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From the issues of the Dawson County Genealogical Society Newsletter, beginning with Volume 2, No. 1, September 1987 and submitted by the Lexington Genealogical Society.

The marriage index includes the name of each bride, each groom, and the volume number and page number for Dawson County, as found in the Dawson County Clerk's office. This index is for the marriages listed by the bride's name.

VOLUME 1: 24 NOVEMBER 1873 -- 4 MARCH 1887
VOLUME 2: 1887-1900
VOLUME 3: 1893-1900
VOLUME 4: 1900-1905

There may be errors in spelling, either from our work in posting the list, or at the County Clerk's office in the index at the time of filing. You will need to send for the actual copy of the record in order to see what was submitted at the time of the marriage. We cannot check for any more information than what we have. It is your responsibility to write the County Clerk for the copy of the license.

To get a copy of the actual license; send both parties' names, the volume and page numbers, with appropriate fees of: $2.00 uncertified copy, $5.00 certified copy, along with a SASE to:

Dawson County Clerk
P.O. Box 370
Lexington, Nebraska 68850

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Bride's Index

24 Nov. 1873-4 May 1887        
Abercrombie, EllenHarnan, James1334  
Albers, Cornerlia M.Krerberger, Martin1313  
Ammins, Elsie A.Bently, Davis S.1416  
Anderson, Annie L.Nordensen, Mathias1140  
Anderson, BelleHowerton, George1444  
Anderson, CharlottaGamalieson, John A.1206  
Ankers, Rosamond LouisaHopkins, James13  
Armbruster, LenaMyer, Ernest V.1228  
Armour, SarahSchneider, Ernest1415  
Armstrong, Ettie M.Curtis, Ed D.1256  
Arnold, Rosa W.Atkinson, Samuel1341  
Atkinson, TheodociaHouk, Jasper M.173  
Avonston, SophiaLoostrom, J.F.1327  
Axling, AmandaBihl, Ernest1229  
Axling, EmilyAnderson, Mathias1220  
4 May 1887-29 Nov. 1893        
Abercrombie, OdieAberombie, Isaac M.2510  
Achison, SallieMundell, Robert A.2430  
Adams, Fannie E.Cooper, Everly J.22  
Aden, ChristinaFrerichs, John2464  
Aler. Addie S.Thompson, William2382  
Allen, Lizzie R.Jackson, Granville I.2310  
Anderson, HannahAnderson, Nels2140  
Anderson, BedieTormquist, Swan J.2127  
Anderson, CarolineCarlson, Weston2496  
Anderson, Carolina J.Cederberg, Gustav W.2598  
Anderson, GraceHouser, William H.2619  
Anderson, IdaShull, Franklin V.2265  
Anderson, Ida M.McAvoy, Thomas2418  
Anderson, Lena M.Bellstom, Erick2585  
Applegate, AnnaHanson, Christ2371  
Applegate, Emma R.Smith, Lincoln G.2187  
Applegate, Grace L.Jagger, James, W.2627  
Archer, Lilly M.Horner, Eugene W.2487  
Archer, Rosa M.Stevens, Willlie U.2375  
Arnold, Lizzie E.Stringer, Charles H.2132  
Ashley, LeonoraRoten, David2173  
Ashman, Ida E.O'Hara, Frank J.2352  
Atchinson, FannieTaylor, William A.2298  
Atkinson, EllaBrady, Samuel C.2254  
Atkinson, HattieRalson, Curtis2136  
Ayers, JanieDutton, Akar V.2299  
Ayers, Mary J.Bacon, Will C.2210  
Ayers, RosaMcLean, William2139  
Adams, ElizabethForsyth, William H.3446  
Aden, Anna M.Truesenberg, Akke E.3252  
Albers, AnnaFrerichs, Henry J.3262  
Albers, KatieGronewold, William3504  
Aler, Olive M.House, Newton A.3379  
Alimy, Sylvia H.Gieb, John P.318  
Anderson, ChristineLimberg, John38  
Anderson, Ida C.Maline, John W.3584  
Anderson, SusieFarnstrom, Abraham3592  
Andres, MyraWood, William3144  
Anway, Carrie A.McLain, Samuel3343  
Armbuster, Emma C.Lenon, Chrles E.3352  
Arnold, Carrie R.Wright, Charles P.3536  
Ashmead, MargaretWoodsum, Alfred3261  
Atkinson, DaisyPhelps, Fred H.3245  
Atkinson, Iva D.Kaufman, Jerry3200  
Ayers, IdaSheffler, Aron3267  
Banks, Mrs. EttaCorbett, Henry3367  
Able, Myrtie V.Byers, William H.468  
Ackelson, NellieHecox, Walter M.4334  
Ackerman, EttaAden, Hie M.4222  
Agnew, AgnesQuadhamer, Albert J.4232  
Ainlay, Lulu M.Murphy, John W.455  
Altensee, Julia E.Klingman, William W.4251  
Anders. Emma MalinaBrown, Daniel4240  
Anderson, Alma L.Love, William L.4458  
Anderson, BertieStubblefield, George F.4422  
Anderson, Bessie D.Griffith, Herbert W.4416  
Anderson, Caroline W.Osborn, William R.4450  
Anderson, Ida M.Musser, William A.4467  
Anderson, Katherine J.Stutzman, Charles F.4502  
Anderson, Minnie Gordon, Jerome4171  
Anderson, RubyNeil, Roy488  
Andres, Tena B.Harrison, John 4291  
Andrews, OliveBoardman, Miles E.4326  
Aner, LizzieJurgens, Peter P.4394  
Anthony, Lottie E.Gibson, Fred G.4394  
Anthony, SeraphineGood, William L.4369  
Arnold, Stella A.Loibl, John4384  
Atkinson, ViolaKelly, Frank H.4247  
Austin, Ella W.Wilson, Robert L.4188  

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