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Frontier County Farmers - 1890

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Business Directory and Farmer list

for 1890-1891

J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1890, by J.M. Wolfe & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.


Abdill F A, Moorfield.
Adams J H, Curtis.
Adock Thos, Maywood.
Albrecht Michael, Earl.
Allen Wm, Eustis.
Allman Louis, Osburn.
Amerman F W, Curtis.
Anderson Jno B, Stockville.
Andrews G W, Eustis.
Anthony J E, Eustis.
Armstrong H C, Eustis.
Artley Chas, Maywood.
Atkinson Wm E, Maywood.
Ackerman J J, Eustis.
Adams J W, Eustis.
Albrecht Andrew, Earl.
Alden F H, Farnam.
Allis W E, Stockville.
Alspow S J, Farnam.
Andernacht W, Moorefield.
Anderton Geo, Moorefield.
Andrews Jno R, Moorfield.
Appleyard W, Indianola.
Armstrong L L, Curtis.
Atkinson Jno M, Bartley.
Ayers J W, Curtis.
Adams J A, Curtis.
Adams R O, Stockville.
Albrecht Gottleib, Earl.
Allen Ross, Eustis.
Allis W W, Stockville.
Alspow W F, Farnam.
Anderson J J, Curtis.
Andrews Byron, Moorefield.
Andrws W F, Eustis.
Argo Wm S, Maywood.
Arnold Boen, Bartley.
Atkinson W F, Eustis.


Baer D L, Eustis.
Bailey J N, Russell.
Bailey Wm H, Bartley.
Baker J A, Maywood.
Baker J J, Orafino.
Baker Wm B, Maywood.
Baldridge E, Cambridge.
Balser Phillip, Eustis.
Barackman J W, Curtis.
Barkee W R, Moorefield.
Barkhurst Jesse, Curtis.
Barnam P J, Cambridge.
Barnhart A J, Bartley.
Barnhart Joseph, Bartley.
Bartlett A H, Stockville.
Bass T H, Curtis.
Bayston J H, Bartley.
Beanrais M J, Stockville.
Beghtel Edgar, Cambridge.
Bennett Jacob, Eustis.
Bennett N P, Cambridge.
Beran Lewis, Maywood.
Best G Y, Stockville.
Bird Edwin C, Cambridge.
Blake Lawrence, Maywood.
Bobb J P, Maywood.
Bodenhamer J S, Stockville.
Boies John M, Maywood.
Boone D A, Farnam.
Boone M A, Moorefield.
Bowman A B, Moorefield.
Bowman N A, Moorefield.
Boyle Geo, Russell.
Bradbury E L, Afton.
Brand J, Farnam.
Bridgford Ed, Indianola.
Bries Chas N, Maywood.
Briggs Richard, Stockville.
Brockett L M, Stowe.
Brooks J D, Moorefield.
Brown David, Stockville.
Brown H N, Farnam.
Brown R Y, Osburn.
Brush J M, Stockville.
Burke Peter, Curtis.
Burns Frank, Eustis.
Burton Jacob, Maywood.
Bailey G W, Stowe.
Bailey J T, Russell.
Baker A J, Eustis.
Baker J A, Curtis.
Baker S P, Maywood.
Balch E, Curtis.
Baldridge J F, Cambridge.
Banzhof John, Orafino.
Barber R W, Maywood.
Barker D E, Bartley.
Barkman K, Curtis.
Barnes Silas, Maywood.
Barnhart H W, Eustis.
Barry M V, Stockville.
Barton J W, Orafino.
Bates David, Stockville.
Beal S E, Stockville.
Bechner Gottlieb, Eustis.
Bell A H, Stockville.
Bennett Jas C, Eustis.
Bennett W E, Cambridge.
Berry Jas, Stockville.
Billiter Henry, Eustis.
Black John, Stockville.
Blanchard G L, Stockville.
Bobsh Daniel, Indianola.
Bodenhamer W A, Stockville.
Bolts Geo S, Eustis.
Boone E D, Farnam.
Borton W C, Maywood.
Bowman J C, Afton.
Boyd Thos, Moorefield.
Boyle H S, Russell.
Bradford John, Eustis.
Branscom R J, Maywood.
Bridgford J J, Indianola.
Briggle Bert, Indianola.
Brock John, Quick.
Brooks D W, Russell.
Brott J L, Eustis.
Brown E D, Stockville.
Brown Jas L, McCook.
Brown Richard, Cambridge.
Bullington M, Stockville.
Burlington A J, Maywood.
Burrell Rob't, Stockville.
Butler E B, Stockville.
Bailey J A, Earl.
Bailey W H Sr, Russell.
Baker B B, Curtis.
Baker J F, Orafino.
Baker S P, Curtis.
Balcom James, Cambridge.
Ball W C, Cambridge.
Barackman C F, Curtis.
Bare John H, Maywood.
Barker Z L, Stockville.
Barnam M B, Cambridge.
Barnhart A B, Eustis.
Barnhart J C, Bartley.
Bartin R A, Curtis.
Bartroff Gottlieb, Eustis.
Baxter U W, Farnam.
Bean Albert, Maywood.
Beggs C T, Stockville.
Bennett J G, Eustis.
Bennett Jas H, Maywood.
Benson John C, Curtis.
Berry M, eustis.
Binger S, Stockville.
Blair C D, Stockville.
Block W F, Eustis.
Bodemer Jas, eustis.
Boggs R M, Curtis.
Bonar Geo, Indianola.
Boone Filmore, Farnam.
Bowles Chas, Maywood.
Bowman M J, Afton.
Boyle A S, Russell.
Brace Edward, Moorefield.
Bradshaw W G, Maywood.
Breezely F M, Moorefield.
Bridgford Wash, Indianola.
Briggs L W, Curtis.
Brock Marion, Moorefield.
Brooks H, Eustis.
Brown Chas, Cambridge.
Brown Geo, McCook.
Brown M L, Osburn.
Brown S K, Farnam.
Bunke Fred, Curtis.
Burner E, Stockville.
Burt Homer, Moorefield.


Caben C P, Curtis.
Campbell A W, Earl.
Carman M E, Stockville.
Carr J A, Moorefield.
Carroll J E, Cambridge.
Carter E F, Indianola.
Case F A, Bartley.
Caster J S, Farnam.
Ceder E, Eustis.
Chambers Moses, Curtis.
Chittock H K, Farnam.
Church Henry I, Osburn.
Clark Austin, Osburn.
Clark Jno S, Cambridge.
Clifford M H, Stockville.
Cole C G, Eustis.
Colebank M, Farnam.
Collins W C, Curtis.
Compton Chas, Curtis.
Conner Noah, Maywood.
Cook Geo, Cambridge.
Cooper Levi, Curtis.
Coskey Fred, Curtis.
Covey And, Maywood.
Cowman J P, Moorefield.
Craig Albert, Curtis.
Cramer F B, Zimmer.
Crawford L W, Stockville.
Crawley John, Maywood.
Crosby Chas S, Maywood.
Crowthers Geo E, Stockville.
Currey Henry, Stockville.
Curtis Theo D, Stockville.
Cabler John, Cambridge.
Campbell Jas L, Osburn.
Carman W B, Stockville.
Carr Lemuel, Maywood.
Carroll L F, Cambridge.
Carter James, Earl.
Caster Gabriel, Orafino.
Caster R C, Farnam.
Chamberlain W A, Maywood.
Chambers W R, Farnam.
Chopin Elmer, Maywood.
Clapp C L, Curtis.
Clark Chas, Moorefield.
Clark V C, Indianola.
Cline Eli, Maywood.
Cole C S, Bartley.
Colebank S G, Farnam.
Collison Geo W, Cambridge.
Conklin B F, Orafino.
Conner Thos, Maywood.
Cook Jno W, Stockville.
Corgell D B, Stockville.
Cotton Alfred, Cambridge.
Covey J M, Maywood.
Coykendall C W, Maywood.
Craig Saml, Curtis.
Cramer Peter, Osburn.
Crawley B F, Maywood.
Crevz A P, Maywood.
Cross Frank A, Eustis.
Cunning F, Farnam.
Curtis Mark E, Stockville.
Callahan D R, Curtis.
Campbell R S, Osburn.
Carmichael C J, Farnam.
Carroll A K, Stockville.
Carroll Melvin, Cambridge.
Carter S T, Earl.
Caster J M, Cambridge.
Cecil John, Stockville.
Chambers Isaac, Farnam.
Chessman F G, Cambridge.
Christensen J, Stockville.
Clark Abbott, Indianola.
Clark D M, Indianola.
Clark Wm L, Eustis.
Cochran A S, Maywood.
Cole W C, Stockville.
Colgrove Chas B, Stockville.
Compton C L, Cambridge.
Conner Geo, Maywood.
Conners Danl, Eustis.
Cook Wm A, Maywood.
Correll Jesse, Cambridge.
Coulter Jas M, Curtis.
Cowman H S, Maywood.
Cozad Henry, Bartley.
Craigh T C, Farnam.
Cranen S M, Curtis.
Crawley Etta, Maywood.
Cronk C H, Stockville.
Crowell Frank, Cambridge.
Curley Bowen, Eustis.
Curtis S T, Moorefield.


Daharsh E, Indianola.
Daiss Gottlob, Eustis.
Dandurand N, Stockville.
Dauchy Frank, Stockville.
Davidson James, Curtis.
Davis Jessse F, Eustis.
Davis Saml P, Eustis.
Day W S, Maywood.
Denney J M, Cambridge.
Dettra Abel, Stockville.
Divoll M C, Eustis.
Doner A E, Bartley.
Douglass H J, Curtis.
Downey W A, Afton.
Doyle Lark, Box Elder.
Drake Abe, Quick.
Drake L D, Stowe.
Dunbar John, Moorefield.
Dunham Wesley, Afton.
Dunn J B, Eustis.
Dunner Carl, Orafino.
Dyer L, Russell.
Dahas Geo C, Stockville.
Daiss Jacob J, Eustis.
Darnall Minnie, Curtis.
Dauchy J H, Stockville.
Davis J H, Indianola.
Davis Josiah, Stowe.
Dawson F M, Stockville.
Dechant Chase, Indianola.
Denney Martin, Cambridge.
Dieus Hiram, Curtis.
Dold Peter, Maywood.
Doring J, Stockville.
Douglass I M, Curtis.
Downey Wm, Afton.
Doyle Theodore, Maywood.
Drake C C, Stockville.
Drury A J, Farnam.
Dunbar Levi, Moorefield.
Dunkin Y M, Afton.
Dunn J C, Stockville.
Dural John, Maywood.
Dyke Jeremiah, Maywood.
Daily E C, Stowe.
Daiss Wm, Eustis.
Darner A J, Bartley.
Dauchy Lee, Stockville.
Davis J H, Farnam.
Davis N Y, Maywood.
Dawson M T, Stockville.
Demson C R, Eustis.
Derrick F A, Stockville.
Dillman C B, Curtis.
Doll M V, Osborn.
Dorward P G, Indianola.
Downard Jas, Eustis.
Doyle James, Maywood.
Doyle Wm, Box Elder.
Drake C R, Quick.
Dryden G B, Farnam.
Dunbar Thos, Moorefield.
Dunn D T, Indianola.
Dunn R W, Eustis.
Dyer Frank, Russell.


Ealy A J, Moorefield.
Ebben John, Eustis.
Elley Will, Orafino.
Elson D D, Curtis.
Epperly J M, Bartley.
Esterday Alvin W, Eustis.
Evans A J, Cambridge.
Easton John, Maywood.
Edwards Nathan, Indianola.
Ellis D W, Curtis.
Enlow Franklin, Cambridge.
Errway Chas, Curtis.
Etherton T C, Cambridge.
Evans Arelius, Maywood.
Easton Robert, Maywood.
Eisenberger A, Maywood.
Elser Gottlob, Eustis.
Enlow Wash, Cambridge.
Erskine John, Curtis.
Etherton W D, Curtis.
Evans E D, Curtis.


Faling M J, Maywood.
Farley Edward, Maywood.
Fenton W C, Stockville.
Finnell Andrew, Indianola.
Fisher Harry M, Stockville.
Fitch H P, Curtis.
Fitch L H, Maywood.
Fletcher J W, Farnam.
Flowers Eugene, Indianola.
Forman Robert, Stowe.
Fowler Ed F, Curtis.
Franey Ed, Eustis.
Freeland D S, Maywood.
Frizt Fred, Cambridge.
Fry C J, Maywood.
Fuller Sarah A, Stowe.
Faling N D, Maywood.
Fenton G A, Moorefield.
Fenton W L, Moorefield.
Finnigan M, Bartley.
Fisher J, Stockville.
Fitch Horace, Farnam.
Fleming Albert, Maywood.
Floro Ben, Stockville.
Flusky Ben, Stockville.
Foster S G, Russell.
Fox Wm, Bartley.
Franklin E W, Stockville.
Freeman Oliver, Maywood.
Frizt Sydnor, Curtis.
Fry Eugene, Maywood.
Fulmer Jas E, Eustis.
Faling S E, Maywood.
Fenton J F, Stockville.
Finnell Alfred, Indianola.
Fisher Grant, Moorefield.
Fisher John, Moorefield.
Fitch Hudson, Farnam.
Fleming P E, Russell.
Floro Frank, Stockville.
Foote E, Eustis.
Foure George, Moorefield.
Franck Egid, Stockville.
Free S L, Cambridge.
French C P, Cambridge.
Frizzel J B, Bartley.
Fry O P, Stockville.
Fulton N L, Russell.


Gaibler Chris, Eustis.
Galland M A, Stockville.
Gamble J W, Bartley.
Gant J B, Farnam.
Gates J W, Maywood.
Geraghty Edwin, Maywood.
Gilbert W J, Curtis.
Gilman L, Farnam.
Glandon B F, Curtis.
Godfrey John, Stowe.
Gordon S E, Stowe.
Gowey W A, Cambridge.
Graham Saml, Maywood.
Greenley W W, Indianola.
Griffin A B, Curtis.
Grinstead W H, Maywood.
Guin W L, Moorefield.
Gyles J H, Quick.
Gaiser Chas, Maywood.
Galland M W, Stockville.
Gammill J C, Orafino.
Gardner Jno M, Eustis.
Gayon Harry, Stockville.
Gerlits J W, Moorefield.
Gilbert W O, Curtis.
Gingenbach Christ, Eustis.
Glandon James, Curtis.
Godfrey M M, Stowe.
Gordon S S, Cambridge.
Grabenstein C, Eustis.
Green C A, Curtis.
Gregory And, Maywood.
Griffin A P, Farnam.
Grosvenor J M, Maywood.
Guise John, Moorefield.
Gall Christian, Eustis.
Gallant W E, Maywood.
Gammill J M, Cambridge.
Gardner M O, Curtis.
Gee W S, Stockville.
Gherring Jacob, Maywood.
Gilliland W, Maywood.
Gingenbach Gottlob, Eustis.
Glass Newton, Moorefield.
Goodsell Wm, Indianola.
Gordon Sylvester, Curtis.
Grabenstein John, Eustis.
Greenlee H H, Cambridge.
Greve John, Indianola.
Grinstead W A, Maywood.
Guin Jas, Moorefield.
Gyles Edward, Quick.


Hacker Martha, Maywood.
Hall E S, Earl.
Hall Wm, Maywood.
Hammond R, Bartley.
Hampson G W, Farnam.
Harlan A G, Curtis.
Harris P A, Curtis.
Harry J A, Farnam.
Hastings T M, Maywood.
Hauser John, Zimmer.
Hawkins And, Cambridge.
Haynes Lyman A, Eustis.
Hayworth D E, Moorefield.
Headley T J, Maywood.
Heaton Rees, Curtis.
Heeft?? ??, Eustis.
Henderson A W, Curtis.
Henry John, eustis.
Heylin John, Stockville.
Hicks Geo S, Russell.
Hicks W N, Russell.
Hiel G T, Cambridge.
Hiestand S E, Farnam.
Hill Charles, Curtis.
Hill Jesse B, Curtis.
Hillers Jacob, Indianola.
Hiney T T, Osburn.
Hinton Jeremiah, Stockville.
Hobbie D W, Cambridge.
Holcomb Richard, Indianola.
Hopton Wm, Stockville.
Howard Bros, Moorefield.
Hudson G N, Farnam.
Hughes John, Moorefield.
Hull T W, Stockville.
Humphrey F W, Indianola.
Hunt Isaac, Earl.
Hunter Jno M, Stockville.
Hurshman F, Farnam.
Hagadorn A G, Curtis.
Hall Geo S, Orafino.
Hamilton W, Maywood.
Hammond R, Indianola.
Hankins Jacob, Bartley.
Harmas F J, Maywood.
Harris Wm, Maywood.
Hart O A, Curtis.
Hastings Wm, Russell.
Hawkenberg T E, eustis.
Hawkins Walter, Stockville.
Haynes Sam, Eustis.
Hazelett E A, Indianola.
Heater Arch, Stowe.
Heaton Saml?, Curtis.
Hegg??? ???, Bartley.
Henderson F R, Eustis.
Herring Thos, Stockville.
Hickman W S, Moorefield.
Hicks H G, Russell.
Hieftle Fred, Eustis.
Hiestand D C, Farnam.
Hiett S M, Moorefield.
Hill Frank P, Curtis.
Hill John, Curtis.
Hiney John, Maywood.
Hinton E A, Stockville.
Hinton Wm, Stockville.
Hoffman Chas, Stockville.
Honeycutt C, Bartley.
Horrell John, Indianola.
Howard E L, Moorefield.
Huffstutter J A, Maywood.
Hughes Jos, Moorefield.
Humbert Geo F, Eustis.
Humphrey Thos, Orafino.
Hunt S W, Maywood.
Huntington Geo C, McCook.
Hymer J P, Curtis.
Hall Carter, Maywood.
Hall R M, Cambridge.
Hammond Jas, Maywood.
Hampson Amos, Farnam.
Harkins John, Orafino.
Harr Jos, Zimmer.
Harrison Wesley, Indianola.
Harwick T F, Moorefield.
Hathaway G W, Russell.
Hawkins A J, Stockville.
Hayden E D, Farnam.
Haynie Saml, Quick.
Hazen S F, Farnam.
Heaton Dan, Maywood.
Hedl? ????, Eustis.
Heidershaft? H S, Maywood.
Henderson S H, Stockville.
Hetzel J J, Afton.
Hicks Asa, Maywood.
Hicks John, Curtis.
Hieftle Gottlieb, Eustis.
Hiestand J M, Farnam.
Higgins L M, Cambridge.
Hill J E, Curtis.
Hill Wm, Eustis.
Hiney M, Osburn.
Hinton Jas, Stockville.
Hobbie Chas, Cambridge.
Holaday S M, Curtis.
Hopton Thos, Stockville.
Houge Severt, Maywood.
Howell Wm, Indianola.
Hughes J C, Stockville.
Hull Andrew, Maywood.
Humphrey C L, Indianola.
Hunt Ashner, Curtis.
Hunter C W, Stockville.
Hurshman C, Russell.

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