Dawson County NEGenWeb Project

Professional Researchers that research for Dawson County

This a list of people who will do genealogical research or search records in Dawson County for a fee. They do not have an affiliation with the NEGenWeb Project and the NEGenWeb Project cannot be responsible for their work. You must make any arrangements directly with them. If you have a complaint about any researcher's work, please contact us so that the name can be removed from the list.

  1. Bill Wever - As commonly known, the Nebraska State Historical Society is the leading source for Nebraska Genealogy. With ten years experience of visiting this facility I consider that I am competent on their holdings. I am not a professional genealogist so I don't have the fees basis that goes along with that prestigious title. If you are interested in receiving a bid for my services or simply just asking questions about Nebraska genealogy, I will enjoy corresponding with you answering questions. I request a lookup fee of $10 which would include time spent, parking, copy fee and postage. Please state that your request is for Dawson County.

    Contact me at neresearcher@inetnebr.com

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