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Taken From The Lancaster County Citizen



September 23, 1920
On Thursday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Seidell, Mrs George Allan Sr, Mrs Margaret Pierce, Mrs. White, Mrs Vanderpool and Mrs Olmstead met at the church and proceeded to clean and polish walls, windows floors and furniture. Their effort made a very decided improvement in the appearance of the inside of the church.

Otto Gloe exhibited 12 fine Poland China hogs at the State Fair. He had quite good success and won quite a number of ribbons.

Mr. and Mrs. Axthelm visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sherwood Sunday.

The St. John’s Lutheran Church on West O Street will hold their annual Mission Festival Sunday. Services morning, afternoon and evening. The evening service will be held in the American language. Everyone is welcome.

Mrs. Louise Piening has returned from Denver where she had been visiting her brother.

The little daughter of Wesley Snell is quite sick this week.

Mr. Arthur Albers, manager of the Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph of Denton took Sunday dinner at the M. F. Gilbert home.

September 30, 1920
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Nobbman had their baby girl christened and named her Elaine.

Mr. and Mrs. William Priess are the proud parents of a baby boy born last week, Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Giles are the proud parents of a baby girl born last week.

Hoppman’s old John croaked last Monday.

August Lostroh is building a new barn.

NOTE: There is a picture of Henry Herpolsheimer in this issue.

Mr. and Mrs. Priesner left last week for Wisconsin where they will visit with Mrs. Priesner’s sister.

Miss Jennie and Frank Lowney returned home Monday evening after a six weeks visit to Hot Springs, S.D.

Mr. and Mrs. William Faig spent Sunday afternoon at the Hansen home.


Grandpa Rhine arrived home Saturday from the G.A.R. convention at Indianapolis. Three hundred men left on the train from Nebraska.

October 7, 1920
Orlando Miller is mail carrier for the Denton rural route. He likes the job fine.

Jess Miller purchased a Ford car.

Mrs. Martin Osterman has returned home and they are living in their home in Denton. We are glad to learn that Mrs. Osterman is somewhat improved in health since her treatment in the hospital.

Henry Spellman returned home Saturday evening from Haxtun Colorado where he had been visiting friends and relatives for the past week.

The Ladies Aid of Martel will give a play Friday evening at the new garage in Martel and also a chicken pie supper after the play.

Mrs. Theo. Kaar Jr. and son visited Saturday night and Sunday at the home of Ben Kaar. Mrs. Theo. Kaar, Sr was a Sunday visitor there.

Grandma Collis who lives in the Wesley Chapel neighborhood received painful internal injuries on day last. We extend sympathy in their sad accident with some glass fruit jars which she was carrying. Her advance age adds to the seriousness of her condition.

The high school folks have their basket ball equipment and the ground is leveled so as soon as the goals are set up they will be ready to play.
A very quiet wedding took place last Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the St. John’s church near Emerald when Miss Anna Ninneman was married to Mr. Hugo Arnsmeier both of Emerald. After the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Arnsmeier left for a two weeks trip to Denver Colorado. They will make their home near Emerald. We wish the young couple much good luck and happiness.

October 14, 1920
Lena Borgmann, Ray Harley, Adolph Piening and Lawrence Lohmeier, pupils of Dist. 38 received perfect attendance certificates for the month ending October 8.

Ben Meyer completed a fine brick chicken house last week. John Bruns, Ollie Busboom, Henry Meyer and Chris Priess were invited to the shingling last Tuesday.

Irvin Nootz rides in a new Ford roadster.

The sound of the threshing machine is again heard in the land. Edgar Schrader is threshing clover and the Smith Bros are threshing their stacked grain.

Clarence Peterson is back in school again after an absence of three weeks on account of small pox.

Of all the ways to start a Ford, Jim Finney won the prize trying to feed it hot coffee.

Much sympathy and love is extended to the family of Ted Wigg who died last week.

Grandpa Lamb’s new garage is almost finished.

A family reunion was held at Mr. and Mrs. Lohmeier's Sunday, it being Mrs. Lohmeier’s birthday.

August Lostroh’s barn was treated to a new coat of shingles last week.

Herman Nobbman celebrated his birthday last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lipps had their baby christened Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Lipps had their baby girl christened Sunday. She was named Mildred Margaret.

Archie Merrill is in Mexico at this time and is feeling fine. The Ford is rattling right along.

The new church at Jamaica will be dedicated Sunday Oct 17. An all day service is the program. The collection at Sunday School was $2.08. There were 33 at Sunday School.

OCTOBER 28, 1920
George Bice has lately bought a new 16 gauge single barreled shot gun. Lloyd Hafferty’s latest purchase is a goat. Hope they get on well together. George is looking for real game, rabbits are too numerous.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Sherwood and son Donald of Lincoln spent the weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. A. Tiger.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Finney and Robert and Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rosenberg spent Friday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Finney’s home.

A birthday party was given at Harry Smith’s home Saturday evening to honor Frances Smith. A large number of young folks were present. They all reported a grand time. A delightful lunch was served at a late hour.

On Saturday evening a number of Royal Neighbors, former members of Rokeby camp, with their families motored to Denton to the home of Mrs. Bert Bunnell and gave her a pleasant surprise. Mrs. Bunnell’s home was beautifully finished. A home such as anyone would be proud to own.

Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Jeffries are the proud parents of a baby girl born Friday Oct 23. 

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