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From the "IMMIGRANT ISSUE" of the Lincoln State Journal Sunday 5 June 1887.
This special edition was intended to PROMOTE Nebraska as a state and provide the towns with an opportunity to advertise their status and attract new residents. A special 'Thank-you' to Bill Wever for finding and providing this article.


   The County Seat of Dawson county--On the Union Pacific Railroad--One Hundred and Seventy--One Miles From Lincoln--Population Two Thousand

   Plum Creek is located on the north side of the Platte river near the geographical center of Dawson county, of which it is the county seat. Its situation gives it the trade of a large and very rich agricultural district, no towns of any great commercial importance being nearer than Kearney on the east and North Platte on the west. It is about 220 miles from Omaha on the main line of the Union Pacific. The town was laid out in 1873 and now has a population of 2,000 thousand. The town was well laid out, which, with the taste displayed in many residences erected, give the town a very pleasant appearance.

   There are in town about eighty-five business firms. There also are five well organized churches and a system of public schools which are a credit to the town. At the head of the commercial interests of the place is two well equipped banks, managed by good financial ability and backed by an abundance of capital.

   There was shipped from this place during the year just passed, 250 car loads of wheat, 200 cars of flour, 200 cars of other grain, 80 cars of wool, and 100 cars of live stock. Besides this there was ground into flour in the mill here 130,000 bushels of wheat. A large business is done in agricultural implements amounting last year to $200,000. The Union Pacific during the year of 1886 handled from the depot 2.000 cars of merchandise. So far this has been the only road running into Plum Creek, but the Burlington & Missouri evidently desiring a part of the large amount of business centering at this point, are taking steps toward the construction of a line from Minden. The Rock Island people are also looking over the place and will doubtless run a preliminary survey in the near future.

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