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Fillmore County, Nebraska

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Nebraska State Gazetteer
Business Directory & Farmer List
for 1890 and 1891
J. M. Wolf & Co., Publishers
510 Paxton Block
Omaha, Nebraska 1890

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Ohiowa is situated on the DeWitt and Holredge branch of the B.M.R.R., in the southeastern part of Fillmore county, 15 miles from Geneva, the county seat. It has a population of 600, and is growing rapidly, upward of 50 buildings having been built thus far during the first half of 1890. The Farmers Bank of Fillmore county, with a capital o $25,000, and the Bank of Ohiowa, capital $10,000, are the financial institutions of the place. The two elevators have a capacity each of 20,000 bushels. The products of a large district of country find their way to this point for shipment. A fine opera house, with a seating capacity of 400, has been built and equipped. Also, a fine graded school building, which cost $5,000. Among the building constructed during the past year were three churches—Methodist, Baptist, and German Lutheran, at an aggregate cost of $3,700. The enterprising newspaper of the town, the Ohiowan, has a circulation of 700.


Name of Establishment or Business Person

Type of Business

Arlington House

B F Bothwell prop

Averill Bros

general merchandise

Averill S F

livery, sale and feed stable

Babcock & Co

hardware, harness

Bank of Ohiowa

capital $10000 A F Clemons pres; R L Clemons cashr

Bothwell B F

prop Arlington House

Bothwell H W

general merchandise

Buchmeier W F

agrl implements

Bunce W E


Caspers F

watch repairer

Clark & Gillespie


Clemons A F

pres Bank of Ohiowa

Clemons R L


Conner & Corbin

real estate

Corp Wm

meat market

Curran J M

agrl implements

Duncan Neil

lumber and coal

Enslow C C

general merchandise

Enslow Mrs M A


Farmers Bank of Fillmore County

capital $25000, D P Abbott pres, L J Dunn vice pres, C C Conner cashier, R A Harvey asst cashier

Farmers Protective Eleavator Assn

John A Hollister, manager, grain

Fitzer M C

furniture, undertaker

Folden, C H


Forbes J W


Fulton & Whitman

flour and feed

Gregg & Leet


Grone Miss PA


Hasterlick I Joseph


Hayes Mrs M E


Krisl Frank


Larimer H E

editor and pub; The Ohiowan

McGee Dr T J


McLaughlin Hugh


Matson Wm

livery, boarding and sale stable

Myer & Wertz


O'Boyle J

prop Commercial Hotel

Ohiowan (The)

H E Larimer editor and publisher

Patterson & Holloway


Quinlan & Mathews

paints, oils, etc

Reed Mrs C A


Riddle Wm

station, tel and ex agent

Sieckmann & Taylor


Smith James


Tyner & Averill

watches, clocks

Walker JM

carriage painter

Woolam J G

meat market

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