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1883-1885 School Census of

FRANKLIN County, Nebraska

The following is the 1883-1885 School Census for Franklin County, Nebraska. There was no Franklin County School Census in 1882. The 1885 census listed here is only a partial listing. The student's name is listed with their age and sex. The number of children in the household is also listed along with the parent's name, school district number and the land description of where the child's family lives. This census was transcribed by volunteers of the Franklin County Historical Society. Every effort was made to correctly translate the old handwriting. Enjoy.

Franklin County Nebraska School Census
1883, 1884, & 1885 (Partial)
Object ObjectType LastModified Description
1883 Query 1/22/02 10:22:51 AM Sorted Alpha by Student (size 236K)
1884 Query 1/22/02 10:23:31 AM Sorted Alpha by Student (size 1367K)
1885 Query 1/22/02 10:23:49 AM Sorted Alpha by Student (size 304K)

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