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School Districts

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If you have information on any of these schools, please consider submitting it.  Anything will be useful: dates (built, closed), name, location, teacher names, student names, memories, photos.   Thanks, Emmett Mason (contact us)

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1872: First superintendent of schools, John C. Kellogg, also teacher (ref: 1882 History and Denise Frederick (
1875: Superintendent of Schools, M. Davis also teacher
1878: "The first school in the settlement was taught in a sod schoolhouse, about midway between the two town sites [old and new O'Connor], by Rev. Mr. Harris, a Baptist minister, in the summer of 1878."
1879: Superintendent of Schools, S. E. Horton and teacher
1882: Scotia "had a good school." S. W. Bilyeu taught school in the winter before 1877 in Scotia.
1880: T. P. Lanigan taught school in O'Connor.
1882: "The Sisters of Mercy have bought 320 acres of land here [O'Connor], and are erecting a school building."
1892: “The Scotia Normal and Business University will open April 5th, 1892 with 11 courses of study.”
Ref:  St. Paul Phonograph, April 7, 1892
(Linda Berney via email Feb 2015)
1907: Jessie Lowe (Mrs. John R. Fox) graduated from the Peru Normal College.  She began her teaching career in a rural Greeley County school built of sod, in the Wolbach area.  She taught for a total of 21 years (including District 37) and was librarian, at Wolbach, for 15 years. view photo
1915: Ida Foster began teaching, she later was County Superintendent, retiring in June, 1960. view photo
School District 1
School District 2
School District 2N (aka Fish Creek Consolidated School) (2 m. E, abt. 2 m. N of Scotia)
School District 3
School District 4 (3 m. S, 3.2 m. E of Spalding)
School District 9 (SE of O'Connor)
School District 14 (7 m. W, 1.5 m. N of Spalding)
School District 19 (4 m. W, 0,75 m. N of Greeley)
School District 20 (2 m. N, 3.5 m. E of Greeley)
School District 23 (0.8 m. W of US 281, 0.4 m. S of north county line)
School District 27 ?Killinger school? (8 m. N. 5 m. W of Greeley)
School District 29 (5.5 m. N of Greeley)
School District 30 (6.5 m. E, 2 m. S of Scotia)
School District 31 (4.5 W, 1.5 m. S of Spalding)
School District 34 (6 m. N, 2 m. E of Greeley)
School District 35 (3 m. E, 1.5 m. S of Spalding)
School District 37 (4.5 m. N of Wolbach) District 37 school page
School District 39 (3 m. E, 2.3 m. N of Spalding)
School District 40 (3.5 m. W, 4 m. N of Greeley)
School District 43 (Wolbach) District 43 school page
School District 45 (m. ?, m. ?, near Greeley)
"My mother grew up in Greeley.  She attended District 45, the building is still standing on my uncle's land near Greeley. She went there from 2nd or 3rd grade until she went to high school." [ (Cathy D.)] 11/25/2000
School District 47 (2.5 m. N of Spalding)
School District 51 (3.3 m. E, 1 m. N of Wolbach)
School District 52 (SE of Scotia)(from SW corner of county 7 m. E, 1.75 m. N)
School District 54 (1.5 m. S, 2.5 m. W of Greeley)
School District 69 (4 m. E of Greeley)
Star school (3 m. N, 1.5 m. E of Greeley)
Patty Norlin wrote, "My dad, Leo Moran, as well as several brothers, sisters and cousins (Kelly) went to the Star School from about 1916 until 1923/4. I've often wondered what school records might be available from this time period. Were there any class pictures taken?" [ (Patty Norlin)] 9/3/2000
Ethel Foster taught at Sacred Heart School in Greeley
Amity school (from NW corner of county 0.5 m. E, 2.5 m. S)

Cloverdale school (near east county line)

College Knob school (3.5 m. N of Wolbach)

Corncob school (3 m. W, 1.5 m. N of Spalding)

Criss school (S of Spalding)

Barry school (5 m. S, 5 m. W of Spalding)

Boston Valley school (3 m. S, 0.5 m. W of Greeley)

Greeley Public Schools
1890: Bigelow, Anson H, principal high school, Greeley Center
Ref: 1890 Business Gazetteer for Greeley Co. NE

Waldemar (Bud) Rasch football coach Greeley HS prior to 1935)
Ref: John Rasch (

Enfield school (S. of Spalding)

Fairdale school (from NW corner of county 6 m. S, 1.5 m. E)

Fairview school (NE of Wolbach) near east county line

Fairview school  (from NW corner of county 4.5 m. E, 5 m. S)

Fairview school  (3.3 m. W, 4 m. S of Brayton)

Brayton? school

Glendale school (7 m. W, 2 m. N of Greeley)

Hilltop school (5 m. S, 3 m. W of Spalding)

Horace school (m. , m. Horace) Florence McBeth taught school in Horace 1923-25.
Ref: John Rasch (

Leo Valley school (S of Spalding)

Logan school (E of O'Connor)

Midway school (2 m. W, 2 m. N of Wolbach)

Mount Hope school (from NW corner of county 9 m. S, 1.5 m. E)

Parnell school (7 m W, 5 m. N of Greeley)

Platte Valley Academy (near Scotia, NE)

Pritchard school (1.5 m. S, 2 m. W of Spalding)

Reed school (4 m. W of Greeley)

Scotia Public Schools (Scotia)

Summit school (5 m. W, 1.5 m. N of Wolbach)

Troy Valley school (4 m. S, 0.5 m. W of Spalding)

Florence McBeth taught school in Wolbach NE 1925-1926.
Ref: John Rasch (



Nebraska Schools look for Greeley Co.
Nebraska Schools look for Greeley Co. on ESU3
Greeley Public High School
203 North Kildare
P.O. Box 160
Greeley, NE 68842
North Loup/Scotia Schools

Box 307 Hwy 22
Scotia, NE 68875
(308) 245-3201

Spalding Schools
124 S. Ash Spalding, NE 68665
Greeley County Schools (ESU 10)
Box 67,Wolbach, NE 68882
(308) 246-5232


Small Entertainments

Say each name slowly and ponder the memories:

Red Rover, Ante-Over, Hopscotch, Workup, In-Come-Free, Hide & Seek, Reverse Hide & Seek, Hoop & Guider, Horse shoes, Crack the whip, Pin the tail, Follow-the-leader, Pick-up-sticks, Jacks, Stack hands, Clap in-Clap out, Squat tag, Keep away, Caroms, Hare & Hound, Merry-go-round, Teter-totter, Giant Stride, Marbles for keeps, Kick-the-can, Skip rope, Musical Chairs, Hangman, TicTacToe, May I?, Simon says, Fox & Geese, Snowballs & forts, Sledding, Tonettes, Ocarinas, Kazoos, Rhythm band (tambourine, triangle, sticks, sandpaper blocks), Taffy, divinity, fudge--which used vinegar? Friday popcorn, Box socials.

Slates, Stoking stoves, Emptying ashes, Pumping water & tin cups, McGuffey's reader, Palmer penmanship, Ink wells & quills, Dusting erasers, Washing blackboards, Reading circle, Spelling bees, Math at the board, Dick & Jane, Pledge of allegiance, 8th grade exams.


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