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1887 letter written by Cathrine McCarthy

Two pages of a letter written from O'Connor  by Cathrine McCarthy to Mrs McHale in Pittston Pennsylvania.  The acknowledgement for this needs to go to. Transcriber's notes: I have inserted in parentheses words that may cause problems, and a "^" when she was inserting a word. I will ask my father about the word "Doal" in regard to the "bigs" sic "head of pigs" :-).  Also, the pages don't read correctly as they are shown, so it is noted above each page where they were on the image. I really don't like to "fix" these kind of writings, as I think there is a lot of color and accent lost. She really has quite a nice hand considering she most likely had a limited education.

Catherine Gilbert was born 14 Feb 1837 in Baltimore, MD.  She married Michael McCarthy 10 May 1857 in Pittston, Luzerne Co Pensylvania.  Michael McCarthy was born Oct 1831 in Ahasgrah Co. Galway Ireland. Both Michael and Catherine McCarthy died 10 Sept 1930 at O'Connor Greeley Co. Nebraska, according to Paul Glassmaker on Genforum. submitted by Shirley Gillespie Moore.

Left side Pg 1
O conor                            Nov the 30 1887
Dear frend Mrs Mchale i thaugt i would
write you a few lines hoping that you will
Excuse me for not writing to you sooner
but it was my carlness (carelessness) and if you will
Excuse me i will not do so a gain i ges 
you will think i forgot you but i never
can forget your kindess towards me when
i was thare i hope that i can Return it
too ^you som time now Mrs Mchale i must 
ask you too do me a favor i want you
too get me ("araper R" crossed through) 
Raper (Wrapper or duster) and let sally
Make it for me you can buy som kind of
cheap drees goods and get it lined all the
way thrug and you can write and tell
me how ^much it is and i will send the Money too
pay you for it I would not ask you but
I cant get a nice Raper made hear and
send me a Raper Patern and a Aporn
Patern for Ellenor and i will be Much abloige
Right side Pg 1
On the top side of this page:
Please send me a fashon Book tell Saras M to send
("too" crossed through) me tha ("lated" crossed through)
latest fashon Book i want too get Ellenor a suit made i 
had a notion too send it out too her too make for her
thare is not much fashon hear for litel girls.

all the hapiness tha can haf Elle
rote a leter too Mary and she did not
anser it she ses she will neve (never) will
write too her any more as long as she
did not think worth her while to anser it
now Mrs Mcakle i hope ^you will be kind
a nough too anser this leter and i will
write too ^you offtener i wont be so carless aney
more well i ges now i haf told all i
haf to tell you Mikel and ^the Boys and
Elle joines me in sending thare love too
you all give my love Mary jhoney give
My love to all the Pine st Nabors for i 
awlays haf a wish for them and i never 
will forget thare kindness to me when i
was thare so i hope i will hear from
you soon from your true and sincer
frend Mrs Cathrine McCarthy
Pleas write as soon as you get this
Left side Pg 2
too you if you will send it too me Mike
Manning is coming out in a week from
sunday knight and you can send it with 
him or Else you can send it by Exprees
is Mamey teaching school if she would com
out hear she would get a chool (school) i wish she 
would com out hear we haf a large town
hear now thare is a Railroad Runing thrugh
it and it makes Every thing liveley out hear
thare is Adeapo right in the midel of the 
town the name of the town is grealy center 
thare is a bout 1 hurnddred and fifty 
Buildingis in it now and it just start up
when i was out thare we sell all our hogs
and all our Potares ^thare we sold a bout 3 hurnder
bushels of Potares and we sold hurnderd and
siventy Doal of bigs (pigs) we haf got 25 cows now
and we haf got 5 teames of horses so you 
see if we was thare we would ^not haf all that
so you see the west is the pest place after all
the Peopel in Pittston is foolish if tha had
com out hear tha would be beter off
Right side Pg 2
i would like Mrs Mchale if you would
com out next sumer and make us a 
visot we would be very hapy to haf you
if i Ever go back thare a gain on avisot i
will make a longer visot how is the times
out thare is work gong on good haf you got
very cold wether out thare the wether
hear is very fine i hop you are all well
we are all well but Elle is a bout the same
it Brakes my hart to see her if she com out
hear last fall she would be all right Josey
is geting a long good he has gained 14 Pounds
sence he com out hear Rebeca is get a long
good and she likes it real well hear
i forgot to tell you that Jimey has got
a nother large store in grly Center he is 
not Mared (married) yet Pats wife has got a nother
young son he told me tell you that Jhony (Johnny)
must hury up and ^not be so lazy Pat 
ses that he thinks that the Pittston 
Boys is no good how is Mrs Blute
folks geting a long i hope that all
the Pine St Nabors is well for i wish them

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