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1915 Soldier's & Sailors Home Directory


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Grand Island, Nebraska

List of Officers, Members and Employees
Burkett, Nebraska

NOTE: This directory listing of the "Home" is more complete than other years, as the company and state of service is listed. Most are from the Civil War, although some may be from the Spanish-American War.
(Women Members Listed at Bottom of Page)

Ferdinand Zimmerer, Co. D. 9th Ohio Inf., Commandant
J. T. Lane, Co. H, 33d Iowa Inf., adjutant
Claude E. Fordyce, surgeon
Lydia J. Bradbury, matron
Napoleon C. Foy, Cp. H 13 Iowa Inf., sergt. major
Max Liebler, Cp. I 150 N. Y. Inf., commissary sergt.
Donald Smith, Colorado Co. Independent Batt., orderly sergt.
John Rosebloom, Co. E 10th Illinois Inf., florist
Joe Spelts, Co. E. 1st Nebraska Inf., farm manager
Charles Cotton, Chief engineer
William Haney, engineer
Mayme Bowney, stenographer

Adams, Anderson, Co. H, 46th Ill. Inf.
Adams, Henry, Co. E., 5th Mo. Inf.; K, 146th Ill. Inf.
Adams, James, Co. C, 24th Iowa Inf.
Anderson, Samuel, Co. F, 11th Pa. Inf.
Anderson, William, Co. E, 2d U. S. Cavalry
Anderton, George N., Co. H, 32d Illinois Infantry
Anson, Albert, Co. B, 29th Iowa Infantry
Anthony, William, Co. A, 81st New Yok Infantry
Applegate, Henderson, Co. I, 8th Iowa Infantry

Baker, Edward H., Co. G, 46th Illinois Infantry
Baker, George N., Co. H, 32d Illinois Infantry
Bane, Winfield S., Hatch's Battalion, Minnesota Cavalry
Barnes, Orange S., Co. I, 11th New York Cavalry
Barr, Berryander, Co. B, 25th Iowa Inf.; Co. D, 4th Iowa Inf.
Bascom, William, Co. F, 21st Illinois Infantry
Battreal, Thomas M., Co. F, 26th Illinois Infantry
Bayless, Platt, Cp. H, 11th Indiana Infantry
Beaumont, George, Co. D, 44th Wisconsin Infantry
Beezley, James F., Co. G, 50th Indiana Inf.; Co. D, 52d Ind. Inf.
Benedict, John W., Co. H, 12th Iowa Infantry
Bessey, John, Co. F, 1st Iowa Cavalry
Billings, Daniel W., Co. A, 153d Illinois Infantry
Binkley, Peter, Co. B, 11th Penn. Cavalry
Birmingham, Thomas M. C., Co. C, 1st New York Engineers
Blair, Alfred, Co. F, 149th Penn. Infantry
Bosley, John W., Co. H, 82nd Ohio Infantry
Bovee, Nicholas A., Co. E, 7th Illinois Infantry
Boyles, Sterling, C. D., 11th Missouri Cavalry
Brewster, Elisher, Co. H, 20th New York Cavalry
Brown, George, Co. A, 87th Indiana Infantry
Brown, Pearl, Co. M, 2nd Nebraska Inf., Spanish Am. War
Brown, Sandford B., Co. B, 75th Ohio Infantry
Brucker, Alexander A., Co. H, 11th Illinois Cavalry
Bunn, John J., Co. D, 147th New York Infantry
Burns, Arthur C., Co. K, 13th Penn. Infantry
Burns, James, Co. E, 99th Indiana Infantry
Burroughs, William, Co. K, 41st Missouri Infantry
Burtz, Ambrose, Co. I, 10th Illinois Infantry
Butterfield, William, Co. I, 4th Ill. Cav.; Co. L, 12 Ill. Cav.

Campbell, George, Co. E, 193 Ohio Infantry
Campbell, Mathias, Co. C, 3rd Ohio Infantry
Campbell, William F., Co. I, 32d Missouri Infantry
Carl, Jacob, Co. H, 151 New York Infantry
Caywood, John E., Co. I 7th Indiana Infantry
Christensen, Christian, Co. A, 4th U. S. R., Missouri
Church, Leonidas M., Co. A, 5th Ohio Cavalry
Churchwell, Thomas J., Co. B.3d Missouri Cavalry
Clapp, John F., Co. I, 4th Iowa Infantry
Cook, Danel [sic], Co. K, 25th Wisconsin Infantry
Conklin, Dyer A., Co. A, 2d Colorado Cavalry
Cope, Charles H., Co. H, 36th Wisconsin Infantry
Copsey, William, Co. K, 3d Wisconsin Cavalry
Corwin, Charles, Co. C, 129th Indiana Infantry
Covert, William H., Co. B, 32d Illinois Infantry
Craig, Lewis, Co. A, 121st Ohio Inf.; Co. E, 69th Ohio Inf.
Cummins, James, Co. K, 12th Wis. Inf.; Co. E, 25th Wis. Inf.
Curren, John, Co. A, 48th Ohio Infantry
Curtis, Nathan, Co. B, 26th Iowa Infantry

Dalrymple, George W. Co. K, 96 Illinois Infantry
Daly, James C., Co. D, 12th Iowa Volunteer Inf.; Co. A, 1st Batt.
      Volunteer Cavalry Mississippi Ma. Brg.
Daly, Patrick, Co. D, 75th Illinois Infantry
Davey, Richard H., Co. H, 24th Michigan Infantry
Davis, Harvey W., Co. C, 58th Illinois Infantry
Deviinny, Ezekiel J., Co. B, 11th Pennsylvania Reserves
Digby, John, Co. K, 26th Iowa Infantry
Dorrance, James A., Co. F, 4th Iowa Infantry
Braucker, Arthur, Co. H, 29th Iowa Infantry
Dunn, Gibson, Co. H, 27th New York Infantry
Dwyer, James, Co. I, 18th Missouri Infantry

Easter, William C., Co. E, 30th Iowa Infantry
Edwards, John M., Co. B, 186th Ohio Infantry
Ells, John G., Co. E, 10th Illinois Infantry

Farrell, Mathew, Co. I, 35th Iowa Infantry
Fisher, John, Co. I, 18th Indiana Infantry
Flood, Phillip, Co. K, 88th Illinois Infantry
Fouts, William P., Co. B, 5th Iowa Inf.; Co. I, 5th Iowa Cav.
Foy, Napolean C., Co. H, 13th Iowa Infantry
Fox, John, Co. A, 3rd Iowa Infantry
Freel, Oliver, Co. G, Nebraska Cavalry
Fry, James H., Co. F., 126th Ohio Cavalry

Gaddis, John W., Co. B, 48th Indiana Infantry
Gard, Mitchel, Co. K, 70th Ill. Inf.; Co. F, 46th Ill. Inf.
Gaylord, Thomas C., Co. I, 32nd Ohio Infantry
Gels, Jacob, Co. I, 15th Illinois Infantry
Gerry, Elbridge, Co. A, 22nd Mass. Infantry
Gilbert, Samuel G., Co. D, 22nd Kentucky Infantry
Gillmore, Robert H, Co. C, 36th Illinois Infantry
Gwens, Thomas J., Co. E, 42nd Indiana Infantry
Glick, Nathan, Co. G, 31st Iowa Infantry
Godard, Allen, Co. D, 30th Indiana Infantry
Gould, William H., Co. C, 105th Illinois Infantry
Graback, John, Co. D, 3rd Ohio Cavalry
Grimes, Henry H., Co. K, 45th Ill. Inf.; Co. G, 132d Ill. Inf.;
      Co. I, 148th Ill. Inf.
Grimes, Joseph W., Co. A, 2nd West Virginia Cavalry
Grove, William H., Co. E, 19th Illinois Infantry

Hall, William F., Co. F, 25th Iowa Infantry
Halvorson, Peter, Private, 4th Wisconsin Ind. Battalion
Hammond, Daniel C., Colorado Ind. Battalion
Hartley, William F., Co. H and E, 34th Iowa Infantry
Haskell, Byron A., Co. D, 162nd New York Infantry
Hatch, Theodore H., Co. Eand D, 49th Illinois Infantry
Hawes, Stephen, Co. F, 19th Mass. Infantry
Hayden, Henry, Co. H, 70th Indiana Infantry
Headley, James M., Co. 13th Batt. Ind. Light Artillery
Henderson, Francis A., Co. G, 21st Iowa Infantry
Hendricks, William F., Co. E, 57th Illinois Infantry
Herburgh, John W., Co. F, 812st Indiana Infantry Volunteers
Hewitt, Harvey W., Co. D, 21st Illinois Infantry Volunteers
Holden, John M. Co. F, 33rd Wisconsin Infantry
Hormal, John, Co. G, 22nd Iowa Infantry; Co. K, V. R. C.
Howell, Richard B., Co. B, 108th Illinois Infantry
Humfrey, Milton, Co. H, 11th Illinois Cavalry
Huntington, Edwin J., Co. I, 23rd Vol. R. C.; Co. G, 4th U. S. Vet.
Huth, William, Co. C, 9th Michigan Infantry

Inghram, Eugene W., U. S. Navy
Ingles, John, Chicago Merchants Battalion

Jacoby, Franklin, Co. G, 198th Pennsylvania Infantry
Janes, Lewis C., Co. H, 13th Michigan Inf.; Co. D, 2nd Mich. Cav.
Jefferson, Thomas, Co. C, 123rd U. S. C. Infnatry
Johns, Henry, Co. I, 2nd Nebraska Cavalry
Johnson, Richard M., Co. H, 155th Indiana Infantry
Joice, Granville, Co. K, 2nd Iowa Inf. Volunteers
Jones, Charles H., Co. A, 3rd Michigan Cavalry
Jones, Leander, Co. A, 123rd Indiana Infantry
Jones, Thomas, Co. F, 20th Indiana Infantry
Jones, William E., Co. K, 4th Tennessee M. Inf.
Juhnke, Augustus L., 25th Mass. Infantry

Kannow, Theodore, Co. E, 7th Iowas Cavalry
Kearney, William H., Co. D, 155th Illinois Infantry
Keene, William H., Co. D, 2nd Nebraska Cavalry
Keiser, William, Co. H, 17th Ohio Infantry
Keithley, Joseph H., Co. C, 78th Illinois Infantry
Kelley, William H., Co. I, 35th Indiana Infantry
Kerr, Marcus A., Musician, 84th Indiana Infantry
Kerth, George J., Co. C, 36th New York Infantry
King, Charles W., Co. G, 4th New York Heavy Artillery
King, John S., Co. B, 94th New York Infantry
Kirtley, Benjamin F., Fo. C, 134th Indiana Infantry
Krile, Paul, Co. A, 44th Illinois Infantry
Kyes, Edward J., Co. D, 16th Illinois Infantry

Lakin, Seth H., Co. E, 31st Wisconsin Infantry
Lamb, William P., Co. F, 64th Illinois Infantry
Lamberson, John, Co. D, 29th Ohio Infantry
Learned, Orlando, Co. G, 16th Illinois Infantry
Leitch, Robert, Co. D, 21st Iowa Infantry
Liebler, Max, Co. I, 150th New York Infantry
Lindley, William, Co. D, 19th Iowa Infantry
Livingston, Moses, Co. A, 20th Indiana Infantry
Long, Wright, Co. I, 87th Indiana Infantry
Louer, Henry, Co. F, 15th New York Heavy Artillery
Lusk, William S., Co. B, 24th Iowa Infantry

McCargar, David, 17th New York Battalion
McClay, James, Co. B, 26th Penn. Inf.; Co. G, 99th Penn. Inf.
CmCrea, Robert, Co. C, 10th New York Heavy Artillery
McKee, John S., Co. I, 49th Penn. Infantry
McKeibben, Chas., Co. B, 75th Ohio Infantry
Madden, William L., Co. B, 43rd Missouri Infantry
Maholm, James M., Co. E, 132nd Indiana Infantry
Mahan, John M., Co. G, 14th New York Havy Artillery
Maine, Dorr H., Co. G, 114th New ork Infantry
Mathews, Olof, Co. D., 57th Illinois Vol. Infantry
Matley, Jonathan, Co. F, 12th Missouri Cavalry
Miller, Dan T., Co. H, 18th Iowa Infanty
Miller, John W., Co C, 49th Ohio Vol. Infantry
Mitchell, James, Co. A, 1st Illionis Infantry
Morefield, William, Co. K, 40th Illinois Infantry
Moroney, John, Co. G, 1st V. S. Artillery
Morris, Edward, Co. A, 13th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Mullins, Michael S., Co. D, 2nd Penn. Artillery
Mundorf, Eli, Co. H, 11th Illinois Cavalry
Murphy, William, Co. A, 90th Illinois Infantry
Murrill, Thomas J., 3rd Iowa Ind. Battalion

Newell, Isaac C., Co. C, 18th Wisconsin Infantry
Neabit, William A., Co. D, 16th Illinois Infantry
Nichols, James, Co. H, 13th MIchigan Infantry
Nickel, William F., Co. H, 25th Iowa Infantry
Noble, Thomas, Co. E, 3rd Nebraska Infantry
Nvell, Chas. W., Co. E, 12th Missouri Cavalry
Norton, Reuben W., Co. D, 11th Michigan Cavalry
Nyce, John F., Co. A, 44th Indiana Infantry

Oard, Martin, Co. G, 76th Ohio Infantry
Orvis, Henry, Co. D, 12th Illinois Cavalry
Osborn, Theodore, Co. G, 176th Ohio Infantry
Ottemiller, Frederick, Co. K, 166th Penn. Infantry
Otis, Anson M., Co. D, 16th Wisconsin Infantry
Ott, John W., Co. D, 136th Indiana Infantry

Pardo, Charles B., Co. F, 169th New York Infantry
Parish, Joel D., Co. I, 19th Wisconsin Infantry
Park, William, Co. H, 140th Penn. Infantry
Payton, Daniel, Co. L, 6th Missouri Militia
Penny, John W., Co. K, 2nd Kansas Vol. Cavalry
Pepper, Ezra, Co. F, 33rd Wisconsin Infantry
Perry, William H., 157th New York Infantry
Persons, Edwin W., Co. F, 16th Wisconsin Infantry
Petro, George, Co. E, 151st Indiana Infantry
Phelps, Charles W., Co. K, 113th Illinois Infantry
Pickerell, David, Co. B, 116th Indiana Infantry
Piersol, Thomas B., Co. E, 13th Iowa Infantry
Piper, Ralph R., Co. D, 177th Ohio Infantry
Powell, Nelson, Co. F, 3rd Wisconsin Infantry
Pratt, Troy, Co. F, 66th Illinois Infantry
Priest, Michael G., Co. E, 17th Iowa Infantry

Rashaw, Orin, Co. K, 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery
Reed, Irvin D., Co. L, 7th Michigan Cavalry
Reynolds, William, Co. F, 16th Indiana Infantry
Rhodes, John G., Co. G, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry
Ridgley, Eli, Co. C and S, 11th Missouri Cavalry
Rigsby, James V., Co. G, 37th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
Riley, Edward S., Co. H, 7th Wisconsin Infantry
Roach, Michael, Co. G, 87th Indiana Infantry
Rodgers, James, Co. C, 105th Ohio Infantry
Rosebloom, John, Co. E, 10th Illinois Infantry
Rounds, John W., Co. D, 69th Illinois Infantry
Roush, Richard J., Co. I, 53rd Ohio Infantry

Sanders, John S., Co. D, 17th Iowa Infantry
Salter, George W., Co. D, 3rd Iowa Infantry
Sears, John, Co. F, 11th Kentucky Cavalry
Shadle, William, Co. M, 4th Illiniois Cavalry
Shelley, Sylvanus, Co. F, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry
Shields, James, Co. B, 116th Penn. Infantry
Shipherd, Henry B., Co. D, 103rd Ohio Infantry
Sidner, William H., Co. F, 36th Illinois Infantry
Silver, John S., Co. C, 34th Indiana Infantry
Smith, Donald, Colorado Ind. Battalion
Smith, Gabriel A., Co. [sic], New York Heavy Artillery
Smith, George B., Co. F, 38th Illinois Infantry
Smith, Henry W., Co. E, 93rd Penn. Infantry
Smith, Isaac, Co. C, 128th Penn. Infantry
Smith, James M., Co. M, 12th Missouri Cavalry
Snow, Dennis F., Co. G, 31st Iowa Infantry
Spence, George, Co. A, 10th Illinois Cavalry
Spencer, James, Co. B, 8th Indiana Cavalry
Spelts, Joseph, Co.E, 1st Nebraska Infantry
Steadman, George W., Co. C, 7th Illinois Cavalry
Stegenga, Durk P., Co. I, 25th Michigan Infantry
Stevens, Hugh, Co. D, 33rd Iowa Infantry
Stone, George G., Co. F, 112th Illinois Infantry
Storey, William, Co. D, 33rd Indiana Infantry
Stubbs, Oscar A., Co. I, 9th Minnesota Vol. Infantry
Stuchman, George, Co. A, 19th Michigan Infantry
Sumner, Jerome, Co. E, 25th Indiana Infantry
Sutliff, charles, Co. K, 22nd Vet. R. C.
Swink, John S., Co. F, 2nd Penn. Infantry
Sulvis, James, Co. D, 105th Penn. Infantry

Talcott, Ransome W., Co. C, 3rd U. S. Cavalry
Taylor, George W., Co. C, 25th Iowa Infantry
Taylor, John, Co. G, 43rd Missouri Infantry
Tiffany, Cyrus A., Co. E, 188th Penn. Infantry
Tipton, John S., Co. G, 2nd Indiana Cavalry
Trotter, John, Co. B, 91st Ohio Infantry
Truesdell, Willard B., Co. F, 137th New York Infantry
Turner, Thomas J., Co. L, 32nd U. S. Infantry

Uebel, George W., Co. G, 108th Illinois Infantry
Unger, Martin S., Co. K, 21st Penn. Cavalry

Van Ness, Charles G., Co. F, 14th New York Infantry
Vinson, David C., Co. H, 53rd Illinois Infantry
Vose, Samuel R., Co. B, 6th Michigan Cavalry
Vreeland, Garret G., Co. D, 36th Illinois Infantry

Walker, Isaac B., Co. K, 2nd U. S. Cavalry
Wall, James H., Co. I, 14th Illinois Infantry
Ward, John, Co. H, 33rd Iowa Infantry
Weeks, Joseph, Co. B, 188th Ohio Infantry
Weiner, Frank, Co. L, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry
Weisner, Edward, Co. H, 34th Illinois Infantry
Wells, Apollo, Co. H, 25th Ohio Infantry
Wells, Daniel L., Co. K, 40th Illinois Infantry
Wells, Jonathan, Co. G, 3rd Iowa Infantry
Westbrook, Amos N., Co. G, 74th Illinois Infantry
Westfall, Marion, Co. E, 134th Ohio Infantry
Wetherell, Ralph T., Co. B, 93rd Illinois Infantry
Wetzel, John J., Co. B, 12th Illionois Cavalry
White, George W., Co. K, 3rd Michigan Infantry
Whitney, George C., Co. I, 12th Illinois Infantry
Williams, Alanson H., 15th Ohio Battalion
Williams, Jefferson, Co. B, 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery
Wilson, Charles S., Co. A, 47th Indiana Infantry
Wilson, Erastus, Co. B, 7th Iowa Cavalry
Wilson, Joshua, Co. B, 117th Ind. Inf.; Co. K, 132nd Ind. Inf.
Wingert, Adison, Co. B, 48th Missouri Infnatry
Witter, Joseph B., Co. K, 47th Illinois Infantry
Wolf, Charles M., Co. B, 13th Iowa Infantry
Woods, James A., Co. K, 10th Illinois Cavalry
Woods, John W., Co. F and A, 99th Ill. Vol. Inf.
Wooley, William, Co. B, 82nd Ohio Infantry
Wright, John H., Co. I, 2nd Minnesota Cavalry
Wyatt, William H., Co. A, 12th Kansas Infantry
Wyman, Henry C., Co. E, 8th Iowa Infantry

Yoders, James, Co.D, 85th Pennsylvania Infantry
Young, Nathaniel J., Co. E and K, 6th Vermont Infantry

Zook, William T., Co. F, 5th Missouri Calvary

Women Members of Soldiers' Home

Adams, Elizabeth A.
Adams, Mary K.
Akins, Harriet C.
Altic, Medora
Ames, Etta
Anders, Emma
Ashbaugh, Synthia E.

Baker, Julia A.
Barns, Kate H.
Barr, Mary A.
Bayless, Elizabeth
Berry, Zilpha
Bidwell, Catherine
Billings, Henrietta
Bishop, Mary E.
Blair, Dorothy M.
Boles, Harriet D.
Brewster, Ann
Brown, Elizabeth
Buchanan, Lodia
Bunn, Anna M.
Bunting, Elizabeth
Burdick, Lavena A.
Burnett, Mary V.
Butrz, Katherina

Campbell, Clara E.
Campbell, Maggie
Carl, Jennie C.
Carlton, Rebecca D.
Carter, Sarah E.
Caywood, Arta O.
Churchill, Clara W.
Churchwell, Annie
Cook, Eunice
Conklin, Susan A.
Cope, Eva L.
Corwin, Mary C.
Coverly, Cordelia O.
Covert, Lucy H.
Crick, Anna E.
Crocket, Carrie
Cummins, Rachel
Curtis, Mary A.

Dalrymple, Gabrilla
Dalson, Lavina
Daly, Jane
Davis, Elenar
Deasy, Margaret
Denslow, Clementine
Devinney, Elizabeth F.
Digby, Elizabeth
Dike, Helen
Dobbins, Sarah C.
Dumond, Tabitha E.
Dunbar, Amelia
Dwyer, Martha J.

Edwards, Inez E.
Ells, Carry
Emmerson, Priscela
Etherton, Telva
Evans, Sophronia

Fenno, Rachel C.
Ferguson, Hiantha
Fouts, Nancy C.
Foy, Rosa F.
French, Emma
Fry, Agnes J.

Gaddis, Mary J.
Gard, Sarah
Gayette, Lucy A.
Gaylord, Mary E.
Geise, Elenar
Gerry, Mary A.
Gilmore, Emily
Gilson, Mary E.
Gleason, Ellen
Godard, Jennie
Goodwin, Elizabeth
Gould, Josephine
Grabach, Mary
Grove, Francis
Guyer, Lucinda

Hall, Phebe
Hall, Rosetta
Henderson, Elizabeth
Henderson, Mary A.
Henderson, Mary
Henry, Eliza
Hewitt, Mary E.
Holt, Cynthia
Hollingshead, Mary
Holman, Emma
Horack, Elizabeth
Hoskins, Emma J.
Hottis, Sarah
Howe, Martha
Howell, Jane
Humfrey, Marinda
Huntington, Lucy
Huth, Magdalene

Inghram, Suretta
Innes, Sarah

Jackson, Elvira H.
Jefferson, Mary
Jones, Deliah
Jones, Valeria
Juhnke, Laingra E.

Kearney, Anna
Keene, Ora G.
Kennedy, Indiana
Kennow, Lena
Kerr, Carrie E.
Kinney, Samantha A.
King, Mary
Krum, Angelina

Lamb, Elsie E.
Lamberson, Mary
Lang, Catherine
Latten, Emeline S.
Leake, Jane E. M.
Learned, Louisa
Leibler, Mary
Lenz, Mary
Lewis, Belle
Livingston, Rachel
Luse, Margaret
Lynch, Johanna

Madden, Sarah A.
Maholm, Annie M.
Malin, Annie
Malone, Sindonah
Maroney, Annie
Mastin, Mary A.
Maynard, Amanda
Mayne, Eunice A.
McCarger, Mary
McCord, Lucy
McCormick, Julia
Mccormick, Katy
McCormick, Mary A.
McCrea, Mary H.
McKee, Lillie
McKibben, Rose M.
Miller, Clara
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Marion
Mosler, Angelina
Mullins, Winiford
Mundorf, Hattie E.

Nesbit, Melvina
Newell, Mary J.
Newell, Rosa
Nichel, Josephene B.
Noble, V. Eveline
Noel, Matilda
Northway, Maggie

O'Kieffe, Mary E.
Oldham, Elizabeth
Oliver, Louisa
Orvis, Emily
Ott, Gemisa
Owens, Caroline

Pardo, Martha
Parish, Lucy A.
Penney, Lucy
Pepper, Sarah
Phelps, Rachel A.
Pickerel, Henrietta
Piper, Mary E.
Poor, Louisa
Porter, Martha

Rashaw, Nettie
Ray, Catherine
Reed, Margaret
Reed, Sarah
Reynolds, Adelie
Ridgley, Flora
Rigsby, Eliza
Riker, Margaret
Rhodes, Martha E.
Rhodes, Weitha G.
Ridgers, Mary H.
Roland, Anna M.
Roush, Josephine
Ruh, Elizabeth

Salter, Phebe
Sears, Annie
Shipley, Mary A.
Shreve, Margaret A.
Shultz, Eliza A.
Smith, Martha A.
Smith, Mary A.
Smith, Sarah
Smith, Susan E.
Snow, Mary
Spencer, Sarah E.
Sperling, Mary
Stone, Lydia M.
Stone, Nettie
Story, Lydia M.
Stubbs, Anna M.
Sumner, Sintha
Sutliff, Ida Malissa

Thomas, Elizabeth
Tiffany, Mary J.
Tipton, Deliah H.
Truesdell, Mary J.
Tuffs, Mary E.

Vanhoosen, Ida
Vose, Lydia A.

Wallace, Dolly
Watson, Emily R.
Weeks, Nellie
Weimer, Emma
Wendt, Louisa
Wells, Ellen
Westbrook, Mary J.
Wetherby, Edith M.
Wetzel, Sarah
White, M. E.
Whitney, Martha E.
Whitt, Lucretia
Williams, Melvina
Willson, Mary E.
Willson, Sarah
Wilson, Lizzie
Winget, Susan A.
Winkleman, Elizabeth
Winslow, Eugenia
Withington, Mary C.
Wolf, Lucretia
Woodworth, Margaret J.
Wright, Elizabeth

Yoders, Martha

Zea, Annie R.
Zook, Minnie

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