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we are but a short distance from one of the best state institutions to be found, this being the Nebraska School of Agriculture at Curtis.

   Thirty-five churches of various denominations are found within the borders of our county, half of them being in the rural communities.


   Cattle, hogs and sheep, together with poultry, are the principle livestock raised for market. Ninety purebred breeders are making rapid strides in producing better sires which are improving the forty-three thousand head of cattle, thirty-two thousand head of hogs and four thousand head of sheep raised within our boundaries.

   In fact the raising of purebred livestock is gaining in popularity. The progressive bankers as well as men seeking to improve agriculture encourage it because more and better livestock means better buildings and more fertile soil and more prosperity. We have learned that boys and girls are more contented on the farm and it makes better men of all of us where we have a chance to work with purebred livestock.

   Mr. Reader, Farmer and Livestock Raiser, become acquainted with the purebred livestock raisers in Dawson county, Nebraska. It will be good for you and our livestock will improve your herds.

Sales Pavilion

   The Purebred Livestock Breeders Association owns and controls its own sales pavilion. This was completed in January, 1920. Up to the present time fourteen sales have been held in the pavilion. It is well lighted, heated and ventilated. It is built in connection with the horse and cattle barns on the County Fair Grounds. About one hundred head of stock can be taken care of in the barns. The pavilion cost about five thousand dollars.


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