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Photo Identification: Douglas County


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Ralph Thomas Osborn Family

A-B: Ralph Osborn (name written on back of left hand card), by inference, father of Ralph Thomas Osborn, Jr.
postcard embossed, "A surrounded by a wreath".  C:  speculation Ralph T. Osborn & Eunice Christiansen as of 26 Aug 1913

Ralph Thomas Osborn Junior, age 12 months & 2 weeks


S. F. Christiansen Family

Three young women, back of postcard blank
Post Card: Eunice, Ruth and girl. Eunice writes of Ruth having her hat tilted, probably woman on right.

Post card: addressed to Miss Emma Christiansen 3350 South 19th Omaha.  No stamp so possibly
never mailed.  Dated Oct 26, 1912, Elko, Nevada.
Saltair Beach, Utah
1. Ernest Wilson, 2. Eunice Osborn, 3. Esther Ahbesk?, 4. Mrs. F. Wilson, 5. Lola Finley, 6. Harriet Smith


Farming on the Prairie

Two men, two teams with colts, plowing sod
Family at harvest: two men, one woman, one girl, two boys, large dog.


Jorgensen family?

attempt at transcription:
Tyore Mrs. Jargensen
lrer sender jeg Dig mogle pone
Anosgter ogsoo en Tyierlig Tliloen ?
Eder Alle fra
Din Altsbengiune Anna genren
here vel


uncertain: Omar Tornsby

Left picture of young man: Written in ink on bottom right corner is a possible name:
Omar Tornsbre?
Omaha 4/9/-12

addressed to S. F. Christiansen, 3350 So. 19 Street, Omaha, Neb.; mailed from Fremont NE, Sep 28 1912.

This post card message in Danish
Fremont 27/1912
Kaere Oucel in Faute!  Modtaget Eders Brev, det var jo kedeligt Y.  ikke knude konnie jeg havde
end da Automobilen paral for Eder.  Konnier Y pass Loudag?  Lad mig vide narupere. 
Wenligst Eders, Nevo Albae.

1st translation:

Kære Oucel up to date Faute! Received Eders Letter, it was why dull Y. no knot konnie i had than
when The automobile parabola by Eder. Konnier Y out of date Loudag? Lazy me know narupere.
Wenligst Eders Nevo Albanian.

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Unidentified men

Two unidentified men, back of post card


Unidentified wedding photo





A. Unknown couple; B. possibly Ralph T. Osborn & Eunice Christiansen (26 Aug 1913); C.  uncertain couple, just comparing, shadow angles are similar in B & C

Man up a tree??


Unknown man


Unknown Man

? Church exterior

? Church interior


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