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Denton Community Historical Society of Nebraska
Chapman Bros. 1888

Last name First name Section/Precinct Parent's Birth date Place of birth Spouse Date of marriage Spouse's parents Children of subject To United States To Lancaster County
CONRAD Ippe T. 15---Highland Dirk and Emma (Peppingo) Conrad Jun 8, 1852 Prussia Lena Heyen Jan 29, 1875 Fredericka E., Emma E., 
John F., Henry D., and 
Fredericka (the 2nd)
1857 1879
BEARD Joseph W. 15---Denton Christopher and Sarah Beard Sep 9, 1847 Virginia Mary R. Handly Jun 17, 1885 1877
BAUMGART Otello 11&12---Highland Conrad and Clara (Lydcheck) Baumgart Oct 24, 1846 Germany Charlotte Leckenmyer Sep 7, 1880 August, August (the 2nd), 
William, Herman, John and Benjamin
ABBOTT Harry 14---Denton James B. Abbott May 10, 1857 England Clara Fusha Apr 26, 1881 John and Clara Fusha George F., Clarence E. P., 
Eva, and Harry
COLAS Louis 16---Yankee Hill George and Maria Colas Feb 8, 1838 Germany Mary Miller Jul 16, 1866 Lena, Mary, Louis, 
Lizzie, Augusta, Emma and Willie
1866 1878
BARTELS Hermon H. 13---Centerville John H. and Adelbeit Bartels Jan 26, 1848 Germany Lizzie Steinke Oct 19, 1871 Renney and Rolrock Steinke Anna, John, Henry, Lena, 
Dora, Hermon and Louisa
1867 1873
DENMAN John M. ?---Yankee Hill John and Mary Denman Oct 8, 1860 Ohio Alice E. Jones Aug 1, 1887 George and Louisa Jones 1881
DENTON Frank R. 21---Denton D.M. Denton Mar 26, 1854 Ohio Mary J. Robinson Nov 11, 1880 David and Margaret Robinson Roy, Earl and Mary 1866
EXLEY George H. 17---Yankee Hill Rev. Henry and Mary (Hartley) Exley May 9, 1847 England Esther McGinnis Jan 14, 1872 William and Mary McGinnis William H., Charles A., 
Mary E., and George
DESCHER George 4---Denton Antone and Alney Descher Oct 29, 1831 Austria Bridget Y. Jussell Feb 28, 1864 Christian and Mary Jussell Joseph, George, 
Henry, Mary, Louisa, and Sensa
1866 1881
DENTON Daniel 22---Denton Edward J. and Charlotte Denton Mar 17, 1823 New York Rebecca Adams 1846
Amelia Adams Rebecca, Henry P., 
Frank R., Jane and John
KOEHLER Frederick 27---Centerville Michael and Mary(Bron) Koehler Feb 3. 1829 Prussia Henrietta Reatman Oct. 1859 Frank, Julius, Philena, 
George, Amelia and Alfred W.
1851 1865
Mary Schmitskee Jan 1883
BOWERS Dudley W. 31---Yankee Hill Joseph and Maria(Stephens) Bowers Nov 28, 1842 New York Lucy G. Miller Apr 27, 1875 Alfred and Emily(Guild) Miller Herbert M. and Norman G. 1874
CROPSEY John 26---Yankee Hill Daniel W. and Elizabeth Cropsey Feb 5, 1828 New York Marcella F. Chilson Nov 28, 1863 Frank K., Nettie, 
Gilbert and 1 deceased
RELLER Henry 5---Buda John H. and Elzebine(Sieck) Reller Jul 5, 1837 Germany Catherine Ketter Apr 1858 William E., John F., 
Charles H., and Mary E.
1848 1869
CUSHMAN E.Hylan 30---Garfield Silas Cushman Sep 13, 1845 Vermont O.M. Knowlton Nov 4, 1873 Royal M.
FISCHER George J. 7---Olive Branch C.L. Fischer and Barbara(Krug)Fischer Jan 20, 1859 Iilinois Amelia Hollman Oct 2, 1882 Clara Idella, Alma L.
and Almer A.
HANENKAMP Henry 15---Centerville Henry and Mary Hanenkamp Mar 20, 1857 Germany Margaret Kramer Nov 3, 1878 Adolph and Margaret 1872 1884
BOWERS Arthur E. 31---Yankee Hill Joseph and Maria(Stephens) Bowers Sep 9, 1840 New York Maria Baldwin Feb 22, 1874 William and Pearl (Brown) Baldwin William B., Alma, Benjamin A. 1874
CHARLTON William 26 & 27---Centerville Thomas and Ann(Meek) Charlton Aug 10, 1845 Iowa Mary Lidolph May 1872 Lewis Lidolph William H., Byron, and Mary A. 1873
CHAPMAN John (Rev) ?---Centerville John and Eliza Chapman Feb 9, 1834 England Mary A. Lane Emma, John E., William H., 
Mathilda Armenta and Alfred T.
1858 1868
Mrs. Melvina Ritter 1863
GRIFFIN Samuel S. 4---Centerville Edwin and Harriet Griffin Sep 8, 1850 Iowa Mary E. Walker Sep 2, 1869 John S. and Margaret A. Walker John E., Samuel H., Frederick E., William (dec) and Emma M. 1870
COUSER David G. (Rev) 26---Yankee Hill Thomas and Rachel(Burns)Couser Feb 22, 1853 Ohio Josephine Yarger Sep 30, 1880 William and Mary Yarger Bessie P., and Mary J. 1886
DAUWALTER Frank 7---Denton Christian and Christina Dauwalter Mar 22, 1862 Illinois Anne Rieth Aug 18, 1883 Dolly, Cora and 
Wesley deceased
LIDOLPH Charles L. 11-Centerville Charles L. and Minerva Lidolph Dec 28, 1857 Iowa Margaret Baker Nov 22, 1878 Alice M., Maud M. 1874
PREY John W. 24---Centerville John D. and Margaret Prey May 11, 1828 New York Frances C.Lehmer Oct 10, 1870 Derrick and Isabelle Lehmer Grace L., Annie E., 
Margaret F., Edna E., and 
Esther O. and infant
FREYE Henry 11---Centerville Henry and Eleanor Freye Feb 7, 1855 Ohio Mary Krull Feb 22, 1883 Franklin E., Elmer C. and Clara E.
PARK Sjmon D. ?---Highland Abel and Sophis Dow Park Dec 30, 1853 Vermont Nellie Ward William, Mary L. and Charles A. 1881
Annie Walker Sep 30, 1882
STEELE Andrew J. 33/34---Buda John and Mary Steele Oct 27, 1832 Ohio Mary Heck Dec 18, 1856 Jacob and Sarah Heck Nelson, Phebe Jane, Lydia, 
Sarah C., Alfred, Laura, 
David, Oscar and Milton
SCHAMP Peter S. (Rev) 23---Yankee Hill Nicholas and Charity Van Horn Schamp Nov 7, 1816 Pennsylvania Mary Deter Lewis and Catherine Deter Lewis D., William A., 
Catherine Mathilda, Casander W. 
John H., Asa P., Susan R.,
Ida A., and George W.L.
Margaret Ann Wilson 1853 John Wilson
Frances Holcomb Schamp 1878 John and Emily (Jewell) Holcomb
RHYKERT Erastus W. 24---Buda Joseph and Catherine Rhykert Oct 25, 1832 New York Deborah A. Boone Jan 1, 1854 Adopted children Jennie and John 1867
FREYE Henry 22---Centerville Ernest H. Frey Apr 8, 1828 Germany Eleanor Schaffer March 1844 Adam and Gertrude Schaffer Catherine, Mary, Eliza, 
Henry, William, Frank, 
Mathilda, Lena, Emma, and Ida
LEE George W. 16---Middle Creek Lorenzo Lee Aug 10, 1840 New York Addie M. Spencer Oct 11, 1871 James D. and Agnes (Berry) Spencer Mary W. 1874
FROHN William 22---Centerville Gotfried  and Cecilia (Klank) Frohn Nov 29, 1839 Prussia Amelia Krueger Jun 14, 1860 Frederick Kreuger William, Mary, Ernestine, 
Cecilia, Henry, Hubert, and Amelia
OSBORN Medad ?---Yankee Hill Orrin and Naomi (Woolcott) Osborn Oct 17, 1823 New York Ellen Bowers Sep 13, 1877 Joseph and Almaria (Stevens) Bowers
RIPPEN Gerhard 28---Buda Herman and Lena Rippen Dec 4, 1844 Germany Maggie Meyer Feb 21, 1873 William and Catherine Meyer John H., Henry, Lena E., 
William and 
(Herman and William 1st deceased)
1867 1869
SEVERIN Charles ?---Buda John C. and Elizabeth Severin Aug 2, 1848 Prussia Gesine Albert Mar 16, 1872 William, Minnie, Mary, 
Richard, Carlo, Albert, 
Hubert, and Frederick
HERPOLSHEIMER Charles 29---Denton Christian and Anne Herpolsheimer Oct 18, 1835 Prussia Augusta Soss Mar 9, 1863 Emma, Paul, Martin Otto, 
Emil, Adolph, Clara, 
Rudolph and Aida
1849 1880
HEIDENREICH Charles A. 22---Middle Creek Charles Heidenreich Sr. and Sophia (Brinkhoff)  Heidenreich Aug 26, 1855 Germany Augusta Steinhauer Feb 11, 1884 Clara, Paulina, and Melinda 1859 1867
STEELE Nelson 35---Buda Andrew J. and Mary Steele Sep 18, 1857 Ohio Carrie Moore Nov 14, 1886 Irvin 1869
MEYER Henry 34---Buda G.L.W. and Anne C. Meyer Oct 27, 1848 Germany Lena Warneke Nov 17, 1882 Anna D., William and John 1868 1868
WITTSTRUCK Julius H. ?---South Pass John and Fredericka Wittstruck Jan 6, 1842 Prussia Mary A. DeBolt 1865 Charlotte, Arthur, 
Caroline and Carl
1857 1865
Halldora Halldorson May 24, 1876
BARNASON Larus 36---Buda Barney and Emma Barnason Dec 26, 1855 Iceland Victoria Carter Apr 25, 1884 Mary 1872 1872
SPELLMAN Frank S. 22---Centerville Hon. Henry and Eleanore Spellman Lena Krull Dec 25, 1880 Frank and Adaline Krull John, Emma, and William 1863 1867
LIESVELD Herman J. (Hon) ?---South Pass Dirk and Martina (Van der Teems) Liesveld Holland Mary Pramm 1868 Henry and Christina Pramm Marena C., M.T.Scott, Julia G., 
Derida A., Bertha L., 
Mathilda W. and Maude H.
HAY John F. 28---Yankee Hill Alexander and Sarah A. Hay Jun 20, 1853 Michigan Catherine Van Ness Feb 11, 1879 Sarah A., Frederick G., Mark I. 1879
KRAMER Henry 9---Olive Branch Charles and Elizabeth Kramer Apr 12, 1820 Prussia Margaret Shaffer Sophia, Mary, Harmon, Eliza, 
Henry, Sophia 2nd, infant unnamed
1846 1865
STEWART Asa ?---Middle Creek John and Leticia Stewart Apr 26, 1830 Pennsylvania Susanna Schofield Jul 18, 1861 Jesse, George Franklin, 
Blanch, Grace and Asa T.
Annie R. McIntyre Nov 7, 1865 James and Annie (Ward) McIntyre
DAVISON Edmond S. 27---Middle Creek Norman L. and Adelia (Waite) Davison Feb 20, 1842 New York Amy E. Vaughn May 10, 1863 Thomas H. and Sara J. (Cory) Vaughn Ernest, Volney, Louis, 
Iria and Minnie
STUTHEIT Henry ?---Centerville Gerhard H. and Mary Stutheit Oct 8, 1824 Germany Caroline Murker Louisa, Margaret, Lucy, 
August, William, Cornelius, 
Louie, Mary, Eddie, John 
and Mathilda
1833 1867
MEYER August ?---Centerville Charles and Elizabeth Meyer Feb 27, 1839 Prussia Laura Stuthert 1866 John, Caroline, Willie 1855 1866
Albertina Snyder Nov 7, 1886
OUTT William Henry ?---Garfield John and ? (Carter) Outt Apr 22, 1829 New York Ketura Fellows Hiram and Edith Fellows Mrs. O.J. King 1883
ENSIGN Almon W. 22---Middle Creek Ira and Ruth (Ellis) Ensign Dec 14, 1829 S. Carolina Julia Barkwell Dec 7, 1856 Hon. Harmon and Hermelia (Osgood) Barkwell Richard, Harry, Joseph, 
Ida, Ollie, Floyd W., 
Charles C., Maud, Alice and Ruth
Hattie Coulter 1873
SCHMALE W.Henry ?---Middle Creek Henry Schmale Sr. Mary Ann Moring Bridge May 15, 1870 John Henry and Sarah J.(Ballenger) Moring Harmon, Norman, Ida E., 
and Minnie May
1859 1868
REYNOLDS Thomas M.S. 36---Yankee Hill Washington Reynolds Feb 21, 1818 Old Dominion Elizabeth Seaton Simpson S., Theodore F., 
Louisa A., Virginia, George, 
William, Charles, Emma, J. Edward, 
Mattie, Effie, and Ida
MINGES John 27---Yankee Hill Christopher and Hannah (Shobbell) Minges Jul 19, 1832 Pennsylvania Mary E. Loomis Aug 4, 1880 Theron and Elizabeth (Ballard) Loomis George 1876
PICKEL Robert 30---Middle Creek Samuel and Nancy P. (Shamp) Pickel Nov 30 1852 Illinois Louisa Rench  Aug 1885 Conrad and Louisa Rench Charlie 1866
OXLEY Micagah S. 31---Middle Creek Everet and Celia (Scott) Oxley Nov 24, 1817 Kentucky Margaret B. Porter William, Nancy A., Nathan S., 
Thomas P., John P., Celia J., 
Henry E., Charles H.
Nancy Poiner
DICE Samuel C. 3---Middle Creek Jacob Jr. and Mary (Light) Dice May 11, 1864 Iowa Minnie E. Snell Oct 12, 1884 Levi and Eliva (Allen) Snell Elva 1886
WARNKE John 17/18---Olive Branch Charles and Dora (Beliche) Warnke Jan 2, 1828 Germany Sophia Kuchenmeister Christian and Fredrica (Restdorf) Kuchenmeister Henry, Lizzie, Carrie, 
John, Fred, William J., 
Ida, Henry2nd, Alvina
1853 1870
STUBBLEFIELD William H. ?---Denton Fielding L. and Martha (Lorton) Stubblefield Jan 11, 1832 Illinois Harriet C. Bright Oct 25, 1853 John H. and Louisa (Rector) Bright Alice, Minnie W. and Louis 1867
SEVERIN John C. Jr. 26---Buda John C. and Elizabeth Severin May 3, 1843 Prussia Mary Siedschlag Oct 17, 1865 Herman and Augusta Siedschlag Henry, Frank, Anne, Augusta, 
Alexander, Bertha, Christian, 
Harmon, John, Arnold and Otto
STUTHEIT Cornelius H. 33---Centerville Henry and Caroline Stutheit Jun 29, 1857 Iowa Mary Duehming Apr 26, 1885 Ferdinand and Henrietta Duehming Walter C. and Alma
DEVRIES Albert 34---Buda John and Wellmuth DeVries May 25, 1851 Holland Susan Oldemeyer Mar 8, 1887 Henry and Henrietta Oldemeyer 1868 1886
HENKEL Henry 18---Buda Henry and Amalie Henkel Jan 17, 1857 Germany Catherine Hanenkamp Apr 21, 1885 John G. and Catherine M. Hanenkamp Amalia, and Edwin 1874 1888
QUICK William 13---Middle Creek John P. and Elizabeth (Belles) Quick Jun 18, 1825 New Jersey Lettie Sinclair May 26, 1849 Samuel Sinclair 1877
PREY George W. 24---Centerville John D. and Margaret Prey Wisconsin Estella Davis Apr 9, 1873 John C., Estella, Phoeba J. 
and George T.
Belle M. Wells Nov 1, 1882 Thomas and Mary J. Wells
WILLMAN Lewis 17---Centerville Charles and Henrietta Willman Feb 5, 1852 Ohio Catherine Freye 1878 Henry and Eleanor Freye Agnes, Edwin, Irvin, Alma 
and Alice
BURKE Charles 22---Buda John and Mary Burke Aug 4, 1835 Prussia Mary Knuck Reaca, Lizzie, Bessie, 
and Frank
1868 1883
PETER George ?---Buda Jacob and Savilla Peter Sep 2, 1845 Ohio Margaret Byron March 1866 William E., Emma S., and Mary A. 1870
Harriet Ritter Jul 18, 1879
PETER Jacob (dec) 23---Buda George and Catherine Peter Sep 15, 1820 Pennsylvania Savilla Egger Jan 12, 1843 Samuel and Susanna Egger Mary E., George, Saloma 1870
PORTER James L. 29---Middle Creek John Porter Phebe McMullen Sep 29, 1842 John R., Francis M. 
and Syrus N.
LAHM Jacob 28---Buda Phillip and Catherine Lahm Jul 7, 1842 Bavaria Angelica Kime Dec 25, 1867 1868 1883
STROCKEY Frederick A. ?---Buda Christian and Caroline Strockey Aug 6, 1844 Illinois Jane Nichols Oct 3, 1870 Oliver Nichols Charles, Olive, Chester, 
and Milton F.
ROCKE Joseph 1---Buda Joseph and Mary Rocke Nov 15, 1854 Illinois Mary Rocke Apr 3, 1887 Clara
LUCKE August 26---Buda Louis and Charlotte Lucke Oct 18, 1839 Germany Minnie Strankman Mar 4, 1870 Anne, Willie, Mathilda, 
Rosa, Huldah
1861 1872
MC EACHRAN Angus 13---Highland John and Catherine (McIsaac) McEachran Dec 4, 1820 Scotland Margaret McEachran John, Hugh, Flora, 
Catherine, Charles, 
Dan and Lizzie
1860 1877
FISCHER G.L. (dec) ?---Olive Branch 1826 Bavaria Barbara Krug 1854 John C. and Barbary (Dialine) Krug Mary, George J., Minnie, 
Louisa, Charles, Ellen L., 
Augusta C. Maggie and William
1848 1874
GILBERT Daniel ?---Denton Platt C. and Susan Gilbert May 23, 1830 New York Sarah F. Coon James C., Charles A., 
Carrie B., Martin T., 
and Mattie F.
PETER Michael 12---Buda George and Catherine Peter Nov 16, 1818 Pennsylvania Elizabeth Schell Mar 10, 1842 Andrew, Jacob, Daniel, 
John, Catherine, Margaret, 
Lydia and Mary
GLEE Peter 32---Centerville Jan 1, 1834 Prussia Elizabeth Krull 1866 William, Charles, Peter, 
Otto, Addie, Agnes, 
Oscar, Hina and John
1864 1866
LAUTERBACH Edward 21---Buda Adam and Frederica Lauterbach May 26, 1862 Iowa Louisa Elfeldt August 1885 Charles and Sophia Elfeldt Cora 1879
LAUTERBACH Adam 21---Buda Henry and Catherine E. Lauterbach Apr 2, 1838 Germany Fredricka Pfeiffer Sep 3, 1861 Edward, Julia, Eliza, 
Mary, Clara, Lydia, 
John H., Martha E.
1857 1879
AMES William H. ?---Yankee Hill Thomas J. and Elizabeth (Watson) Ames Feb 14, 1849 New York Mary Babcock April 1872 Oran and Cornelia (Cheasman) Babcock Arthur T., Albert A. 
William H. Jr., and Rial E.
MEYER John J. 28---Buda John H. and Eliza Meyer Apr 14, 1847 Iowa Louisa Heidecker Mar 13, 1873 Christian and Barbara Heidecker
SULLIVAN Eugene 25---Denton Eugene and Mary Sullivan ca 1850 Ireland Bridget Sullivan August 1872 Murty, Timothy, Kate, 
Ella, Eugene
1859 1877
BAKER Rollin E. 2---Centerville Samuel and Mary A. Baker Sep 2, 1856 Illinois Eliza Reugnitz Jul 20, 1882 Charles and Mary Reugnitz 1878
BUEL Joshua H. 28---Centerville Joshua and Lucy Buel Nov 14, 1843 Ohio Fanny Cake Jan 28, 1868 Samuel and Ann Cake Fred, Helen, Musa, 
Lucy, Joshua, Clara, 
Myrtle and Pearl
STEVENS Charles D. 6---Denton Thomas E. and Elizabeth (Cox) Stevens Aug 14, 1858 Iowa Josephine Parriott Sep 10, 1879 Turnerr and Adeline Parriott Ella L., Addie, Emma L., 
and Charles T.
SPELLMAN Henry C. 13---Highland Henry C. and Elnora R. Reller Sep 1, 1857 Ohio Lydia Bohl Mar 31, 1881 Nicholas Bohl George N., Nellie, Henry 1866
WILLIAMS Anson S. 21---Yankee Hill Morris and Clarissa Williams Feb 7, 1840 Massachusetts Mary C. Brown Nov 27, 1873 Samuel and Mary J. Brown George L., Homer D., Watson, 
Frank A., Ella, Ralph 
and Myron
HERPOLSHEIMER Frederick 31---Denton Christian and Anna Herpolsheimer May 16, 1838 Prussia Catherine Butz 1865 Mary, Henry, Anne, 
Emma, Lizzie, Frederick, 
Katie, Louisa, Daniel 
and Minnie
1849 1880
REDDISH Adelbert W. 32---Yankee Hill Hiram J. and Eliza M. (Watkins) Reddish May 7, 1842 New York Marian C. Ranney Feb 27, 1867 Ozias and Abigal Ranney Oscar D., and Clarence V. 1879
HORN Theodore ?---Yankee Hill Charles and Hattie (Behines) Horn Apr 28. 1835 Germany Bibiana Klotz Sep 8, 1856 Charles G., Amel, Hattie, 
Theodore Jr., Oscar, Emma, 
George and Otto
1848 1880
AXTHELM August L. 19---Buda Frederick L. and Theresa Axthelm April 16, 1856 New York Minnie J. Hoffman Feb 13, 1879 Andrew J. and Minnie Hoffman Edwin F., Alma, Adelia and Elmer A. 1879
PEART James 3---Denton Edward and Elizabeth Peart Sep 11, 1850 New York Elizabeth Boodry February 1874 Hattie M. 1871
Mrs. Catherine A. Brown
LOOS George P. 15---Yankee Hill Michael and Mary M. Loos Nov 16, 1850 Illinois Elizabeth Sittler Apr 29, 1873 John J. and Anne E. Sittler Anne E., Sarah M., George O., 
Edwin, Oska, Ella C. and Cora E.
KRUSE John 36---Buda Hans and Annie Kruse Feb 15, 1849 Germany Anne Alberts John and Rebecca Alberts Mary, Minnie, Henry J., 
John F., Harry F., Anna R. 
and William H.
1873 1873
SMITH Benjamin 32---Yankee Hill Eli and Eva (Smith) Smith Nov 3, 1840 Pennsylvania Elizabeth Harnish Dec 25, 1866 Daniel and Susanna Smith Eli M., Ida M., Daniel L., 
Marian C., Emma B. and John Q.
SIECK Henry 23/24---Highland Adam and Elizabeth (Gjllen) Sieck Dec 10, 1827 Prussia Eliza Wellner Sep 10, 1854 Frederick and Flazia (Frazier) Wellner John, Henry, Lewis, 
Mary, Elizabeth, Frederick, 
Charlotte, and Frank
LONGTON George ?---Highland George and Mary (Burton) Longton Jan 5, 1818 England Mrs. Sarah Gill Dec 1, 1879 1849
WILTERDINK William 25---Yankee Hill John H. and Christina Wilterdink Mar 15, 1849 New York Caroline Simmons Jul 4, 1874 Henry and Kate (Walker) Simmons James H., Kate, Edna, 
Ernest, Walter, Annis 
and Levi
HALL Luke 7---Denton William and Ann Hall Mar 16, 1818 England Mary A. Barrett June 1841 William 1853 1880
STRELOW Frederick 16---Highland Sep 13, 1836 Prussia Mary Benning Minnie, Lewis, William, 
Mary, Charles, Lewis 2nd, 
Bertha, Robert, George, 
John and Fenton
1865 1874
MARSHALL Edward 11---Denton William and Catherine Marshall May 22, 1836 Indiana Helen E. Couse Aug 18, 1859 John Prudence Couse Anne B., Charles, Harry, 
Hattie, Ida, Edward, 
Pearl and William
WAUGH Joseph W. 15---Denton Abraham and Martha Waugh Dec 25, 1823 New York Diana Woodard 1852
Sarah Martin
Mrs. Margaret Robinson1872 John and Johanna Straight Martha, Maggie, Carrie, 
Edgar, and Albert
HUDDLESTON Thomas 2---Denton George and Elizabeth Huddleston Nov 11, 1855 England Lois Harley George E., Harriet E., 
Herbert E., Flossie D. 
and Edith
1879 1879
HAACK Henry 7---Yankee Hill John and Dora (Miller) Haack Dec 31. 1842 Germany Mary Oalman Sep 12, 1872 George and Dora (Schuldts) Oalman Emma, William, Louis, 
Minnie, Henry, Adolph, 
Dora and Mary
1869 1878
SEVERIN August F. 22/27---Buda John J. and Elizabeth Severin Oct 12, 1860 Iowa Elizabeth Geselman May 24, 1883 Laurens and Susan Geselman Robert R., Clara 
and Arthur F.
GUMAER Charles L. ?---Yankee Hill Elias and Mary (Lewis) Gumaer Dec 3, 1820 New York Martha E. McAlister Sep 15, 1848 John and Eunice D. (Toussley) McAlister 1870
SCHMIDT John ?---Middle Creek Frederick Schmidt Feb 9, 1846 Germany Sophia Honroth 1868 Frederick Adolph and Elizabeth (Tetetohine) Honroth Frederick A., Katy, Carrie, 
Lucy, Clara, Henry, Mary 
and Willie
1847 1871
SHANE Ellis 20---Denton Michael and Sarah Shane Nov 16, 1833 Pennsylvania Angeline Cummings Ulysses G., Sadie, James, 
May, Adelbert, Leonard 
and Angie
MUNDORFF Benjamin F. 33---Yankee Hill David and Sarah (Stailey) Mundorff Jun 23, 1835 Pennsylvania Sarah J. Graham Oct 26, 1865 William M. and Jane (Popham) Graham Florence C., David F., 
William M. and Arthur A.
MC NABB James A. 16---Yankee Hill John and Margaret (Morrison) McNabb Feb 22. 1856 Illinois Antoinette Laughlin March 1881 James and Julia (Smith) Laughlin Hattie B., Ethel, 
Archibald and Jessie
COMPTON Lucius H. ?---Buda William and Mary A. Compton Apr 5, 1845 Ohio 1870
STOCKWELL Joseph E. ?---Yankee Hill Nathaniel C. and Luthera A. (Ricardson) Stockwell Aug 29, 1848 Ohio Lavilia J. Henderson Dec 15, 1869 Gideon and Alice (Law) Henderson Nathan and Lois A. 1882
DIERKS Anton 7---Buda Dierk and Catherine Dierks Jul 14, 1831 Germany 1865
MULLER John G. 12---Highland Jacob and Mary (Beiswanger) Muller Apr 25, 1838 Germany Minnie Herzer Nov 16, 1861 Frank and Sophie (Kesler) Herzer 1855 1869
FINK Philip Jr. ?---Buda Philip and Gertrude Fink Jan 23, 1850 Germany Sarah E. Priest Fayett, Mattie, Gertrude 
and William
1868 1878
STUTHEIT William 29---Centerville Henry and Caroline Stutheit Aug 16, 1855 Iowa Magdalina Spellman Sep 26, 1878 Hon. Henry Spellman Arthur, Earl, Clara, William and Mabel
CHITTENDEN Theodore R. 18---Yankee Hill Nelson and Elizabeth (Nelson) Chittenden Oct 6, 1844 Michigan Catherine Van Ness Charles, Nelson, Willie, 
Cornelia, Clarence and Lena
PREY David E. John B. and Margaret Prey Jun 5, 1842 New York Sarah X. Davis Feb 25, 1872 Reuben and Elizabeth Davis Nina, David and Daisy 1856
HOLLMAN H. 9---Olive Branch Frederick and Fredricka (Wilka) Hollman 1831 Prussia Eliza Kramer Henry Kramer Margareta, Henry, Amelia, 
Fred, Sophia, William, 
Louisa, Emma, Bernhard, 
Lany and Edwin
1851 1865
SUTTON William H. 24---Yankee Hill Henry C. and Elizabeth Sutton Jan 26, 1841 New York Susan A. Hills Jun 10, 1883 Clara 1884
HARTZELL Edwin (Rev) 24---Yankee Hill Peter and Rebecca Hartzell Adelia Taylor Jan 1, 1887 Valentine and Rosie Taylor 1878
OLNEY William C. ?---Denton Washington and Apphia (Cable) Olney Nov 9, 1821 Ohio Hattie Morris Sep 22, 1852 Joseph and Mary (Sweet) Morris Joseph W. 1885
DITTMER Louis 2---Buda Henry and Louisa Dittmer Apr 9, 1862 Mecklenburg Ellen Krause Feb 29, 1888 Carl and Mary Krause
PAYNE Joseph L. 4---Denton Edwin W. and Alice P. Payne Aug 15, 1858 Pennsylvania Harriet E. Giles Nov 13, 1883 James and Harriet Giles Alice H., Edwin J. 
and Walter
SCHMUTTE Henry 36---Centerville Henry and Christina Schmutte Jan 9, 1854 Prussia Anne Mayer May 1877 William, Henry, Eddie, 
and Herman
1871 1871
Minnie Meyer May 17, 1887
FOSTER William H. 2---Centerville Wilder and Mary Foster Dec 12, 1834 Ohio Isabella D. Cambridge September 1854 Willie (adopted) 1878
EXLEY Alfred R. 29---Yankee Hill Rev. Henry and Mary Exley Aug 22, 1855 England Ella J. Small Feb 27, 1878 Albert and Mary Small 1866
ELFELDT Charles 9---Buda Frederick and Sophia Elfeldt Oct 1, 1832 Germany Sophia Schultz   William, Herman, Louisa, 
Otto, August, Matilda 
and Emile
1857 1868
HAASE Frederick 7---Yankee Hill Frederick and Louisa Haase Jan 2, 1828 Germany Dora Leist   John, Henry, Frederick, 
Aaron, Frank, William, 
Louisa, Minnie and Dora
1854 1877
WILSON Alexander G. 9---Middle Creek James and Betsy (Spears) Wilson Jul 14, 1831 Kentucky Eliza Kirtly November 1857 Jefferson and Frances Kirtly   1881
  Johanna Wright Nov 11, 1885 James Wright  
HEIDECKER August 27-Buda Christian and 
Barbara Heidecker
May 15, 1860 Iowa Mary Krapp Nov 1, 1887 Joseph and Elizabeth Krapp   1869
BUHMANN Hans J. 2-Buda John J. and 
Catherine Buhmann
Oct 5, 1846 Germany Anne Beckmann May 6, 1888   1869 1876
GILES James 12-Denton William and 
Elizabeth Giles
Feb 19, 1835 England Harriet Claridge   Harriet, Emily, Frederick, 
Herbert, William and Nellie
1868 1875
MITCHELL Henry F. 34-Centerville John and Maria Mitchell Oct 25, 1845 Ohio Alice C. Buel Jan 1, 1868 Edwin and Lavina Buel Sailey B., Clyde E., 
Clinton and unnamed baby
LUCKE Frederick 26-Buda Louis and 
Charlotte Lucke
1851 Prussia Mary Severin Mar 13, 1873 John C. and Elizabeth Severin Amanda, Clara, Emil 
and Richard
1867 1871
GRIFFIN Lewis 16-Centerville Edward and 
Harriet (Lewis) Griffin
Dec 29, 1855 Iowa Laura E. Crenshaw Jan 30, 1876 W.T. and Sarah E. Crenshaw Cora, William T., Samuel F., 
and Laura A.
BIERSTEDT John H. 12-Buda John H. and 
Anna Bierstedt
May 1, 1838 Germany  
SMITH Adam R. ?-Yankee Hill Eli and Eve Smith Dec 27, 1833 Pennsylvania Mary Shinefelt Oct 25, 1854   Jacob E., Catherine, 
Flora C. and Bertha M.
  Sarah Bateman Jan 4, 1877 John and 
Christina (Hollar) Bateman
SEVERIN John H. 26-Buda John C. and 
Elizabeth Severin
Dec 22, 1844 Prussia Margaret Clasen   Lora, Rosa, Emile, 
Alfreda, Lydia and Pauline
WALLINGFORD Richard   Jan 20, 1819 Ohio Eliza Allen Jan 11, 1844 John and Alancy (Smith) Allen Jane, John A., Mary 
and James R.
KRUEGER Lewis 16-Centerville Frederick and 
Elizabeth Krueger
Feb 2, 1823 Prussia Elizabeth Winch   William, August, Margaret, 
Paul, Elizabeth, Hannah, 
and Lena
1849 1869
KRUEGER William 24---Centerville Lewis and Elizabeth Krueger Feb 3, 1858 Iowa Helena Meyer   Lewis, John and William   1869
KRUEGER August 13---Centerville Lewis and Elizabeth Krueger   Iowa  
ABBOTT James B. 1---Denton Edward and Jane Abbott Feb 13, 1829 England Ann Gates Sep 20, 1853 Francis and 
Charlotte Gates
Frank E., Harry, Ann, Edward, 
Gertrude N., Ruth, John, 
Lotta M., and James B.
1871 1871
FREYE Henry 22---Centerville Ernest H. Freye Apr 8, 1828 Germany Elnorah Shaffer March 1844 Adam and 
Gertrude Shaffer
Catherine, Mary, Eliza, 
Henry, William, Frank, 
Matilda, Lena, Emma, Ida
ALBERS Henry 32---Centerville Henry and Martha Albers Jul 17, 1855 Germany   1856 1865
CHARLES Timothy J. 16---Yankee Hill David J. and Ann Charles Feb 5, 1841 New York Mary M. Horn   Rev. W.S. Horn Artimo J., Herbert H., 
Ernest H. and Edward
SLAWSON Earl 3---Denton Jesse and Rachel M. Slawson Oct 26, 1841 Illinois Cordelia M. Brown Aug 24, 1862 Vivalda and 
Aura T. Brown
Viletta, Loretta L., 
Carrie B., Earl R. 
and Rosella
HUDSON Edward T. ?---Denton William and Mary Hudson January 1832 England Hannah Holgate   Edward S. and Walter W. 1853 1868
HARLEY John 3---Denton Christopher and Epsibbey Harley Oct 10, 1841 England   Elizabeth, Louisa, Eliza, 
Abbie A. and Robert
1869 1877
STEFFENS John B. 6---Buda Bernard and Helen Steffens Dec 27, 1842 Germany Eliza Dittmer   John H., Herman L., William F., 
Louisa M., Helen and Bernard
1870 1872
CASTOR John W. 16---Middle Creek Paul and Eleanor (Hinline) Castor Oct 19, 1837 Ohio Sophronia E. Potter Apr 4, 1861 Josiah and Mary A. (Mills) Porter Rosetta N. and Curtis H.   1873
UPHOFF Evert M. 21/28---Highland Frank and Kazena (Miners) Uphoff Oct 9, 1866 Illinois Ida Hayem Nov 6, 1887   Reakey   1870
MOFFETT Robert H. ?---Denton George B. and Margaret E. Moffett Apr 27, 1849 W. Virginia   1879
WALLINGFORD James A. 25---Yankee Hill   Ohio Celia Miller 1875 H. B. Miller Vere O., Mabel R., Eunice E., 
Richard J. and Grace I.
FAULKNER Henry J. 32---Yankee Hill Russell and Nancy Faulkner Jan 7, 1844 New York Mary F. Van Ness Dec 20, 1866   1883
EGGER Albert 34---Centerville John and Mary Egger Jan 14, 1856 Switzerland Mary Lesoing Oct 25, 1885 Frank Lesoing Leon J.F. and Maggie 1866 1871
BERRYMAN Frederick 10---Denton Job and Wilmot (Reynolds) Berryman May 7, 1836   Eliza Hocking   Frederick, Anne, Richard, 
Minnie, Bertha, John, 
Joseph, Howard, Eddie
Job, Anne and John
1854 1876
HAGGERTY John 27---Middle Creek George and Hulda (Myers) Haggerty Mar 28, 1854 Ohio Lizzie J. Kemp Mar 7, 1878 Peter and 
Eliza M. Kemp
Pearly and Mabel   1881
HOMER Peter 35---Yankee Hill John and Eliza (Linard) Homer Dec 20, 1829 Pennsylvania Mary Emerick 1860 Sarah E. 1881
Melinda Pierpont 1865
MOTT Elgin E. ?---Middle Creek Aden and Paulina (Lossing) Mott Jun 30, 1849 New York Maria Harris 1871 Alvin and 
Margaret Harris
Jessie and Florence 1880
Jane Murdy 1884
SWISHER Joseph H. 2---Middle Creek Joseph and Anna (Funkhouser) Swisher Apr 29, 1841 Virginia Sarah Funkhouser April 1877 Joseph and Christina Funkhouser
MUNDT Frederick (Fritz) 5---Olive Branch Frederick and Mary (Basdan) Mundt Jan 11, 1858 Germany Dora Roock Feb 27, 1879 Ferdinand H.C.F. and 
Wilhelmina D.T.M., Henry C., 
Carl F. and Alvena L.
1868 1868
BUELOW Charles 7---Yankee Hill Joachim and Dora Buelow Feb 14, 1836 Germany 1862 Ricca, Dora, Lizzie L., 
George, Charles, Anne, 
Minnie, Frederick and Lotta
1862 1877
BAKER Lewis 1---Centerville Adam and Margaret Baker Jan 20, 1826 Ohio Nancy J. Dunwoodie October 1850 Winfield S., and Amanda
BURGESS Joseph 18---Yankee Hill Joseph and Keziah (Howe) Burgess Aug 28, 1859 England Anne Beeley Shilton Sep 12, 1883 William and Anne (Beeley) Shilton Joseph, William, Anne and Harry