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Neither the Nebraska State Historical Society nor the Denton Community Historical Society have copies of the Denton Record newspaper on microfilm. At this time, no old copies of the Denton Record newspaper have been found. Because there are no copies available, it was necessary to research to learn more about this newspaper. 

Lincoln—The Capital City and Lancaster County, Nebraska, Volume I, was published in 1916 by Andrew J. Sawyer. On page 311 Sawyer states "The Denton Record, a weekly newspaper, is published by the Interstate Company of Lincoln." 

American Newspaper Annual and Directory by N.W. Air & Sons, Volume 1920, reports that the Denton Record was published by the Inter-State Newspaper Company. It also prints that the Inter-State Newspaper Company was a non-partisan newspaper that began in 1891 which was published weekly and came out on Thursday. A subscription cost $1.00 for a year. 

The Interstate Newspaper Company printed several area newspapers. In 1920 the Interstate Newspaper Company printed the following newspapers: Advance, Alvo; Courier, Ceresco; Mirror, Davey; Record, Denton; Herald, Garland; Gazette, Greenwood; Nebraska State Democrat, Lincoln; Messenger, Malcolm; Leader, Martel; Review, Raymond; and Watchman, Waverly. In 1920 The Inter-State Newspaper had a circulation of 8,160 for the eleven newspapers they published. 

The 1892 American Newspaper Annual and Directory listed E. B. Mitchell as Editor and Jno. T. Ott as Business Manager. The 1893 American Newspaper Annual and Directory listed S. M. Rogers as Editor. 

The 1893 Lincoln City Directory lists Joseph Sinclair Brown as assistant manager of the Inter-State Newspaper Company. The City Directory states the Interstate Newspaper Company was located at 1118 M Street. The Joseph S. Brown became Manager of the newspaper company by 1894 according to the Lincoln City Directory.

Joseph continued as manager of the Interstate Newspaper Company until 1926. Joseph S. Brown left the Inter-State Newspaper Company to go to work for McKelvie Publishing as a Correspondent. 

In 1928 the Interstate Newspaper Company was located at 1238 O Street in Havelock. On May 1, 1931, the Havelock Post Office closed and reopened as a Lincoln substation. On June 1, 1931, the old street names were replaced with Lincoln's number grid. "O" Street in Havelock became Havelock Avenue. 

The 1933 American Newspaper Annual and Directory listed James A. Minder as the Editor of the Inter-State Newspaper Company. The circulation for the Inter-State Newspaper had dropped to 3,450 by 1934. The Inter-State Newspaper Company continued to publish the Denton Record until March 14, 1933. The Inter-State Newspaper was sold to the Lancaster County Weekly. 

On March 14, 1933, the Lancaster County Weekly printed its first copy of the newspaper. The Denton news was printed in their newspaper. By May 3, 1934, The Lancaster County Weekly began printing the consolidation of eleven weekly newspapers. The eleven newspapers were the Waverly Watchman, Greenwood Gazette, Davey Mirror, Pleasant Dale News, Raymond Review, Garland Herald, Malcolm Messenger, Denton Record, Martell-Sprague Leader, Firth Times, and Cortland Pilgrim.

Someone who acted as the reporter for each of the area towns would send the news to the Lancaster County Weekly. If the local reporter had no news to send in, there was no news for that week. Mrs. Taylor was the local representative to send in the Denton news for several years. The Lancaster County Weekly was printed until February 20, 1936. The Lancaster County Weekly was sold and the Capital Farm and Home News began publishing the newspaper. 

On February 29, 1936, the Capital Farm and Home News began printing the news for the eleven consolidated newspapers. The newspaper was published every Thursday. The newspaper per subscription cost $1.00. No news from the Denton area was printed in The Capital Farm and Home News. The Capital Farm and Home News continued until February 1938. March 2, 1938 the newspaper became the Lincoln Farm and Home News. It published until March 26, 1953.

The Havelock Times Post newspaper and the Inter-State Newspaper were located in the same building at 1238 "O" which later became 6036 Havelock Ave. The last issue of the Havelock Times Post was Thursday, March 9, 1933. On page 5, column 4 the following article appeared: 

"The items under this heading appeared in the last week's issue of the Denton Record and are repeated here for the benefit of subscribers to either paper published by us, who did not take that particular paper, but are acquainted in that community. 

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Berryman were dinner guests Tuesday at the Ward home. Mr. F. C. Hocking is visiting friends in Omaha. Mr. & Mrs. Tongesh were in Lincoln Monday afternoon. Mrs. Reeves and Clyde were Denton callers last Tuesday. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Baughman and family visited at the Elmer Culp home Sunday evening. Mildred and Velma Osterman spent the weekend at Malcolm visiting at the Martin Osterman home. 

Mr. & Mrs. L. J. Gruntorad and family attended a farewell party for Burianek's Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Baughman and Marjorie visited at the George Williams home Sunday afternoon. 

Mr. & Mrs. L. H. Reiss and family and John Haase took Sunday dinner and visited at the Walter Haase home. 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Marshall and family visited at the Charles Parks home at Berks Sunday afternoon. 

Mr. and Mrs. Tongesh and family spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. & Mrs. Charles Miller and family. 

Mr. & Mrs. Pete Sullivan of Lincoln visited at the home of Mary Sullivan Tuesday. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Sullivan spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Sullivan and family. 

Mr. Weed, who is on the sick list, was taken to a hospital in Lincoln Saturday. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ward were Sunday guests in Lincoln at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Burins. 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Culp and family spent Sunday evening at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Culp. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Elrod and sons of South Bend, spent Saturday and Sunday at the home of his brother, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Elrod and family. 

Mrs. J. J. Shea and daughter Eva of Lincoln spent Friday at the home of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Culp and family. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vancil Marshall and John Haase took supper and spent Sunday evening at the Walter Haase home. 

Merline Rosekrans who has been on the sick list with tonsillitis for the past week is reported to be improving at this writing." 

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