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Greeley County

Business Directory and Farmer list
for 1890-1891

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This is the listing of Businesses existing in Greeley County, by town.

ACME, a postoffice in the central part of Greeley county, four and one half miles from Scotia, the county seat.

BELFAST, a flag station on the B&M RR, seven miles west of Greeley.

BRAYTON, a village in Greeley county with a population of 100, is on the Palmer and Burwell branch of the B&M RR, eight miles south of Greeley Center. The place is favorably located for a good trading point and before many years a thriving town will usurp the site of the present village. Nearly all branches of trade are represented and large shipments of grain and stock made.

Ahern, Wm, saloon Brayton
Commercial Bank, T C Phelan pres, D E Lanigan cashier
Brayton Democrat, Miss M A P Spencer, pub
Brayton Hotel, Mrs M Spencer, prop
Brayton Real Estate & Loan Co, T C Phelan mgr
Cadegan, P W, meat market
Calvin, Wm, livery
Dennis, W M, sta agt B&M RR
Kendall & Smith, grain and coal
Killeen, M C, genl mdse
McEneaney, John, hardware and farm machinery
Nelson, Carl, carpenter
Newman, Stephen, blacksmith Rooney & Blacklock, lumber, coal
Rooney & Co, live stock
Spencer, Abbie Miss, pub Brayton Democrat
Spencer, M Mrs, prop Brayton Hotel
Thorpe, H M, postmaster
Thorpe, H M & Co, genl mdse
Wall, J D, wagonmaker

ENFIELD, a postoffice in the eastern part of Greeley county, six miles east of Greeley.
Tate, D H, postmaster

HORACE, a station on the Burwell branch of the B&M RR, in Greeley county, seven miles west of Greeley Center.

SPALDING, a town in the northeast corner of Greeley county, is 14 miles from Greeley Center and 18 miles northwest of Cedar Rapids. It is beautifully located in the valley of the Cedar and enjoys the trade of a large extent of farming and grazing country. A flouring mill has just been completed in which there has been invested a large amount of capital, and which is intended to grind for export, besides tending to the local trade. The Catholics have a fine church building, and the town generally has a neat and attractive appearance. Population,150.

Brady John, mgr Spaulding Milling and Cattle Co.
Cameron A D, phys and druggist.
Connell M Mrs, millinery, dressmaking.
De Vos J E Rev, pastor Catholic church.
Fitzgerald P P, genl mdse.
Glenn Thos, justice.
Index (The), W E F Rienard pub.
Klein John, blacksmith.
Murphy & McKeon, hardware, boots, shoes, crackers.
Naughtin Bros, carpenters, builders.
O'Harra D J, prop Spalding House livery, postmaster.
Rienard W E F, pub The Index, justice.
Spalding Milling & Cattle Co, John Brady mgr flouring mill.
Sullivan John H, saloon.
Unself John F, meat market.
Weber Christ, genl mdse.


LEO VALLEY, a postoffice in the eastern part of Greeley county, nine miles from Greeley Center. Walsh, John, postmaster.

O'CONNORS, a small settlement four miles southeast of Greeley Center. The Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, an academy for girls, is located here. The buildings cost over $40,000 and it is well patronized. Sister Mary Michael is superioress, and Rev J F Hays pastor. Around is a good farming country and well settled
Ford, Daniel, justice
Phelan, T C, hog breeder
Rooney, Rose Mrs, postmistress and genl mdse

PARNELL, a postoffice in the western part of Greeley County, five miles west of Belfast, on the Ericson branch of the B&M RR. About 200 farmers reside in this vicinity.

SCOTIA JUNCTION, a flag station on the Grand Island and Ord branch of the U. P. Ry., one mile from Scotia.


SUMPTER, a flag station on the B. & M. R. R., 16 miles west of
Greeley Center.

TROY, a postoffice in the northeast part of Greeley county, nine miles from Greeley Center. Walsh, Richard, postmaster.

WOLBACH, a village on the Palmer and Burwell branch of the B&M RR, is in Greeley county, 14 miles southeast of Greeley Center. It is on high ground and the land around is quite rolling, live stock constitutes the principal shipments although it is a good grain producing country. Population, 150.
Bissell & Seavy, lumber, coal
Cutler, Francis M, drugs, genl mdse
Dailey, Milton J, agt Kendall & Smith live stock
Fairman, Marion J, livery
Horn, Wm, hotel
Healey, F F, sta agt B&M RR
Kendall & Smith, M J Dailey agt, grain elevator
Mulford, Lewis M, postmaster, agt
H E Wilson Roberts & Henderson, saloon
Sherman, J W, hardware, agl implts
Timbrell, Isaac, blacksmith
Wight, Edgar A, genl mdse
Wilson, H E, L M Mulford agt, genl mdse

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