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Macon, Nebraska History




In the Heart of Franklin County, Nebraska - celebrating Macon's 125th Anniversary

This is book has GREAT information on Macon, Nebraska, including over 350 pages of school census, cemeteries, family histories, community history, church histories, homestead applications, early settlers, memories, pictures and much more.

To request YOUR copy contact the the Macon 125th Anniversary Committee for more information at: MACON PUBLICATIONS, 1504 O Road, Franklin, Nebraska 68939.

I have NO connection with this publication, I am just a happy owner of one of their books. (See index to the book below)

Here is an 1889 photo of a Macon School. The students are identified on the back of the photo as:
LEFT TO RIGHT TOP ROW: Bob More, Harmon Kuster, Wert Fredrichs, Frank scribner, Fay Blandin, John (Jerry) Yelken, Thomas Kuster, Jack Ferichs, Fred More.
LEFT TO RIGHT 2nd ROW: Ilert frerichs, Ernest Delano, John Gerdes, Fred Kuster, John Yelken (Mrs. Klien’s Brother), James Foster, Harry Calkins
FRONT ROW: Frank Gerdes, Harry Kuster, Bob Jones, Ernest Blandin, Harmon Wilkins, Harry Calkins
GIRLS TOP ROW: Carrie Scribner, Delia Violet Scribner, Anna Wilkens, Mattie Meder, Anna Hayes
GIRLS BOTTOM ROW: Bertha Jones, (Mrs. Kleen), Gertie Calkins, Gery Calkins, Matie Gerdes, Ruth Hayes, Anna Yelken, Kate Hayes, Bernie Blanden

Below is an Index to the Family Histories written in the book. This index was compiled by Carol Wolf Britton. Thank you Carol!

If you see a name you are interested in, you can email me, Patti Simpson, or Carol Britton for more information. Please be specific in your request letting either of us know which book to look in. We do a lot of look ups for multiple counties. The easier you make it, the faster we will get to it.

Heye Ackerman Family
Dan & Patty Adam Family
Donald & Mildred Adam Family
Harold & Eunice Adam Family
Herman & Ella Adam Family
John & Flora Adam Family
Sheryl Anderson
John & Anna Aschemann Family
William & Eliza Bell Family
Harmon T. Blank Family
Harry & Lena Blank Family
Hero Blank Family
John & Lottie Blank Family
John T & Matilda Blank Family
The Blank Twins, Helen & Helena
Thomas R. & Tillie Blank Family
Thomas T. & Rixtie Blank Family
John & Lizzie Bienhoff Family
Mid & Hanna Bienhoff Family
Ulfert & Trientje Bienhoff Family
Fredrick & Fredricka Boldt Family
Brinkman Family
Chrissie & Katie Bunger Family
Orval & Beulah Bunger Family
Will & Isabelle Clapp Family
Charlie Dallman Family
Dudley & Linda Dallman Family
Edward & Evelyn Dallman Family
Harmon & Francis Dallman Family
Randy & Elvera Dallman Family
Albert & Leola Dallmann Family
Cleon C. & Aldean Dallmann Family
Fred & Fakie Dallmann Family
Harmon & Lena Dallmann Family
Henry & Nettie Dallmann Family
John & Goldie Dallmann Family
Myron Dallmann Family
William & Kate Dallmann Family
Albert DeJonge Family
Don & Angie DeJonge Family
Eibe & Albertje Dejonge Family
Ervin & Gladys DeJonge Family
Harm & Marie (Fritson) DeJonge Family
John & Minnie DeJonge Family
William & Martha Dependehner Family
Charles & Meta Detlefs Family
Herman & Gertje deVries Family
Focke & Katherene Diener Family
Habbie Diener Family
Henry & Dora Dorn Family
Tamme H. Dorn Family
Ton & Sena Dorn Family
Ebke Family
Edd & Katie Ebke Family
Harmon & Sophia Ebke Family
Henry & Margaret Ebke Family
William Ebke Family
John & Christina Eckhoff Family
Norman & Willalina Eckhoff Family
Thomas & Minnie Eckhoff
Carl & Altje Evers Family
August & Meta Evers Family
Fred & Matie Evers Family
Eddie & Sarah Fegter Family
George & Anna Fegter Family
George & Anna Folkers Family
Henry & Annie Folkers Family
Thomas & Lydia Folkers Family
John & Helene Frecks Family
Jacob & Anna Frerichs Family
Jacob Hinrich Frerichs Family
Weert J. & Anka Frerichs Family
William & Gesche Frerichs Family
Albert & Hannah Fritson Family
Behrend J. Fritson & Minnie T. Jelken Family
Ben H & Anna Lee Fretson Family
Carl & Lena Fritson Family
Charles & Hannah Fritson Family
Eunice Ann Fritson
George & Anna (Yelken) Fritson Family
George “Shootie” & Christina (Steinkruger) Fritson
Harm Fritson Family
Harm Jenskin Fritson Family
Harm Fritson “Macon Prairie Horse Doctor”
John B. Fritson * Emme Reil Family
John George & Mary Fritson Family
John Harm Fritson Family
Johnny J. Fritson & Donnelda Nass Family
John H. Fritson & Thalke Saathoff Family
Garhart & Mattie Fruhling Family
Harm Fruhling Family
Herman & Hannah Fruhling Family
William (Bill) Fruhling Family
Paul & Christina (Jelken) Grable Family
Walter & Mary Ann Gray Family
Albert & Laoma Grube Family
Eldia & Anna Grube Family
John & Rosian Grube Family
The Otto Grube Family
Ott & Minnie Grube Family
John & Anna Grusing Family
Lowell & Elverna Herrick Family
Richard & Marily Herrick Family
Hermann Hummels Family
Dennis & Teri Jelken Family
Frank & Ella Jelken Family
Frank & Tillie Jelken Family
Frankie Jelken Family
John & Marie Jelken Family
Martin Jelken Family
Tjada Berg Jelken Family
William & Etta Jelken Family
Frank & Florence Johnson Family
Fred & Frieda Johnson Family
J. Henry & Anna Johnson Family
Jack & Doreen Johnson Family
John & Elisa Johnson Family
John O & Selma Johnson Family
Leon & Maxine Johnson Family
Otto Johnson Family
Otto & Carrie Johnson Family
Reinhard & Helena Johnson Family
Ron & Jan Johnson Family
Earl & Louisa Kinney Family
Alfred & Bertha Kleen Family
Ben & Hientje Kleen Family
George & Minnie Kleen Family
Harm G. Kleen Family
Simon & Anna Kleen Family
Theodore & Mattie Kleen Family
Ulfert & Altje Kleen Family
Kleen Family
David & Alwina Knapp Family
Fred & Matie Kruse Family
Herman & Joan Kruse Family
Johann & Fulke Kruse Family
Recollections of Anna (Kruse) Reil
Gus & Fannie Kuhlman Family
Fred & Hannah Kuster Family
Thomas & Mary Kuster Family
Henry & Louisa Laux Family
Roy & Virginia Laux Family
William & Mary Laux Family
Don & Irene Lodge Family
Bill & Leona Loschen Family
Foka & Maude Loschen Family
George & Lena Loschen Family
Heye & Grace Loschen Family
Absalom & Jane Lynch Family
Thomas Jefferson & Martha Ann Garrett Lynch Family
George & Lena Lynch Family
Jerry & Esther Marcum Family
August & Anna Maska Family
Wayne & Evelyn Maska Family
Herman & Tatje Maske Family
Dr. F. M. McElwee Family
Johann Christian Meyer Family
William Meyer Family
Hamme T. Miller Family
William & Darleen Nielsen Family
Thomas & Hilka Nordbrock Family
Meta Fruhling Obering Family
Earl & Ardyce Osterbuhr Family
John & Margarethe Osterbuhr Family
Lawrence & Connie Osterbuhr Family
Carl & Tillie Rademacher Family
Herman & Gesina Rademacher Family
John & Marie Rademacher Family
Carl & Tena (Jelken) Rohnke Family
Frank Albert Rohnke Family
Katie Pollman Frerich Rohnke Family
Ede & Aaje Pollman Family
Christian & Minnie Ruopp Family
Harm Hinrich Saathoff Family
William & Hanna Saathoff Family
The Sanger Family
William & Opal Sanger Family
Henry & Mary Sanger Family
James & Minnie Sanger Family
The Schafer Family
John & Minnie Schafer
Merle & Arleen Schenk Family
Eilert & Helena Schmidt Family
Holly Jelken Schmit Family
Seede & Carolena Schuster Family
Thomas Wells Shepard Family
Harrison Clay Shively Family
Jim & Janet Staehr Family
Charles & Mary Steinkruger Family
Chris & Ellen Steinkruger Family
Ed & Rena Steinkruger Family
Fred & Wilma Steinkruger Family
George & Grace Steinkruger Family
Henry & Lydia Steinkruger Family
John & Mary Steinkruger Family
Keith & Norma Steinkruger Family
Leland & Betty Steinkruger Family
Walter & Mamie Steinkruger Family
Wm. & Louise Steinkruger Family
William & Anne Steinkruger Family
Henry & Anna Stuhmer Family
Albert & Lavonda Tobiassen Family
Henry & Minnie Tobiassen Family
Jerry & Tena Tobiassen Family
John & Margaret Tobiassen Family
Tobias & Wibke Tobiassen Family
Tobias & Edna Tobiassen Family
George Tjaden Sr. Family
Dallas & Hazel Volk Family
Wiliam & Grace Wilken Family
The Jelkens / Yelkens in America
Hippe & Mena Yelken Family
Delmar & Opal Yelken Family
Dennis & Linda Yelken Family
Frank T & Esther Yelken Family
Garrett & Marie Yelken Family
Gary & Marva Ann Yelken Family
Hippe J & Dora Yelken Family
Hippie & Emma Yelken Family
John & Mary Yelken Family
Thomas & Dena Yelken Family

Early Settlers on Macon Prairie
Chris Roupp
John Eckhoff
H. A. Foster
The Blandon Family
Salvador Hayes
J. W. Davis
John Weaver Davis
John J. Chitwood
John Burton
William E. Austin
Frank Austin
Samuel H. Douglass
Lemuel Jones
John Chamberlain

These photos are of the Walter and Mary Ann Van Steemburg family. Children are daughter Eva, and sons Ed and Guy. They lived on the Macon Prairie during the 1880s.

Van Steemburg
300 x 416 pixels - 366k
"Walter & Mary Ann Van Steemburg
with Eva, Ed and Guy"
Van Steemburg
300 x 413 pixels - 363k
"Ed and Guy Van Steemburg"
Van Steemburg
400 x 628 pixels - 736k
"Eva Van Steemburg"

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