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   C. T. WHITE & SON live on Alfalfa Stock Farm, three miles north and two miles east of Lexington. CLIFF and his son, HAROLD, like to have you come and see their Durocs and Shropshires. They also win their share of prizes on both in the shows. Stop and inspect their herd and flock. Call on them in the sheep barn at the various state fairs this fall and watch for the results of their contest.

   W. H. MARSHALL & SONS are located with their herd of Anxiety Herefords one and one-half miles east of Eddyville. You like to see cattle grazing over the valleys and hills of Nebraska and so do MARSHALL & SONS, provided these cattle have the White Face. Call and see them. They can show you what you want.

   P. C. WOOD & SONS live on a farm adjoining Sumner on the southwest. Their specialty is Herefords and to make Herefords they have procured a peer in herd bulls--a son of the mighty Beau Mischief. "Nuf sed." You can buy grandsons and granddaughters of Beau Mischief from MR. WOOD & SONS.

   W. F. WALLMEIER, three miles east and one-half mile south of Overton, is another man owning a battery in purebred livestock. See him for Chester Whites, Polled Shorthorns, Percherons and White Wyandottes. He is one-half mile from the Lincoln Highway and believes scientific mating and breeding will bring final successful results to him who runs. Give him a chance to fill your needs.

   The Platte Valley herd of Duroc-Jerseys is owned by H. E. LABART, six and one-half miles south of Overton. LABART is fearless in his judgment for the success of the breed. His stock has made a record everywhere. Let it do so for you.

   WOODLAND FARM, seven miles northeast of Lexington, owned and operated by ELMER E. and N. T. YOUNGS, is the shining light of the county. The oldest established herd of purebred livestock in the county or middle west. Established in 1899, in the breeding and production of desirable type of Herefords and by close adherence to this type in addition of new blood through herd bulls for twenty-One years, there is not today to be found a more uniform lot of large thick-fleshed cows. For many years the neighbors, friends and ranchmen of the west have profited by the success of the YOUNGS in Hereford production. If you want Herefords today of Anxiety 4th breeding, see the YOUNGS at Woodland Farm.

   TYLER'S RED FARM for Duroc-Jersey Reds and Rhode Island Reds is four miles east of Lexington. Call and see MR. and MRS. TYLER, they can surely instill confidence in you that the Reds will win the pennants for them this year and every year.


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