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   W. E. HART & SONS live two miles northwest of Cozad. Their Herefords get the best of care--hill pasture in the summer and good valley alfalfa hay, grairi and shelter in the winter. Give MR. HART, MILES and LANE a chance to show you their herd. They have made some good selections in their foundations.

   A. C. SMITH lives eight miles northwest of Lexington, or rather ARTHUR could be said to have retired there. His Herefords do all the work, and, thanks to Anxiety 4th, ARTHUR can show you results of many years of breeding.

   A. HATCH & SON live fourteen miles north of Cozad, in a regular cattle country, and they are cattlemen, too. See them for Anxiety Herefords. Don't overlook their crop of Durocs this spring. They are working to attain the best results.

   See OLSON BROS., one-half mile west and one-half mile south of Sumner, for Durocs. They make a specialty of producing herd-heading boars and foundation sows. You will be welcome to call and see them.

   C. R. ANTHONY & SON own Laurel Farm, six miles north of Lexington, and EDGAR, as president of our association, is like-wise a good manager for Laurel Farm. See them for Red Polled cattle from a herd under government supervision. They also make a specialty of Shropshire sheep. Their herd is closely associated with show winners in every way. They are on the Lincoln Highway. Stop and visit.

   J. O. ANDERSON & SON live four miles west of Lexington. For fifteen years J. O. has been breeding Poland-China hogs. Let him show you his results. His Red Polled cattle and Barred Rock chickens will please you.

   L. B. BENSON of Meadow Brook Farm, three and one-half miles north and one mile west of Lexington, is a young man in the Duroc business, but he has good things to show and likes to give satisfaction. His poultry is his initial success and his results with Leghorns and Reds have brought him much satisfaction as well as prizes in the big shows.

   FRENCHDALE, operated by A. C. FRENCH, is located one and a quarter miles north of Lexington, on the Lincoln Highway. ARCHIE is stepping right out in Duroc society and the pride of the county is with him. His herd sire is a son of the world's champion boar and a littermate to the Minnesota State Junior Champion, 1919, and also littermate to Junior Champion sow at Nebraska State Fair, 1919. It will pay you to visit with ARCHIE when looking for a herd boar.

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