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FRANKLIN County, Nebraska UPRR 1890 Gazetteer


Originally Published by:
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publisher, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890.
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by M. M. Wolfe & Co,
in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Bloomington--County Seat

Abrahamson And, Campbell
Abrams J C. Willcox.
Adams Jack N, Upland
Adams W T, Upland
Ahlstrom A, Hildreth
Aiken A, Franklin
Alto John, Riverton
Ackers A F, Naponee
Alberts Albert, Hildreth
Alberts Rolff, Hildreth
Allen Ehtan, Franklin
Allen Ira M, Riverton
Almonrodi A R, Naponee
Almquist John, Hildreth
Alroe Peter, Bloomington
Alwine Jos, Bloomington
Amidson Ben M, Riverton
Ammon C. Ash Grove
Ammon G, Ash Grove
Amou Henry, Franklin
Anderson Allen, Moline
Anderson And, Campbell
Anderson A B, Upland
Anderson Aug, Hildreth
Anderson A W, Hildreth
Anderson Carl, Hildreth
Anderson Carle Campbell
Anderson Chas, Hildreth
Anderson C. J., Campbell.
Anderson Christ, Upland
Anderson C L. H ildreth.
Anderson John, Upland
Anderson J A, Campbell
Anderson J A, Riverton
Anderson N. Riverton
Anderson Otto. Upland
Anderson P.R., Campbell
Anderson S, Hildreth
Andrews A E. Rush
Ash Peter, Riverton
Ashby J B, Ash Grove
Austin E L, Franklin
Aultz Geo, Campbell
Aultz Wm G. Riverton
Averhoff A M. Riverton
Averhoff Will, Riverton
Babb Wm, Hildreth
Backander John A, Macon
Bacon Chas, Moline
Badenhop Herman, Wilcox
Baggs C F, Hildreth
Bailey O G, Bloomington
Bailiff LS, Franklin
Baker Danl, Franklin
Banks S M, Franklin
Bannister C, Bloomington
Bannister C C, Bloomington
Bannister H M, Bloomington
Barnes B W, Naponee
Barnes Homer, Upland
Barnes Samuel, Naponee
Bartley Chas, Naponee
Barney John E, Campbell
Barry J, Bloomington
Bartlett Wm H. Campbell
Bashford G H, Bloomington
Bashford John I, Naponee
Bates John, Naponee
Bates Wm, Blomington.
Baumgart R, Bloomington
Baxter Chas, Rush.
Baxter Oscar. Ash Grove
Baxter Wilson, Franklin
Beach A. Ash Grove
Bear John, Bloomington
Bear Wm. Bloomington
Beard B W, Hildreth
Beard J A, Hildreth
Book Andrew, Riverton
Back H W, Upland.
Beek R C. Franklin
Beckwith N D. Hildreth
Beherns S G. Macon
Beitel A G. , Moline
Beitel E. F., Moline
Bell William. Hildreth
Bell Wm. Rush
Bendel M, Naponee
Benging John, Riverton
Bengston Peter, Naponee
Benoit A J, Franklin
Benson Andrew, Upland
Beason Louis, Upland
Bentel George , Macon
Berg Andrew, Rush
Berger Napoleon, Campbell
Berger Narcissso, Campbell
Bergmann John, Hildreth
Berry R H, Naponee
Bettiss L R, Bloomington
Betts N C, Bloomington
Beyen Habbe, Ash Grove
Billiar Adam, Wilcox
Billiar Jacob, Wilcox
Billiar Reinhart Wilcox
Billings D F, Bloomington
Billups J L. Ash Grove
Billups J W, Ash Grove
Billups W O. Ash Grove
Binger Christian, Hildreth
Binger H O,. Hildreth
Binger John, Hildreth
Binger Ottoman, Hildreth
Bingham H E, Naponee
Bisley James, Naponee
Blackburn Chas, Moline
Blackburn John, Ash Grove
Blackledge J, Bloomington
Blake W S. Franklin
Blandin O J. Macon
Blank Heero T, Macon
BlankThomas, Macon
Blanka O H, Naponee
Bliss R F, Riverton
Boldt Frederick, Wilcox
Bollands Richard Franklin
Bond E L, Bloomington
Bond Thomas. Bloomington
Bonham J D. Riverton
Bonny W T, Naponee
Boswell C Y. Naponee
Boswell J H, Naponee
Botker William , Riverton
Boutin Joseph, Campbell
Bower F M H, Naponee
Bowers J D, Naponee
Bowers Michael H, Franklin
Bowers Wm W, Riverton
Boyd A C, Moline
Braden S N. Bloomington
Brauns George, Upland
Breaulte Cyril, Campbell
Brebner Will, Ash Grove
Briggs Wm, Franklin
Brill M A, Riverton
Brislin Jerry, Franklin
Brooks R E. Riverton
Brown James A. Riverton
Brown John H, Riverton
Brown J W, Campbell
Brown Samuel B, Campbell
Brown S M, Macon
Brown Wm Bloomington
Brown Wm, Franklin
Bruce A J. Riverton
Bruce Stephen, Upland
Bruette Leon, Campbell
Braumlaugh J, Franklin
Brumlaugh J C. Franklin
Brunk John, Hildreth
Brunke Conrad, Campbell
Brunke Henry, Campbell
Brunke J C, Campbell
Budlong C E, Campbell
Buno E J. Riverton
Burch Andrew, Campbell
Burns Charles F. Riverton
Burns John Riverton
Burnes C V. Riverton
Burrows B J, Campbell
Burrows D. Franklin
Burt Bery, Campbell
Burton John, Macon
Bush A H, Naponee
Butcher William Hildreth
Butenshoen Claus, Franklin
Butenschoen H, Franklin
Butterfield F, Bloomington
Butterfield J L, Bloomington
Butterfield S P, Bloomington
Byerly B H, Bloomington
Byerly Levi. Bloomington
Cahill John, Franklin
Campbell B S, Bloomington
Carl Wm, Franklin
Carlson AV, Hildreth
Carlson CA, Upland
Carlson Henry Franklin
Carlson S, Macon
Cameron R F, Hildreth
Carnaham J M, Riverton
Carney James, Bloomington
Carpenter F B, Hildreth
Carpenter G W, Hildreth
Carpenter H, Hildreth
Carpenter Jas, Wilcox
Carroll J F, Ash Grove
Carskadon John, Hildreth
Carter Fred Franklin
Cavannnaugh James, Franklin
Chaffee Geo, Franklin
Chagnon Frank, Campbell,
Chamberlain J, Campbell
Chambers G W. Moline
Cham bers Thos, Moline
Channon Andrew, Campbell
Channon J, Campbell
Chapel I, Naponee
Chapman A V, Riverton
Chapman J H, Franklin
Chapman J W, Franklin
Chelson James, Naponee
Chesholm J M, Ash Grove
Chesholm J Jr., Ash Grove
Chesholm J Sr.. Ash Grove
Chesholm Sam, Ash Grove
Chesholm WM, Ash Grove
Chitwood C A. Campbell
Chitwood J A, Franklin
Chitwood J J. Campbell
Chitwood Orson Franklin
Choqquette Arth, Campbell
Choquette Cred, Campbell
Choquette D, Campbell
Choquette Japhet, Campbell
Choquette Joseph, Campbell
Choquette Roch, Campbell
Christenson, Christ, Upland
Christline Henry, Franklin
Clapp Benj, Bloomington
Clapp Wm J. Campbell
Clark C R, Franklin
Clark F B, Wilcox
Clark G O, Ash Grove
Clark J, Riverton
Clark S L, Franklin
Cleaveland SG, Rush
Cobb Geo, Upland
Coburn G E, Bloomington
Cochran J F, Franklin
Cochran W D. Bloomington
Coleman A, Riverton
Conkling Chas, Franklin
Conkling Clinton Franklin
Conkling J Jr., Franklin
Cook Montford Campbell
Coulter S J, Bloomington
Cowles S C, Rush
Crilly Hugh, Riverton
Crilly McKee, Riverton
Criswell Saml, Franklin
Crittenden W W, Franklin
Crocker Jacob, Wilcox
Crocker John, Wilcox
Crocker Jos, Wilcox
Croft M., Naponee
Croley I. Naponee
Cronmell E M. Wilcox
Crosby J D, Campbell
Cross C E. Riverton
Crosset E., Bloomington
Crossin C M, Franklin
Crouch M A, Bloomington
Crouse C W, Naponee
Crow Chas, Hildreth
Crow Oliver M, Hildreth
Cudigan John, Ash Grove
Culver Jas A, Riverton
Cummings J F Wilcox
Cummings R F, Riverton
Cummings W G, Riverton
Cyr H V, Franklin
Dahl Erix, Hildreth
Dake C J,. Riverton
Dalrymple S L, Franklin
Daniels A C, Campbell
Davis A. A. Hildreth
Davis Cassius E, Macon
Davis, C J, Franklin
Davis John W. Macon
Davis Wm. F, Macon
Davison Wm , Naponee
Day Lew, Upland
Dean Z H, Campbell
DeClercq A M, Moline
DeClercq * L Ash Grove
Defree Harman, Macon
Delano D H, Bloomington
Delano J E Bloomington
Delhante Jos, Campbell
Delimger, M J, Rush
DeReese Albert, Ash Grove
Derrow J, Ash Grove
Detlefson, Thos, Riverton
Detrick Depue, Upland
Detrick Hiram, Upland
Diedricks, Chas, Rush
Diener, H, Macon
Dix J G, Franklin
Doening August, Moline
Doher Michael, Franklin
Dollow E O, Bloomington
Dorman H, Macon
Douglass, C H, Bloomington
Douglass Cyrus, Naponee
Douglass H L, Bloomington
Douglass J O Bloomington
Douglass O N, Upland
Douglass P C, Macon
Douglass R G, Bloomington
Douglass S H, Macon
Douglass S H P Macon
Dow Robert, Naponee
Drager Mick, Upland
DrakeJ R, Riverton
Drummond Frank, Naponee
Dudek John, Campbell
Dunbar C, Moline
Duncomb Frank, Campbell
Duminich S M, Franklin
Dunn J H, Ash Grove
Durand A G, Naponee
Dyhrman J F, Hildreth
Eakin John F, Riverton
Eakin Wm F, Riverton
Eaton Albert, Macon
Eaton E J, Riverton
Eaton Murray, Riverton
Eaton R I, Riverton
Eastman Byron, Campbell
Eastman F O, Campbell
Ebke Henry, Macon
Eckhoff J, Macon
Eden, John, Ash Grove
Eden William, Ash Grove
Eilers Fred, Macon
Eklund Oscar, Hildreth
Elder John W, Riverton
Elley John Jr.., Franklin
Elliott Joseph, Campbell
Elliott W R, Wilcox
Ellis Ira, Riverton
Enos Geo W, Riverton
Erickson Andrew, Rush
Erickson Eric, Rush
Ess John, Bloomington
Etheridge J M, Riverton
Ewing W E, Franklin
Fager Ezra D, Mason
Farley F L, Mason
Farnsworth A, Bloomington
Farquharson John, Rush
Farquharson J S, Rush
Farris Wm R, Hildreth
Felch L M, Riverton
Fields H M, Franklin
Fillmer S, Hildreth
Fish Henry, Riverton
Fish J, Riverton
Fish John, Riverton
Fish Wallace, Bloomington
Fitzgerald C, Bloomington
Fitzgerald James, Franklin
Fitzpatrick W H, Naponee
Flitcroft E S, Moline
Forden Peter, Hildreth
Foster Edward, Bloomington
Foster F, Bloomington
Foster H A, Macon
Fowler C D, Bloomington
Fox Abraham, Naponee
Fraze H, Naponee
Frazinger Peter, Moline
Fratzke G, Ash Grove
Ferichs Weert, J, Macon
Frieden J M, Bloomington
Frieden M A, Bloomington
Frieden M, Bloomington
Fries Henry, Upland
Fuller B F, Riverton
Furbush O B, Franklin
Gaess Joseph, Wilcox
Gale George, Franklin
Galitz Charles, Bloomington
Gaudreault H, Campbell
Ganger Peter, Ash Grove
Garner, W C, Wilcox
Garrett Thomas J, Macon
Garretts C., Hildreth
Garretts C, Hildreth
Garven Fred, Riverton
George S M, Campbell
Gerdes Harman, Macon
Gerdes John, Macon
Gessford J, Bloomington
Gibson W L, Campbell
Gifford James, Wilcox
Gillous A M, Campbell
Gillard Geo S, Naponee
Gillard Samuel, Naponee
Gilleland J H, Upland
Gilmore W M, Bloomington
Gingrich E J, Riverton
Gishweller C, Wilcox
Glaze H S, Wilcox
Glenn J M, Hildreth
Godeker B, Bloomington
Goebel Weinrich, Riverton
Goetz Chas M, Franklin
Goodin John, Naponee
Goodin S B Naponee
Gooding O C, Riverton
Gooddman S L, Franklin
Gooman W L, Franklin
Goodwin J, Bloomington
Gotfriedson L, Hildreth
Gowdy A B, Campbell
Graf A, Bloomington
Graf Henry, Bloomington
Graf J., Bloomington
Grames Jacob, Riverton
Grant R, Bloomington
Graves C G, Bloomington
Gray Bridget, Macon
Gray M H, Macon
Gray Walter, Upland
Gray W S, Franklin
Griswold C A, Upland
Groshong Jacob, Riverton
Grottfeldt Tillman, Macon
Grout James, Franklin
Grover J B, Hildreth
Grove J C, Naponee
Grube Otto, Franklin
Gruben Albert, Campbell
Grum C B, Rush
Grybsky J A, Hildreth
Gschwendtler B, Naponee
Gucker J H, Upland
Gwens C H, Naponee
Habben Elmer, Moline
Hackett Andrew, Riverton
Hackett Thos, Riverton
Hadley W E, Hildreth
Hager Levi D, Bloomington
Haines D L, Franklin
Haines E D, Franklin
Haines I M, Franklin
Hakanson John, Campbell
Hall L W, Riverton
Hall Reuben, Upland
Hall Wm J., Franklin
Hames John H, Hildreth
Hammer P C, Campbell
Hampton J S, Franklin
Hanboldt Gustav, Campbell
Hanner J C, Campbell
Hansberry P M, Bloomington
Hansen Anton, Franklin
Hansen George, Upland
Hansen H J, Hildreth
Hanson Anton, Franklin
Hanson Mark, Upland
Hanson Niels, Upland
Harcom W, Bloomington
Haring Chas, Franklin
Harmes Herman, Hildreth
Harmes John J, Campbell
Harris F W, Riverton
Harris Wm, Wilcox
Harrop A W, Riverton
Hart M, Naponee
Hart N C, Campbell
Harter C E, Franklin
Hartwell W W, Naponee
Harvey R W, Riverton
Hatcher W E, Upland
Hathaway A A, Hildreth
Hatton D E, Naponee
Hatton EE, Naponee
Haufter John Bloomington
Haugh Daniel, Naponee
Haugh David, Naponee
Hayes Mary J Mrs, Macon
Hayes R J E, Bloomington
Hayes S, Macon
Hayley Patrick, Hildreth
Heath D S, Bloomington
Hebb C, Bloomington
Hebert Jules, Upland
Hegarty Wm, Campbell
Heitkotter B, Hildreth
Hemje Fred, Hildreth
Hendricks B F, Upland
Jackson G R, Ash Grove
Jackson J E Ash Grove
Jackson R M. Ash Grove
Jacques Francis Campbell
James C C, Upland
James Charles, Upland
Jameson James, Campbell
Jenken Jordan, Macon
Jenkins Frank, Franklin
Jenkinson C A, Franklin
Jenkinson F M, Macon
Johnson A E, Moline
Johnson A M, Riverton
Johnson A P, Riverton
Johnson D S, Campbell
Johnson F S, Campbell
Johnson G H, Hildreth
Johnson Gustave S, Upland
Johnson Harm, Hildreth
Johnson H C , Naponee
Johnson Henry , Hildreth
Johnson Henry , Campbell
Johnson John, Upland.
Johnson J P, Wilcox
Johnson L E, Naponee
Johnson Neils Jr.. Upland
Johnson Wilson, Naponee
Jonas Joel Naponee
Jones J R, Upland
Jordan T T. Ash Grove
Jordan George Ash Grove
Jordan H C, Ash Grove
Jordan John Ash Grove
Jordan R B, Ash Grove
Joslin Wm Macon
Karr J M Bloomington
Kawelti Jacob, Naponee
Kelley S F, Naponee
Kelley W T, Bloomington
Kelly Joe Upland
Kelso C N Bloomington
Kelso S D, Bloomington
Kelso R N, Bloomington
Kennedy Roger , Riverton
Kepler Wm, Hildreth
Kester Joseph Jr., Macon
Kester Joseph Sr., Macon
Keyser G M, Naponee
Kimberling F, Franklin
Kincaid Thos, Riverton
Kinnell A, Hildreth
Kinney Hames, Campbell
Kinney John, Bloomington
Kinney Madison, Campbell
Kinney Sam, Campbell
Kiplinger E J, Rush
Klawitter, Emil, Macon
Kleber John A, Wilcox
Kleen Herman, Macon
Kleen Alfert, Macon
Knapp O c, Franklin
Kness John, Riverton
Knight S, Hildreth
Knutson K N, Riverton
Koch A, Campbell
Koch Hans D, Campbell
Koch Henry, Campbell
Koch John, Campbell
Koch John H, Campbell
Koehler charles, Macon
Koehler M, Ash Grove
Koth Fritz Jr., Riverton
Koth Fritz Sr., Riverton
Krauss Andrew, Macon
Kreechbaum J P, Franklin
Kugler William A, Riverton
Kwlighn Thomas, Rush
Kylander D, Bloomington
Labert Peter, Campbell
Laipple G F, Ash Grove
Lake B F, Moline
Lambert Chas, Riverton
Lamphear Geo, Franklin
Lands John H, Moline
Landon A M, Campbell
Landon Olef, Mason
Lane Martin, Naponee
Lanning J, Hildreth
Lanning J E, Hildreth
Lanning W F, Hildreth
Laporte Xavier, Campbell
Lapp Jacob, Franklin
Larick M, Naponee
Larick M E, Naponee
Laroe A, Rush
Larraway John H, Franklin
Larraway John W, Franklin
Larrington J R, Franklin
Larrington R, Franklin
Larrington W H, Franklin
Lartoe Nelson, Rush
Laux Henry, Upland
Lawson A P, Franklin
Lawson George, Riverton
Leadwith N, Franklin
LeBlanc Henry, Upland
LeBlanc John B, Upland
LeBlanc Pierre, Upland
Leblanc S, Upland
Lee Edward, Bloomington
Lee G O, Rush
Lenmert D, Bloomington
Lenon Charles, Wilcox
Leonard Andrew, Riverton
Lewis Edwin, Riverton
L'Henreux A, Campbell
L'Henreux E, Campbell
L'Henreux M, Campbell
Light c H, Wilcox
Lightner John, Hildreth
Lightner N B, Hildreth
Lindau Frederick, Locust
Lippstrom A, Wilcox
Liske Gust, Upland
Logan John J, Campbell
Logan Thomas M, Rush
Lommers Jacob, Campbell
Long Geo E, Hildreth
Long J R, Hildreth
Lorain C J, Upland
Lorain John, Upland
Loschen George, Hildreth
Loschen Heil, Hildreth
Loschen Peter, Hildreth
Loshbaaugh J, Riverton
Lueck A, Bloomington
Lueck H, Bloomington
Luckey W H, Franklin
Luke E A, Bloomington
Luke E S, Bloomington
Lundberg Sven, Upland
Lutz Henry, Ash Grove
Lynch Frank S, Macon
Lynch T J, Macon
McAllister J W, Naponee
McCabe J M, Hildreth
McCall L Bloomington
McCartney Thos, Franklin
McCord W F, Campbell
McCoy W I, Campbell
McCracken H D, Macon
McCracken J, Macon
McCrea Colin, Naponee
McElwee Francis, Macon
McFillen E, Franklin
McGuire James, Riverton
McInery John, Riverton
McKenzie Jasper, Macon
McKenzie John, Macon
Magirl T, Naponee
Malte Wm, Franklin
Mancay Charles, Franklin
Marquett August, Hildreth
Marquett William, Hildreth
Marsh Enos P, bloomington
Marsh S P, Bloomington
Marshal Cornelius, Rush
Marshall Lewis, Campbell
Marshall Thomas, Rush
Martin C H, Riverton
Martin Isaac M, Franklin
Martin J H, Campbell
Mary John, Franklin
Mason George C, Franklin
Mason Jacob, Franklin
Mason Thos J, Franklin
Mathews J, Bloomington
Maurer A C, Ash Grove
Mead F F, Riverton
Meader H E, Macon
Meader W W, Macon
Meins Ernst, Bloomington
Melendy Joseph H, Macon
Melendy William, Macon
Menagh R J, Bloomington
Mengs Valentine, Campbell
Michael Christ, Riverton
Miller Americus V, Macon
Miller F H, Ash Grove
Miller G W, Hildreth
Miller Leander, Bloomington
Miller Peter A, Hildreth
Millison G W, Hildreth
Minnick a, Riverton
Miser Lapen, Bloomington
Mitchell George, Naponee
Mitchell W E, Naponee
Moffatt R N, Naponee
Mooney G L, Bloomington
Moore J D, Bloomington
Moore J R, Naponee
Moore J W,Riverton
Moore Thomas, Macon
Moore William, Bloomington
Moore Wm A, Naponee
Moose Harry, Bloomington
Morian H J, Bloomington
Morris Albert, Upland
Morris John, Hildreth
Moser R S, Moline
Moska August Franklin
Motzkes August, Ash Grove
Mumpower L J, Moline
Murphy James, Campbell
Murphy John, Bloomington
Murphy M, Riverton
Murphy T, Bloomington
Murray H, Riverton
Muse J, Bloomington
Muxlow J W, Franklin
Muxlow Thos., Franklin
Muxlow, Wm, Franklin
Muzzy Henry, Bloomington
Muzzy J A, Bloomington
Muzzy Judson, Bloomington
Meyer Andrew, Franklin
Meyers Owen, Hildreth
Neads Joseph, Franklin
Neal John, Naponee
Neal Lacken, Naponee
Nelck F A, Hildreth
Nelck Fred, Hildreth
Nelson Andrew, Rush
Nelson A P, Campbell
Nelson C H, Franklin
Nelson John, Upland
Nelson John G, Macon
Nelson Lars, Rush
Nelson Nels, Hildreth
Nelson Peter A, Campbell
Nelson Poi, Hildreth
Neslon S D, Upland
Nelson W E, Upland
Nelson W F, Upland
Nelsson Charley, Champbell
Norman Geo, Upland
Noyce Grederich E, Rush
Oleson J C, Hildreth
Olson A, Bloomington
Olson And, Campbell
Olson C P, Campbell
Olson Henry, Bloomington
Olson J, Bloomington
O'Niel F P, Naponee
Oppenlander C, Ash Grove
Osborn J C, Hildreth
Osterbuhr Ehme, Hildreth
Osterbuhr John Macon
Osterburhr O E, Hildreth
Ostergaard Christ, Upland
Ostergaard Frank, Upland
Ostergaard Peter, Upland
Oswalt J W, Hildreth
Ott Gustav, Campbell
Ottjes Dirk, Hildreth
Overleese Albert, Riverton
Overleese H, Riverton
Owens Robt, Bloomington
Parkisen Leo, Upland
Paradis Narcesse, Campbell
Parker Clark, Hildreth
Parker J H, Bloomington
Parker Perry, Upland
Parkins C H, Riverton
Parr C, Bloomington
Parr C E, Bloomington
Parr S M, Bloomington
Patrick John, Campbell
Patterson E, Bloomington
Patterson Jno M, Riverton
Patterson L E, Riverton
Paulson C, Campbell
Paulson Swan, Campbell
Pause E, Bloomington
Pearce T C, Franklin
Perry Robert, Campbell
Peters Seber,Hildreth
Peterson Geo, Hildreth
Peterson J E, Campbell
Peterson John, Upland
Peterson Lars J, Riverton
Peterson Lew, Upland
Peterson Peter, Upland
Pfortmiller Edwd, Macon
Pfortmiller Emil, Macon
Pfortmiller Henry, Macon
Phelps E S, Ash Grove
Phelps N D, Ash Grove
Phelps S S, Ash Grove
Phipp Chauncey Franklin
Phipp W S, Franklin
Pickering S S, Bloomington
Pierson N L, Upland
Platt H D, Franklin
Platt Herman, Franklin
Pollard Marsh, Riverton
Pollman Ed, Macon
Polly Sam R, Riverton
Pomeroy Geo, Riverton
Pool George, Upland
Pool Oselus, Upland
Prince Em, Campbell
Puitz Marcus, Franklin
Quadhammer H, Hildreth
Quadhammer J, Hildreth
Quinn James, Bloomington
Quirin Jacob, Campbell
Quirin Z H, Bloomington
Rademacher Gerd, Macon
Rademacher H J, Upland
Ramsay Geo, Bloomington
Ramsay John, Bloomington
Rankin G M, Bloomington
Rapp Anders, Upland
Rapp Gottieb, Riverton
Rapp John, Upland
Rasmussen T, Naponee
Raveling Mrs, Moline
Rawson E J, Riverton
Ray J M, Naponee
Ready A B, Riverton
Ready John, Riverton
Ready R D, Riverton
Reams A J, Franklin
Reams B H, Franklin
Reams B J, Franklin
Reams J I Franklin
Reed E P, Upland
Reed Herbert, Bloomington
Reed L B, Bloomington
Reed O O, Bloomington
Read Wm A, Upland
Reichart Fred, Macon
Reichstein Louis, Campbell
Reid H J, Ash Grove
Red George, Hildreth
Reithmueller Carl, Ash Grove
Reithmueller C Jr., Ash Grove
Reneik Meints, Macon
Rewerts George, Hildreth
Rhoades D W, Hildreth
Rice Daniel, Campbell
Rice J R, Franklin
Rien C O, Riverton
Richmond J G, Riverton
Riddle Samuel, Franklin
Rieck Rudolph, Campbell
Ritchie Joseph, Naponee
Roam G G, Campbell
Robertson David, Franklin
Robertson Levi, Ash Grove
Robertson W r, Naponee
Robinson Henry, Campbell
Robinson L, Riverton
Rodgers James, Franklin
Rodgers Jonathan, Naponee
Roles J F, Hildreth
Roles Reid M, Hildreth
Rosa Edward, Naponee
Rosch George J, Riverton
Rosch Jacob, Campbell
Rose Henry, Naponee
Rose Joseph, Naponee
Rosenthal L, Naponee
Rourk D W, Franklin
Rowe J S,
Rowland C D, Naponee
Rowland J W, Naponee
Rowley C C, Moline
Rowley Chas, Franklin
Rowley C R, Moline
Rowley Parker, Franklin
Rowley R R, Moline
Ruhl Wm, Bloomington
Ruhs Albert, Hildreth
Ruhs Fred, Hildreth
Rundquist John, Upland
Rust Fred, Campbell
Rutt George, Campbell
Rutt Helfrich, Campbell
Rutt Wm, Campbell
Ryckman C, Bloomington
Ryckman J L, Bloomington
Ryckman W J, Bloomington
Sabourin Pierse, Campbell
Sailor Allen, Campbell
Sanborn John A, Macon
Sanger C W, Hildreth
Sanger I M, Hildreth
Sanger John H, Macon
Scarf G H, Franklin
Schackleford R H, Macon
Schaetler Jas Jr., Upland
Schaetler Jas Sr., Upland
Schafer John G, Upland
Schafer Karl G, Upland
Schauer J W, Bloomington
Schaw J F, Upland
Scheibel Carl J, Campbell
Schegg U S R, Bloomington
Schepler Chas, Wilcox
Schepler Fred, Hildreth
Schepler John, Hildreth
Schepler Joseph, Hildreth
Scheunemann J, Franklin
Schimmels A, Naponee
Schmidt Adolf, Campbell
Schmidt John, Hildreth
Schmidt J L G, Macon
Schnoor Peter, Hildreth
Schubert August, Hildreth
Schulke Carl, Naponee
Schulke Chas, Naponee
Schulz Wm, Upland
Schuster Albert, Hildreth
Schwartz Chas G, Riverton
Schwilke Jacob, Naponee
Schwilke John, Naponee
Scribner G L, Macon
Seal James, Macon
Seal Wm, Upland
Sears Sam B, Campbell
Seckman A F, Hildreth
Secrest A, Franklin
Sedig F O, Hildreth
Seech Hermann, Rush
Seybold G W, Hildreth
Seybold G B, Hildreth
Shadduck Lester, Locust
Shaw Geroge, Franklin
Sheffield Ben, Franklin
Sheffield H C, Franklin
Sheffler Sen, Riverton
Shell s, Riverton
Shelly Eli, Hildreth
Shelton M C, Moline
Sherman Amos, Moline
Sherwin W H, Bloomington
Sherwood Wm A, Naponee
Shields B F, Franklin
Shields Peter, Riverton
Shields W B, Hildreth
Shields W F, Hildreth
Shively H, Franklin
Shoemaker T J, Riverton
Shoemaker H, Riverton
Shoemaker S H, Franklin
Shoemaker W A, Franklin
Shriner Louis Jr., Riverton
Shriner Louis, Riverton
Shryock C W, Macon
Shryock J H, Macon
Shupp S W, Bloomington
Sickafoose M, Franklin
Siebken Christ, Hildreth
Siegel L A, Riverton
Siel H B, Riverton
Silvrants A, Campbell
Silvrants James, Campbell
Silvrants P L, Campbell
Simpson John, Franklin
Sindt Emil, Hildreth
Sinzen Hans, Hildreth
Sipes Robert W, Macon
Sjorgren C H, Hildreth
Skiles D S, Hildreth
Skiles G W, Moline
Skiles L B, Wilcox
Skiles Wm C, Moline
Skelling Geo, Riverton
Skupa Thos, Campbell
Slatz Albert, Naponee
Sloan John, Riverton
Smith Chas, Bloomington
Smith Dan, Bloomington
Smith Hiram, Campbell
Smith J A, Naponee
Smith J G, Bloomington
Snyder C K, Naponee
Soker Christ, Hildreth
Soker Christ W, Wilcox
Solmonson Jno, Hildreth
Sorenson Jens, Upland
Spencer N O, Ash Grove
Splettsterer G, Campbell
Spurgeon G R, Ash Grove
Stanslow Jacob, Naponee
Steele John W, Ash Grove
Steen John, Rush
Steinke Gottlieb, Campbell
Steinkruger John, Macon
Steinkruger Wm, Franklin
Stephens H W, Naponee
Stevens A F, Riverton
Stevens S J, Hildreth
Stewart A U, Bloomington
Stickley B R, Naponee
Stinson G L, Bloomington
Stinson J W, Bloomington
Sturgis Robt, Franklin
Stockton J H, Riverton
Stockton R E, Riverton
Stockton Wm, Riverton
Stolting D J, Ash Grove
Stolz Julius, Ash Grove
Stone Geo V, Upland
Stone Peter, Ash Grove
Stouder E, Macon
Stouder J J, Macon
Stover H C, Naponee
Stove Wm M, Naponee
Strangman G W, Bloomington
Stratton W P, Bloomington
Strauss V, Wilcox
Strimple C C, Naponee
Suffecool Frank, Riverton
Suar Rasmus, Upland
Sullivan Jerry E, Riverton
Sullivan M D, Riverton
Summer D E, Bloomington
Sutton Chas E, Macon
Sutton S C, Franklin
Swart S S, Macon
Swedlund Jno R, Upland
Tanguary A F, Bloomington
Taylor A C, Riverton
Taylor Geo, Naponee
Taylor J, Franklin
Taylor R D, Franklin
Taylor S J, Riverton
Tecker Harm, Bloomington
Thacker Price, Franklin
Theide Otto, Wilcox
Thibodeau G, Campbell
Thomas A B, Bloomington
Thomas J B, Bloomington
Thomas John, Naponee
Thomas John, Ash Grove
Thompson Carl, Campbell
Thompson D B, Bloomington
Thompson G W Sr., Riverton
Thompson J, Bloomington
Thorne L H, Riverton
Thorne L O, Riverton
Tiedgen Henry, Riverton
Toland E R, Ash Grove
Tooman J T, Naponee
Townsend C H, Moline
Townsend C R, Bloomington
Travis Bennett, Bloomington
Travis S H, Hildreth
Treat J B, Ash Grove
Trehearne T, Bloomington
Tromply N H, Macon
Tullett John, Ash Grove
Tupper Willis, Campbell
Turnnan Adam, Wilcox
Turner Edson, Riverton
Uphoff Henry, Campbell
Uphoff John, Campbell
Upton Jno, Riverton
Upton L, riverton
Ure D D, Bloomington
Utter D H, Bloomington
VanCamp A, Macon
VanCamp James, Macon
VanKirk J, Bloomington
VanSteenburg R, Macon
Vincent Almond, Riverton
Voight Albert, Bloomington
Voss Fred, Ash Grove
Wachs Otto, Bloomington
Waggoner Emory, Rush
Wagner F P, Wilcox
Waits W B, Upland
Wa*enack Jospeh, Hildreth
Walker Robert, Naponee
Wall C S, Riverton
Wall J K, Riverton
Wallace J, Bloomington
Warnner H M, Bloomington
Watson James, Franklin
Watters H Q, Bloomington
Watters P, Bloomington
Weber Chas M, Macon
Weber Edward, Macon
Weise August, Franklin
Weiton N, Bloomington
Wentworth L N, Franklin
Westerbuhr J, Hildreth
Westerbuhr P, Hildreth
Westfall B, Upland
Weston A J, Riverton
Weston E E, Moline
Weston Willard, Moline
Whalen James, Campbell
Whipple S W, Riverton
White W H, Franklin
Whitmore A L, Franklin
Whitney Frank, Franklin
Whitsel Allen, Upland
Wiant D M, Riverton
Wiedeman F, Bloomington
Wiederkind Henry, Macon
Wilcox Frank, Upland
Wilford Thomas, Riverton
Wilken D W, Macon
Wilken H E, Macon
Williams H, Franklin
Williams I J, Hildreth
Williams J W, Bloomington
Williams Joseph S, Rush
Williams P A, Upland
Williams R J, Bloomington
Williams S H, Franklin
Williams T B, Bloomington
Williams W A, Wilcox
Williams W F, Bloomington
Williams William, Naponee
Wilmot G M, Moline
Wilmot Jas W, Hildreth
Wilsey Frank, upland
Wilson Louis A, Hildreth
Wilson Benj, Franklin
Wintercheidt John, Naponee
Wistrand J A, Bloomington
Wistrand P W, Ash Grove
Wittforth John, Macon
Wohleb Jacob, Bloomington
Wolf J H, Hildreth
Woolman Alfred, Naponee
Work N P, Upland
Worsham S, Ash grove
Worth J C, Franklin
Yapp James, Franklin
Yapp Wm, Franklin
Yearka Chas, Moline
Yeiken Heppie, Macon
Young Chas, Hildreth
Young J C, Hildreth
Young J H, Upland
Young M A, Hildreth
Young Willis, Hildreth
Zade August, Riverton
Zanker John, Moline

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