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Thriving Cities in Dawson County


   Population, 1 ,600. Situated on the main line of U. P. Railroad, about 250 miles from Omaha. Also on the Lincoln Highway. The three banks of the city have total resources of $1,418,556 and total deposits on May 15, 1920, were $1 283,254, showing a very healthy financial condition of Cozad and vicinity. Among the city improvements are the city water works, a new modern high school building, city park, tourist park, large community swimming pool, a complete sewerage system and three miles of pavement extending over the Lincoln Highway and business district of the city.

   Cozad has one of the largest alfalfa mills in the state and ships on an average 15,000 tons of alfalfa meal and hay combined each year, and there are about 8,000 tons used here at home by the feeders.

   Other industries are a large flour mill, cement block factory, several grain elevators, and retail stores, which are among the best of the state.

   Cozad boasts of a number of up-to-date community organizations, among them the Cozad Commercial club, the Gun club and the Country club. The Commercial club is a very active organization, both in the city and county, and has a membership of about 100 members.

   As a means of encouraging an interest in better livestock among the stockmen of the community Cozad has a "Stock and Produce Show" each year, at which many of the very fanciest animals are put on exhibition.

   Cozad is also one of the best Chautauqua towns in the state and has made money every year since the circuit was organized.


   The village of Eddyville is situated in the famous Wood River valley, surrounded by fertile farm and grazing lands which produce hay, grain and livestock. Its population is about 250; has high school, teaching twelve grades, three churches and handsome parochial residence erected within the last year. Other new buildings built during the year are bank, opera house two garages and two blacksmith shops, also farmers' elevator. The estimated wealth of the town is about $300,000. It has an organization known as the Eddyville Shipping Association, which ships out cattle, hogs and sheep each week; also an electric light plant, which operates day and night.

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