Frontier County Gazetteer - 1890


This is broken down into a page for the towns and post offices in Frontier county and three pages with a listing of farmers and the post office they used. There are obvious misspellings in the names of some farmers and Moorefield is spelled incorrectly a few times. I left these errors deliberately.



Business Directory and Farmer list

for 1890-1891
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.



Afton, a postoffice in the southeastern part of Frontier county, 18 miles from Stockville, the county seat.


Curtis, is the chief town in Frontier county with a population of 750. It is situated in a vale on the banks of Medicine creek, the waters of which are here made to form a beautiful lake -- Lake Phillippi -- which is used as a pleasure resort. The surrounding country has a rich soil and is well cultivated. Curtis is a freight division terminal on the line of the B. & M. R. R. from Holdrege to Cheyenne, Wyo. A very fine school house, the Congregational church and various business houses and dwellings are creditable to the town. The Frontier County Bank, A. F. Johnson pres, and A. M. Johnson cashier, with a capital of $20,000, is a substantial institution. The press is represented by the Frontier County Farmer and the Weekly Record.

Adams J W, agl implts.
Allison E Mrs, bakery.
Anderson W B, sta agt.
Baker B B, phys.
Baker J A, drugs.
Barton R A, genl mdse.
Boggs R M J & Co, hardware.
Callahan D R & Co, real estate.
Compton C B, drugs.
Cruzes A R, real estate, farm loans.
Dakin & Compton, drugs.
Dawson M T, meat market.
Frontier County Bank, capital $20,000, A F Johnson pres, A M Johnson cashier.
Frontier County Farmer, A G Harlan pub.
Fowler E F, jeweler.
Fox Creek Association, F Stoll pres.
Greens Hotel, J A Green prop.
Haddock J B, genl mdse.
Haggadon A G, real estate.
Harlan A G, editor Frontier County Farmer.
Harris P A, genl mdse.
Heaton R, barber.
Hill F B, confectioner.
Hill J E, genl mdse.
Johnson A M, cashier Frontier County Bank.
Latham & Anderson, attys.
Luth J H, harnessmaker.
Martin W B, livery.
Palm Julius, saloon.
Purdum E G, phys.
Razee S R, phys, postmaster, justice.
Scherer & Nicolai, blacksmiths.
Seeley & Jackson, flour mill.
Sipe B R, millinery.
Smith I & Sons Co, lumber, coal.
State Bank of Curtis, capital $25,000, A R Cruzen pres, T M Wimberley cashier.
Stone & Robinson, hardware.
Vaughan G H, pub Record, atty.
Votear & Bishop, meat market.
Weekly Record (The), G H Vaughan pub.
White J L, atty.
Winter Amanda, milliner.


Earl, a postoffice in the eastern part of Frontier county, eight miles east of Stockville, the judicial seat.

Free S. Q., justice.
Hall F. M., genl mdse, hardware, postmaster.
Richards James, blacksmith.


Fandon, a country postoffice in the southwestern part of Frontier county.

Jones J. H., postmaster, justice.


Eustis, is in the extreme northeast corner of Frontier county, 25 miles from Stockville, the county seat. It is a station on the Holdrege and Cheyenne branch of the B. & M. R. R., and situated on Plum Creek. The town slopes gradually to the railroad, just enough to form a pleasing picture. There is a Methodist Episcopal organization here, who have erected a good church edifice. Population, 100.

Aikman W M, genl mdse.
Atlas Lumber Co, J P Harding mgr, lumber.
Baldwin T H & Co, grain.
Bear & Brooks, lumber and coal.
Bratt J L, genl mdse.
Clapp F T, sta agt.
Dunn J, live stock.
Eutis House, L A Hugus prop.
Eutis Star, J O Parkyn, pub.
Farmers State Bank, B Curley cashier.
Grabenstein C, saloon.
Heftle Fred, agl implts.
Hugus L A, prop Eustis House livery.
Kuntz L C, blacksmith.
McLaughlin J W Mrs, millinery, notions.
Mackey M, live stock.
Parkinson Geo W, phys.
Parkyn J O, pub Eustis Star.
Pearson F N, drugs.
Platner & Decker, grain elevator.
Schmeicker F C, live stock.
Schroder F C & Co, genl mdse.
Schroeder Bros, hardware.
Schroeder F C, postmaster.
Tonne & Thompson, carpenters.
Trickey C, meat market.
Vancourt A R, livery.
Wagner J, hardware.
Willey Lee, carpenter.
Wood B E, genl mdse.


Maywood, a flourishing villlage in the northwestern part of Frontier county, on the Cheyenne Wyo line of the B. & M. R. R. It is well located about 15 miles from Stockville, the county seat. A good flouring mill is in operation here. Population, 100.

Callahan D R, genl mdse.
Chamberlain & Son, flour mill.
Foling Bros, hardware, agl implts.
Freeman & Polzine, genl mdse.
Likes J H, blacksmith.
Miller John, drugs.
Pelton & Twiss, genl mdse.
Sage E H, postmaster.
Stroat F A, justice.
Vaughan C R, sta agt, harnessmaker.


Moorefield, is a village in the northern part of Frontier county, on the Holdrege and Cheyenne branch of the B. & M. R. R. It is 13 miles north of Stockville, the county seat, and 63 miles from Holdrege. The population is about 125. Tributary to the village is a good farming country, which is a plain extending north three or four miles and south to the Republican valley. For a few miles to the north and extending to the Platte valley, the country is somewhat broken, but can be beneficially utilized for grazing, and a fair amount of grain can be raised. The average of crops in this section compares well with the eastern part of the state. A hotel, bank, lumber yard, grain elevator and a newspaper -- the Frontier County Post -- are among the business enterprises of Moorefield.

Adams D V Mrs, prop Moorefield House.
Andernacht Wm, blacksmith.
Andernacht Wm Mrs, millinery.
Brooks J D, harnessmaker.
Franklin E W, billiard hall.
Frontier County Post, Warner & Leonard props, CJ Leonard editor.
Geis John, agl implts.
Harwick T F, assistant postmaster.
Harwick & Wasley, genl mdse.
Hayworth D E, contractor, builder.
Jacobs E, shoemaker.
Jellison H C, pumps, windmills, drugs, justice, notary.
Jellison & Son, livery stable.
Leonard C J, editor Frontier County Post.
McIntire Willis, painter.
McMichael & Babcock, hardware, furniture, agl implts.
Moore J T, real estate.
Moorefield House, Mrs D V Adams prop.
Moorefield State Bank, A J Baker cashier.
Probst L, genl mdse.
Pyle Parker, atty.
Rummel G W, restaurant.
Smith A M, sta agt.
Smith I & Co, S W Nixon mgr, lumber.
Tacke J, wagonmaker, carpenter.
Urmson J J, contractor, builder.
Van Tilborg C II, notary public, ins.
Van Tilborg Wm, barber.
Warner & Leonard, props Frontier County Post.
Wasley Mathew, postmaster.
Wilsey & Iliett, grain elevator, live stock.
Winston J S, phys.


Orafino, a postoffice in the eastern part of Frontier county, on Medicine Creek, seven miles south of Stockville, the county seat.

Harkins John, genl mdse.
Wilson J, postmaster.


Osburn, a postoffice in thee southwestern part of Frontier county, 28 miles from Stockville.


Quick, a postoffice licated in the southwestern part of Frontier county, 20 miles from Stockville, the seat of justice.

Peterson Jacob, blacksmith.
Quick M W, postmaster.


Russell, a postoffice in the north central part of Frontier county, eight miles northeast of Stockville, the county seat, and 10 miles from Farnam, in Dawson county, the nearest station on the B. & M. R. R.

Boyle M L, postmaster.
Irwin A L W, genl mdse.
Sexton Isaac, justice of the peace.


Stockville, the county seat of Frontier county, is a town with a population of about 250, located in the central part of the county, on Medicine Creek, 10 miles southeast of Curtis, a station on the Cheyenne branch of the B. & M. R. R., which is also the nearest railway point.


Stowe, a post office in the eastern part of Frontier county about 14 miles north of Cambridge, a station on the main line of the B. & M. R. R.


Thornburgh,a postoffice in the extreme western part of Frontier county, about 17 miles north of Culbertson, on the main line of the B. & M. R. R.


Zimmer,a rural postoffice in the southwestern part of Frontier county. Population, 25.

Austin E B, agl implts.
Doll M V, justice.
Zimmer P L, postmaster.


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