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   E. W. CROSSGROVE & SONS, at Farnam, Neb., have been in the Shorthorn breeding game 12 years and as a result are in a position to provide the public with the desirable type of Shorthorn. E. W. CROSSGROVE can be found in town. MERL lives nine miles southwest of Farnam, and LYNN five miles north of Farnam. They will all be glad to meet you and show both herds.

   F. B. KERR can be found three miles south and east of Farnam. He has been a consistent breeder and producer of Scotch Shorthorns and takes pride in owning the best and most popular. He will have something good to say for Shropshire sheep as well.

   RUSSEL STOCK FARMS represent a battery in action, the relative position of each gun being as follows: A. O. HICKS in Farnam, see him first; J. L. HICKS and G. I. HICKS, always in action on the farm nine miles southwest of Farnam, and FRED ROWLAND, three miles southwest of Farnam. Let HICKS BROS. and ROWLAND demonstrate for you with Shorthorn cattle and Duroc-Jersey hogs.

   H. B. TAYLOR can be found at TAYLOR'S RANCH, three miles east of Farnam. It will be a pleasure for him to show you his Polands. MR. TAYLOR likes Polands of the big type, large bone, high backed--the rugged kind--because they are TAYLOR'S.

   J. W. HODCSON & SONS, seven miles east of Lexington, enjoy their work with good horses. See their Percherons, Belgians and French Draft horses and you will appreciate the good things on our farms today--our horses.

   CARL F. GRIMM lives on Sunny Brook Farm, 10 miles northwest of Lexington. CARL expects to be contented because he is placing along his Sunny Brook and in his pastures Shorthorn cattle, Shropshire sheep and Poland-China hogs. See him; he can satisfy your wants.

   R. E. KLINE resides on Lilac Lane Farm, three miles east and three-fourths mile south of Cozad, and raises a highly desirable type of Shropshire. RAY says: "I have always liked sheep and I want the best kind."

   W. S. ATKINSON lives one-half mile north of Cozad postoffice. A few acres and a few Polands and you have prosperity is the combination which has worked out for WILL. He has some good ones. Call and see him.

   H. D. GEIKEN is located at Box Elder Farm, six miles northwest of Cozad. HENRY has been associated with Durocs for many years. He has had some very favorable results at fairs and shows, too. Let him sell you a herd boar and some foundation sows. He has the winners. Call and see him.

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