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Death of Minnie Sieckmann

The Nebraska Signal

October 31, 1918


News arrived here last week of the death of Miss Minnie Sieckmann daughter of the late William Sieckmann. The past 4 years she has made her home most of the time with her sister Mrs. J. C. Williamson of this place. During this time she made frequent visits to Lawrence to visit her mother, Mrs. Thomas Jicha. She always enjoyed her visits, but would express a desire to return to Ohiowa, which was natural since this was her childhood home. On the last visit about 2 months ago she seemed perfectly happy and contented. The only worry she had was taking the dreaded Spanish influenza.

The disease was contracted in the family. Minnie being the fourth member who developed it. She was taken ill Sunday before her death. Her illness did not seem serious, but bronchial pneumonia followed the influenza causing her death within four days on October 24, 1918.

Miss Minnie Marie Sophie Sieckmann was born June 13, 1895 and was baptized June 30 of the same year. She was confirmed by Rev. L.T. Traubel at the East Lutheran Church on Palm Sunday in 1911.

She died October 24, 1918 at the age 23 years, 4 months and 11 days. Her body was brought from Lawrence on Saturday October 26 for burial at the cemetery 1 mile sough of the East Lutheran Church by the side of her father who died in 1905. The usual services were conducted by Rev. J. A. Bahnsen. The pallbearers were: Arthur Most, Henry Bahe, Bennie Matthies, Albert Weber, John and Lou Bornschlegl.

She leaves to morn her death, her mother and step-father Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jicha of Lawrence, four brothers William, Frank, Arthur and Irvin, two sisters Mrs. J. C. Williamson and Miss Mollie and many other relatives and friends.

She will be sadly missed especially in the home of her sister, Mrs. Williamson. She was always cheerful and pleasant to those about her.