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Last updated:  02 January, 2015

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If you would like to share your old photos please send a scanned image to me and I will be happy to post to the website.  I am posting old photos of my Fillmore County relatives and friends.

People with a connection to Fillmore County

Photos of Fillmore County Sites

Betty Storey's Fillmore County Photos

These photos were donated to the Fillmore County GenWeb site by Betty Storey.  If you can identify these photos please contact with any information at all about the people, schools or businesses.  Several of these pictures were taken by Clarence D. Camp of Geneva, Nebraska.  He generally went by C. D. Camp.  Read more about Camp Family.

More photos from Betty Storey

These photos were in the same collection, but are from other studios.  They may or may not be from Fillmore County, Nebraska.  If you have any idea about the identity of the people or places please e-mail

Some of the photos in this group were taken by two photographers who traveled in their own pullman train car.  They would travel where the train went and would photograph residents where the train stopped.  They would deliver the images on a later trip through the area.  Read more about railroad photography studios --- one of the companies was Wilson's Railroad Photo Car and the other was Palace R. R. Photograph Studio

  • Bailar Sisters - Photo taken by Wilson's Railroad Photo Car; Identified by John Peterson; whose great-grandfather, Christian P. Peterson lived with the Bailar family.  The girl on the right is Virginia Estella Bailar.  John Peterson was able to provide some additional photos of Virginia Estella Bailar.  Additional photos shown below:

  • Unidentified Man - Photo taken by Wilson's Railroad Photo Car

  • Unidentified Couple - Photo taken by Palace R.R. Photograph Studio

  • Unidentified Couple 2 - Photo taken by G. R. Neil's Art Studio of Fremont, Nebraska

  • Seated man - Photo taken by Clements of Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Unidentified man - Portrait taken by Clements of Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Woods Bros. New Store - No identification on front or back of photo

  • School - no identification on front or back of photo

  • School - this is probably a school, but could be a factory; no identification

  • Three unidentified men - this is a tintype; there is no identification


Schools in Fillmore County


The following photos were donated to this website by Jennifer Faust nee Styskal, who was raised in Fillmore County, Nebraska.


Unidentified Photos of Fillmore County People from Collection of Emma Janousek Slepicka

The following list of photos was donated by Sharon Lawrence of Austin, Texas.  She said that the photos are from a collection held by Emma Janousek Slepicka, wife of Emil Slepicka.  Some are pictures of Emma's brothers Ed and Joe, her sister and brother-in-law, Agnes and Ed Stastny.  Others are of her Eret relatives.

If anyone can identify please send the following information and the caption to Sharlene Miller in an e-mail and I will label the photo and move up in the list above with photos of people who are identified: 

Fillmore County Rootsweb, website address, your name and e-mail, photo ID number, caption.

Stastny Album

  • Pic009 - unidentified woman

  • Pic010 - someone has written Ed Stastnys on photo

  • Pic011 - Mrs. Baunse [?] and Agnes Stastny

  • Pic013 - may be Edward Stastny [?]

  • Pic017 - someone has written E.J.Z.

  • Pic039 - family on haywagon and haystack

  • Pic063 - man in military uniform with woman

  • Pic066- man and woman in front of house

  • Pic295 - picture of well of some kind - may be digging for irrigation [?]

  • Pic324 - Edward Stastny, Center - basketball photo

Erets, Janousek & Others:

  • Pic077 & Pic116- 2 girls in front of wooden house

  • Pic078 & Pic109- family in front of wooden house

  • Pic128 - another family in front of a house

  • Pic142 - 2 ladies in front of mountains

  • Pic208 - group of children in front of lake or pond

  • Pic312 - large house with 4 people on porch with cat

  • Pic326 - group in front of dam

  • Pic008 - girl - photo taken at C. D. Camp, Geneva, Nebraska

Unidentified Photos of Fillmore County People


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