This Dawson County, Nebraska 1920 Livestock Directory is presented as part of the
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alfalfa make a splendid combination for feeding and growing livestock. Over a hundred thousand tons of alfalfa are produced annually. Considerable of this is shipped to buyers in eastern states who are less fortunate than we.

Farmers' Organizations

   The Farm Bureau in this county, as in many counties, was formed as a war measure, but we people seeing the usefulness of it retained the organization as well as the county agent, Alvah R. Hecht, after the war. It is now nearing its third milestone, but in this short length of time has accomplished much good, one feature of which is the forming of the association which is putting out this livestock directory. Other organizations which it has been instrumental in forming are: Boys' and Girls' clubs, Federal Farm Loan Association, County Wool Growers Association and Honey Producers Association. We farmers recognize it as an organization which helps us to fight pests, stamp out hog cholera, clean the pastures of prairje dogs, secure us laborers in a pinch, and numerous other things. Farm women also are benefited by the organization through demonstration of cold-pack method of canning, courses in sewing and poultry-culling demonstrations.

   The Grange is an organization which has done much good for the farmers throughout the county. Not only does it take up the business side of farming, but encourages the social side also and develops public speaking for both young and old people. Through its efforts several co-operative enterprises have been organized, such as stores, cream stations and elevators.

   Livestock shipping associations have been organized in five of the seven towns in our county. Through these eighty-five per cent of the hogs and a large number of the cattle are sent to market with the least possible expense to the farmer.


   We have a total of seventeen banks in the county, having a total resource of eight million dollars. Individual deposits subject to check, which is a good index to the county's wealth, is three and one-half million dollars.

Schools and Churches

   The schools in this county will compare very favorably with schools in other counties. We have two consolidated schools and several communities are planning on building consolidated schools in the near future. Three high schools are also adding home economics and agriculture to their course. Young people desiring a strictly agricultural or home economics course find that


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