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Volume Two, no. 3
Winter 1980

Vol 2, no. 3, page 114 - Winter 1980
Douglas County, NE, 1885



Abstracted by: Diane Hatfield Korten from the "Official Atlas of Nebraska, 1885" showing
Platte Valley Twp., Elkhorn Twp., Jefferson Twp., Union Twp., Florence Twp., Saratoga Twp., Waterloo Twp., Chicago Twp., McCardle Twp., West Omaha Twp., Omaha City Twp., Millard Twp. and Douglas Twp.

Winter 1980    -   114


Vol 2, no. 3, page 115 - Winter 1980
Douglas Co., NE., 1885 Cont'd

R-9-E,T-16-N         R-13-E,T-15-N            R-11-E,T-15-N    R-13-E,T-16-N        R-9-E,T-16-N  
S.1-S.D.#42          S.5-S.D.#38              S.9-S.D.#28      S.28,29,21-Florence  S.11-S.D.#8
S.9-S.D.#51          S.3-S.D.#2               S.14-S.D.#25     S.28,29,2l-S.D.#5    S.11-Elk City P.O.
S.23-S.D.#23         S.19-Catholic Cem.       S.20-S.D.#48     S.8-S.D.#21          S.8-S.D.#35  
R-12-E,T-16-N        S.30-S.D.#6              S.36-S.D.#39     S.35-S.D.#49         S.31-Valley P.O*  
S.18-S.D.#52         S.30-Cem.                R-10-E,T-15-N    R-12-E,T-14-N        S.31-Valley S.D.#33  
S.30-S.D.#30         S.34-S.D.#3              S.10-Waterloo    S.9-S.D.#18          S.28-S.D.#22  
S.8-S.D.#47          Omaha City Twp.-S.D.#l   S.10-S.D.#44     R-11-E,T-16-N        S.26-S.D.#47  
S.10-S.D#20          S.33,34-South Omaha      S.10-Mill        S.16-Bakesley P.O.   R-11-E,T-14-N  
S.34-S.D.#7          R-12-E,T-15-N            S.8-S.D.#15      S.16-S.D.#26         S.8-Union S.D.#2  
S.34.-Irvington P.O. S.12-S.D.#9              S.29-S.D.#24     S.16-Summerhill      S.5-S.D.#36  
S.25-S.D.#29         S.8-S.D.#16              S.27-S.D.#14     S.23-S.D.#44         S.9-S.D.#45  
S.12-S.D.#32         S.8-Irelands Mill        S.35-Cem.        S.36-S.D.#4          S.1-Millard S.D.#17  
R-10-E,T-14-N        S.24-S.D.#46             S.25-S.D.#13     S.36-Cem.            S.1-Millard P.O.  
S.8.-Union S.D.#3    S.21-S.D.#19             S.13-Cem.        S.2-S.D.#54          R-13-E,T-14-N  
S.3-S.D.#12          S.27-S.D.#31             S.11-S.D.#10     S.29-S.D.#27         S.8-Cem.  
                     S.26-Cem.                S.12-Elkhorn P.O.                     S.9-cem.  
                                                                                    S-3,4-South Omaha     

Douglas County 1885 Farmers:

STOLTENEERG, Hans H.-S.10; T16, R12       HUNTER, H.M--S-17; T16, R11              R0HWER, Hans-S-19,24; Tl5, R11  
RITCHIE, Thomas-S.13,14; T16, R12         OSBORN, Wm.-S.7,17; T16, R11             BLUM, John-S.26,27; T15, R11  
OLSEN, John-S.26; T16, R12                JOHNSON, Hans-S.32; T16, Rll             S0HL, Justus-S.36; T15, R11  
NIELSEN, Rasmus-S.23, 25; T16, R12        DENKER, Henry-S.20; T15.R11              MCDONELL, Jno.-S.31 T15, R11  
REDMAN, D.P.-S.32; T16, R13               BULL, Joachim-S.21,28; T15, R11          BOCK, Eggert-S.29; T15, R11  
SOHL, Conrad-S.35,36; T15, R11            SIEVERS, Claus-S.15; T15, R12            GANS, Geo.-S.4,33; T15, R11  
GLANDT, Peter-S.14,15,22,23; T15, R11     STUHR, M.-S.14,23; T15, R12              BLUM, W.A.-S.4,5; T14, R12  
HANEY, James-S.11; T15, R11               REED, David-S.24; T15, R12               BLUM, Ferdinand-S.9; T14, R12  
REES, Claus-S.10, 15; T15, R11            DOLL, Frederick-S.23,24,26; T15, R12     PICKARD, Orin W.-S.25; T15, R12  
R0LFS, James-S.10; T15, R11               ALLEN, Elijah-S.19; T15, R12             DAVIS, Mrs.ELizabeth-S.35; T15, R12  
KLINKER, Henry-S.10; T15, R11             SCH0MER, Henry-S.18; T15, R12            DICKINSON, H.N.-S.5,8,9; T14, R10  
HOERATH, Michael-S.11; T15, R11           GEHL, Asmus-S.7; T15, RI2                KELLY, J.B.-S.5,8; T14, R10  
NEWHAUS, Henry-S.2; T15, R11              CROSSLE, Henry W.-S.8,17; T15, R12       ELSTON, W.R.-S.17,20; T15, R10  
RASMUSEN, Erik-S.9; T15, R11              MCGARVEY, Thomas-S.17; T15, R12          MCCLENEGHAN, Samuel -S.26,27,34,35;
HAMANN, Max-S-9; T15, R11                 ERNST, Henry-S.16; T15, R12                 T16, R9  
WITTE, August-S.5,8,9; T15, R11           LEWON, Wm.-S.16; T15, R12                DONNELLY, Wm.-S.13,14,23,24; T15, R10  
ANDRESEN, John-S.8,9,16; T15, R11         STUBEN, Jno.-S.7; T15, R13               REEVES, Preston-S.1,2,9,11,12; T14, R10  
DINSDALE, Robert-S.33; T16, R11           WEIR, Laurence-S.1,6,10,11; T15, R12     AYE, John-S.25; T15, R10  
LOGEMANN, Fred-S.34; T16, R11             MERMAN, Conelius-S.8; T15, R12           BERGGREN, N.B.-S.6,5,7,8; T14, R10  
NELSON, Hans-S.23; T16, R11               EICKE, Henry-S.21,22,27,28; T15, R12     MCLAUGHLIN, James-S.22,32; T15, R10  
HANSEN, I.-S.16; T16, R11                 GLISSMANN, H.C.-S.28; T15, R12           CARLISS, F.W.-S.4,9,14,15,16,28,33,34;  
OFT, Claus-S-14,15,23; T16, R11           ROHWER, C.-S.29; T15, R12                   T15, R1O,   
BANZ, Peter.S.11,14; T16, R11             CLAUSSEN, J.-S.30; T15, R12              NOYES, Isaac-S.21, 27, 28, 34; T16, R10  
GOTTSCH, Chas F.-S.3; T16, R11            JENSEN, C.A.-S.7; T15, R13               BRYANT, John-S.15, 22, 23; T16, R10 M. R10  
BLAKESLEY, J.H.-S.16; T16, R11            SHEELY, Jno. M.-S.7; T15, R13            APPLEBY, Thomas-S.14; T16, R10  

Winter 1980      -115-


Vol 2, no. 3, page 116 - Winter 1980
Douglas Co., NE. Farmers, abstracted from "Official Atlas of NE., 1885" Cont'd

APPLEBY, W.R.-S.24; T16, R10               MILLER, Andrew-S.29,32; T15, R11  
APPLEBY, James-S.15,22; T16, R10           DENKER, Chris-S.28; T15, R11  
GILST0N.Geo.W.-S.11,14; T16, R10           GLANDT, P.N.-S.27; T15, R11  
TURNER, W.R.-S.9,10; T16, R10              BULL, Chris-S.21,22,27,28; T15, R11    
WHITNEY, Omar-S.4,8; T16, R10              LINK, Harvey M.D.-S.2; T14, R11  
WOLCOTT, O.A.-S.3,4,5; T16, R10            HOREIS, Herman-S.3,9; T14, R11   
GRAY, H.A.-S.2; T16, R10                   TRUELS0N, Henry-S.3,9; T14, R11  
KEPLER, Daniel-S.2; T16, R10               SIERT, Mark-S.9,10; T14, R11   
PHILLIPS, Geo. D.-S.11; T16, R10           PLAMBECK, Geo.-S.32,33; T15, R11  
                                           KARSTENS.Henry-S.4, 5; T14, R11  
ASKWIG, A.E.-S-26,35; T16, R10             PLAMBECK, Joachin-S.5, 8, 9; T14, R11   
H0PPER, Cbas-S.4; T15, R10                 RATHMANN, Hans-S.32; T15, R11  
THOMAS, V.H.-S.1,2,5,12; T15, R10          SCHROEDER, Fred-S.5,7,8; T14, R11  
NIEL, Conmd-S.33; T16, R10                 ROHWER, Chas-S.6; T14, R11  
NOYES, J.P.-S.32; T16, R10                 MANGOLD, Peter-S.13,24; T16, R11  
WILCOX, L.H.-S.2; T16, R9                  ISHAM, D.T.-S.7; T16, R12  
BYARS, H.-S.11,14,23; T16, R9              TIMPERLEY, John-S.7,8; T16, R12  
MITCHELL, James-S.24; T16, R9              R00T, Allen-S-34,35; T15, R12  
MILLER, J.J.-S.6,31; T16, R10              0TTE, Eggert-S.27; T15, R12  
REID, John-S.31, 35; T16, R10              WIESE, John-S.3; T14, R12  
WILLIAMS, J.M.-S.20,21,28,29; T16, R10     MILLIUS, F.D.-S.8,10,11,14; T14, R12  
PATRICK, Andrew-S.25; T16, R10             PAMP, C.E.-S.2; T15, R12  
BAlDWIN, Dr. Cyrus-S.25,26; T16, R10       KNIGHT.A.B.-S.28; T16, R12  
JOHNSON, Eli-S.20,21,30,32; T15, R10       TIMNE, H.C.-S.25; T16, R11  
EMERICK, John-S.10,20,21; T15, R10         WILKE, Henry-S.25; T16, R11 T16   
MELT0N, Luther-S.5.6,7,8; T14, R10         HEIDE, Wm.-S.36; T16, R11  
DEERSEN, Mrs.Cathren-S.19,30; T15, R11     DILLON, Sidney-S.6,31; T15, R11  
DOUGLAS, R.W.-S.30; T15, R11               LEBBERT, J.J.-S.12,23; T15, R11  
RANDOLPH, D.F.-S.32; T15, R11              WOLLESEN, Thomas-S.2; T15, R11  
                                           WINTERBURN, Henry-S.1; T15, R10   

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