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Greeley County

1890-91 Business Directory of the Nebraska Gazetteer


SCOTIA is in the southwestern part of Greeley county, on the 
North Loup branch of the U.P. Ry., 4 miles northeast of Grand 
Island and 298 miles from Omaha.  It is the county seat and has a 
population of 500.  The village is beautifully situated in the 
North Loup valley.

A brickyard is in operation and soft stone which hardens with 
exposure to the atmosphere is quarried here and used for building 
purposes.  There are two flour mills, making a good grade of flour 
and doing a good business.  Two banks, the Greeley County Bank, 
capital, $100,000, and the Peoples Bank.  Water works are to be 
constructed in the near future.

The churches are:  Methodist, German Methodist and Catholic.

Allen, Charles, barber
Andre, Charles, restaurant
Andre House, E Bailey prop
Bailey, E, prop Andre House
Bean, J J, attorney
Beck, John, shoemaker
Bell, H G, attorney
Bond, Richard, restaurant
Buckley, Thomas, tinsmith
Burton, Ezra, livery
Campbell, L Rev, pastor M E church
Cantwell, T C, farm machinery
Clark, J L, livery
Connell, T D, ins, notary
Cornell, G C, broom mfr
Crimmins, J Mrs, bakery
Cromwell, B W, sta agt U P Ry
Curry, James, blacksmith
Davies, J J, flouring mill
Doane, L L, live stock
Doyle, T J, atty
Faucett, W T, pub Scotia Republican, jewelry
Fisher, B C Mrs, millinery
Floaten, A H, genl mdse
Gardner, Wm, cigars and wines
Gilispie, Min, city transfer
Greeley County Bank, capital $100,000, Lee Love pres, J T Price vice-pres,
   G W Scott cashier
Greenfield, D W, billiards
Grothan, O, phys
Hall & Humphreys, hardware, agl implts
Hall & Wilcox, brick mfrs
Herbert, L, postmaster
Herbert & Weeks, real estate, etc
Howell, S R & Co, props Scotia Lumber Co
Jones, J S, mgr Scotia Lumber Co
Krebbs, R R, live stock
Lewis, James, veterinary, coal
Lincoln, R, city transfer
McDonald, J A, carpenter
McMillen, Charles, livery
McMillen & Clark, real estate
McMillen, H C, lumber, hardware
Manning, J F, painter
Merchant, A W, drugs
Parks, A M, pub Scotia Herald
Paxton, Samuel K, drugs
Pearce, A R, balcksmith
Peoples bank, A Blakestad pres, P Erickson vice-pres, W E Hannon cashier
Price, J T, ins, notary
Scotia Herald, A M Parks pub
Scotia Implement Co, A W Newton mgr, farm machinery
Scotia Lumber Co, S R Howll & Co props, J S Jones mgr, lumber, coal
Scotia Republican, W T Faucett pub
Scotia Roller Mills, Weeks Bros props
Scott, G W, atty
Sharp, Robert, justice
Shockey, D B M, phys
Sparhawk, W W, blacksmith
Sprecher, Scott, atty
Stanner, Frederick, meat market
Stoetzel & Thompson, real estate
Sumner, Amos, carpenter
Swortwood, N L, drugs, mgr Omaha Elevator Co
Thompson, W W, atty
Tolan, Ed, meat market
Townsley, H M, auctioneer
Van Skike, D R, harnessmaker
Watt, M L, groceries, shoes
Weekes Bros, props Scotia Roller Mills
Wilcox, S, genl mdse
Wright, Edward, genl mdse
Wright, G C, atty

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