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Farmer List

Note: Names appear without punctuation and business titles are abbreviated.
Any corrections to names as they appear in the gazetteer appear in parenthesis ( ).

Nebraska State Gazetteer

    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891
Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe
& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.
Homerville -- County Seat.

A B C D E F G H I J K L Mc M N O P Q R
Abraham S, Bertrand. Anderson C M, Bertrand.
Acker Geo W, Arapahoe. Anderson David, Arapahoe.
Acker W L, Arapahoe. Anderson John P, Elwood.
Acker Mrs W G, Bertrand. Anderson Nels, Arapahoe.
Adams A C, Elwood. Andres John, Bertrand.
Aggson Benj F, Elwood. Ashby John H, Elwood.
Aggson J H, Elwood. Ashby L L, Elwood.
Aker Mrs Jane, Ceryl. Asmussen Fred, Bertrand.
Albro Stephen, Bertrand. Atkinson Wm H, Bertrand.
Aldrich W E, Arapahoe. Austin Edward J, Elwood.
Alexander G B, Arapahoe. Axelson Alfred G, Bertrand.
Allen R S, Cambridge. Axelson Axel, Bertrand.
Alstot T J, Cambridge. Axelson Frank, Bertrand.
Alvord Fred W, Arapahoe. Axelson Warner, Bertrand.

Babbitt David, Arapahoe. Bloch G, Arapahoe.
Bachman Joseph, Bertrand. Board S, Arapahoe.
Badgley W D, Milton. Bobbitt J H, Arapahoe.
Baker A A, Arapahoe. Boddin S P, Arapahoe.
Baker A G, Arapahoe. Bogue J C, Elwood.
Baldwin T H, Elwood. Bogue N H, Elwood.
Baff Otto, Eustis. Bogle James W, Arapahoe.
Bard Geo W, Edison. Bolen G M, Bertrand.
Bard John, Edison. Bollie Henry, Ceryl.
Barnes C J, Bertrand. Boorquin C A, Ceryl.
Barnes E A, Elwood. Boorquin Francis, Ceryl.
Barnes W T, Bertrand. Boorquin Henry, Ceryl.
Barnett Henry, Arapahoe. Boorquin H W, Ceryl.
Barnett M L, Arapahoe. Bourne C M, Arapahoe.
Barnett T H. Arapahoe. Bowen Adam, Bertrand.
Barns S L, Lexington. Bowen Geo K, Bertrand.
Barton N A, Arapahoe. Bowen P H, Bertrand.
Barton W H, Elwood. Bowen Samuel, Bertrand.
Basinger George W, Elwood. Bradford N L, Bertrand.
Bean Charles, Elwood. Brandt Conrad, Bertrand.
Bean Frank, Eustis. Brandt Wm, Arapahoe.
Bean W T, Elwood. Branson J, Elwood.
Beard E L, Bertrand. Bratt H A, Eustis.
Beckwith James, Bertrand. Breaken A A, Cambridge.
Bell Albert, Elwood. Breaken Adam, Cambridge.
Bell R M, Bertrand. Breaken W A, Cambridge.
Bell R M, Lexington. Brell Peter, Elwood.
Bell Wilson, Elwood. Brettgen Herman, Elwood.
Bennett H A, Elwood. Brinkman F, Arapahoe.
Benson J B, Elwood. Brock L Y, Arapahoe.
Benson John, Bertrand. Brogner J, Milton.
Benton D A, Elwood. Brooks Ben, Arapahoe.
Benton H H, Arapahoe. Brooks G W, Elwood.
Bergner George, Bertrand. Brooks J W, Elwood.
Berntson Nels, Bertrand. Brown C H, Bertrand.
Bertson Paul, Bertrand. Brown Frank, Milton.
Bevelheimer E F, Bertrand. Brown H, Arapahoe.
Bevord F A, Elwood. Brown J W, Arapahoe.
Bible Harvey, Arapahoe Brown S, Arapahoe.
Bible L A, Arapahoe. Brownhard W H, Arapahoe.
Bible T A, Arapahoe. Bruce C H, Arapahoe.
Bierman John, Elwood. Bruce Jacob, Bertrand.
Birtch A J, Ceryl. Brunsteter S, Milton.
Birtch C E, Bertrand. Brunsteter Wm, Milton.
Birlwistle J, Elwood. Bunsen Fred, Bunsen.
Blackman C H, Arapahoe. Burge J B, Edison.
Blackman D A, Arapahoe. Burgner J, Arapahoe.
Blackman J D, Arapahoe. Burke A L, Arapahoe.
Blackman N W, Arapahoe. Burke E S, Arapahoe.
Blackwood J F, Arapahoe. Burnham C, Arapahoe.
Blackwood W H, Arapahoe. Burt G I, Elwood.
Blake Thos, Bertrand. Bush Daniel, Bertrand.
Blanchard C W, Cambridge. Buswell B, Bertrand.
Blanchard Milo, Arapahoe. Butter gGeo G, Bertrand.
Blaney Isaac, Bertrand. Byler Isaac, Bertrand.

Calhown Chas, Bertrand. Clute A W, Elwood.
Campbell W T, Bertrand. Coder A C, Elwood.
Camthra Robert, Arapahoe. (Cawthra) Coder F M, Elwood.
Camthra Wm, Arapahoe. (Cawthra) Coder J M, Elwood.
Canada W A, Bertrand. Coder R D, Elwood.
Carmichael Chas, Oxford. Cody J H, Arapahoe.
Carpenter C D, Arapahoe. Cole R P, Oxford.
Carpenter P H, Stowe. Colerick W H, Bertrand.
Carter Wm, Arapahoe. Colerick Wm, Bertrand.
Carroll John, Elwood. Collister Christian, Oxford.
Carroll L H, Elwood. Collister Wm, Bertrand.
Carter John, Arapahoe. Collins J A, Elwood.
Carter J T, Arapahoe. Collins S B, Elwood.
Carter W E, Arapahoe. Cook Ben, Bertrand.
Carver John M, Bertrand. Cooper R H, Arapahoe.
Castelbury W B, Bertrand. Copple Wm, Cambridge.
Castor Thos, Elwood. Courtright H F, Elwood.
Chambers B L, Elwood. Courtright J H, Elwood.
Chambers J B, Arapahoe. Cox John, Elwood.
Chambers J E, Elwood. Crascroft M, Lexington.
Chambers Robt, Arapahoe. Craig James, Elwood.
Chambers Wm, Elwood. Cramer J M, Bertrand.
Chapman, Wright, Elwood. Crittenden W A, Elwood.
Chase E W, Elwood. Cross Addison, Arapahoe.
Chase G B, Elwood. Crow D J, Arapahoe.
Church Milton H, Arapahoe. Crump Wm, bertrand.
Clarey Thos W, Arapahoe. Cunningham C R, Elwood.
Clark Ben, Lexington. Currier J W, Elwood.
Clark Edward, Arapahoe. Curtice Jane A, Elwood.
Clark Sidney, Elwood. Curtice Lucien A, Elwood.
Clement E W, Bertrand. Curtice Morton A, Elwood.

Dale James H, Elwood. Denney J, Bertrand.
Davidson G R, Arapahoe. Denoyer M, Bertrand.
Davidson Thos, Arapahoe. Devaul C H, Elwood.
Davis J L, Arapahoe. Deveveraux H A, Elwood.
Davis T E, Lexington. Dinger Marcus, Bertrand.
Dawson Geo H, Arapahoe. Dowler I J, Elwood.
Dawson I W, Arapahoe. Downer B F, Arapahoe.
Dawson S T, Arapahoe. Duff R H, Bertrand.
Debbin Lewis, Elwood. Dufreuse J, Elwood.
Decher A H, Elwood. Dunham E W, Arapahoe.
Decher S W, Elwood. Dunham J B, Arapahoe.
Deering Michael, Arapahoe. Dunlap Chas, Arapahoe.
Delenbeck Geo, Bertrand. Dunlap James, Arapahoe.
Dengman O W, Elwood. Dunn F F, Bertrand.
Denney Harold, Bertrand.  

Eager Chas R, Bertrand. Ensign John, Arapahoe.
Eager Oral L, Bertrand. Ervin John, Milton.
Eastman J R, Oxford. Esslinger C, Milton.
Ecchenfield G H, Arapahoe. Estes Andrew, Ceryl
Edie David, Milton. Evans A D, Elwood.
Edwards L, Arapahoe. Evans Margaret, Elwood.
Ekland F, Bertrand. Ewen Peter, Elwood.

Farmer F M, Bertrand. Ford E, Arapahoe.
Fenwick C, Elwood. Ford J P, Arapahoe.
Fetrens John, Oxford. Ford Philo, Bertrand.
Fields J B, Elwood. Forest J W, Elwood.
Finton C K, Arapahoe. Forney S P, Elwood.
Fish C, Elwood. Foss Fred, Elwood.
Fish E, Elwood. Fox George, Bertrand.
Fish Samuel, Bertrand. Fox James E, Bertrand.
Fish S A, Elwood. Freed A D, Arapahoe.
Fitzler Andrew, Arapahoe. Freeman W H, Lexington.
Fitzler T J, Elwood. Fregdank E, Arapahoe.
Floyd Warren, Elwood. French Jerome, Bertrand.
Followell W R, Bertrand. Frozell C, Ceryl
Force J F, Bertrand. Frozell L, Ceryl.
Force Zebulon, Milton. Folier Chas S, Elwood.
Ford A C, Bertrand.  

Gadow Christ, Arapahoe. Glasser H B, Elwood.
Gadnes J E, Bertrand. Glazier Emily J, Arapahoe.
Gano Dan, B, Elwood. Glenn Bernard, Bertrand.
Gardner A S, Arapahoe. Goodman Charles, Elwood.
Gardner George, Arapahoe. Goodman Geo, Elwood.
Gardner George, Elwood. Goodman Wm, Elwood.
Gardner Monly L, Arapahoe. Gore C P, Bertrand.
Gardner Murry B, Arapahoe. Gore Myron, Bertrand.
Gardner W T jr, Arapahoe. Graham Ervin, Elwood.
Gardner W T sr, Arapahoe. Graham Geo, Arapahoe.
Gassaway W H, Bertrand. Grannis O A, Elwood.
Gath Henry, Arapahoe. Gray John H, Elwood.
Gath Wm, Arapahoe. Greenlee Jas H, Bertrand.
Galie F M, Elwood. Gregory Edza, Arapahoe.
Generich Johanna, Bertrand. Griesoh C, Oxford.
Gibbs Ruben, Arapahoe. Groshart S J, Ceryl.
Gibson Joseph, Elwood. Gwin John P, Elwood.
Givan John, Bertrand.  

Hague Oswald, Arapahoe. Hawthorn J M, Arapahoe.
Hall Wm H, Arapahoe. Hayde Theo, Arapahoe.
Hall Wm J, Arapahoe. Haymaker F F, Bertrand.
Halker Nels, Elwood. Highland J B, Cambridge.
Ham Fred, Bertrand. Hein Frank, Arapahoe.
Hambredge Geo, Arapahoe. Helms Christ, Arapahoe.
Hambredge R, Arapahoe. Helms Henry, Arapahoe.
Hamebon D W jr, Bertrand. Henftle Wm, Elwood.
Hamlin J P, Elwood. (Hanlin J P) Hensen S C, Arapahoe.
Hampton J P, Bertrand. Hibs Jno, Elwood. (Hibbs John)
Hand Wm, Arapahoe. Hildebrand L, Cambridge.
Hansen Barney, Elwood. Hiles Jas, Elwood.
Hansen John, Elwood. Hill A M, Bertrand.
Hanshow H L, Oxford. Hill B C, Milton.
Hanshow James, Oxford. Hill C E, Arapahoe.
Hanson A M, Elwood. Hill C H, Arapahoe.
Hanson Gulie, Elwood. Hill E O, Arapahoe.
Hanson Louis, Cambridge. Hill Utriah, Arapahoe.
Hanson Louis, Arapahoe. Hindle Geo C, Bertrand.
Hanson Nicholas, Elwood. Hinen Fletcher, Bertrand.
Hanson Wm, Elwood. Hinman S S, Arapahoe.
Hanson Wm E, Elwood. Hinz Julius, Arapahoe.
Hantly Wm, Elwood. Hoboek C M, Bertrand.
Harman Henry, Arapahoe. Hock Conrad, Elwood.
Harmon D C, Bertrand. Hock Louis, Elwood.
Harmon G, Arapahoe. Holloway E W, Arapahoe.
Harmon Jno E, Arapahoe. Holloway J S, Arapahoe.
Harms Christ, Bertrand. Hopkins L M, Milton.
Haser Geo, Bertrand. Hora Jacob, Milton.
Hasler Simon P, Arapahoe. Horton Chas, Arapahoe.
Hatten S M, Oxford. Horton Henry, Arapahoe.
Hawkins W C, Bertrand. Hosier Jas, Edison.
Hawks E A, Bertrand. Howard C W, Arapahoe.
Haworth D C, Arapahoe. Hoyes J C, Elwood.
Haworth Harvey, Elwood. Huls John, Arapahoe.
Haworth Isaac, Arapahoe. Huls H F, Bertrand.
Haworth Jas, Arapahoe. Hutchings J, Bertrand.
Haworth J I, Arapahoe. Hyg Jno, Bertrand.

Ireland Wm, Arapahoe.  

Jackson Geo W, Ceryl Johnson John E, Bertrand.
Jay James, Elwood. Johnson M, Arapahoe.
Jockheck Henry, Elwood. Johnson Nels, Bertrand.
Johnson Charley, Bertrand. Johnson N J, Bertrand.
Johnson Gust, Bertrand. Johnson Wm C, Arapahoe.
Johnson Hans, Arapahoe. Jones J R, Arapahoe.
Johnson H H, Bertrand. Junkins G C, Elwood.
Johnson J A, Bertrand. Junkins J B, Elwood.
Johnson Jos H, Bertrand.  

Kaht Albert, Arapahoe.  Kellar H A, Bertrand.
Kalley Joseph, Arapahoe. Kemp S B, Elwood.
Kalb John, Arapahoe. Kempton G, Arapahoe.
Kalb James G, Elwood. Kempton J H, Arapahoe.
Karston John, Arapahoe. Kenedy L C, Cambridge.
Kaser John, Arapahoe. Kenedy W H, Cambridge.
Kalthoff Wm, Arapahoe. King J A, Arapahoe.
Kayser Ernst, Arapahoe. Kingsly Frank, Arapahoe.
Keeley Frank M, Bertrand. Kingsly Geo, Arapahoe.
Keeley John J, Bertrand. Kirby Thomas, Arapahoe.
Keeley Robt P, Bertrand. Kitzing David, Arapahoe.
Keely H B,  Bertrand. Klockner H, Arapahoe.
Keely Henry, Bertrand. Kornick Frank, Bertrand.
Kehr George, Bertrand. Kragh I W, Bertrand.
Kehr William, Bertrand. Kuk Henry, Bertrand.
Keith Francis, Bertrand.  

Lahold John, Elwood. Lewis Solomon, Bertrand.
Laidle Edwin, Bertrand. Lewis W W, Ceryl.
Lanhead Joe, Elwood. Lion Sherman, Lexington.
Lanhead J R, Elwood. Littell Charles, Milton.
Lantz J T, Lexington. Littell Geo R, Milton.
Larwick Edward, Elwood. Livingston H A, Bertrand.
Lathrop G W, Arapahoe. Lockhart John, Lexington.
Lauer Wm, Bertrand. Long Michael, Arapahoe.
Laughlin Thomas, Elwood. Lord John R, Milton.
Laurent C J, Ceryl Larwick Charles, Elwood.
Leak Charles H, Bertrand. Loweth Charles, Elwood.
Lee C O, Arapahoe. Lucas Henry, Arapahoe.
Lee Ole C, Arapahoe. Lucas James, Bertrand.
Lefaivr Julian, Bertrand. Lux Mathias, Elwood.
Leonard Albert, Elwood. Lydiatt Loban, Elwood.
Lewis Gilbert, Bertrand. Lydick Geo, Ceryl.
Lewis James, Bertrand. Lydratt Leonard, Elwood.
Lewis John, Arapahoe.  

McBride Saml, Arapahoe. McGrow George, Arapahoe.
McClelland W H, Arapahoe. McGuire D, Arapahoe.
McCoy James, Arapahoe. McGuire francis, Arapahoe.
McCoy J H, Elwood. McHetton J W, Milton.
McCreary G W, Arapahoe. McKenzie J H, Elwood.
McDonald M, Arapahoe. McKenzie W T, Elwood.
McPeck S V, Elwood.  

Madison Amos, Arapahoe. Mooman S J, Oxford.
Magorian Edgar, Bertrand. Moore Emmet, Bertrand.
Magorian Thomas, Bertrand. Moore Geo, Arapahoe.
Malin C J, Bertrand. Moore Homer, Arapahoe.
March Robert, Arapahoe. Moore Jas H, Arapahoe.
Marquardt A, Arapahoe. Moore J J, Arapahoe.
Martin J R, Arapahoe. Moore J M, Arapahoe.
Maske Ernst, Bertrand. Moore Jno T, Bertrand.
Maske Frank, Bertrand. Moore W H, Arapahoe.
Maske William, Bertrand. Moran Gurley, Bertrand.
Mathews B M, Arapahoe. Moran Robert, Bertrand.
Mayo J S, Bertrand. Morgan Jas, Elwood.
Melchert Fritz, Arapahoe. Morgan Jox, Elwood.
Meshler Abram, Arapahoe. Morris Elias D, Arapahoe.
Middleton O C, Elwood. Morris Jno, Oxford.
Mier F, Arapahoe. Morris S A, Arapahoe.
Miles John, Elwood. Morse Jno, Arapahoe.
Miles M, Elwood. Morse Lane, Arapahoe.
Millen L M, Elwood. Morse S A, Bertrand.
Miller Adam, Bertrand. Muhlensefer W, Arapahoe.
Miller Geo C, Arapahoe. Muhrlein Frank, Arapahoe.
Miller Herman, Arapahoe. Munson M, Lexington.
Miller P G, Arapahoe. Murray A S, Elwood. 
Miller S L, Arapahoe. Murdock S O, Arapahoe.
Miller W C, Arapahoe. Murdock W C, Arapahoe.
Miller W E, Arapahoe. Murdock W H, Arapahoe.
Miller W H, Arapahoe. Murphy W H, Arapahoe.
Miller Wm, Arapahoe. Myerhoffer T F, Arapahoe.
Misner J W, Arapahoe. Myerle And, Arapahoe.
Misterick Frank, Elwood. Myers A S, Bertrand.
Moher Wm, Elwood. Myers C, Bertrand.
Moncrief Chas, Arapahoe. Myers C R, Arapahoe.
Monter Chas, Milton, Myers J F, Arapahoe.
Monter Clem, Arapahoe. Myers Wm, Bertrand.
Monter Henry, Arapahoe.  

Nelson Aug, Bertrand. Niemann Wm, Arapahoe.
Nelson Chas P, Bertrand. Noffzinger V F, Lexington.
New A C, Lexington. Noltenmeier C, Arapahoe.
Newcomb Jno, Bertrand. Nutzman Christ, Ceryl

Ohara Elijah, Lexington. Osborn Geo, Elwood.
Olmstead D W, Bertrand. Osborn Henry J, Arapahoe.
Olmstead Henry J, Ceryl. Osborn Hortin, Arapahoe.
Olsen Jens C, Bertrand. Osborn James, Elwood.
Olsen Peter, Bertrand. Osborn J H, Arapahoe.
Olson O F, Bertrand. Osborn John D, Arapahoe.
Orey Josiah, Elwood. Ostrom J B, Ceryl
Osborn C, Elwood. Ozaune Abraham, Elwood.

Page Elton J, Bertrand. Pickering Isaac G, Elwood.
Page S G, Bertrand. Pickering J H, Elwood.
Paine Barton E, Elwood. Pickering Theo, Elwood.
Paine Hendricks E, Elwood. Pickett C J, Arapahoe.
Painter John B, Bertrand. Pierce Jno L, Elwood. 
parkyn J L, Elwood. Pittinger wm, Elwood.
Parkyn J O, Elwood. Pittullo John, Bertrand.
Parkyn Joseph, Elwood. Platts Abel, Arapahoe.
Payn Geo E, Elwood. Pollard E F, Elwood.
Pedley W H, Bertrand. Pollock Laura E, Arapahoe.
Peglow W C, Elwood.  Pool Ashbury, bertrand.
Pepper Strong, Elwood. Poor Elmer, Elwood.
Peska Joseph, Elwood. Potter Kalita, Arapahoe.
Peters Alonzo, Elwood. Potts Z N, Ceryl.
Peterson A F, Bertrand. Powell Arthur W, Elwood.
Peterson Charleyk, Bertrand. Price A P, bertrand.
Peterson Chas E, Elwood. Price D H, Elwood.
Pfifer Martin, Arapahoe. Proctor A W, Elwood.
Phillips Caleb, Ceryl. Proctor H N, Elwood.
Phillips J L, Elwood. Puls Henry, Arapahoe.
Phillipson A E, Arapahoe. Purvis W F, Arapahoe.
Pickering Cyrus, Elwood.  

Rawson Thos, Bertrand. Robbins C E, Milton.,
Ray; James, Arapahoe. Roberts C E, Oxford.
Rector C W, Arapahoe. Roberts Geo A, Arapahoe.
Reddick Wm, Arapahoe. Roberts Hamilton, Oxford.
Reed Chas, Elwood. Robison R, Cambridge.
Reed John, Elwood. Rohrbacker Chas, Elwood.
Reed John M, Milton. Rohrbacker D jr, Bertrand.
Reed M b, Elwood. Rohrbacker D sr, Bertrand.
Renker a H, Bertrand. Roles H C, Elwood.
Repke Aug, Milton, Rose James, Arapahoe.
Reynolds T G, Ceryl. Rose Wm H, Arapahoe.
Rice Geo, Ceryl. Rosecrans Ephriam, Elwood.
Richardson J H, Arapahoe. Rosecrans W H, Elwood.
Richardson Polly, Oxford. Ross J W, Elwood.
Richey J P, Arapahoe. Ross Wm, Arapahoe.
Ridle James A, Oxford. Rowland John, Arapahoe.
Robb H W, Bertrand. Rowland John S, Arapahoe.
Robb James A, Lexington. Rude Thomas, Arapahoe.
Robb Joseph, Lexington. Rumsey Andrew, Lexington.
Robb R G, Lexington. Rumsey Elan, Bertrand.
Robb Wm, Lexington. Russel Thos H, Arapahoe.
Robb Wm, Elwood.  

Sacket W C, Bertrand. Slump A J, Bertrand.
Salisbury Clarence, Milton. Smith F N, Elwood. 
Salisbury F A, Milton. Smith J F, Elwood.
Salisbury W A, Milton. Smith Raysten, Ceryl
Samson W C, Arapahoe. Smith R M, Lexington.
Sanders Anos, Bertrand. Smith W A, Bertrand.
Sanders John, Arapahoe. Smith W F, Arapahoe.
Sanders John E, Arapahoe. Smyser Henry, bertrand.
Sandy J J, Bertrand. Snyder Arthur J, Arapahoe.
Sanford Ed, Arapahoe. Snyder James M, Arapahoe.
Sawyer C H, Bertrand. Snyder J P, Arapahoe.
Sawyer Charles, Bertrand. Snyder J W, Arapahoe.
Scales Wm, Elwood. Snyder W H, Arapahoe.
Schanck Giles E, Ceryl. Speck F E, Bertrand.
Schanck John, Ceryl Speicher Christ, Bertrand.
Scheel Fred, Bertrand. Spring S W, Bertrand.
Schleuter John H, Oxford. Stagnier Fred, Arapahoe.
Schmickle Fred, Elwood. Stahn Herman, Arapahoe.
Schmiekle Jacob, Elwood. Stall F P, Arapahoe.
Schneider Henry, Arapahoe. Standish P, Bertrand.
Schoonover Joseph, Oxford. Staples J B, Arapahoe.
Schreff Emil, Elwood. Stark D H, Elwood.
Schrevelbein J, Arapahoe. (Schievelbein) Stark F W, Elwood.
Schrevelbein W, Arapahoe. (Schievelbein) Stark Jesse, Elwood.
Schriver Charles, Elwood. Stark J H, Ceryl.
Schwerdtferger C H, Arapahoe. Stark J R, Ceryl
Schwerdtferger J, Arapahoe. Stark William, Arapahoe.
Scott Geo F, Arapahoe. Staughton M A, Elwood.
Seaman Frank, Arapahoe. Stehl P W, Elwood.
Searl A W, Arapahoe. Stephenson T, Bertrand.
Searle M, Arapahoe. Stewart F A, Elwood.
Selby Harrison, Bertrand. Stewart Jos R, Arapahoe.
Sheppard W W, Bertrand. Stettman Henry, Arapahoe.
Sheilds W, Bertrand. Stockham G W, Milton.
Shindler Charles, Milton. Stodort Truman, Arapahoe.
Shindler Jesse, Milton. Stone W H, Lexington.
Shoestall Joseph, Elwood. Stout Jno, Arapahoe.
Shopbell Elmer, Arapahoe. Stout Robt, Arapahoe.
Shopbell E M, Arapahoe. Stout W F, Oxford.
Shopbell Jacob, Arapahoe. Stout Z M, Milton.
Shryer W M, Lexington. Strang G D, Arapahoe.
Sickles Frank, Milton.  Strickland David, Bertrand.
Simon Henry, Elwood. Sullivan M E, Arapahoe.
Simon Martin R, Elwood. Sutherland E H, Bertrand.
Simon Neis, Arapahoe. Swanson Ed, Lexington.
Simon Ole, Arapahoe. Swartz Gus, Elwood.
Sisel William, Elwood. Sweeney D M, Elwood.
Slacher Andrew, Arapahoe. Sweeney Jno, Arapahoe.
Sleife Henry, arapahoe. Swickhumer Geo, Bertrand.

Talcott C A, Elwood. Thomas W F, Arapahoe.
Tanner N, Arapahoe. Thompson Nick, Elwood.
Taylor Frank, Elwood. Tigard Elias, Arapahoe.
Taylor W T, Bertrand. Tilson S M, Elwood.
Teeters Frank, Arapahoe. Tolherd A J, Elwood.
Tewell Jas S, Elwood. Tomasek T, Elwood.
Thomas C A, Elwood. Tracy J H, Elwood.
Thomas ed, Elwood. Tracy Jno M, Elwood.
Thomas Elwood, Arapahoe. Tucker Jno, Elwood.
Thomas Erastus, Arapahoe. Tucker Wade, Elwood.
Thomas S C, Elwood.  

Urick Jos, Bertrand. Usher E S, bertrand.

Vandruff L A, Arapahoe. Vinzent Jas sr, Lexington.
Vencil J, Arapahoe. Vinzent John, Lexington.
Vencil S, Arapahoe. Voories W D, Bertrand.
Vinzent Hugh, Lexington. Voss John, Bertrand.
Vinzent Jas jr, Lexington  

Wade Geo, Elwood. Werts F, Ceryl.
Wade Jno, Elwood. Werts Henry, Ceryl.
Wadsworth Jno, Oxford. West Charles, Bertrand.
Wagner J C, Arapahoe. West Wm, Bertrand.
Wagner W F, Oxford Westfall A M, Bertrand.
Wagner W W, Oxford. Westfall M B, Bertrand.
Wakefield Benj, Ceryl. Westfall M W, bertrand.
Walker Eil, Lexington. White Ciaborn, Arapahoe.
Walker J, Lexington. White John, Elwood.
Wallace E T, Lexington. White Nathan, Arapahoe.
Waller J W, Lexington. Whiteaker B F, Bertrand.
Walters Chas, Bertrand. Whitford Miles, Bertrand.
Walters Wm, Bertrand. Whitney W P, Elwood.
Wamick J W, Milton. Whyte A A, Ceryl.
Wandling J L, Bertrand. Wickham A H, Lexington.
Warner Edward, Arapahoe. Wickham E B, Lexington.
Warner H, Arapahoe. Wilcox C E, Elwood.
Watkins J C, Bertrand. Wildman H W, Elwood.
Watkins J E, Arapahoe. Wiley H H, Bertrand.
Watkins Mathew A, Milton. Wiley Isaac, Oxford.
Watkins M J, Bertrand. Wiley James S, Oxford.
Watson Peter, Arapahoe. Wiley John, Oxford.
Way Jacob H, Ceryl. Wilkey C H, Lexington.
Way John H, Ceryl. Willis Elmer E, Arapahoe.
Wayman E C, Cambridge. Willsey E P, Bertrand.
Wayman Geo, Bertrand. Wilson A K, Elwood.
Wayman J S, Arapahoe. Wilson Benj H, Milton.
Weam J S, Lexington. Wilson Jacob, Ceryl.
Weast A A, Bertrand. Wilson L A, Elwood.
Weast M G, Bertrand. Wilson O D, Milton. 
Weathers J A, Ceryl. Wilson S A, Elwood.
Weaver J V, Lexington. Wionslow Elibu, Bertrand.
Weher H, Milton. Winslow Wilson, Bertrand.
Wehmeir J, Elwood. Wolf John, Elwood.
Welions D H, Bertrand. Wright Walter C, Bertrand.
Wendland F, Arapahoe. Wyman Fredrick, Elwood.
Werts Albert, Ceryl. Wynn A J, Arapahoe.

Yager George, Arapahoe. Yoder Levi, Bertrand.
Yeoman C A, Oxford. Yoder M E, Bertrand.
Yeoman S B, Oxford. Yoder Col C, Bertrand.
Yerges Casper, Ceryl. Yoder S P, Bertrand.
Yerges Nicholas, Ceryl Yoder Y B, Bertrand.
Yockheck Henry, Bertrand. Yoder Y D, Bertrand.
Yoder Abner, Bertrand. Yoder Yost H, Bertrand.
Yoder Jacob, Bertrand. Younger Jasper, Arapahoe.

Zebell Julius, Arapahoe. (Ziebell)  

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