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Hendley, Furnas County, Nebraska

Friday Morning, January 12, 1912 - Edwin PERKINS, Editor
Nebraska Ancestree Fall 1987 Issue - Vol.10 No.2 - Pg.52 - 53
Transcribed for the NEGenWeb Project by Kathie Harrison - December 1, 2000
By permission of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society

Friday Morning, January 12, 1912 - Edwin PERKINS, Editor

24 years ago: Rob DONAHUE'S mustache needs care.

Mr. E. W. PARKER is busy putting up windmills.


A son b. on Monday to Mr. & Mrs. P. M. MEYERS of Vincent area.

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff. BAYARD & family took dinner at home of George KELSEY of Vincent.

Chas. PRIDEAUX, John BEATY & Robert SHRADER attended horse sale.

Mrs. Jas. HELLER of Hildreth returned home after a visit with her daughter Mrs. P. M. MEYERS.


Miss Carrie CONVERSE & Mrs. Pearl EVANS returned to Mitchell after visit here with the family.

George W. CROCKER returned from a visit in Iowa and South Dakota. He was accompanied by his daughter, Mrs.Lee HENRY & baby of Lane, S.D.

Mrs. R. E. GOBLE is ill.

Mr. & Mrs. Sam GAINS received a letter from son George who enlisted in the regular army.


Miss Etta VAN CLEAVE returned to her schoolwork at Holbrook.

Rev. MILLS of Methodist church is will (?) so no service.

Bert GAINS came home from Orleans.

Miss Myrna JONES left for Lincoln and State University.

Grover FRACK returned to Omaha after visiting his parents.

Clarence SHIPMAN & wife visited his uncle, W. O. SHIPMAN, near Orleans.

Miss Kitty SHOEMAKER visited at home of Dr. GREEN in Beaver City.

Miss Hazel WOODBURN returned to Ragan where she teaches.

F. A. AUSTIN & wife were visitors to WILSONVILLE.

Miss Helen BEATY returned to her school at Maxwell.

S. W. SHIPMAN of Corinth, Iowa will be a reader of the Delphic for 1912 as a gift from his son, Clarence SHIPMAN of Hendley.

Friday Morning, January 19, 1912 - Edwin PERKINS, Editor


Mrs. YEAGER is on the sick list

Chester CALKINS lost a horse.

Lucy CALKINS visited with Etta KEMPF.

Mrs. CALKINS is visiting with W. J. CALKINS & children.

Gladys CALKINS & brother Walter spent Saturday night at the GAINS Home & Sunday night at the CALKINS home.


J. A. GILL delivered hogs to Beaver City.

Preston STEVENS is visiting at home of J. A. GILL.

J. E. MATHES & wife returned from Illinois.

Mr. & Mrs. James CROCKER visited at home of Ray MARSHALL.

Miss Maud WYATT left for Denver to visit her folks.

Mrs. Lee HENRY of Lane, S. D. is visiting home of her parents, G. W. CROCKER & wife.

Mr. & Mrs. Dean ALTER moved to Alma.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry CROCKER & Mr. & Mrs. RISING visited home of Geo. CROCKER.

Luther STEVENS, Miss Gladys MCKINNEY & Mr. & Mrs. E. H. MCKINNEY visited at the TEETER home.


Mrs. Will CROPP returned to Beaver City after visiting at home of her brothers, J. R. & J. C. CAMERON.

Mrs. W. S. OVERHOLSER received word that her mother, who lives in Palestine, Illinois was very ill and not expected to live.  A 2nd message brought the good news that her condition had improved somewhat.

J. M. HENDERSON returned from a visit to Iowa & So. Dakota. At Sioux Falls, S.D. he visited his daughter.

Isaac MEYERS came up from Denton to visit his parents.

Orley SMITH visited at home of his brother-in-law, John CONARTY.

Miss Forniola MARTS & brother Fay, of Wilsonville visited their grandmother.

Miss Lydia CONVERSE left for McCook where she will visit her brother Ira & family.

E. J. MATHES arrived home from Fairfield, Illinois with his bride. She was the former Ella POTTER of Fairfield. Wedding took place on Sunday, Jan.7th at that place. They have decided to move to Missouri.

Friday Morning, January 26, 1912 - Edwin PERKINS, Editor

Grand Junction, Colorado January 20 - Mrs. J. H. WILLIAMS writes that Miss Edith TROWBRIDGE formerly of Hendley was married on New Years Eve at the Brethern parsonage to Mr. Edward LUKE of Grand Junction.


Frank HOLT visited Beaver City.

Miss Kitty SHOEMAKER was a guest of Wilsonville relatives.

Ed SCHWERTFEGER was in Beaver City on business.

Fred AYARS & family visited relatives in Beaver City.

Miss Lizzie OLSON from Republican City visited friends.


Ed. HAYNES, Jim MEYERS, Joe JONES & Henry HERREN took the BAKER drove of horses to Norton.

Mrs. Susie MCCORKLE & daughter, Mela, returned to Bertrand accompanied by Miss Mable DEIBLER.

Miss Blanche WYATT & sister, Mrs. John FRANKLIN, were up from Beaver City.

Wm. KELLOGG left for Denver to spend the winter with his daughter, Mrs. SHAW.

George KOHLER of Sterling, Colorado arrived to visit his brother C. M. KOHLER & family.

George BRUBAKER returned from Omaha, where he visited his brother, Walter.

G. C. KELLOGG & family are leaving for their new home in Ohio.

Dick KLEPPER, one of Furnas County's oldest citizens, died Tuesday at his home southeast of Wilsonville. Service by Rev. Perry, pastor of the Christian Church at Beaver City. Burial in Hendley Cemetery.

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