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Submitted by Kathy Hall kjhall@nwlink.com

From one of the Cozad newspapers c. Jan. 27, 1886

From Walnut Grove

H. Clayton Peck, of Cozad precinct, well and favorably known as one of the steady, industrious and worthy young men of the precinct, and Miss Sylvia Larmon, his equal in excellence and worth of character, were married at the residence of the bride's father, John S. Larmon, one of our leading farmers of Cozad precinct, last Wednesday evening, Jan. 20.

The ceremony was performed by Rev. T. H. Thurber, assisted by the bride's grandfather, W.S. Larmon, in the presence of about 40 relatives and friends. Mrs. Larmon provided a supper for them that was a little ahead of anything yet, it being a matter of pride with that estimable lady to excel all others in the art culinary and sister arts related to laying a table both to catch the eye and to stimulate and satisfv the appetite. A long table was spread and loaded down with good things that would make a hungry man smile and not look for compliments. Mr. Charles Wake had them seated around the table in good style, and Rev. Thurber returned thanks, when each pitched in with a free will. l was pleased to witness that many valuable and useful presents were given the young couple, as souvenirs, emblematical of the occasion, as an expression of the high esteem for the young couple. I will give a list of the donors and donations, viz:

Mr and Mrs J S Larmon, silver castor.
Mr and Mrs E A Shaulis, high bedstead.
Mr and Mrs J M Smith, bread plate.
Mr and Mrs W H Barron, set silver teaspoons.
Mr E E Peck, mantle clock.
Mr and Mrs J W Colby, pair cimeter carvers.
Mr. and Mrs R E Foresman, 1 dozen sauce dishes.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wake, set napkins and table cloth.
Mr and Mrs John Larmon, silver butter knife.
Mr and Mrs C Reaser, set sauce dishes.
Grandfather Larmon, extension table.
Miss Millicent A Peck, set knives and forks.
Mr and Mrs Robert Foresman, large sauce dish.
Mr and Mrs John Smith, I doz. goblets.
R T Savin, butter bowl and ladle.
Miss Carrie E Larmon, glass cake stand.
Frank and Miss Myra Smith, glass sugar bowl, butter dish, cream pitcher and spoon holder.
Miss Anna Thurber, chair tidy.
Miss Mary Larmon, 1 doz. ind. salts.
Theodore Reaser, syrup, pitcher.
Mrs J S Larmon, bedspread.
Miss Cora Blackmer, set napkins.
W W Collins, glass water pitcher.
John Savin, potatoe masher.
E A Locke, fruit stand.
Mr and Mrs John S Larmon. one cow.
Grandfather and Grandmother Messinger, of Waterloo, Iowa, bureau with large mirror.
Dr C D Peck, Sandusky, Ohio, set silver teaspoons.
Daniel C Hauger, Laporte City, Iowa, pair linen towels.

It was a delightful evening, giving full satisfaction to those who came from Cozad. The evening was spent pleasantly by all in a social manner, renewing our reminescences, and none more so than Grandfather Larmon and our hospitable host and hostess, and every heart seemed light with mirth (particularly our old gentleman and lady friends, Mr. and Mrs. M. Smith). With nothing to mar its happiness, and each desirous of doing their part in pure good will to make it a grand success, the company dispersed about 10 o'clock, bidding each other goodbye and wishing the newly-married couple a long and happy life.

The bride is an excellent young lady, possessing many admirable qualities, and we congratulate Mr. Peck on his bright prospects for a happy future.


Submitted by Kathy Hall kjhall@nwlink.com

From a Cozad paper c. Jan. 27, 1886


The wedding spoken of in our last came off on Wednesday, the 20th of January, at 6 o'clock P.M., and a grand affair it surely was, for there were thirty-five invitations issued, including two on every card, which would havemade the number of guests seventh; but as the weather was very cold a number of them did not come, yet the house was crowded and at six precisely the side room door was thrown open and the bride and groom stepped into the parlor while the guests opened ranks and formed a hollow square in which were Rev. T. H. Thurber, of the Cozad mission, who performed the marriage ceremony, and W. S. Larmon, grandfather of the bride, who delivered the closing prayer.

As soon as the giests had all saluted the bride and groom they marched out into the eating room in pairs and sat down to a spacious table that fairly groan)ed beneath the weight of the good things of the land, and I think if some of your city folks could have been there they would have been astonished to see the variety of the dishes prepared for the occasion and that, too, in the country far from town.

About 50 took supper and there were over twelve baskets full left over. I suppose your readers want to know who the happy couple are. Well, the groom was H. Clayton Peck, son of R.H. Peck, of Ravenna, Ohio; and the bride was Miss Sylvia Larmon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Larmon. The parties are both very highly respected by the people in this vicinity and are both active members of the M.E. church and so are the parents on both sides. The groom has a very pretty section of land, on which he has some 60 acres in cultivation, and the happy pair start out with bright prospects for the future. The guests left many tokens of esteem in the shape of presents of which the following is a list:

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Messinger, grandparents, bureau with large mirror.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Colby, set scimeter carvers.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Shaulls, uncle and aunt of bride, a high bedstead.
Mr. tnd Mrs. J. M. Smith, bread plate and a half dozen goblets.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Foresman. large sauce dish and one dozen small ones.
Mr. E. E. Peck, brother of groom, mantle clock.
Dr. C. D. Peck, brother of groom, of Sandusky, O., half dozen solid silver teaspoons.
W.W. Collins, glass water pitcher.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Reaser, hall dozen sauce dishes.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wake, tablecloth and half dozen napkins.
Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Barron. half dozen silver teaspoons.
W.S. Larmon, extension table.
R.T. Savin, butter bowl and ladle.
John Savin potato masher.
Daniel Hauger, Laporte City, Iowa, pair linen towels.
Miss Anna Thurber, chair tidy.
Miss Carrie Larmon, sister of bride, glass cake stand.
Miss Mary Larmon, sister of bride, half dozen ind. salts.
Miss Millicent A. Peck, sister of groom, half dozen knives and forks.
Miss Cora Blackmer, half dozen napkins.
Theodore Reaser, molasses pitcher.
Walker & Locke, fruit stand.
F. and M. Smith, glass sugar bowl, butter dish, cream pitcher and spoon holder.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Grove, Grundy Center, Iowa, a fine table spread.

The father and mother of the groom did not get the word until it was too late, owing to the snow blockade.


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