr
Granger Frank cabinetmkr
Gronewold Herman billiards
Gronewold Wm produce
Halverstadt Ellison O photogr
Hannum Frank L r r exp and tel agt
Hedman Adolph C mach
Hinkley Donald F drugs
Holmes J Casper pub Gothenburg Times
Houston Hotel Jno A Kalus propr
Howell Arthur F pub Gothenburg Independent
Iler Edw R barber
Janssen Habbe hardware
Janssen & Blankman (Mrs Rena Janssen Wm Blankman) gen store
Jennings & Spaulding (Jno J Jennings Edwin J Spaulding) hardware
Johnson Albin T gen store
Johnson Orville D phys
Jones Edel C vet surgeon
Kalus Jno A propr Houston Hotel
Karlson Fred meats
Kaufman Saml S ins agt
Larson Gust shoemkr
LINCOLN HIGHWAY GARAGE Sandstrom & Anderson Proprs (See p 9) [not available]
McKim Clara B conf
Moore Milan S phys
MORELL CHARLES A Real Estate Farm Lands and Insurance (See pp 66 and 325)
MORRELL-FORD GARAGE C A Morell Propr (See adv)
Nelson Walter R grocer
Newbold & Larson (Wilber D Newbold Walter Larson) garage
Norsworthy Jas E feed
Novak Anton J clothing
PATTERSON WARNER E General Blacksmithing (See adv)
Perryman Clarence J barber
Platte Valley Cattle Co Fred Vogel Jr pres G A West sec W P Byron mngr
Pope & Owings (Emmett Pope Wm A Owings) barbers
Potter Bird S drugs
Quist Nels housemover
Sampson Lee R jeweler
SANDSTROM & ANDERSON (Oscar F Sandstrom Ole T Anderson) Proprs Lincoln Highway Garage (See p 9) [not available]
Schopp Gertrude milliner
Shafer Wm osteopath
Sholund Bros (Alex F and Peter M) harness
Slingluff Harry W chiropractor
Snider David baker
Soules Chas O automobiles
Stebbins Willis M farm impts
Stenman Olof E feed
Straus Geo propr Gem Theatre
Swanson Aug blksmith
Swanson Jno G blksmith
Swartz Carl N shoemkr
Thelin Elmer notions
Thompson Dwight L dentist
WAMBACH & DUIS (Albert G Wambach John H Duis) Real Estate and Insurance (See p 66) [not available]
Watson T Perry motor cycles
Welden Floyd H dentist
West Eric G lumber
Western Mail Transfer Co F V Halverstadt pres E J Loutzenheiser sec and tres
Wilkins Danl I blksmith
Wilson Wm J hardware
Wolford Chas jeweler'

JOSSELYN. Dawson county. A station on the U P R R 5 miles w of Overton the banking point and p o.

LEXINGTON. Pop 2,500. Dawson county. the county seat on the U P R R 224 miles s w of Omaha. Has Catholic, Christian, Episcopal, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, 4 banks, a public library, a hotel, 3 grain elevators, a flour mill, an ice plant, 2 opera houses, an electric light plant and water works. Two weekly newspapers, the Dawson County Pioneer and the Clipper-Citizen, are published. Land sells at $40 to $150 per acre. Ships grain, hay and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U and Postal. Oris K Jones P M.
Anders Bros (Jesse M and Jos A) conf
Aubel Geo hardware
Bancroft Wm M phys
Banks Clinton C dept store
Beatty Robt C county surveyor
Bjornstad Alf O tailor
Bozarth Jno W phys
Brown Wm W shoemkr
Burris Jno W baker
Byrne Jas A r r exp and tel agt
Carr J P & Co (Jas P Carr Forrest P Kreitz) real est
Chadwick Alb O harness
City Water Works Alb C Hiser supt
Clipper-Citizen Markwood Holmes pub
Cole Walter A grocer
Cole & Wisda (Walter A Cole Bert Wisda) garage
Cook & Cook (Edw A and Wm M) lawyers
CORNLAND HOTEL Henry C Heckert Propr (See right bottom lines and p 43)
Cornwell Carl T barber
Dawson County Fair Assn E c Van Horn sec
Dawson County Pioneer Benj F Krier pub
Dawson County State Bank (capital $50,000) G E Hammer pres J B Wood cashr
Eger Jacob D ins agt
Emerson Raymond furniture
Evans E Eckhard (Alb H Evans Cooney C Eckhard) clothing
Ewen Alb M blksmith
Farmers Elevator Co Robt Hewson agt
Farmers State Bank (capital $35,000) A E Granthman pres Peter Jensen cashr
First National Bank (capital $50,000) J M Temple pres F L Temple cashr
Gillan Geo C lawyer
Gilmore Frank B drugs
Grange Co-operative Assn Lester H Stedman mngr gen store
Greve Jno shoemkr
Gruber Jno N vet surgeon
Grunden Lot vet surgeon
Gum Lonnie J produce
Gunn Hugh J farm impts
HAAS & LENE (Roy C Haas Ray S Lene) Harness Automobile Tops International Half Sole Tires and Repairs (See adv)
Hagadone Harold P restaurant
Harper Farley D cigar mnfr
Harris Jno W grocer
HECKERT HENRY C Propr Cornland Hotel (See right bottom lines and p 43)
Hewitt Phil J real est
Hewitt Thos M lawyer
Holmes Markwood pub Clipper-Citizen
Hosick Thos M meats
Hourigan Matthew A restaurant
House Merton E dentist
HUFFMAN MARION E Garage and Machine Shop (See p 10) [not available]
Jacobson F H plumber
Jensen & Roberts (Peter Jensen Jno H Roberts) ins agt
Kassabaum Henry real est
Kinney Osmyn S drugs
Kohler Walter W dentist
Kreitz W Ernest ins agt
Krier Benj F pub Dawson County Pioneer
Krier & Montgomery (Saml T Krier Chas G Montgomery) grocers
Kring Jos second hand goods
Kugler Wm G blksmith
Kutz Jno F dry goods
Lamma Frank H locksmith
Lee Mrs Emily A dry goods
Lemback & Wieses (Carl F Lembach Aug P Wiese) dry goods
Lexington Bank (capital $ 50,000) R F Stuckey pres A S Howard cashr
Lexington Mill & Elevator Co E M Leflang pres A E Grantham sec A C Leflang treas
Lexington Shipping Assn Danl E Cole mngr live stock
Lyric Theatre Chas A Mitchell propr motion pictures
McElhiney & Whitaker (Wm J McElhiney M Cliff Whitaker) dentists
McKee J Guy jeweler
McVicker Mabel milliner
Majestic Theatre Ralph Falkenberg mngr
Mallett E M & Son (edw M and Chas H) grocers
May-Vorwalder Dry Goods Co J L May pres and treas Wm Vorwalder sec
Memmott Reginald B clothes clnr
Mercer Marshall S barber
Mitchell Chas A propr Lyric Theatre
Michell Jesse L real est
MORGAN JOSEPH W Automobile Garage (See p 10) [not available]
Mullin Saml C real est
Naffzinger & Son (Valentine F and Fred P) meats
NEFF BENJAMIN L Collections Real Estate and Insurance (See p 67) [not available]
Neff Jno M lumber
NIELSEN H P & SONS (Hans P Fred and Arthur) Dealers in Grain Seeds Four Feed and Hay. Phone Store black 36 Elevator 56
Nielson Mads feed
NISLEY J F & SON (John F and Joseph E) Granite Monuments Iron Fencing and Burial Vaults (See p 59) [not available]
O'BRIEN DR EDW J Chiropractor (See p 24) [not available]
Olson Niles E lawyer
Olsson Justus E phys
Olsson Peter tailor
Phelps Edgar J bottler
Pickering Ralph E agt Postal Telegraph-Cable Co
Prideaux Merl H restaurant
Public Library H H Millard librarian
Radcliffe Jas W real est
Rhea Henry D lawyer
Roberts Wm D shoemkr
Rosenberg Bros (Claude C and Ralph E ) hardware
Roudebaugh Mrs Julia milliner
Roudebaugh Robt H barber
See Clark M conf
Shaw Herbert C blksmith
Sheldon & Sheldon (Geo and A Bromley) lumber
Shields Frank housemover
Shriver Oscar H notions
Smith H O Abstract Co H O Smith pres H F Smith sec and treas
Smith Hanford O civ eng
Smith Lewis T jeweler
Smith Merton B ice mnfr
Smith Opera House Elbert B Smith propr
Speck Eugene P meats
Spencer Chas F real est
STEWART WM A Lawyer (See Legal Blue Book Dept.) [not available]
Stuart Harley L lumber
Taylor Jas H notions
Tesch Walter W painter
THOMAS J S & SON (Frank W Thomas)Automobile Garage (See p 408)
Tillotson Bros (Merton R and Ernest L) drugs
Tolle Alvin A baker
Seger Lester photogr
Van Horn Ethert C real est
Wade Arthur E phys
Wells Ed J barber
Wells Jesse A feed stable
Wisda Wm H hardware
Wisner Fred A abstracts
Wolbach & Jeffrey (Saml N Wolbach Porter J Jeffrey) clothing
Yetter Alb O grocer
York N M county atty
Zepf Geo plumber

OVERTON. Pop 700. Dawson county. A village on the U P R R 11 miles e of Lexington. Has Catholic, Christian, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches, 2 banks, a hotel, 2 grain elevators, an opera house and electric lights.A weekly newspaper, the Herald, is published. Land sells at $30 to $80 per acre. Ships grain, hay and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U. Frank Cooney P M.
Anderson Edw, blksmith
Beltner Henry H, garage
Boyles Carl J, ins agt
Brownfield T Otis, hardware
Burns I F & Co Ira Burns, mngr gen store
Carey Jno P, ins agt
Carlson Gust, blksmith
Chesshir J Melsworth S, phys
Clark Jno, vet surgeon
Commercial Hotel Marion F Dunn propr
Copper Wesley, hay
Douthett Delorma M, real est
Dunaway Jno W, pub Overton Herald
Dunaway Osmer E, auctioneer 2 ½ miles n
Dunn Fred F, meats
Dunn Marion F, propr Commercial Hotel
Edwards Chas B, phys
Emerson Raymond, furniture
Ewing Wm M, barber
Farmers State Bank (capital $25,000) A A Foreman pres J S McGurk cashr
Gard Grant, rr exp and tel agt.
Gem Theatre Geo Sinclair propr motion pictures
Gilcrest F H Lumber Co Roy Thomas agt
Goebel Kate A, harness
Haynes Danl restaurant
Holmes Jno W & Son (Jno W (est of) and Harry L) grocers
Hord T B Grain Co Jas M Pullen agt
Hoye Danl J drugs
Laub J W & Sons (Jno W Percy and Jesse) gen store
Marshall Jno A, feed
Martin Mrs Margaret E, photogr
Munson Alb E, jeweler
Overton Herald Jno W Dunaway pub
OVERTON STATE BANK (capital and Surplus $30,000) T H Boyles Pres C J Boyles Cashr (See adv)
                               Overton State Bank
                                Capital and Surplus $30,000

T. H. BOYLES, PresidentC. J. BOYLES, Cashier
A. BOYLES, Vice PresidentT. G. BOYLES, Asst. Cashier

Peaker Dudley, barber
Priel Andr W, livery
Priel Patrick, opera house
Rengler Bros (Leo A. and Saml D) gen store
Runke Aug E, clothing
Sear Wm, livery
Sinclair Geo, propr Gem Theatre
Stickel W L Lumber Co Jacob Dahl mngr
Trans-Mississsippi Grain Co Jno Schleef agt
Trimble & Trimble (Walter and Alb) gen store
Wallace Ralph, hardware
Worthing H T & Son (Harley T and Floyd) drugs

SIMONDS. Dawson county. A station on the U P R R 4 miles w of Elm Creek the banking point and p o.

SUMNER. Pop 400. Dawson county. A village on the U P R R 33 miles n w of Kearney. Has Baptist, Methodist, and Swedish Mission churches, 2 banks, a hotel, an opera house and a grain elevator. A weekly newspaper, The News, is published. Land sells at $30 to $60 per acre. Ships grain, hay and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U. Frank A Millhouse P M.
Barnebey Benj F propr Central Hotel
Becker Mrs Clara photogr
Burge Mrs Ella milliner
Burge Jas K conf
Bush & Secord (Marcus E Bush Dixie E Secord) phys
Central Hotel Benj F Barnebey propr
Cheney Thos H,ins agt
Clark Rebecca O, barber
Clouse Henry S, gen store
Eutsler Bert, restaurant
Falk Frank S vet surgeon
Farmers & Merchants Bank (capital $11,000) G P Rowell pres T H Cheney cashr
Gilcrest F H Lumber Co Robt Linville mngr
Haase Ernest H garage
Hald Gust drugs
Johnson Roy W, ins agt
Johnson V Leila, ins agt
Johnson & Co (Lambert and Addie L Johnson) hardware
Johnson & Son (Lambert and Roy) undertakers
Kalous Frank Jr, produce
Krula Frank propr Sumner Opera House
Lyon Fred F pub Sumner News
Millhouse Frank A, gen store
Moore Clifford L, gen store
Olson Hugo A, auctioneer
Orme Jno E, gen store
Pritchard Ernest H rr exp and tel agt
Putbrese Robt W, pumps
Richards Roy, blksmith
Richards Wm F, shoemkr
Roper Harry B, ins agt
Security Bank (capital $12,000) Nelson Maddox pres V L Johnson cashr
Severin Frank J, meats
Stewart Bros (Warnock R and Mervin) gen store
Sumner News Fred F Lyon pub
Sumner Opera House Frank Krula propr
Swan Oscar E, livery
Trans-Mississippi Grain Co Elmer A Ericson agt
Watson Mark H, real est
WatsonW Scott produce
Wilson Jno A, barber
Yost Danl J, hardware

WILLOW ISLAND. Pop 100. Dawson county. A village on the U P R R 5 miles n w of Cozad the banking point. Exp Am. Tel W U.
Jungren J H, gen store
Lyons D, grain
McMullen N, gen store


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