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Fillmore County, Nebraska

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Nebraska State Gazetteer
Business Directory & Farmer List
for 1890 and 1891
J. M. Wolf & Co., Publishers
510 Paxton Block
Omaha, Nebraska 1890

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Milligan, a station on the Stromsburg and Fairbury branch of the U.P. R.R., in the southeastern part of Fillmore County, five mile from Tobias, the county seat (sic). Population 250.


Name of establishment or Business Person

Type of Business

Bernasheck V & Co

General merchandise

Bulin & Kottas

Agricultural implements

Chase W

General merchandise

Davis L E & Co


Gibbs T

Station agent

Halky Bros


Koba A V

General merchandise

Kottas & Co


Kunce J


Mingle K


Perlin H G

Flour mill

Placek F A

Hardware, agricultural implements

Porter H G


Williams J M


Zeast Wm



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