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If you know the name of the town but don't know the county, check the Locations List on the County Unknown site to see if it is listed. See the Note below about some confusing town/county names.
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Nebraska became an official territory on May 30, 1854, and then a State on March 1, 1867. You can find more about it's history in our NEGenWeb Project Resource Center.

The dates and parent county columns are as close as we can get them. We have found conflicting resources in some areas, simply because some counties that were organized during Territorial days were either renamed, relocated, or combined with other counties after we became a state, two after 1900. If you have a county name for your ancestor from before 1909, it may not mean that that's the name of the county today. Be sure to check our Locations List for town names. That will give you a county to research today.

Special Note: There are a few town names that might be confused with county names. Please double-check that you have the correct county before entering a query for the following towns/counties:
          Town              County
         Buffalo            Dawson County not Buffalo Co.
         Creighton          Knox County
         Dawson             Richardson County not Dawson Co.
         Garfield           Lincoln or Valley Co. not Garfield Co.
         Grant              Perkins County not Grant Co.
         Johnson            Nemaha County not Johnson Co.
         Kearney            Buffalo County not Kearney Co.
         Lincoln            Lancaster County not Lincoln Co.
         Loup City          Sherman County not Loup Co.
         Morrill            Scotts Bluff County not Morril Co.
         North Loup         Valley County not Loup Co.
         North Platte       Lincoln County not Platte Co.
         Pleasant Valley    Dodge County not Valley Co.
         Sarpy              Douglas County not Sarpy Co.
         South Sioux City   Dakota County not Sioux Co.
         Sioux              Dakota County not Sioux Co.
         Table Rock         Pawnee County not Rock Co.
         Thayer             York County not Thayer Co.
         Valley             Douglas County not Valley Co.
         West Lincoln       Lancaster County not Lincoln Co.
         Juniata            Adams County
         Wauneta            Chase County



County Seat

Parent County

ADAMSred map imageHASTINGS1867 - Clay
ANTELOPEred map imageNELIGH1871 - Pierce
ARTHURred map imageARTHUR1887- Unorganized Territory
BANNERred map imageHARRISBURG1888 - Cheyenne
BLAINEred map imageBREWSTER1885 - Custer
BOONEred map imageALBION1871 - Platte
BOX BUTTEred map imageALLIANCE1887 - Unorganized Territory
BOYDred map imageBUTTE1891 - Holt
BROWNred map imageAINSWORTH1883 - Unorganized Territory
BUFFALOred map imageKEARNEY1855 - Original County
BURTred map imageTEKAMAH1854 - Original County
BUTLERred map imageDAVID CITY1856 - Unorganized Territory
CASSred map imagePLATTSMOUTH1854 - Original County
CEDARred map imageHARTINGTON1857 - Original County
CHASEred map imageIMPERIAL1873 - Unorganized Territory
CHERRYred map imageVALENTINE1883 - Unorganized Territory
CHEYENNEred map imageSIDNEY1871 - Lincoln
CLAYred map imageCLAY CENTER1871 - new Clay County
Old Clay county formed in 1855 later became part
of Gage and Lancaster
COLFAXred map imageSCHUYLER1869 - Dodge
CUMINGred map imageWEST POINT1855 - Burt
CUSTERred map imageBROKEN BOW1877 - Unorganized Territory

DAKOTAred map imageDAKOTA CITY1855 - Original County
DAWESred map imageCHADRON1855 - Sioux
DAWSONadopt meLEXINGTON1860 - Buffalo
DEUELred map imageCHAPPELL1888 - Cheyenne
DIXONred map imagePONCA1856 - Original County
DODGEred map imageFREMONT1854 - Original County
DOUGLASred map imageOMAHA1854 - Original County
DUNDYred map imageBENKELMAN1873 - Unorganized Territory
FILLMOREred map imageGENEVA1856 - Unorganized Territory
FRANKLINred map imageFRANKLIN1867 - Kearney (org 1871)
FRONTIERadopt meSTOCKVILLE1872 - Unorganized Territory
FURNASred map imageBEAVER CITY1873 - Unorganized Territory
GAGEred map imageBEATRICE1855 - Original County
GARDEN adopt meOSHKOSH1909 - Deuel
GARFIELDred map imageBURWELL1884 - Wheeler
GOSPERred map imageELWOOD1873 - Unorganized Territory
GRANT red map imageHYANNIS1887 - Unorganized Territory
GREELEYred map imageGREELEY1871 - Boone
HALLred map imageGRAND ISLAND1858 - Original County
HAMILTONadopt meAURORA1867 - York
HARLANred map imageALMA1871 - Unorganized Territory
HAYESred map imageHAYES CENTER1877 - Unorganized Territory
HITCHCOCKred map imageTRENTON1873 - Unorganized Territory
HOLTred map imageO'NEILL1860 - (once named West) Knox
HOOKERadopt me  MULLEN1889 - Unorganized Territory
HOWARDred map imageSAINT PAUL1871 - Hall

JEFFERSONadopt meFAIRBURY1856 - Gage
JOHNSONred map imageTECUMSEH1855 - Original County
KEARNEY red map imageMINDEN1860 - Original County
KEITHadopt meOGALLALA1873 - Unorganized Territory, Lincoln
KEYA PAHAred map imageSPRINGVIEW1884 - Holt, then Brown & Rock
KIMBALLadopt meKIMBALL1888 - Cheyenne
KNOXred map imageCENTER1873 - L'Eau Qui Court, Emmet (orig. names)
LANCASTERadopt meLINCOLN1856 - Original County
LINCOLNadopt meNORTH PLATTE1860 - Unorganized Territory
(once named Shorter)
LOGANred map imageSTAPLETON1885 - Custer
LOUPred map imageTAYLOR1855 - Unorganized Territory
Renamed Loup in 1883
MADISONadopt meMADISON1856 - Platte
MC PHERSONred map imageTRYON1887 - Lincoln, Keith
MERRICKadopt me  CENTRAL CITY1858 - Original County
MORRILLred map imageBRIDGEPORT1908 - Cheyenne
NANCEadopt me  FULLERTON1879 - Merrick
NEMAHAred map image AUBURN1854 - Original County
NUCKOLLSred map imageNELSON1860 - Clay
OTOEred map imageNEBRASKA CITY1854 - Original County
PAWNEEred map imagePAWNEE CITY1855 - Original County
PERKINSred map imageGRANT1887 - Keith
PHELPSred map imageHOLDREGE1873 - Unorganized Territory
PIERCEred map imagePIERCE1856 - Madison
PLATTEred map imageCOLUMBUS1856 - Original County
POLKred map imageOSCEOLA1856 - Original County
Part of York County in Territorial Days

RED WILLOWred map imageMCCOOK1873 - Frontier
RICHARDSONred map imageFALLS CITY1854 - Original County
ROCK red map imageBASSETT1857 - Brown
SALINEred map imageWILBER1855 - Gage, Lancaster
SARPYred map imagePAPILLION1857 - Original County
SAUNDERSred map imageWAHOO1856 - (formerly Calhoun) Sarpy, Douglas
SCOTTS BLUFFred map imageGERING1881 - Cheyenne
SEWARDred map imageSEWARD1855 - (once named Greene) Lancaster
SHERIDANred map imageRUSHVILLE1885 - Sioux
SHERMANred map imageLOUP CITY1871 - Buffalo
SIOUXadopt meHARRISON1877 - Unorganized Territory
STANTONred map imageSTANTON1855 - (formerly Izard) Dodge
THAYERadopt meHEBRON1871 - Jefferson
THOMASadopt meTHEDFORD1887 - Blaine
THURSTONadopt mePENDER1865 - (Blackbird Co. - Indian Reservation) Burt
VALLEYadopt meORD1871 - Unorganized Territory
WASHINGTONred map imageBLAIR1854 - Original County
WAYNEadopt meWAYNE1871 - Thurston
WEBSTERred map imageRED CLOUD1867 - Unorganized Territory
WHEELERadopt meBARTLETT1871 - Boone
YORKred map imageYORK1855 - Original County
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