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Garfield County

District 5 (Riverview)
District 14 (Richland)
District 21 (Banner)
District 25 (Rosehill)
District 70 (Cedar Valley)
District 504 (Midvale)

Feature Name
Banner School
414755N 0990729W Burwell SE
Burwell Elementary School
414650N 0990743W Burwell
Burwell Junior-Senior High School
414644N 0990737W Burwell
Cedar Valley School
420240N 0990407W Abbott Ranch
Gideon School
415142N 0990957W Burwell
Golden Standard School
415359N 0990702W Burwell NE
Goldenrod School
414937N 0991056W Burwell
Joint School
414451N 0985029W Ord NE
Kinkaid School
415701N 0990221W Burwell NE
Midvale Public School
414800N 0985830W Gables SW
Richland School
414543N 0990623W Burwell SE
Riverside School
414611N 0991129W Burwell
Riverview Public School
414756N 0991056W Burwell
Rosehill School
414800N 0984901W Gables SE
School Number 10
414727N 0984527W Gables SE
School Number 10 1/2
414753N 0985506W Gables SW
School Number 17
415017N 0985708W Gables SW
School Number 19
414544N 0985927W Gables SW
School Number 20
415238N 0985821W Gables NW
School Number 24
414836N 0985820W Gables SW
School Number 29
415818N 0990753W Burwell NW
School Number 30
415227N 0990146W Burwell SE
School Number 30 1/2
415843N 0984534W Gables
School Number 34
415912N 0985338W Gables NW
School Number 4
414516N 0985603W Gables SW
School Number 7
414636N 0985303W Gables SW
School Number 8
414554N 0990400W Burwell SE
School Number 9
415417N 0984926W Gables
West Side School
414849N 0990105W Burwell SE
Willow Springs School
414702N 0990540W Burwell SE


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