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Naponee, Nebraska

Post Office History




Naponee Nebraska Post Office

Celebrating 125 Years

March 22, 1872 - March 22, 1997



Following exerpt taken from "History of Naponee, Nebraska 1869 - 1976"

According to an article written by Beulah Melton, daughter of Joe Melton, the first postoffice was in the dugout south of Rasmussen's, on the Lyden farm.

The next postoffice was in Perth in a store that Richard Walther had in his home. His home was near the railroad and was known later as the Kawelti, and Joe Melton homes.

In 1877, Wm. Finnemore and Isaac Croley, (Price Croley's grandfather) opened a store and September 16, 1878, Isaac Croley was appointed postmaster. He held that office until John S. Ray opened his store and was appointed postmaster, April 27, 1881. He was postmaster until May 1887 when Millard F. Allen was appointed. Mr. Allen also had a store. In 1888, Mr. Chubb was appointed, and April 3, 1889, John S. Ray was again appointed postmaster. August 5, 1893, Charles Woodrow was appointed. Mr. Woodrow held that position for four years until moving to Illinois. Nov. 6th, 1897, Mr. Ray was again appointed. Ray McGrew was appointed August 1914, and Mr. Ray soon after, left for his claim in Arthur County.

Until A.J. Reams was appointed July 30, 1919, there is no information as to the post office location. Mr. Reams moved the office to the back of his drug store. Then it was moved to the Republican Valley Bank Building, from there it was moved in 1936, while Mrs. Crete Lippire was postmaster, to the old Naponee State Bank Building, owned by George Madison.

Item from Bloomington Advocate, February 4, 1937:

"Hans Lippire went to Trenton and got a number of post office boxes for Mrs. Lippire who has leased the old Naponee State Bank Building and will move next week."

In June 1940, the postoffice building changed ownership and Roy Applegate purchased it from Geo. Madison. Although, there were a few other appointed postmasters before Lawrence Wohleb was appointed, July 10, 1946, the postoffice has been at the present location since 1936, with only a few changes and improvements.

Since the first postoffice in the dugout south of the Rasmussen farm, the postoffice has been in many different places. Conflicting information is that Mr. Phillip's was the first postmaster in 1871, and in another account George Roberts was appointed first postmaster.

The list of appointed postmasters and date of appointment was obtained by the efforts of Lawrence Wohleb (former postmaster).

George Roberts - March 22, 1872
Richard Walthers - May 23, 1873
James F. Zediker - June 11, 1877
Calvin R. Dodd - September 6, 1877
Charles H. Brown - April 3, 1878
Isaac Croley - September 16, 1878
John S. Ray - April 27, 1881
Millard F. Allen - May 14, 1887
Dennis P. Chubb - November 5, 1888
John S. Ray - April 3, 1889
Charles Woodrow - August 5, 1893
John S. Ray - November 6, 1897
Ray V. McGrew - August 14, 1914
Ralph L. Jackson - February 23, 1917
A. T. Reams - July 30, 1919
Mamie S. Reams - May 31, 1922
Iva V. Clampett - December 11, 1926
Mrs. Jessie Cales - November 27, 1934 (assumed charge)
Mrs. Jessie Cales - December 5, 1934 (acting)
Mrs. Crete A. Lippire - July 26, 1935 (confirmed)
Mrs. Jessie Cales - September 22, 1937 (acting)
Mrs. Jessie Cales - October 1, 1937 (assumed charge)
Cassuis R. Burnham - June 10, 1938 (confirmed)
Mrs. Lilah M. Schnuerle - November 30, 1943 (acting)
Mrs. Lilah M. Schnuerle - December 1, 1943 (assumed charge)
Mamie R. Hale - December 1, 1944 (confirmed)
Lawrence O. Wohleb - July 10, 1946 (assumed charge)
Lawrence O. Wohleb - June 1, 1949 (confirmed)
Lorene E. Richter - August 1, 1986 (assumed charge)
Lorene E. Richter - August 30, 1986 (confirmed)
Jody Smolick - March 1, 2000 (assumed charge)

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