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Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Greeley Centre, Greeley NE
Marriages 1894 - 1909

PLEASE NOTE: I have tried to be as accurate as possible in the transcription of these records. However, I do recommend that you look at the original document to verify the information for yourself. Pat Swanson

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Greeley Centre, Greeley NE
Marriages 1894 ---1909

Registrations of marriage

Jun 19 1894

William Jerome Doyle of TN s/o Thomas John Doyle

Sarah Cecilia Flaherty of Rock Island, IL

Witness; T. J. Doyle, Philip Doyle

Signed ; Peter Mc Laughlin


Jun 28 1894

Thomas Scott of Ireland

Catherine Byrne of Ireland d/o John C. Byrne

Witness ; John C. Byrne & Maggie Byrne

Signed ; Peter McLaughlin


Jul 19 1894

Denis J. Murphy of Ireland s/o C. D. Murphy & Julia Murphy

Ann Cashman of Ireland d/o Michael Cashman & Ellen Riley

Witness; Philip Doyle & Lucretia Remine?

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Nov 16 1894

Frank Foster of PA s/o Frank A. Foster & Mary C. Clarke

Ellen Middleton of Nevada d/o John Middleton & Susan Beasley

Witness; Peter McLaughlin

Signed; W. Wolf *new convert baptised that day


Nov 13 1895

John Patrick Murphy of Mass. s/o J. A. Murphy & Margeret Quinn

Elizabeth Ann Rowse of England(Wales) d/o Wm Rowse & Ann Dawe

Witness; Henry Rowse & Maggie Rowse

Signed; Peter McLaughlin (Burwell)


Nov 19 1895

Patrick Lavelle of Carbondale PA s/o Patrick Lavelle & Bridget Coleman

Nellie Paxton of Greeley NE d/o James Paxton & Dora Foster

Witness; Mark Connor & Julia Lavelle

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Nov 28 1895

William Rogers of Iowa s/o W. C. Rogers & C.A. Giborn

Maimie Nicol of Pennsylvania d/o A. G. Nicol & A. Gaffney

Witness; Ralph Rogers & Lydia Nicol

Signed; Peter McLaughlin *dispensation taken care of


Jan 15 1896

Patrick Henry Barry of Boston s/o Patrick Henry Barry & Mary Monahan

Rose McFadden of Philadelphia d/o Ed McFadden & Mary Coyle

Witness; James Barry & Ann Keating

Signed ; Peter McLaughlin *dispensation before published banns


Feb 17 1896

Harry Emrick

Annie Gertrude McCoy

Witness; John McCoy & Nellie McCoy

Signed ;Peter McLaughlin


Nov 23 1896

Mark O'Connor of Penn . . s/o John O'Connor & Mary Devine

Julia Lavelle of Penn. d/o Patrick Lavelle & Bridget Coleman

Witness; Mark Lavelle & Katie Kelly

Signed ; Peter McLaughlin


Nov 25 1896

Francis Keenan of Iowa s/o M. Keenan & M. Ryan

Annie Murphy of Iowa d/o P. Murphy & M Grady

Witness; John Keenan & Frances Murphy

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Jun 22 1897

Thomas Ralph of ILL s/o J Ralph & B. Mullen

Catherine Green (vivua(Widow)) of Australia d/o W. McGinn

Witness; Peter Killen & Dorcas Paxton

Signed; Peter Mc Laughlin


Sep 17 1897

V. O'Hara

Mary Minnie Kester d/o Wm Kester & Ann Rape?

Witness; Michael O'Connor & Mrs Michael

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


No date circa 1897

Charles R Kennedy of Souix City

Elenane Moore of Palmer d/o Chas Moore & Magner

Witness; Richard Carroll & Anne Moore

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Oct 18 1897

John F. Brown of Wis. s/o T. Brown & M. Powers

Margaret Dolan of Mass. d/o J. Dolan & A. O'Hara

Witness; James Brown & Alice Dolan

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Feb 10 1898

Michael Whalen s/o Thomas Whalen & Ellen Barry

Eva Jeffers (nee Barker) d/o B. Barker & Ellen Conley?

Witness; Nicholas Whalen & Josephine Cahill

Signed; Peter McLaughlin *betrothed-temp conditional Baptism


Sep 20 1898

Charles Crisman age 22y of Indiana s/o James Chrisman & Sarah Grangen

Ann Ward age 20 of New York d/o Thomas Ward & Bedelia Featherstone

Witness; Frank Ward & Mary McVeigh

Signed; Peter McLaughlin *new convert from Palmer


Sep 19 1898

William Sidwall of Denmark s/o P.B. Sidwall & Clara Smitt

Florence Sutton d/o Charles Sutton & Elizabeth Rogers

Witness; M. McGinn & Annie Crimmons

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Nov 22 1898

Charles L Brannen of New York s/o Laurence Brannen & Bridget Monahan

Mary E Howard of Illinois d/o B Howard & Johanna Buschel

Witness: John Brannen & Nellie Howard

Signed: Peter McLaughlin


Apr 19 1899

Bernard Croughwell of Taylor NE s/o Thomas C Croughwell & Margaret Howey?

Anna Ellithorpe of Taylor d/o Levi Ellithorpe & Anna Stubbs

Witness: John Croughwell & Catherine Croughwell

Signed; Peter McLaughlin *at Taylor


May 4 1899

Micheal F Harris of Greeley s/o John Harris & Mary Fox

Alice B Dunn of Greeley d/o Thomas Dunn & Maggie Nestor

Witness; Charles Emrick & Bessie Buckley

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Oct 23 1899

Michael Fogarty of Greeley s/o Edward Fogarty & Mary Clark

Nellie Howard of Greeley d/o B. Howard & Hannah Buchel

Witness; John L Fogarty & Mary Hayes

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Oct 17 1899

James B. Barry of Boston s/o P.H. Barry & Mary Monaghan

Mamie Taylor of Carbondale d/o M.J. Taylor & Mary Biorke

Witness; Martin Flinn & Nellie Taylor

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Nov 28 1899

Dennis Cannon of Ireland

Maggie McNelis of Ireland

Witness; John McNelis & Mary McNelis

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Oct 23 1900

Laurence Connolly of Mass. s/o Laurence Connolly & Mary Gilroy

Orilla Rosabel Croetch of Kansas d/o J.J. Croetch Angeline Chartraw?

Witness; John Connolly & Gertrude Croetch

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Nov 26 1900

W. J. Luse of Indiana s/o W. P. Luse & M. Vananken

Maggie Kelly of Iowa d/o James Kelly & Alice Ruth

Witness; John Kinsella & Nellie Buckley

Signed; Peter McLaughlin * dispensation


Nov 28 1900

Bert Emery of Nebr s/o W.A. Emery & Addie Lawyer

Elsie Crossby of Iowa d/o O.J. Crossby & Laura Smith

Witness; Andrew Bolling & Gracie Crossby

Signed; Peter McLaughlin *dispensation


Jan 14 1901

Thomas F Byrne of Ireland s/o J.C. Byrne & Mary Broderick

Mary Bolin of Canada d/o John Bolin & Johanna Foley

Witness; M. Harrahill & Nora Bolin

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Feb 1900

Jene Ashmead s/o Graneille Ashmead & Rhoda Ellis

Julia Donaghue d/o Mich B. Donahue & Ellen Noonan

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Jan 8 1900

William Bolin of Canada s/o John Bolin & Briget Foley

Lyda Taylor of NE d/o M. J. Taylor & Mary Burke

Witness; Martin Flynn & Nellie Taylor

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


April 29 1901

Hugh McDonald of ILL s/o Andrew McDonald & Mary Burns

Agnes McDonald of WI d/o Jas McDonald & Margaret Clough

Witness: John C McDonald & Delia Killeen

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


June 24 1901

John T Mulligan of Illinois s/o Daniel Mulligan & Maggie Cauley

Nellie O'Keefe of Ireland d/o Manus O'Keafe & Ellen Brown

Witness: Arthur O'Keefe & Maggie O'Keefe

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Oct 14 1901

Michael Harrahill of PA s/o John Harrahill & Ellen Webster

Maryann Dugan of IA d/o Patrick Dugan & Elizabeth Cuddligan

Witness; James Harrahill & Mary Brown

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


April 3 1902

Emmet A Murphy of O'Connor NE s/o Bernard Murphy & Mary Amy

Martha A Kinsella of O'Connor d/o Richard Kinsella & Agnes Cecil

Witness; James Kelly & Maimie Gorham

Signed: Peter McLaughlin *dispensation obtained with permission of Rev Hayes


Apr 22 1902

George Marlow

Nellie Harris d/o John Harris & Catherine Fox

Witness; Hugh Griffin & Katie Harris

Signed; Peter McLaughlin-- Pastor


Jul 8 1902

Peter Killeen of Ireland s/o Laurence Killeen & Briget Nevin

Katie Killeen of Iowa d/o Edmund Ryan & Mary Taftee

Witness; Thomas Ryan & Mary Callahan

Sighed; Peter McLaughlin -- * dispensation-relationship by marriage


Aug 11 1902

Thomas Davis Kelly of Ohio s/o Thomas Davis & Anna Mullen

Mary Ann Fitzpatrick of Ireland d/o John Fitzpatrick & Mary McElroy

Witness; James Fitzpatrick & Nellie McCoy

Signed; Peter McLaughlin - Pastor


Sep 8 1902

James F Kelly of Illinois s/o John Kelly & Catherine Strapp

Mary Gorham of Penn. d/o Dan Gorham & Cath Flemming

Witness; John Kelly & Hannah Gorham

Signed; Peter McLaughlin -- Pastor


Nov 24 1902

John McVeigh of Scotland s/o John McVeigh & Mary Laird

Margaret Leonard of New York d/o James Leonard & Ann Manen

Witness; Arthur McVeigh & Katie Leonard

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Jan 26 1902

Leroy E Benson of Nebr s/o Daniel Benson & Mary Shatswell

Nellie Tracy of Illinois d/o Patrick Tracy & Kate Marshall

Witness; Willie Dolan & Katie Tracy

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Jan 26 1902

Rodger Fitzpatrick of Ireland s/o John Fitzpatrick & Anna McElroy

Margaret Killeen of Illinois d/o Peter Killeen & Mary Hanley

Witness; Hugh Fitzpatrick & Mary Killeen

Signed; Peter McLaughlin


Feb 17 1903

Barnie Yax of Mich. s/o Sam Yax & Mary Sicop?

Maimie Halpin of Scotia,NE d/o Wm Halpin & Mary McCarvil

Witness; John Riley & Katie Noonan

Sighed; Peter McLaughlin


Feb 22 1903

Patrick Lavelle of Ireland s/o James Lavelle & Julia Scahill

Annie Smith of Penn. d/o Luke Harm/Harris? & Bridget Cawley

Witness; J. J. McCarthy & Mary McCarthy

Sighed; Peter McLaughlin


June 8 1903

Michael J Murphy 28y of Mass. s/o P.F. Murphy & Katie McDonnell

Maggie S Smith of Nebr d/o James Smith & Maggie Curnyn

Witness; Joe Murphy & Miss Nellie Smith

Signed; W.Wolf


Oct 12 1903

William M Turley of McCook, Red Willow Co. NE s/o Mike Turley & Ellen Morris

Rose Anne Griffin of Greeley center d/o William G Griffin & Mary J Coyle

Witness; Hugh McManus & Belle Griffin

Signed; P Flanagan –Pastor


Nov 11 1903

James L Brannen of Greeley s/o Lawrence Brannen & Bridget Monaghan

Elizabeth J Buckley of Greeley d/o Thomas Buckley & Jennie E Kelly

Witness; John Brannen & Miss Nellie Buckley

Signed; P.Flanagan –Pastor


Nov 18 1903

James Largy of Broken Bow,NE s/o Thos Largy & Mary Hanovan

Catherine Croughwell of Taylor NE d/o Thos Croughwell & Margaret Slowey

Witness; Thomas F Croughwell & Mary Cooney

Signed; P. Flanagan *married at Taylor NE


Jan 12 1904

John H Brannen of O'Connor NE s/o Laurence Brannen & Bridget Monaghan

Catherine O'Keefe of Greeley d/o Manus O'Keefe & Ellen Brown

Witness; George Brannen & Miss Ella Bopp

Signed; P.Flanagan


Jan 19 1904

Loran E Vanhorn of Lincoln NE s/o George Vanhorn & Nancy Campbell

Catherine A Harris of Greeley d/o John S Harris & Mary Fox

Witness; Bernard Byrne & Miss Elizabeth (Belle) Griffin

Signed; P Flanagan *Loran, formerly of Greeley--convert


Jun 22 1904

Fay W Spooner of Sargent,NE s/o Alva S Spooner & Emma Wilber

Mary E Murray of Kent NE d/o Bernard Murray & Winifred Cleary

Witness; James Murray & Winifred Murray

Signed; P.Flanagan *convert baptized by P. Flannigan


May 1 1905

Albert Lavelle of Greeley s/o Peter & Anne Lavelle

Essie Reese of Greeley d/o James Reese & Margaret Whalen

Signed; P Flanagan


May 2 1905

James Fitzpatrick of Greeley s/o John Fitzpatrick & Nancy McElroy

Ella Killeen of Greeley d/o Peter Kileen & Julia Casey?

Witness: Hugh F Fitzpatrick & Catherine Kileen

Signed: P.Flanagan


May 23 1905

Fredrick Iburg of Spalding s/o Herman C Iburg & Catherine Kinney

Ellen Cannon of Greeley d/o James Cannon & Susan Kennedy

Witness; John Kennedy & Miss Annie Kennedy

Signed; P. Flanagan


Jun 5 1905

John F Duffin of Greeley s/o Henry Duffin & Bridget Keough

Nellie Smith of Greeley d/o James Smith & Margaret Curnyn

Witness; William Burke & Ellen Smith

Signed; P. Flanagan


Jun 12 1905

Bernard W Byrne of Greeley s/o J.C. Byrne & Bridget Durkin

Isabella Griffin of Greeley d/o William Griffin & Mary J Coyle

Witness; Frank O'Malley & Miss Anne Griffin

Signed; P Flanagan


Jun 26 1905

Gustavus H. Nelson of Greeley s/o Hans P Nelson & Mary Larsen

Nora Bolin of Greeley d/o John Bolin & Foley

Witness: Chas Nelson & Miss Katie Bolin

Signed : P Flanagan * newly converted to Catholic faith-made his first communion same day


Jul 3 1905

Patrick J. Aherne of Kansas city s/o William Aherne & Mary A Cadigan

Mary A Brown of Greeley d/o T.M. Brown & Nellie Ready

Witness: Richard Aherne & Tress Brown

Signed: P Flanagan


Nov 29 1905

John W Eastabrooks of Wolbach s/o Abel Eastabrooks & Philana C. Baker

Katie Dolan of Greeley d/o Edward Dolan & Elizabeth Whalen

Witness: William Reese & Dolly Walsh

Signed; P. Flanagan * John Eastabrooks was baptized by Fr Lambert at the close

of the mission on Sunday the 19th of Nov 1905


Feb 7 1906

M. Frank O'Malley of Greeley s/o Austin O'Malley & Mary Salmon

Eleanor Miner of Greeley d/o W.H.Miner & Annie Blevins

Witness: J.O'Malley & Miss Grace Miner

Signed: P.Flanagan * Miss Eleanor was baptized the eve of the marriage


Feb 26 1906

Bartholmew Mulligan of Greeley s/o Michael Mulligan(Ohio) & Elizabeth Walpole

Mary M. Gaffney of Greeley d/o John Gaffney & Anne Burke

Witness: George Cooper & Miss Mangan

Signed: P.Flanagan


Jun 19 1906

Thomas F Bopp of Greeley s/o Phillip Bopp (Iowa) & Esther McGarvin

Margaret E Brannen of Greeley d/o Lawrence & Bridget Monaghan NE

Witness: George Brannen & & Ella Bopp

Signed: P. Flanagan


Oct 24 1906

John Andrew Hogan of Greeley s/o Laurence Hogan & MaryAnn Reidy

Nellie Taylor of Greeley d/o Michael Taylor & Mary Burke

Witness; James Lanigan & Agnes Taylor

Signed: Peter McLaughlin


May 14 1907

Thomas F. Croughwell of Taylor,NE s/o John Croughwell & Catherine Fowlin

Mary Cooney of West Union(Cumings Park) d/o William Cooney & Mary Kennedy

Witness; Thomas Cooney & Margaret Cooney

Signed: P.Flanagan * dispensation Taylor NE


April 9 1907

Harley Seaman of Burwell s/o Henry Seaman & Eda Shoemaker

Cecelia Gaukel of Burwell d/o Minrod Gaukel & Marie Moaltie (Germany)

Witness: Thomas Gaukel & Hedwig Frost

Signed: H. Muenstermann * Burwell NE Harley Seaman a convert to the faith


May 15 1907

Joseph Murphy of Greeley s/o Patrick Murphy & Catherine O'Donnell

Anna Griffin of Greeley d/o William Griffin & Mary Coyle

Witness: Thomas Murphy & Margaret Turley

Signed: P.Flanagan


Jun 4 1907

Thomas O'Connor of Greeley s/o John O'Connor & Mary Devine

Catherine McManus of Greeley d/o Hugh McManus & Mary Denny

Witness: Hugh McManus & Miss Catherine O'Connor



Jun 10 1907

William P Toohey of Greeley s/o M.J. Toohey & Johanna Ryan

Mabel Anna Rogers of Greeley d/o William C Rogers & Carrie Gibson

Witness: Frank Toohey & Miss Mary Toohey

Signed; P.Flanagan * Miss Rogers was baptized on the 9th of Jun 1907


Jun 12 1907

Thomas Gaukel of Burwell s/o Mieinrad Gaukel & Mary Mauche

Hedwig Frost of Burwell d/o Frank Frost & Magdeline Hgtuck

Witness: William Frost & Miss Ellen Gaukel

Signed: P.Flanagan *Burwell NE


Jun 17 1907

Michael Snell of Greeley s/o Edmund Snell & Mary Crawford

Ruby (Catherine) Owen of Horace,Greeley d/o William Owen & Henrietta Cully

Witness: William Snell & Miss Frances Snell

Signed: P.Flanagan * Miss Owen was baptized Catherine

on Sun 16th after being well instructed


Jun 18 1907

Samuel A Thomas of Broken Bow s/o Henry J Thomas & Catherine McMahon

Catherine V Johnson of Wolbach d/o Samuel I Johnson & Catherine A McGrath

Witness: Orville Johnson & Alethera Johnson

Signed: P.Flanagan * Miss Johnson baptized on 16th Jun


Jul 2 1907

Thomas W Meuret of Antelope Co.NE s/o Joseph Meuret & Catherine Meolet

Bridget Boyle of Garfield Co.(Burwell) d/o John Boyle & Bridget McQue

Witness: Joseph Meuret & Maggie Boyle

Signed; P.Flanagan *Burwell -- going to live in New Mexico)


Jun 24 1907

John T Moran of Greeley s/o William Moran & Bridget Beecham

Mary B McDonald of Greeley d/o Andrew McDonald & Mary Byone

Witness: Michael Leo Delaney & Miss Katie McDonald

Signed: P.Flanagan


Aug 21 1907

John McNelis of Greeley s/o James McNelis & Madge Byrne

Mary Snell of Greeley d/o Edmund Snell & Mary Crawford

Witness: Patrick McNelis & Cecelia McBeth

Signed: P.Flanagan


Oct 1 1907

John Viner of Geranium,Valley Co. s/o Anton Viner & Kate Travizek

Mary Valasek of Geranium Vally Co. d/o Anton Valasek & Kate Houk

Witness: Frank J Bedlevy & Sofia Valasek

Signed: P.Flanagan * Geranium, Valley co.NE –banns not published


Oct 22 1907

Fredrick Skala of Comstock NE s/o John Skala & Kate Hedzen

Miss Teresa Parkos of Geranium, Valley, d/o James Parkos & Frances Kamant

Witness: Joseph Parkos & Mary Parkos

Signed: Patrick Flanagan * Geranium,Valley co. NE


Feb 10 1908

Joannem Kokes of Comstock s/o Joseph Kokes

Annaun (Anna) Hosek of Geranium, Valley, NE

Witness: George Hosek & Agnes Hosek

Signed: Anthony Alberts * dispensation obtained—3rd degree impediment

Geranium Valley Co.


Feb 25 1908

Franciscum (Francis) Matousek of Comstock

Franciscam (Frances) Novak of Geranium, Valley Co.NE

Witness: Jacobo Selascek & Anna Wolf

Signed: Anthony Alberts


Mar 2 1908

Johannem Howard of Orchard NE s/o Riley Howard & Juliae Cramer

Mariam Boyle of Burwell,Garfield d/o Johannis Boyle & Brigittae McQue

Signed: Anthony Alberts *Johannes Howard baptized feb 1908—Burwell, Garfield co, NE


May 18 1908

Francis M Toohey of Spalding s/o M.J. Toohey & Julia Ryan

Minnie Curran of Greeley d/o Edward Curran & Minnie Mickles

Witness: Martin Toohey & Sadie Curran

Signed: P. Flanagan


Jun 22 1908

Thomas E McGuire of Greeley s/o James McGuire & Morella Murphy

Nellie McGowan of Greeley d/o George McGowen Delia Foster

Witness: Joseph McGuire & Susie McGowen

Signed: P. Flanigan


Aug 3 1908

Charles H. Larson of Greeley s/o John Larson & Irene Christensen

Cecil McBeth of Greeley d/o Marion McBeth & Margaret Snell

Witness: Hugh McGuire & Lizzie Tracy

Signed: P. Flanagan * Charles Larson a convert from Lutheran church

—baptised Aug 2 1908 conditionally


May 31 1908

Johannem A Riley of Scotia s/o Richard & Mary Riley

Ellen Welsh of St Paul d/o Welsh

Witness: Richard & Margaret Riley

Signed: Anthony Alberts * Ellen Welsh a Lutheran


Aug 20 1908

Raphaelum Jos DeLong of North Loup s/o Bernardi DeLong & Hannah Griffin

Veronicam Emilium Miller of Hardington? d/o Johannis Miller & Eliz Ernster

Witness: George O'Malley & Maria Donavon

Signed: Anthony Alberts * Ralph DeLong a convert from 7th Day Adventist

–baptised 20th of Aug 1908


Sep 1 1908

Timothy Finn of Indiana s/o John Finn & Mary Mooney

Nellie Buckley of Greeley d/o Thomas Buckley & Jennie Kelly

Witness: Joseph Murray & Maggie Murphy

Signed: P Flanagan


Nov 23 1908 (Burwell,Garfield,NE)

Johannam Kennedy of Kola NE s/o James J Kennedy & Catherine Doyle----Mo.Valley,IA

Johannah Duffin of Carsen NE d/o Henry Duffin & Bridgett Kehone--- Decorah,IA

Witness: Frank Kennedy & Ettil Burke

Signed :Cornelius Collins * Burwell, Garfield co NE


Oct 31 1908

Owen Byrne of Greeley s/o Thomas Byrne & Susan Duffin

Sadie Spivey of Greeley d/o Edward Spivey & Anne Crowe

Witness: Father Monaghan & Mary Donavan

Signed: P.Flanagan *married during the mission


Nov 23 1908

James McManus (born PA) of Greeley s/o Patrick McManus & Margaret McClosky

Anna Teresa Faherty (born Ire.) of Greeley d/o Patrick Faherty & Winifred Lavelle

Witness: Joseph Donovan & Bridget Faherty

Signed: P.Flanagan


Jan 3 1909 (married in Burwell)

Henry E McDonald of Erina(Ireland) s/o Patrick A McDonald

Cora E Boomer of Erina(Ireland) d/o James A Boomer

Witness: Myles Minehan & Elvi Barnes

Signed: Cornelius Collins *married in Burwell---from Erina(Ireland)

Bride a convert from Christian church

Marriages 1894-1909 Greeley Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Greeley, NE
Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Patricia Swanson (
Date: 27 Nov 2006
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Marriage - George Crumrine and Minnie (Mary Elizabeth) Hutchison , 4 Dec 1887

       On Sunday evening Dec. 4, Mr. Geo. Crumrine and Miss Minnie Hutchison were joined in holy wed-lock at the residence of Mr. Warren Crumrine.   The ceremony by judge Swain was short, impressive and beautiful, and gave evidence of the Judge, though young, being an adept in the profession.  At the close of the ceremony the friends and relatives partook of a sumptuous feast.  The young couple enter upon life with fair prospects and although they have been here but a short time they have made many friends whose best wishes are with them.
Source: The Greeley Center [NE] Independent , 9 Dec 1887
Note: George Crumrine is a brother to my gr grandfather, Warren Isaiah Crumrine.  Please contact me if you relate to this family. Contributed by Shirley Gillespie Moore

Marriage - Addison Crumrine and Eva Hepp 25 February 1909

Crumrine Hepp
On Thursday evening, at nine o'clock Addison Crumrine and Eva Hepp presented themselves at the M. E. Parsonage in Greeley. It was not an ordinary call that they came to make. They desired that a knot should be tired ( sic ) that would last throughout life. In sickness or in health, in prosperity or adversity, for better or for worse. The bride was arrayed in a beautiful white dress. Both the bride and groom are well known to the people about town. They expect to set up their new home near Brayton.
       Rev. John B Noe, Pastor
Source: The Greeley [NE] Leader Independent , 4 Mar 1909
Note: Addison and Eva Crumrine were my maternal grandparents. submitted by Shirley Gillespie Moore

Edith Wilks (m. 22 Mar, 1938) Wayne Watson

wilks-watson.jpg (77456 bytes)
other names: Cooper, Larsen, Whitman

Notes: The marriage date was March 22, 1938
My mother, Elizabeth Crumrine Gillespie, told me this afternoon that my father, Lee William Gillespie, was discing all day at his dad's, William James Gillespie, farm in the rain.  That night they went to the wedding dance, and my father ended up with pneumonia right after that, and was so sick that when they finally got the Dr. for him, the Dr. told them if he lasted through the night there may be hope he would make it.   submitted by Shirley Gillespie Moore

Doris L. Gillespie (m. 26 Dec 1950 ) Francis W. Parker

gillespie-parker.jpg (97106 bytes)
other names: Merrick, Plomback

Notes: The marriage date was Dec 26, 1950.  My parents did not attend this wedding or reception due to the birth of my brother Dec 17, 1950.  Doris and Fran moved to California in the spring of 1951, and Fran passed away in the spring of 1953.  submitted by Shirley Gillespie Moore


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