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Fred & Eva Burston Rogerson of Omaha

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A collection of old photographs, found in abandoned house about 30 years ago.

Fred & Eva [Burston] Rogerson apparently had a house in Orlando, Florida in the '20s, and probably stayed there, because that is where I found the pictures. But they also lived in Omaha earlier in the '20s, which is why I'm sending them around to you. I would be happy to find anyone related to them, or anyone who knew them. I'm guessing they had no children, since I found no photos of them with children, and the photos I did find had been abandoned. I've become rather attached to the photos and to Fred and Eva, and would like to find out anything about them. Fred had a brother named Bert, who I think lived in England, so maybe Fred was English. There are a lot of photos taken in Germany and some postcards written in German, so possibly Eva [Burston of Deadwood SD] was German. Anyone who has any information can get in touch with me at Rhonda Keith

Breaking news: A story in the Deadwood SD Lawrence County Centennial, Nov 9, 2000:



These portraits are of Fred and Eva Rogerson in 1907 and 1908, but I don't know where they were taken. However, at some point Fred received cards from his brother addressed to him at Bee Publishing Co., Omaha, and also at 2017 Chicago St., Omaha. I don't know if Bee Publishing was on Chicago St., or if that was the home address - a picture of a house in Omaha (?) will come in another e-mail (see page 3).

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1999, 2000 for NEGenWeb Project Photo Album, T&C Miller