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Douglas Co. NEGenWeb 1997 Query Postings: January-March  

Dorothy Sargent 1 Jan 1997
Searching for information on Jesse (Jessie) L. CHANDLER who married Emma Philomean PINAULT in Omaha, Neb in 1906. Emma died in Colo, Springs in 1948. In her obit. it listed as survivors a sister Mrs A.A. BECKMAN of Omaha, Mrs John STILES of Grand Island, Neb. and a brother, Joseph A. PINAULT of St. Petersburg, Fla. Would appreciaate any information you may have.

Trish Rempe 8 Jan 1997
I am searching for any information on the parents and siblings of WARREN B. FRANKLIN. He was born in Huron County, Ohio on September 20, 1839 and died in Omana, NE on August 19, 1904. He married JOHANNA McCARTY (later spelled McCARTHY) on July 14, 1864. I believe that his parents and siblings may have moved to California. The Franklin and McCarty (McCarthy) families lived in Washington and/or Douglas Counties.

Chase Binder 9 Jan 1997
Looking for any info on Joseph Lucina or Lacina and spouse Anna Shotsky both born Bohemia, lived and died near Omaha around the turn of the century. Parents of Josephine Lucina (Lacina) b. Nebraska (prob Douglas Cty.) 31, May 1894.

Sally Roland 9 Jan 1997
My father was adopted in 1921. He was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa on July 17, 1921 and was adopted by Claus Heindrich and Alwilta Belle Dreesen Dreesen of Omaha. I would like to find out if there is any information available on my father or his parents, adoptive and birth. I am interested in their family histories as well as their medical histories. Please contact me if you have any ideas about where I can locate some information about them. Thank you!

Audrey G. Risser 10 Jan 1997
Trying to contact family members of William E. GRISSINGER. Had 3 known children: Ruth, Jean, and William. Do not know William's wife's name. They were living at 4020 Burt St.,W, Omaha NE in 1931. If anyone can give me even a clue I would be very grateful. Please e-mail me!

Barbara Rose Ackley 10 Jan 1997
I am seeking information on CAROL LUNDBECK who was living on Cass Street in Omaha, NE in 1968. Can anyone help me locate CAROL or any of her family? I would like to exchange information with CAROL on our PA ancestors. Any suggestions would be gladly accepted.....thanks!

Bill Sweet 12 Jan 1997
I'm looking for info on Sweets and their descendents that moved out to nebraska around 1870. Looking for death date and additional information on William Henry Sweet born around 1832 in New York State. Raised in NY, OH, and MA, he moved out IL betw. 1850 and 1860. Came back to MA for a short time, and is 1870 census of Maple Precinct, Dodge County. Was living there as well in 1880 with wife Narcissa (Keith) and children. Had children Hattie M. (b. cir. 1858), Emma (b. 1858), Susan A.(cir 1861), Alice Belle (b. 1863), William F. (see below), Carrie L and/gertrude (1868) Jessie L. (1872), Clarence Dell (1876), and Lena Addie (cir 1879) William H's son William F. Sweet, born 1865 in Williamstown, MA or Readsboro, VT, moved out to Lincoln after 1880, and I'm trying to find out what happened to him and his children. A 1900 census of Lincoln shows a William F. Sweet with wife Bertha (b. NE 1868) and daughters Imo (not sure about the handwriting on that one)(b. 1889), Hazel A. (b. 1893), Esther G.(b.1895),and Echo (b. 1898). In another branch of the family, I'm looking for a Minnie L. Sweet, b. 18 July 1863 in readsboro, VT, who married a George Eckles and was living in Omaha, NE in 1940.

Joan Wieser 12 Jan 1997
Am researching the Anton FANGMAN, Sr. family. Wife, Caroline; son, Anton, Jr. born Baltimore, MD; daughter, Josephine born 1868 in Louisville, KY; son, Ferdinand; daughter, Mary; son, Joseph all supposedly born in Omaha after 1868. Father Anton, Sr. cigar manufacturer by trade. Stayed in Omaha until 1878 then moved to Humphrey, NE. Have lots of records from there. Looking to confirm births and hopefully city directory or some proof of their time spent in Omaha. Any help greatly appreciated.

Terence Kelley 13 Jan 1997
**OSTRANDER**KELLEY**MRASEK**SEDLAK***HENDERSON***FAST*** Hazel OSTRANDER and Vincent F. KELLEY moved to Omaha/Plattsmouth from Colorado and bought a bowling alley in 1940. I am interested in contacting all cousins that would like to learn the Ancestry back to Wisconsin, NY, Illinois, Colorado and Ireland. Terence Kelley

Chase Binder 13 Jan 1997
Looking For info on Joseph and Anna (SHOTSKY) LUCINA OR LACINA, parents of Josephine (born 31 May, 1894). Also Anton DWORAK and Donta KALAS parents of Anton Jerry Dworak, born 8 Feb 1890 in Bohemia, married in Omaha 18, Nov 1914 to Josephine LACINA.

Dorothy Sargent 20 Jan 1997
Searching for information on CHANDLER and PINAULT families. Jesse Lawrence Chandler married Emma P. Pinault on April 17,1906, in Omaha. Awitness at the wedding was a C.W. Chandler. Jesse and Emma had a daughter Lucille. The family moved to Colo. Springs, Colo in 1913. Would appreciate any information on this family.

Inez Jackson 21 Jan 1997
Am looking for an obituarty for Julia Mae (Owens) Lane who passed away on March 21, 1951. Thank you Inez

Betty Morrissey 26 Jan 1997
Would like any infomation on the MORISSEY in the Omaha area. I only know one and that would be my husband's grandfather his name was Charles C. MORRISSEY he had several children one of them being my husband's father who was William Charles MORISSEY that married Lois GARRY. My husband name is Patrick MORISSEY. Thank you for any help ythat you can give me.

Barbara Harvey 10 Feb 1997
I am seeking information on Cyrus W. HARVEY (B: 11/11/1861, Indiana - D: 11/15/1951, Los Angleles)) and his spouse Caroline UNLAND (B: 7/18/1867, Minnesota, D: 3/4/1940, Los Angeles). Married in 1886 somewhere in Nebraska. I am seeking their marriage place and date. Children of this union: Ethyl - B: 2/1887; John, B: 11/24/1889 in Dewitt; Clarence, born 10/16/1892 in Dewitt; Eleanor, born 6/5/1899, Nebraska; Amelia born 8/15/1902. This family resided in Lincoln, Plymouth and Superior. Cyrus was a banker. I would like to share information.

Kaylynn Loveland 16 Feb 1997 [updated 8/25/2003]
STODDARD--STOTTERN--VINCENT: Looking for any info. on these names. My grandfather, William Henry Stoddard changed his name from Stottern (lived in Omaha from 1919 to 1931). His father, John Stottern married Martha Vincent. Both John and Martha are buried in Lincoln, NE. John died in 1892 and Martha died in 1934. This came from a bible belonging to Blanche Stottern, who lived in Lincoln in the late 1980s.

Lydia (Strubbe) Gardner 17 Feb 1997
I am looking for any information on any STRUBBE that settled in Nebraska. Most settled in Indiana after coming from Germany...except for Henry STRUBBE Sr., who left Indiana around 1874 and headed for Nebraska. Henry STRUBBE was married to Sarah COLTMEYER (or KAULTMEYER) and they had Laney, Louis, Elizabeth, Frank, Amelia, and Ida. Louis STRUBBE was the youngest, born in the fall of 1872 in Indiana, but his obituary was seen years ago by a relative in a Nebraska paper. Last year, a letter from a STRUBBE from California arrived and was inquiring about family history. Her mother was adopted by a Louis and Ollie STRUBBE along with other children (Frances, Jack O., and Edna Marie)....she went on to state that her mother married her adopted cousin Floyd William STRUBBE, son of Harold and Anna STRUBBE. I am trying to find anything on any STRUBBE in Nebraska. Would appreciate any info ! Lydia (Strubbe) Gardner PO Box 692

Mary Ann Tantillo Mon Feb 24 08:19:33 1997
Would like to obtain the obituary of Jane LUCID who died in December 1995. She is probably buried at St. Mary's Cemetery.

Steven Charves 26 Feb 1997
Looking for information on the Mangiameli family. Cirino MANGIAMELI and his wife Guiseppa (FANCUILLO) Mangiameli arrived in the U.S. in the latter 1800's through Ellis Island. We do not know the date that they arrived but know that they were born in Carlentini Sicily and it is believed that there are still relatives that are living there. We believe that Cirino's parents name's were Sebastian and Carmella and to the best of our knowledge they remained in Sicily, probably in Carlentini. Cirino and Guiseppa had the following children; Sebastian Jack, Samuel and Helen. The last name was changed to MANGIMELLI sometime after the four children were born in the beginning of the 1900s. Cirino,he may have been called Charles, his brother Joseph and sister's Francis and Mary, we believe all came over to the U.S. at the same time. Cirino worked as a railroad carpenter and retired the same. Guiseppa (FANCUILLO) Mangimelli was a housewife at that time. We believe that they both died in Omaha, but are not sure of the date. The four children: Jack, Samual, Sebastian and Helen all born in Omaha. Helen's married name is Caniglia. Jack and Sebastian have since passed away. Cirino and Guiseppa are my wife's father's grandparents and any information about them would be greatly appreciated.

Jan Fortado 15 Feb 1997
A HENRY BECKFELDT died in Omaha in September 1985. I am trying to find out if he had a wife, Mary Burns Beckfeldt. Perhaps a city directory or a death record might be of help. There are so few Beckfeldts in the U.S. At present they are only in Nebraska.

John Hamernick 30 Jan 1997
I am looking for Vaclav (James in English) Hamernik and his wife Mary Devoky.

Ray Johnson 31 Jan 1997
Looking for info on William H. MILLEN, enlisted @ Omaha 1861, served Co. G First Neb. Vol., marr. 1866 Dover, New Hampshire, d. 1910 Dover, NH. Father was Richard (or Henry?) Millen. Mother was Grace MARSHALL. Don't know why he was in Neb. His daughters listed his birthplace as Scotland and NH. Any help, clues, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Johnita P. Malone 31 Jan 1997
Would like to correspond with descendants of George Newton REED, b. 20 Nov 1862, Marion Co., OH., d. 24 May 1939, Jewell Co., KS., (while visiting relatives), buried in Omaha, Douglas Co., NE., m. Florence M. MCFALL, b. c1858, d. bef 1927. Lived also in Keokuk Co., IA. Some of their children were Oscar S., Alta, Jesse, Lois, James, George N., Jr., Earl J., Ernest, Glen.

Debbie Lee Jensen 7 Mar 1997
Looking for any information on a child born in University Hospital in Omaha Nebraska on March 19,1978. Name given at birth was Leasa Kaye Jensen. She weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. The doctor who delivered her was Dr. Cummings. Believe to have been adopted through the Mormon Church in Omaha Nebraska apx. 3 months after her birth.

Mark Kleinhans 16 Mar 1997 updated email 3/2003:
Winters Quarters 1846-1848. Seeking the names BEEBE, REED, ROCKWELL. Jacob L Rockwell b. abt 1846 Nebraska Territory. Possibly son of Orrin Porter Rockwell and Luana Hart Beebe. What records are available for Winter Quarters?

Barbara 19 Mar 1997
Looking for any information on the name LINDHARDT in Omaha around 1940s. He was married to Alpha Beatrice GALLANT. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Bob Kunkel 24 Mar 1997
Looking for information on the REEDY family of Douglas Co, NE.

Kathleen Nichols 28 Mar 1997
HAYES--O'BRIEN marriage ca.1875-1877. Nebraska, possibly Douglas Co. or surrounding counties. William HAYES, marr. Elizabeth O'BRIEN .......Thomas Matthew HAYES b. 26 May 1878, Omaha Nebraska. My G.father Thomas was firstborn, Dollie Josephine Hayes b. Dec. 1880 Nebraska. marr: Delmar RHINO. Seeking marr. recds ..correct date for William HAYES & Eliz. O'Brien. Eliz had 8 children, 5 lived.

Martin Lundstrom 31 Mar 1997
Information on S.(Sven?)Johnson, run over by a train in South Omaha in January 1887.(newspsper article, Obit?). He was about 37 yrs old, born in Sweden, and came to Omaha from Marshalltown, Iowa between 1884-1887. His wife Marie Johnson died in August 1887 in Omaha.(Obit?) At the time of their deaths there were 4 living children ages about 1 yr to 6yrs. Martyn Johnson (b.20 April 1884, Marshalltown, Iowa, d. 7 July 1956, Colton, Oregon) was adopted (date unknown) by Swan August Lundstrom and his wife Josephine Lundstrom of Oakland, Nebraska. I would like any information about the other three children. Martyn (Johnson) Lundstrom married Ollie C. Swanson in 1907 in Oakland, and moved to Portland, Oregon.
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