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Located in Middle Creek, Garfield, Denton, Yankee Hill, Highland, Centerville, Olive Branch, and Buda Precincts in Lancaster County, Nebraska 

Abbott Cemetery 
Located in S.W. 1/4 1-9-5, Denton Precinct, on private land near residence. 
It is not known if the stones are still in place. 

Buhrmann Cemetery 
Located in S.W. 1/4, 32-8-6, Centerville Precinct, near the west, north-south road on private property. 

Centerville Cemetery 
Located on Nebraska Highway 33 near Sprague-Martell in 16-8-6, Centerville Precinct. 

Haines Branch Cemetery 
A cemetery belonging to the Nebraska State Regional Center that is located in Sec. 34 of Garfield Precinct, Lancaster County, to the north of Van Dorn Street. 

Hallam Community Cemetery 
Located in 30-7-6, Buda Precinct immediately north of the village of Hallam. 

Hallam Zion Cemetery 
Located in N.W. corner of 21-7-6, Buda Precinct. 

Highland Cemetery 
Located in the S.W. corner of 12-8-6, Highland Precinct. 

Kramer Community Cemetery 
Located in N.W. corner of 9-7-5, Olive Branch Precinct. 

Kramer Lutheran Cemetery 
Located in S.E. corner of 5-7-5, Olive Branch Precinct. 

Mayes Cemetery 
Located in 34-10-5, Middle Creek Precinct, 1 mile south and 1/2 mile west of Emerald. 

Olive Branch (Osterthun) Cemetery 
Private cemetery, located in S.W. 14-7-5, Olive Branch Precinct, one and one-half mile west and two miles north of Hallam. 

Pleasant Hill (Yankee Hill) Cemetery 
Although the original name was Pleasant Hill, this cemetery is commonly referred to as Yankee Hill. Located in N.W. corner of 10-9-6, Yankee Hill Precinct. This cemetery was first designated as the state cemetery. However, when it was decided that it was too small for expansion and too distant from the new state capital, Wyuka became the state cemetery.

Princeton Cemetery 
Located in the S.E. corner of 14-7-6 Buda Precinct, 1/2 mile south of the village of Princeton.


Sothan, Quathamer Cemetery 
A private cemetery, located near 1/2-mile line, east side 18-7-6, Buda Precinct. 

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery 
Located in 29-10-5, Middle Creek Precinct, 2 miles west of Emerald on "O" Street, south side. 

Stockfeld Cemetery 
Located S.E. 1/4, 35-8-6, Centerville Precinct. 

Sunnyside Cemetery 
Located in 22-9-5, immediately west of the village of Denton. 

Unnamed (Brown Family Burial Plot) 
Located in SW 1/2, 30-10-5, Middle Creek Precinct, on the south bank of Middle Creek. 

Unnamed (Ewergen, Call) Cemetery 
Private cemetery in the N.E. corner of 32-8-5, Highland Precinct. 

Unnamed (Golz, Calavan) Cemetery 
Unnamed cemetery located on private property on N.E. 1/4, 31-8-6, Centerville Precinct. Stones in disarray and pushed into hedgerow on south 1/2-mile line. 

Unnamed (Hartmann) Cemetery 
Private cemetery in northwest corner, Section 28-8-5, Highland Precinct on road 3 mile north of Kramer, Nebraska. 

Wesley Chapel Cemetery 
Located in the S.E. 1/4, 29-9-6, Yankee Hill Precinct, one and one-half mile west of Rokeby. 

Williams Cemetery 
Located in N.E. 1/4, 21-9-6, Yankee Hill Precinct, on private land near the middle of the section. 

Yankee Hill Cemetery 
One of the cemeteries belonging to the Nebraska State Regional Center at Lincoln, Nebraska, is the Yankee Hill Cemetery located on the regional grounds, Sec. 4 of Yankee Hill Precinct, to the north side of Calvert Street. There is another cemetery north of the Regional Center, west of the railroad tracks, and north of Van Dorn Street.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery 
Located in the west side of 17-10-5, Middle Creek Precinct. 

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