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Douglas Co. NEGenWeb 1997 Query Postings: July-October

David A. Overturf Wed Jul 2 17:24:12 1997
I would like to know as much as possible about a John SWANSON, and his genalogy, who was the registered father of a baby girl born to him and an unidentified mother in Omaha, Nebraska on April 27, 1907. We believe the baby girl was given up for adoption shortly after she was born to a Frank and Ana WESTERING of Edgar Nebraska through the agency of the Lutheran Church. If my assumptions are correct that baby girl was christened Thera Lucile WESTERING in the Presbyterian Church in Edgar and later married Wendell Allen OVERTURF and had two boys, David and Stephen of which I am the eldest, David. All we know about the birth of Thera is what is listed in the " Registry of Births" for the city of Omaha:
1.) Date of birth: April 27, 1907.
2.) Father's name: John Swanson.
3. )Sex: Female.
4.) Recorded: April 27,1907.
5.) Place of birth: 1607 Maple, Omaha.
6.) Father's nativity: Swedish.
7.) Father's occupation: Inspector at post office.
8.) Mother's name: Unknown.
9.) Mother's nativity: Swedish
10.) Reporting physcian: F. C. Bishop
Any help in locating information concerning or references to John SWANSON and/or the mother of the baby Thera, who I suspect of being my biological grand parents, would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Milam Sun Jul 6 20:58:49 1997
William MILAM, his wife, Elizabeth CASE MILAM and their children Joseph, (Francis) Frank, Martha Ellen, Mary Emma and George Bennett lived in Greene County Indiana in the 1820s. They left in 1832 and lived in this area around 1850. George is my Great Great Grandpa. If you have any info on the MILAMS in this area please contact me. Thanks for the help. MIKE MILAM

Sue Hess Sat Jul 12 08:47:47 1997
SCHREIBER I am seeking information and/or contacts on Charles J. SCHREIBER b. 1844 in Germany d. 14 Jul 1892 in Maywood, IL and buried in Omaha NE. I know he had a daughter May SCHREIBER b. aft 1870. Any information would be appreciated. Sue Hess 1513 15th Ave Monroe WI 53566.

Russ Czaplewski Sat Jul 12 09:41:43 1997
ZAKRZEWSKI Seek info on Joseph F. (b. 1871 in Detroit; d. after 1940 according to Omaha voter registration records). Wife, Mary, died between 1910 and 1916. Children: Anna (Mrs. GREENE); August (d. in U.S. Navy in 1923); Rosa (Mrs. ANDERSON); and Frank. Joseph and Mary were married in 1897.

Russ Czaplewski Sat Jul 12 09:44:11 1997
CHURCH RECORDS Seek someone familiar with baptism, marriage and death records for Immaculate Conception Catholic Church at 2708 S. 24th in Omaha. My relatives were members of the parish in the 1880s to early 1900s. I do not live in Omaha and could use advice on these records.

Kathy Williams Thu Jul 24 20:38:29 1997
Looking for any information on the family of Claus BLASSE.His family lived in Bennington in the early 1900. They came from Germany around 1906.

Sheri Iamele Sat Jul 26 16:00:53 1997
WOOLLEY Stites Wooley lived in Sweard. Many family members buried in Seward. Seraching for information on Stites descendants and also his brothers and sisters. Two descendants are JOHN VICTOR WOOLLEY who lived in Omaha and his sister, MARY WOOLLEY OLSON, wife of HOWARD OLSON. They may have also lived in Omaha (Douglas County). All three were born this century. John and Mary WOOLLEY are children of VICTOR and FREIDA WOOLLEY. Especially interested in their whereabouts and contacting them for family information.

John K. MacPhee Fri Aug 1 06:18:24 1997
Need photographs of graves in Omaha: West Lawn Cem. Conrad ZOELLER or ZOELLERN West Lawn Cem. Caroline SCHNEIDER Forest Lawn Cem. Emma F. ZOELLERN

Patt Izydorek Sun Aug 3 14:15:32 1997
I am looking for info on Timothy Guy PHELPS (b. 1856) married Margaret DAWSON on 8-21-1879 in Omaha. Later married Helen HAUDBINE, about 1885. He is the son of Oliver J.PHELPS (d. in Omaha, 1896) and Sarah SEDELL PHELPS (d. in Omaha 1913)

Nancy Ellen Robinson Tue Aug 5 21:01:45 1997
Looking for descendents of Levi and Susan (ROSS) MURRAY. Levi died 1899 Perry, OK. Susan died 1898 Omaha. Both buried Laurel Hill Cem in Omaha. Known descendents: Lillian Dohrse, Mabel Kunce, Jennie Sterling, Levi Burt, Arthur D, Walter H, Ralph, Charles, Edom, Dennis and Edison.

Joyce Payne Gibbons Tue Aug 5 18:39:52 1997
I'm looking for the family of Herbert PAYNE and Anna Pflug Payne. Anna was born in Germany, dates of birth and death unknown. Frederick was born in England, dates of birth and death unknown. They had at least two children that I am aware of, one named Frederick, born 11/27/1989 or 1890 who died on 3/21/1919 and a daughter named Alice, dates of birth and death unknown. Unknown if there other children. I don't know who Alice married, but I believe she had at least 3 children, Arlen, Frances (born 9/8/1914) and Iris. Frederick married Leona Pearl DECKER and they had Ivan Robert PAYNE. Frederick died and Leona married Lloyd Walter SEAVER and gave birth to two more boys, Hugh SEAVER and James SEAVER. I'm looking for any background on any of these names.

Marjorie Reynolds Sun Aug 10 15:14:28 1997
I am looking for Lawritz Christian JENSEN's parents, syblings. He was B. Oct 25 1848. I know he immigrated from Aalborg, Denmark in the Spring of 1889. His father's name was Jens LARSEN. Mother Karen. Karen died in Omaha, Neb 1891. He had 2 brothers (Neils and Andrew) and 2 sisters (Marie and Senna) came to Omaha,Neb ahead of him. I have extensive names of Lawritz children and his wife's family (Annine Christina ANDERSEN). They went to Omaha, Neb first then they homesteaded in Kearney County 1889. He died in Lincoln, Neb June 1906, but was buried in Minden area. We can't find his grave site. Children born at Minden: Andrew Jensen, William Jensen, George John Jensen, Aster Elizabeth Jensen (KAPPEL). We have contact with Annine Christina ANDERSEN's family. They are the FLYGER's out of South Dakota. The contact is clear back to Denmark. We know that Christina's sister, Ardiane Margarethe married Neils RASSUMESON in Lincoln, Neb. Johan Ludvig Andersen was Christine and Ardiane brother. He homesteaded in Candian County Oklahoma. Lawritz Jensen's family we have no contact.

Inez Jackson Sun Aug 10 12:34:16 1997
Would appreciate hearing from anyone who might be doing research on the surname of PFEFFER in Douglas or Sarpy Counties. Thanking you in advance Inez

Thomas Chapo Sr. Wed Aug 13 1997  Home Page
CHAPO, CARROLL, KOMAR, FUTO I am researching the ancestors of Julia MEGYER CHAPO a long time resident of Omaha in the first half of this century. One of her daughters, Mary, married James A. CARROLL (b 1 Aug 1909, d 28 Jan 1995) in Omaha and they lived there in the 40's and 50's. Around 1913/1914 Julia married Andras KOMAR and they had a child that died as an infant. Andras (Andy) died suddenly in that time period and Julia later married Alex FUTO probably in late teens or early twenties. Any information on these individuals, their ancestors, or families would be appreciated.

Sandra McEowen Tue Aug 12 1997
I am looking for information on William/Wilhelm C KOLBE. He ran a meat market and resturant and later a bakery in Omaha. The first dates I have is 1888. The address 1812 S 13th and 315 S 20th. His wifes name was Catherine AYE. I understand that there is a building in Omaha with the KOLBE name on it. That address could be on Leavenworth, California, Web. Vinton streets. They seemed to move around a lot.

H. Andrew BROWN Sat Aug 16 1997
RIORDAN { } Seek contact with descendants of: John Steward RIORDAN b.7 MAR 1870 IA d.4 NOV 1955 Omaha NE

P.M. Morris Mon Aug 18 06:26:47 1997
Looking for any info on Otto WILDE and Frederick WILDE family who lived in Omaha, NE during the 1880's, Thanks

P.M. Morris Mon Aug 18 06:15:08 1997
Looking for marriage record for Charles Irving MORRIS wwho married Minnie WILDE on 27 Oct 1887. Morris attended typographical union apprentice program in Omaha. Thanks

Martha Wagele Sun Aug 17 19:03:28 1997
JACOB and ESTHER RAVITZ immigrated from Russia to Omaha in 1888. Their children's names were DAVID, DAISY and SAMUEL RAVITZ. I am trying to find any information about my Great-grandfather, David's, family.

Cynthia L. Gresham Tue Aug 19 06:56:47 1997
Looking for info on Doriss DAVIS circa 1947, in re Cynthia Lew Davis

David T. Green Mon Aug 25 11:48:07 1997
Would like to make contact with any person researching the LARSON Family that lived in Omaha, Nebraska during the 1870's and 1880's. More specifically we are looking for Maybell Tyrina Larson (b. 1879) and her sister Dottie Drusilla Larson (b. 1882). Their parents were Walter K. LARSON and Harriet Jones HOLT Larson (b. about 1840 - 1842). Following the death of Harriet in about 1888, these girls were temporarily raised by their half - sister Luella Holt of Omaha. After Luella Holt died, the girls were placed for adoption at a Catholic Orphanage in Denver, Colorado, by their half-brother Homer Alonzo HOLT. Any information would be great appreciated.

Lance Mon Aug 25 22:03:24 1997
I am looking for decendants of Emil F. KRANDA and his wife Kathryn GISBURG. They were both born in Germany and lived in the Omaha area. they had a large family and Emil was the son of Wenzel KRANDA. If you have any info on the Kranda family of this area, would love to talk to you. Thank you. lance

lance Mon Aug 25 22:07:44 1997
Looking for decendants of William OKEEFE and his wife Margaret SHUMNE or SHUMMY. They lived in the Neb area around the 1910-20 time frame. They had a large family. William was born in Mo. with his father born in Ireland and mother in Mo. Margaret was born in Mo, with her parents born in Austria Germany. If you have any info on the OKEEFE family, would love to hear from you. Lance

Elizabeth Dolen Deihl Tue Aug 26 13:43:28 1997
Seeking info on Mary B. COFFEE DOLEN (DOLAN). My info states she b. 1 July 1830 NY., wd of William Bernard DOLEN, d. 27 April 1897 in Omaha, bu. Red Oak, IA. Their chrn: Bernard b. 1851 NY. Thomas, John, Kate 1st wife of George HALL, Sue b. 1860 Omaha and 2nd wife of George HALL and Jane. Any info on any of these people will be greatly appreciated.

Sandy Campbell Sun Sep 7 07:40:29 1997
Looking for descendents of Lillie, Pearl, Hugh, and Charles H. HARPER (born 1882), including names HANSEN, Robert LAWSON, INGRAHAM, and NEELY. Thanks.

Tom Zornes Tue Sep 2 20:02:02 1997
I'm looking for information on my maternal grandparents. I have a photograph of my grandfather Jamed Franklin BOOTH taken by Geo. Rifenbugh around 1892 in Orleans. My information shows he was born on July 11, 1879 in Orleans. The son of John Oliver BOOTH who may have served in the Civil War. There were 3 brothers: David, Louis and John and a siste Jorgia.

Geri Peterson Sun Sep 14 00:52:19 1997
Am looking for info. on John Newton COREY (born app. 1842). Married Mattie THORNTON, date unknown. She died in Osage City, MO in 1871. He then married Eliza J. OWENS. In app. 1887 John & Eliza came to Omaha, NE. John died in Jan 1893 in Omaha, and Eliza died in Omaha in 1899. If you have any info. please contact....

Kathy Koepp Wed Sep 24 19:11:01 1997
Trying to locate the death date of Curtis WALLACE born about 1841 in Gallia OH. Curtis lived in Ottumwa IA and was a brakeman for the railroad. He was killed by being crushed between 2 railroad cars in Omaha NE about 1880. Would also like any newspaper articles on the accident, an obituary, or any information on this accident.

Laura Sullivan Wed Sep 24 22:44:44 1997
Looking for information about Peter (Pierre) HARNOIS who married Sarah Holcomb BOURBANNIS in 1841 in Omaha and for four of their children born there: Rose Harnois b. 1842, John Harnois b. 1844, Peter Harnois b. 1846, and William Harnois b. 1848.

Penny Stewart Sun Sep 28 19:47:42 1997
STEWART: Looking for any info related to the STEWART family residing in Crawford, Dawes County in or around 1889. Robert Z.b 10/24/1851 in Fremont Co. Iowa,sp Emma Belle Cornoyer GORDEN b 10/14/1863 Knox Co. Indiana. Their children were Jenny,Clarence Frances b 1/14/1889 in Crawford, Florence b 3/1891, Robert Leroy b 6/20/1893 in Omaha, Thomas Earl b 3/1898.

JOHN L NEWMAN Tue Sep 30 1997
Looking for info on a GEORGE NEWMAN b)oct 1868 in New Jersey, marrried ORA ANNA RODGERS. She was born in Iowa. They move to Neb. were they had 5-6 kids. All the kids were born in Omaha City Neb. starting in 1889. The childrens names are GEORGE JR.,JEAN, CLAUDE, FRANK, MELBURNE. The last Melburne is my grandfather he grew up and moved off to Utah and then Calif. Would appreciate any info on the above family members. Willing to share info.

Daniel A Norgard Thu Oct 2 16:29:56 1997
Any information or antecdotes on Peter Christian NORGAARD/NORGARD or his family. They were in the County from about 1890 to the present. Thanks!

John K. MacPhee Fri Oct 3 08:26:52 1997
Seeking information on SCHMOLLER of SCHMOLLER & MUELLER Piano Co. listed in the Omaha City Directory of 1915.

Gary L. Elias Fri Oct 3 21:35:43 1997
I am looking for info on Rosa MADDOX,Omaha,Ne.

Bob Price Tue Oct 7 18:01:50 1997
I'm trying to locate the marriage records of Bernice Lasley WOOD and Jacob WOOD in either 1925 or 1926 in Douglas County. I know they lived in Douglas County at the time but can't find a marriage record at the Douglas County Courthouse.

Kelly Sat Oct 11 12:32:42 1997
I would like to know what happened to Adelaide MARCY PECK after 1894. That entry in the Omaha City Directory was the last record I have of her. She seems to have disappeared. Adelaide MARCY was the daughter of Stephen B. and Charity MARCY and was born in 1850 in Adrian, Lenawee County, Michigan. Her husband was John Sears PECK with whom she had a son named Willis T. PECK. Adelaide moved from Adrian to Omaha by the mid to late 1870's.
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