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Dawson County

Purebred Livestock
Breeders Association


E. T. ANTHONY - - - - President
A. C. FRENCH - - - - Vice-President
EARL GODFREY - - - - Secretary
A. C. SMITH - - - - Treasurer
JOHN M. CARESS - - - - Beef Cattle
L. D. STEPHENS - - - - Dairy Cattle
L. R. WHITE - - - - Horses
C. T. WHITE - - - - Swine
RAY KLINE - - - - Sheep
MASON E. HYDE - - - - Poultry

Address Communications to EARL GODFREY, Secretary
Cozad, Nebraska

Dawson County, Nebraska

August, 1920


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Title page 1
List of Members and Index to Advertisers 2
List of Members (cont.) 3
Greetings 4
We Want You to Know 5
   (cont.) 6
   (cont.) 7
Introducing Our Members 8
Thriving Cities in Dawson County40
Sales PavillionBack Cover

W.E. Hart & Sons 9
A. Hatch & Son11
W.H. Marshall & Son13
A.C. Smith14
Leonard J. Stuart15
P.C. Wood & Sons16
Elmer E. & N.T. Youngs17
E.W. Crossgrove & Sons18
C.R. Anthony & Son19
Godfrey & Godfrey20
Carl F. Grimm21
Edw. Nielsen21
Hicks Bros. & Rowland22
F.B. Kerr23
L.R. White24-25
W.K. Robbins26
W.H. Worrell & Son26
P.C. Van Skike27
J.W. Hodgson & Sons29
R.E. Kline30
E.A. Major30
W.F. Wallmeier31
L.B. Benson32
Mason E. Hyde33
Bingell Brothers33
A.C. French34
Harry Geiken35
H.D. Geiken36
H.E. Labart37
Olson Bros.38
L.D. Stephens39
Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Tyler41
C.T. White & Son43
J.O. Anderson & Son44
W.S. Atkinson45
H.B. Taylor46
Col. J.L. Mitchell47
Acorn Press48

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