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Alma Family Histories
Family histories submitted for
"Alma, Toward the Year 2000"

Email Patti Simpson for FREE LOOK UPS of the following families listed in the book, "Alma, Toward the Year 2000." Be sure to put Alma, Nebraska in the subject line. I do a lot of look-ups and the easier you make it for me, the quicker I will be able to answer you.

Anderson, Ben and Donna

Anderson, Owen and Shirley (Pat)

Anderson, Toni and Keri

Anderson, Virgil and Marilyn

Artz, Dean (Dude) and Bonita

Artz, John L. and J. Daisy

Artz, Lloyd (Dutch) and Anona

Baker, Dr. Samuel

Baker, George and Effie

Baker, Guy and Carrie

Banks, A.G.

Banta, Kent

Bartlett, Dr. W.C.

Bash, Clifford and Minnie

Bash, F. Milton and Erma

Bear, N.D.

Bennett, Fred Elmer

Benton, Gene and Lue

Beyer, Andrew

Blum, Carl and Anna

Blum, Harold Jr.

Blum, Harold Sr.

Blum, John

Blum, Otto and Paul

Blum, Wilhelm (Bill)

Blum, William

Boehler, Joseph and Etta

Borden, Chester (Chet) and Irma

Borgeson, Lena

Boston pupil progeny

Boston, Bill

Boston, Reid and Marie

Brauer, Randal and Peggy

Brown, Dick

Brown-Hopkins family

Brugh, Charles

Brugh, Duane and Wanda

Brugh, Louis and Ella

Brugh, Ralph and Maye

Burkey Brothers Hardware

Burkey, Albert

Bushnell, Kenneth and Emma


Caley, Alfred

Calkins, Charles and Addie

Calkins, Donald and Mildred

Callaway, David W.

Cary, Donald and Helen

Casper, Frank and Edna

Casper, Heye

Cassell Families

Cayton, Bill and Mid

Chandler, H.L. ‘Pop’ and Alice

Christensen, Don and Jean

Christensen, Gary

Cleaver-Vermillion Family

Coe, Andy and Lizzie

Coe, William Otis

Coe, Willis

Colgan, Peter E.

Daire, Rev. Del and Shirley

Decker, Albert

Dixon, Austin E.

Dorn, George and Maye

Dow, Duane L.

Dow, Gerald A.

Dow, Glen G.

Dow, John E.

Drummond, John and Katie

Dunn Family

Dunn, Stanley

Ekberg Family

Everson, Elizabeth Metzger

Everson, Gaylord and Ada

Everson-Seyler Families

Feese, Cornelius A.

Feese, George

Feese, Jerry Reed

Feese, Jesse Reed

Feese, Jesse Zerbe

Feese, Roger N.

Feese, U.D.

Fentzell, Richard

Fischer, Karl

Flasnick, Bob and Joyce

Flasnick, Don and Leona

Foltz, Adam and Katherine

Franke Family

Frazier, Bill and Virginia

Freas Family

Freiling, Lawrence and Bernice

Furse, H.G. ‘Gay’ and Elise

Furse, Harry and Bertha

Furse, Merle and Thelma

Garner, Curtis and Catherine

Garrison, Ben and Nellie

Garrison, Pat and Dorothy

Gaslin, Judge William and Haskell Family

Gibson, John and Margaret

Goedeken, August

Goedeken, Henry

Goings, Ronald

Gossman, Paul

Gould, Joseph

Haas, Neta Faye Dow

Haberer, Merline and Noel

Haeker I, Carl

Haeker, Carl

Haeker, Emma

Haeker, Harold and Willa Rae

Haeker, K.G.

Haeker, Otto and Laura

Haeker, Paul and Thelma

Haeker, Robert and Helena

Hamilton Family

Hanna, Lonny and Sally

Hardin, David Sewell

Hardin, Harry

Hardin, Harry (Dee)

Hauserman, Fred and Doris

Hays, Louis and Becky

Heft, Kevin

Heft, Richard

Heth, Rudolph

Hickman, Max and Doris

Hickman, Stanley

Hodge, Christine Tjaden

Hofmeyer, Antone

Hogeland, John

Huebner, Dr. Paul and Jeannie

Hunt Family

Imm, Julius

Jardons Family

Jessup, Marjorie

Johnson, Dr. Clarence and Lela

Johnson, Gaylord

Johnson-Kemper, Zachary Taylor and Flora

Jones, John and Laura

Joyce, George

Kammerer Family

Kauk, Barney and Aurora

Kauk, William

Kearney, Kent

Keester, Riley and Nora Deans

Kemper-Coffey, Zelma and Tom

Kerr, Dr. Robert and Nellie

Lane, Alvah E.

Leach, Carl and Lois

Lennemann, Fred

Lennemann, Hubert and Kate

Leopold Family

Leopold Verdeen

Leopold, Verdon

Long, Dr. Jim and Jo

Long, Earl and Olga

Loschen, Gordon and June

Lowe, Des and Dorthy

Lowe, Horace and Marvel

Lowry, Lloyd

Luedke, Ron and Sandra

Lutjeharms, Anna

Lutjeharms, Barbara

Lutjeharms, Earl

Lutjeharms, Emma

Mackie, George and Mary

Mahan, Clarence and Mary

Mahoney, Val and Rose

Mansfield Family

McKee, Everett and Opal

Mckee-Rogers Family

McKelvie, Robert and Virginia

Medinger, Charlotte

Metzger Mary Linna

Metzger Philip and Philipline

Metzger, Daniel Jacob

Metzger, George Vernon

Metzger, Henry Edward

Metzger, John Nicholas

Metzger, Joseph

Metzger, Warren and Vivian

Meyer, Bessie and Walter

Middagh, Frank and Nina

Miller, Rona dn Janice

Miller, Virgil and Verla

Mintzmyer, Ed and Rosa

Molzahn, Neil and Leschia

Myers Wilbur ‘Guy’

Myers, John

Myers, Wilsie

Nelsen, John and Valerie

Nibbe, Bob and Gwen

Noren, Don and Ronda

Olson, Cecil and Marie

Peterson, Arnold and Viola

Peterson, Rundall and Marge

Pfeil Family

Phillips, Dixie New Era

Pitcher, Richard

Pohlenz, George

Pond Family

Porter, Mearl and Cleo

Porter, Thomas and Fanny

Prettyman, Lewis

Rebman, Gottlob and Katherine

Rebman, Paul and Freda

Rebman, Robert and Tena

Remke Family

Reynolds, Andrew

Reynolds, Arthur

Reynolds, Frnak

Richards, George

Richards, Mary

Richman, Harry and Sylvia

Richman, Mittchel

Rider, Henry

Rogers, Tom and Jean

Roll, Ed and Erma

Runck, Emma Lena

Rundall, Reuben and Serilda

Russell, Donald and Freda

Russell, James

Sadler, Dr. Samuel

Schippert, Floyd ‘Bub’ and Nancy

Schulke, Alvin and Dena

Schwartz, Gorden

Seckman, Samuel and Nora

Seyler, Eric

Seyler, Ernest and Wilma

Seyler, Lew

Seyler, Rev. Thodore

Shaffer, Harry and Ruth

Shambaugh Family

Shelburn, O.E. and Mabel

Shield Family

Shoemaker, Ray and Sarah

Smith, Dr. Eric and Raetha

Smolik, Emanuel and Clara

Smolik, Harold and Janet

Snyder, George

Snyder, George

Starr, John and Blanche

Stevenson-Sadler Family

Stoddard, Dr. and Mrs. G.E.

Stuhmer, Henry

STuhmer, Neil and Jan

Tipover Creek

Torrey, Keith and Toni

Van Meter, Olivia

Vincent, Eli

Waggoner, Clarence and Mildred

Waggoner, Frank

Waggoner, Gene and Farrell

Waggoner, Rolland (Pode) and Elma Jean

Waggoner, Vernon

Waggoner, William

Walker, Floyd and Agatha

Walker, Oscar

Webber, Ben and Tryphosa

Webber, Ted

Weinand Family

Wessels, John and Gretchen

Westerbeck, Darrel and Gwen

Westerbeck, Raymond

Westerbeck, Robert

Whitehead, LaVeva and Harold

Whitmire, Don and Lou Jean

Wickham, Jim

Wiemers, George

Wiemers, Herman Bernhard

Wiemers, John

Wiemers, Jr. Herman B.

Wiemers, William

Woods, Duane and Dorothy

Woollen, Terry and Debbie

Wynne, Carol (Goings)

Zerbe, Josiah

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