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Harlan County, Nebraska

1890 UPRR Gazetteer

Harlan County, Nebraska Farmer's 1890 Gazetteer
Transcribed by Carol Wolf Britton
July 2000

Originally Published by:
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publisher, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890.
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by M. M. Wolfe & Co,
in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Name & Township

Abbott, D. L.., Woodruff, Kansas
Abbott, G. M., Woodruff, Kansas
Abbott, Hiram, Orleans.
Abbott, Jerome, Orleans.
Abbott, W., Ragan.
Abernathy, J.S., Alma.
Abraham, G.G., Ragan.
Achen, G.W., Alma.
Achen, E. C., Orleans.
Achen, Geo. W., Alma.
Adams, B. D., Oxford.
Adams, Clarence, Oxford.
Adams, Henry, Oxford.
Albright, H., Oxford.
Alburn, W.W., Alma.
Aldredge, M.H., Ragan.
Allen, Levi, Alma.
Allen, Theodore, Ragan.
Allen,G.W., Oxford.
Allmand, A.C., Huntley.
Alter, Joe, Alma.
Anderson, A., Republican City.
Anderson, August, Ragan.
Anderson, B.A., Orleans.
Anderson, Charley, Ragan.
Anderson, Gust., Ragan.
Anderson, J.A., Orleans.
Anderson, J.E., Ragan.
Anderson, J.P., Oxford.
Anderson, J.W., Ragan.
Anderson, L., Orleans.
Anderson, Oscar, Ragan.
Anderson, Peter, Huntley.
Anderson, Victor, Ragan.
Anton, Karl, Huntley.
Archibald, S., Ragan.
Arnold, Frank, Alma.
Arnsberger, Austin, Oxford.
Ashley, L.L., Ragan.
Asche, David, Republican City.
Atwater, F.M., Ragan.
Avey, E., Woodruff, Kansas
Avery, Fred, Alma.
Avery, J. R., Alma.
Avery, Saml., Huntley.
Ayers, Jas., Orleans.
Babow, Fred, Orleans.
Backes, F.M., Ragan.
Badgely, Geo., Mascot.
Badgely, L.C., Ragan.
Bagby, N.C., Orleans.
Bailey, E.F., Orleans.
Bailey, H., Woodruff, Kansas
Bailey, S., Huntley.
Bailey, S., Orleans.
Baker, Douglas, Oxford.
Baker, S. P., Orleans.
Balcom, W.R., Orleans.
Baldwin, Jno., Alma.
Bales, T.J., Orleans.
Ball, T.S., Oxford.
Banta, M.F., Oxford.
Banta, W.V., Oxford.
Bantam, J.F., Oxford.
Banks, J.S., Orleans.
Banwell, W. H., Orleans.
Barche, Fred, Republican City.
Barker, Thos., Alma.
Barlow, R.B., Alma.
Barney, W.D., Oxford.
Barnes, A.S., Orleans.
Barnes, J.B., Orleans.
Barnes, J. L., Orleans.
Barnhart, B.B., Orleans.
Barnum, J. L., Ragan.
Barnum, J. R., Orleans.
Bartels, C.C., Alma.
Bartels, J.F., Alma.
Bartow, Geo., Woodruff, Kansas
Bates, Chas., Ragan.
Bates, J.F., Orleans.
Battin, F.M., Alma.
Baxter, Paul, Orleans.
Bayley, W.W., Oxford.
Beall, M. E., Alma.
Bear, G.N.D., Orleans.
Bear, J.P., Orleans.
Bear, Orion, Orleans.
Beasley, Jas., Alma.
Beddes, J., Orleans.
Beddes, Noah, Alma.
Beebe, Jas., Orleans.
Beem, Dock, Atlanta.
Beem, J.C., Atlanta.
Beeman, Joshua, Orleans.
Beeman, W.L., Orleans.
Beezley, W.J., Long Island, Kansas
Bell, A.C., Oxford.
Bell, G.A., Oxford.
Bell, L.B., Alma.
Bellows, Zadock, Oxford.
Bene, Henry, Republican City.
Bendix, C.H., Huntley.
Bengston, John, Ragan.
Bennett, C.A., Orleans.
Bennett, Leman, Orleans.
Beresford, A.M., Orleans.
Berggren, G., Ragan.
Bergquist, J., Orleans.
Berry, B.C., Alma.
Bierman, A., Orleans.
Billstrom, John, Ragan.
Billstrom, P.J., Ragan.
Bird, C.J., Stamford.
Birt, Henry, Oxford.
Bisbee, C.A., Ragan.
Bishop, Geo. K., Huntley.
Bissell, A., Alma.
Bissell, W.E., Alma.
Black, J.H., Alma.
Blackburn, M.S., Orleans.
Blees, Mathias, Oxford.
Blodgett, A.L., Oxford.
Bloom, Carl, Alma.
Blom, Olof, Orleans.
Bodien, Theodore, Orleans.
Bogart, Morton, Oxford.
Bogart, William, Oxford.
Bonny, W.P., Republican City
Booher, L.O., Woodruff, Kansas
Booth, J.O., Orleans.
Borden, A., Ragan.
Borg, E.N., Ragan.
Borden, Byron, Orleans.
Bosworth, F.M., Mascot.
Bowers, J.A., Republican City
Bowman, C., Orleans.
Boyles, M.F., Orleans.
Breck, E.C., Republican City
Breck, Geo., Republican City
Breeding, H.E., Orleans.
Bretschneider, C., Stamford.
Brewer, Chas., Woodruff, Kansas
Brewer, Jas., Woodruff, Kansas
Brewster, D., Ragan.
Briggs, M.S., Oxford.
Briney, David, Alma.
Brimser, J., Woodruff, Kansas
Bristol, F.E., Orleans.
Brocker, J.F., Orleans.
Brode, Herman, Ragan.
Broker, Fred, Oxford.
Brooks, Albert, Ragan.
Brooks, J.Z., Long Island, Kansas
Brooks, N.S., Oxford.
Brown, A.E., Orleans.
Brown, C.J., Stamford.
Brown, G.W.E., Stamford.
Brown, H.E., Orleans.
Brown, Hugo, Orleans.
Brown, J. A., Alma.
Brown, L.P., Stamford.
Brown, W.C., Orleans.
Buck, Henry, Oxford.
Buckley, A.D., Republican City.
Bullock, Robt., Ragan.
Burd, Oscar, Alma.
Burdick, A.S., Ragan.
Burgedorf, Robert, Orleans.
Burke, James, Alma.
Burnap, M.A., Orleans.
Burns, E.N., Orleans.
Burns, W.J., Orleans.
Burr, A.D., Republican City
Burroughs, Edwin, Ragan.
Burroughs, E.V., Orleans.
Burtch, A.T., Stamford.
Burtchet, John, Oxford.
Burton, G.W., Orleans.
Burton, Math A., Alma.
Bush, C.R., Republican City
Byerly, W.J., Ragan.
Bussow, Chas., Oxford.
Buster, S.H., Republican City.
Butler, S.J., Republican City
Byerrum, H.H., Republican City.
Byler, David, Alma.
Caffrey, C.H., Long Island, Kansas
Caffrey, Ed., Long Island, Kansas
Cain, D.F., Republican City
Cain, T.R., Republican City
Caler, W.A., Huntley.
Caley, Wm., Orleans.
Callaway. Jas. E., Alma.
Callaway, J.R., Alma.
Callison, A.H., Alma.
Cansday, C.W., Alma.
Candy, Joses, Stamford.
Canton, C.C., Alma.
Canton, R.W., Alma.
Carlile, James A., Orleans.
Carlson, Alfred A., Ragan.
Carlson, C.A., Ragan.
Carlson, R.W., Ragan.
Carlson, John A., Ragan.
Carnahan, J.M., Alma.
Carpenter, E.O., Ragan.
Carpenter, Frank, Alma.
Carpenter, Paul, Ragan.
Carr, W.P., Alma.
Carroll, James, Ragan.
Cary, G.C., Orleans.
Casper, John, Stamford.
Cassel, A.M., Oxford.
Cassell, E., Republican City
Cassens, Robt., Orleans.
Chambers, J.H., Orleans.
Chandler, C.C., Orleans.
Chandler, W., Huntley.
Childs, Thos.N., Orleans.
Chrisler, B.H., Republican City
Christensen, H., Stamford.
Christiansen, Lars, Orleans.
Christiansen, P., Ragan.
Christlieb, G.W., Ragan.
Christopherson, J., Orleans.
Cinnamon, L., Huntley.
Clampett, John, Alma.
Clapper, H.J., Stamford.
Clapper, J., Stamford.
Clark, J.O., Stamford.
Clay, Swen, Ragan.
Claypool, B.R., Orleans.
Cleaver, Geo. H., Orleans.
Cleaver, T.J., Orleans.
Clement, E.M., Oxford.
Cline, A.W., Oxford.
Cline, W.A., Oxford.
Coady, Edward, Orleans.
Coates, Isaac, Stamford.
Coates, R.W., Stamford.
Cobeldrick, J., Republican City.
Cobledick, J.S., Republican City.
Coe, Arthur, Orleans.
Coe, B.A., Orleans.
Coe, F.E., Orleans.
Coe, W.A., Orleans.
Coe, W.O., Alma.
Cole, A.H., Oxford.
Colby, W.F., Orleans.
Colgan, Frank, Alma.
Colgan, John, Orleans.
Colgan, Peter E., Alma.
Colgan, Thomas, Alma.
Collins, R.S., Republican City.
Combs, S.M., Orleans.
Comstock, Frank, Orleans.
Comstock, Paris, Orleans.
Conley, John C., Orleans.
Cook, G.W., Orleans.
Cook, Jacob, Oxford.
Cook, Thomas, Oxford.
Cope, W.D., Ragan.
Corrigan, James, Orleans.
Costello, E.J., Orleans.
Coulter, J.M., Orleans.
Coulter, L.A., Stamford.
Coulter, W.C., Stamford.
Cox, John, Oxford.
Cramer, Louis, Orleans.
Crandall, G.S., Huntley.
Crawford, A.K., Stamford.
Crawford, A.W., Orleans.
Cress, H.O., Oxford.
Cress, M.J., Oxford.
Cropp, G.W., Orleans.
Cross, A., Ragan.
Cross, James B., Orleans.
Cunningham, H.W., Republican City.
Currey, L.J., Stamford.
Currey, T.J., Stamford.
Dale, W.F., Atlanta.
Daniels, C.A., Woodruff, Kan,
Daniels, S.W., Oxford.
Danielson, Alex, Orleans.
Dark, A.G., Alma.
Darren, O.S., Woodruff, Kan,
David, John F., Huntley.
David, N.E., Huntley.
David, Seth, Huntley.
David, S.L., Huntley.
Davis, Wm., Stamford.
Davison, Wm., Alma.
Dawson, N.C., Alma.
Dawson, W., Republican City
Day, J.H., Stamford.
Day, J.N., Alma.
Dean, J.A., Oxford.
Deaver, O.H., Orleans.
Debenderfer, Henry, Oxford.
Debenderfer, J., Oxford.
Decker, Chas. B., Ragan.
Deland, F.E., Republican City.
Delimont, A., Long Island, Kansas
Delimont, G., Long Island, Kansas
Delimont, V., Long Island, Kansas
Delm, P., Republican City
Deninger, George, Huntley.
Devoe, G.S., Orleans.
Dever, George, Huntley.
Dewees, L.P., Huntley.
Dewey, C.B., Oxford.
Dillon, I.J., Oxford.
Dixon, Austin E., Alma.
Dixon, Jacob, Alma.
Dixon, J.S., Republican City
Doak, H., Republican City
Doak, J.Y., Republican City
Doak, Wm., Republican City
Dobberstein, John, Republican City.
Dodd, C.R., Huntley.
Dole, C.A., Orleans.
Dorsett, A.C., Republican City.
Doty, W.M., Orleans.
Dover, E., Republican City
Dow, H.B., Alma.
Downing, W.L., Orleans.
Drew, J., Republican City
Dubois, F., Long Island, Kansas
Dunbar, P.F., Huntley.
Duncan, T., Republican City.
Duncan, Wm., Republican City.
Dyas, E.W., Atlanta.
Dyas, T.W., Atlanta.
Dye, Wm.K., Alma.
Earl, J.O., Alma.
Eastwood, G.P., Republican City.
Ebinger, Chris, Huntley.
Echoff, L., Ragan.
Echoff, L.H., Ragan.
Edwards, A.H., Stamford.
Edwards, E.E., Stamford.
Edwards, J.W., Orleans.
Edwards, W.F., Orleans.
Ekberg, H.J., Orleans.
Elliott. A.A., Ragan.
Elliott, Allen, Ragan.
Elliott, John, Ragan.
Ellis, John, Orleans.
Elmes, H., Stamford.
Elston, Abram, Huntley.
Emerson, Chas., Oxford.
Emery, J.B., Orleans.
England, James E., Huntley.
Erickson, Alford, Orleans.
Erickson, John, Orleans.
Erwin, W.M., Alma.
Essick, Rudolph, Orleans.
Etter, James H., Ragan.
Etter, Milton, Ragan.
Evans, T.H., Oxford.
Everson, Edwin, Alma.
Everson, J.L., Alma.
Fales, Ellis, Oxford.
Fallon, Patrick, Ragan.
Farlee, James, Orleans.
Farlee, W.S., Alma.
Farmer, J.A., Republican City
Farr, William, Alma.
Farrell, J.W., Orleans.
Feather, F.C., Stamford.
Fenn, E.M., Orleans.
Fennessy, P.W., Orleans.
Fenninger, F., Orleans.
Fensel, Eli, Oxford.
Fensner, Henry, Huntley.
Fergison, Joseph, Stamford.
Fergison, Joseph, Oxford.
Fergison, Walter, Stamford.
Ferguson, H.T., Orleans.
Ferguson, S.A., Orleans.
Ferris, J.A., Republican City
Ferris, W. D., Republican City
Field, Elihu, Ragan.
Fink, John, Orleans.
Fink, William, Orleans.
Finley, S.V., Stamford.
Fisher, A.C., Orleans.
Fitch, C.E., Oxford.
Fleming, S.L., Ragan.
Flodin, John A., Stamford.
Forman, Clay, Republican City
Forsberg, Isaac, Ragan.
Forsberg, John, Ragan.
Forsman, John, Orleans.
Foss, R., Orleans.
Fostor, F.M., Alma.
Fostor, Pat, Oxford.
Frahs, F.M., Long Island, Kansas
Franey, Henry, Orleans.
Frear, Chas., Republican City
Frear, Elias, Republican City
Frear, Geo., Republican City
Freeman, David P., Alma.
Freeman, J.R., Huntley.
French, Albert, Ragan.
French, Henry, Alma.
Friskey, Jackson, Orleans.
Fritz, Fred, Huntley.
Fritz, J.F., Republican City
Fulk, Martin, Orleans.
Fulk, Sylvester, Orleans.
Fuller, J.M., Woodruff, Kansas
Fulton, Sam, Woodruff, Kansas
Furr, C.C., Huntley.
Gaddis, J.C., Atlanta.
Gains, W., Oxford.
Gardner, A.D., Alma.
Gardner, Bert, Oxford.
Gardner, John, Oxford.
Gardner, W.W., Orleans.
Garner. L.M., Alma.
Garrison, Geo.W., Huntley.
Garrison, Jas., Huntley.
Garver, D.D., Republican City
Garvin, Blue N., Alma.
Garvin, Jno. D., Alma.
Gaskill, B.W., Ragan.
Gaskill, W.E., Huntley.
Gehley, John, Oxford.
Getty, Rodman, Oxford.
Gibbons, Patrick, Orleans.
Gibbons, W.B., Alma.
Gibson, Jno. A., Alma.
Gifford, Grant, Republican City.
Gifford, Isaac, Ragan.
Gifford, J.M., Ragan.
Gifford, John, Huntley.
Gifford, J.S., Republican City.
Gifford, Owen, Ragan.
Gilbert, E, H., Republican City.
Gildersleeve, L.D., Huntley.
Giles, E.W., Oxford.
Gipe, Geo. W., Alma.
Gipe, Jas. H., Alma.
Gipe, W.S., Alma.
Glarden, Jas., Alma.
Glasgow, R.H., Oxford.
Glaum, Frank, Orleans.
Glaum, Martin, Orleans.
Glaze, Chas., Republican City.
Glazier, Benj. C., Atlanta.
Glazier, C.O., Atlanta.
Gleason, C.H., Orleans.
Goodban, H.F., Alma.
Goode, J.A., Orleans.
Gooden, John, Oxford.
Goudie, J.A., Orleans.
Goudie, E.F., Stamford.
Gould, A.H., Alma.
Gould, G.H., Republican City
Gould, R., Republican City
Gould, W.E., Orleans.
Gouser, A.H., Orleans.
Granger, C.A., Alma.
Granquist, L.J., Orleans.
Green, Geo. N., Orleans.
Green, Horace, Ragan.
Green, W.H., Orleans.
Gregory, William, Huntley.
Grosenback, Harry, Oxford.
Grube, D.W., Republican City.
Guiner, E.C., Mascot
Gustafson, Charles, Ragan.
Gustafson, Godred, Ragan.
Gustafson, H.G., Ragan.
Haacker, Julius, Oxford.
Habbe, A.A., Ragan.
Hair, Washington, Ragan.
Hall, H., Alma.
Hall, W.E., Ragan.
Hallgarth, Sibrit, Oxford.
Hamilton, C.P., Oxford.
Hamilton, W.H., Alma.
Hammond, A.P., Stamford.
Hammond, C., Ragan.
Hammond, C., Republican City.
Hanan, Geo. W., Alma.
Hanes, P.P., Alma.
Hanna, H.A., Republican City.
Hardin, J.H., Huntley.
Hardin, John J., Huntley.
Hardin, J.P., Huntley.
Hardin, W.E., Huntley.
Harding, L.T., Orleans.
Harding, W.T., Orleans.
Hare, Wm., Oxford.
Harman, Geo., Atlanta.
Harman, J.E., Stamford.
Harris, S.J., Orleans.
Harritt, M.A., Alma.
Hartman,Harry, Oxford.
Hartsough, C.V., Alma.
Hartsough, J.C., Orleans.
Harvey, A.E., Orleans.
Harvey, R., Republican City
Harvey, G., Republican City
Harvey, James, Atlanta.
Harvey, J.L., Alma.
Harvey, J.W., Alma.
Hathaway, J.B., Atlanta.
Haussermann, G., Republican City.
Haussermann, J., Republican City.
Havens, A.E., Alma.
Hawkins, C., Alma.
Hayes, J.K.P., Republican City.
Head, T.H., Alma.
Headman, J., Orleans.
Heasly, J.T., Stamford.
Heasly, O.O., Stamford.
Heathers, W.S., Huntley.
Hecht, A., Republican City
Hecht, W., Republican City
Hedden, A.D., Orleans.
Hedendorf, Geo., Oxford.
Hehe, L.H., Orleans.
Heldemain, Joseph, Oxford.
Heldt, Fred, Stamford.
Helman, G.B., Republican City.
Helman, J.F., Republican City.
Hendrickson, E.L., Ragan.
Hendrickson, J.S., Ragan.
Hendrickson, M.C., Ragan.
Henry, A.J., Huntley.
Henry, J.A., Alma.
Henry, Peter, Alma.
Hensley, Wm., Alma.
Herndon, G.W., Ragan.
Herndon, J.H., Ragan.
Hernnismeir, Fred, Ragan.
Herold, Christ, Orleans.
Herron, Geo., Alma.
Hester, D.S., Alma.
Heurdin, A.J., Orleans.
Hickman, P., Republican City.
Hickman, W.M., Republican City.
Hickox, W.J., Alma.
Hitch, O.D., Ragan.
Hodgeman, L.H., Orleans.
Hodges, B., Atlanta.
Hodges, B.S., Atlanta.
Hodges, Cinder M., Atlanta.
Hoesch, Carl, Huntley.
Hoffman, F.D., Ragan.
Hofmeyer, A., Republican City.
Holden, J.M., Orleans.
Holdredge, H.B., Huntley.
Holinquest, C.O., Ragan.
Hollenbeck, M.L., Orleans.
Hollertz, B.M., Atlanta.
Hollertz, J., Atlanta.
Holley, L.W., Orleans.
Hollingsworth, J.E., Alma.
Holmes, C.H., Huntley.
Holmes, H.W., Huntley.
Hooper, M.G., Orleans.
Hoover, A.G., Republican City.
Horn, Geo. W., Republican City.
Horn, H.M., Republican City.
Horn, John P., Ragan.
Horn, John W., Republican City.
Horton, J.F., Long Island, Kansas
Horton, M.M., Alma.
Horton, L.L., Alma.
Houchin, J., Ragan.
Houghton, W., Woodruff, Kansas
Houk, John, Alma.
Houlahan, R.L., Stamford.
Houlihan, J.J., Woodruff, Kansas
Houseworth, J., Orleans.
Howard, Adolph, Orleans.
Howard, L., Alma.
Howart, F., Long Island, Kansas
Howe, W.F., Orleans.
Howland, C.D., Orleans.
Howsden, Henry, Huntley.
Howsden, John, Huntley.
Howsden, John, Orleans.
Howsden, Wm., Huntley.
Huff, John, Oxford.
Huffman, I.D., Alma.
Huffman, J.O., Orleans.
Hufton, John, Orleans.
Hull, A., Orleans.
Hull, B.G., Stamford.
Hull, V.E., Stamford.
Hunt, J.E. Republican City.
Hunt, W.A., Republican City.
Hunter, Geo., Orleans.
Hurst, Geo., Orleans.
Huston, D.M., Ragan.
Hutchinson, G.L., Mascot.
Hutchinson, M.L., Mascot.
Ingmire, Frank, Huntley.
Ingmire, Noah, Huntley.
Irwin, M., Alma.
Ives, J.B., Alma.
Jackson, H.W.L., Mascot.
Jackson, J.J., Atlanta.
Jackson, S.E., Huntley.
Jackson, W., Long Island, Kansas
Jacobson, John A., Ragan.
Jaffny, James, Oxford.
James, R., Ragan.
Jansen, Fritz, Stamford.
Jay, Morris, Alma.
Jenkins, Stephen, Alma.
Jennings, Sig., Alma.
Jennings, T.J., Oxford.
Jennings, W.T., Republican City.
Jennings, W.W., Orleans.
Jepson, J., Huntley.
Jilson, C.M., Ragan.
John, Chas., Long Island, Kansas
Johnson, Andrew, Ragan.
Johnson, A.T., Ragan.
Johnson, C.J.A., Ragan.
Johnson, C.F., Long Island, Kansas
Johnson, Chas. A., Ragan.
Johnson, F.G., Ragan.
Johnson, Henry, Ragan.
Johnson, J.A., Ragan.
Johnson, John, Orleans.
Johnson, John, Ragan.
Johnson, J., Ragan.
Johnson, J.A., Stamford.
Johnson, John O., Ragan.
Johnson, J.M., Stamford.
Johnson, J.W., Orleans.
Johnson, L.J., Stamford.
Johnson, Louis, Orleans.
Johnson, Olof, Orleans.
Johnson, Oscar, Ragan.
Johnson, Peter, Ragan.
Johnson, P.G., Ragan.
Johnson, Swan, Ragan.
Johnson, W.B., Oxford.
Johnston, Alex, Ragan.
Johnston, Henry, Oxford.
Johnston, L.M., Oxford.
Jones, Charles, Huntley.
Jones, Jacob W., Huntley.
Jones, J.D., Ragan.
Jones, J.L., Stamford.
Jones, John H., Huntley.
Jones, Moses N., Huntley.
Jones, T.N., Huntley.
Jordon, E.E., Orleans.
Joslin, C.L., Republican City.
Joyce, Martin, Orleans.
Joyce, Geo.W., Alma.
Kean, Joseph, Republican City.
Keith, Fred L., Orleans.
Keith, M.A., Oxford.
Kellogg, W.H., Stamford.
Kelly, Joseph, Republican City.
Kenley, W.J., Alma.
Kennedy, D.A., Republican City.
Kenney, J.O., Orleans.
Kent, L.H., Orleans.
Kerr, Duncan, Republican City.
Kerschner, M.R., Republican City.
Ketchel, J.M., Ragan.
Ketels, E., Long Island, Kansas
Keters, F., Long Island, Kansas
Keyes, O.M., Ragan.
Kidder, N.D., Oxford.
King, L.H., Orleans.
King, W., Republican City.
King, W.M., Orleans.
Kilburn, J.N., Alma.
Kirkendall, Saml., Stamford.
Kirkwood, James, Republican City.
Kirts, J.M., Alma.
Kiser, E.H., Alma.
Knota, G.H., Long Island, Kansas
Knowland, S.L., Alma.
Knowlton, S.R., Orleans.
Kohler, Morant, Huntley.
Krauss, Fred, Huntley.
Kresser, Joseph, Orleans.
Krilger, T.A., Atlanta.
Krosp, R., Huntley.
Kurstel, W.L., Stamford.
Kyser, Adelbert, Atlanta.
Kyser, Edwin H., Atlanta.
Kyser, George, Atlanta.
Labeck, H., Long Island, Kansas
Lacy, C.G., Stamford.
Ladine, E.D., Oxford.
Laird, Jas., Republican City
Lamb, W.J., Woodruff, Kansas
Lampman, S.A., Alma.
Lamson, F.G., Orleans.
Lamson, J.T., Orleans.
Lancaster, J.S., Alma.
Lane, Thos., Oxford.
Larne S.C., Ragan.
Larson, And., Ragan.
Lashbrook, G., Long Island, Kansas
Lashbrook, M.A., Long Island, Kansas
Latta, W.A., Orleans.
Latellier, F., Stamford.
Latellier, Jos.,Stamford.
Lawler, M., Oxford.
Lawless, Jno. W., Orleans.
Lawson, John, Stamford.
Lee, J.R., Oxford.
Lee, S.W., Oxford.
Lee, Wm., Oxford.
Lenneman, A., Orleans.
Lenneman, F., Orleans.
Lester, Jos., Huntley.
Levalley, A.J., Woodruff, Kansas
Lewis, Geo., Huntley.
Lewis, Jas., Huntley.
Lewis, W.H., Mascot
Lilly, Phillip, Huntley.
Lindall, Olaf, Ragan.
Lindeman, Wm., Ragan.
Lindin, John, Ragan.
Linstrom, A.A., Ragan.
Lochart, L., Long Island, Kansas
Loesch, John, Orleans.
Longsine, A., Long Island, Kansas
Longsine, J., Long Island, Kansas
Longton,F., Orleans.
Lonn, Frank, Atlanta.
Lorimer, Thos., Orleans.
Losey, E.B., Republican City
Losey, S., Republican City
Losh, Emerson, Oxford.
Loveland, L.,, Orleans.
Loveland, S.A., Orleans.
Lowe, E., Huntley.
Lowe, Wm., Huntley.
Lowery, W.W., Oxford.
Lucore, H.R., Republican City.
Luke, Wm., Republican City
Luking, Henry, Oxford.
Lumberg, Peter, Oxford.
Lunberg, S.C., Stamford.
Lundy, Ellis, Oxford.
Lyon, G.F., Huntley.
Lyon, L.H., Republican City
McAdoo, A.R., Ragan.
McArthur, Ben, Holdrege.
McCall, D., Republican City
McCameron, B.W., Ragan.
McCameron, T., Ragan.
McCarty, R.N., Republican City.
McCorkel, G.S., Huntley.
McCormick, J.A., Orleans.
McCormick, T., Orleans.
McCulloch, D.A., Ragan.
McDale, N., Oxford.
McDade, N., Oxford.
McGeachin, J., Orleans.
McGeorge, S.B., Ragan.
McNamara, Wm., Ragan.
McNees, Samuel, Orleans.
McNeil, G.W., Ragan.
McNees, Wm. O., Orleans.
McNew, J.B., Mascot
McNew, J.S., Mascot
Mackie, Geo. A., Huntley.
Mackprang, C.A., Stamford.
Maddox, R.P., Ragan.
Magnuson, Per., Ragan.
Maguire, N., Long Island, Kansas
Mahar, J., Stamford.
Mahar, Phillip, Alma.
Mahn, A., Orleans.
Main, L.J., Orleans.
Maloy, T.J., Stamford.
Manley, James, Oxford.
Manning, John, Orleans.
Manning, Thos., Orleans.
Mansfield, E., Huntley.
Manz, Clement, Republican City.
Martin, C.E., Alma.
Martin, C.E., Ragan.
Martin, H.W., Orleans.
Martin, Ph., Woodruff, Kansas
Martin, S.J., Orleans.
Martin, J., Long Island, Kansas
Mason, A.C., Alma.
Mason, David, Alma.
Mason, H.L., Orleans.
Mason, J.B., Ragan.
Mason, J.R., Alma.
Mathews, J.W., Oxford.
Mathews, T.W., Oxford.
Manker, D.H., Orleans.
Maxfeldt, James, Stamford.
May, J.B., Alma.
Means, E.L., Orleans.
Meier, J.Z., Long Island, Kansas
Meracle, Lawrence, Republican City.
Merkle, George, Huntley.
Merrick, Joseph, Orleans.
Merry, J.T., Orleans.
Metzger, Phillip, Alma.
Meyer, Carsten, Stamford.
Meyer, J.Hemry, Stamford.
Miers, Jacob, Huntley.
Miles, Nelson J., Orleans.
Miller, David, Orleans.
Miller, D.B., Alma.
Miller, D.R., Orleans.
Miller, Geo. F., Stamford.
Miller, Henry, Alma.
Miller, Joseph, Orleans.
Miller, Lewis, Orleans.
Miller, M.S., Alma.
Minchmire, Gustof, Orleans.
Mitchell, J.C., Alma.
Mitchell, W.A., Orleans.
Molander, Emil, Ragan.
Moller, H., Long Island, Kansas
Montague, H.R., Oxford.
Moohr, Henry, Ragan.
Moore, B.F., Alma.
Moore, C.B., Alma.
Moore, F.S., Alma.
Moore, H.H. Orleans.
Moore, L.C., Ragan.
Moore, S.R., Huntley.
Moore, W.R., Orleans.
Morgan, D.J., Republican City
Morgan, N.C., Republican City
Morgan, Stephen, Orleans.
Morrell, J., Stamford.
Morris, Ed., Woodruff, Kansas
Morris, I., Woodruff, Kansas
Morrison, W.H., Republican City.
Morse, C.E., Orleans.
Morton, W., Orleans.
Moulds, H.E., Orleans.
Mount, Harrison, Alma.
Muir, James, Republican City
Mullally, T., Republican City
Munson, L.A., Oxford.
Munson, M.S., Orleans.
Munson, P.H., Orleans.
Murdock, R.C., Oxford.
Murray, George, Ragan.
Murray, Wm., Orleans.
Myers, A.P., Orleans.
Nash, D.C., Oxford.
Nass, Herman, Huntley.
Neff, F.A., Orleans.
Nelson, Andrew G., Stamford.
Nelson, Nels P., Stamford.
Newbauer, Max, Orleans.
Newman, A., Alma.
Newman, Charles, Alma.
Newton, L.W., Ragan.
Nichols, W.H., Orleans.
Nief, Theodore, Huntley.
Nielsen, Nicolai, Stamford.
Nielson, Andrew, Oxford.
Nielson, Pete, Oxford.
Nelson, Charles, Stamford.
Nofziger, J.P., Oxford.
Noran, G.T., Orleans.
Noran, J.A., Orleans.
Nostrum, Charles, Orleans.
Newman, P.W., Oxford.
Oakman, Frank, Oxford.
Olmstead, O.K., Orleans.
Olsen, John, Orleans.
Olson, I.W., Ragan.
Olson, Lew, Orleans.
Olson, N., Orleans.
Olson, Olof, Orleans.
Ott, Wm., Stamford.
Palmer, A.S., Huntley.
Palmer, .A.S., Stamford.
Palmer, Fred, Orleans.
Palmer, J.A., Stamford.
Parish, Anson, Alma.
Parish, Byron, Alma.
Parish, Gilbert R., Alma.
Park, Geo., Long Island, Kansas
Parks,.L.D., Orleans.
Parr, Wm., Republican City
Parrott, Milton, Alma.
Parsons, C.W., Orleans.
Parsons, O., Republican City
Passmore, G.W., Ragan.
Pate, James E., Orleans.
Pate, R.R., Orleans.
Patrick, Charles, Alma.
Paul, Carl, Ragan.
Payne, James, Alma.
Peak, Davis, Oxford.
Peak, Geo. M., Huntley.
Pemberton, A.F., Huntley.
Pendarvis, C.E., Alma.
Pendarvis, Ed., Ragan.
Pendarvis, Fred L., Alma.
Peoples, D., Long Island, Kansas
Peoples, J.P., Woodruff, Kansas
Pepper, J.P., Woodruff, Kansas
Pepper, W.H., Woodruff, Kansas
Perman, Peter, Orleans.
Perrin, D.B., Orleans.
Person, Per., Ragan.
Peterkin, D., Long Island, Kansas
Peterson, A.U., Ragan.
Peterson, Clarence, Orleans.
Peterson, Eric, Orleans.
Peterson, E.M., Ragan.
Peterson, G., Alma.
Peterson, Henry, Orleans.
Peterson, John, Orleans.
Peterson, J.O., Orleans.
Peterson, Nels, Orleans.
Peterson, Oscar, Ragan.
Peterson, Peter, Orleans.
Peterson, Swan, Ragan.
Peterson, Victor, Ragan.
Petitjean, Joseph, Orleans.
Petteys, J.T., Wilcox
Petticrew, Frank, Alma.
Pettijohn, F.M., Alma.
Pettoriff, S.M., Huntley.
Pharris, A.J., Orleans.
Phelps, F.E., Ragan.
Piper, B.M., Alma.
Pitcher, R.E., Alma.
Pochman, Fred, Atlanta
Polhamus, B.F., Orleans.
Polhams, F.E., Orleans.
Polhamns, J., Orleans.
Polhamns, S.C., Ragan.
Pond, L.J., Alma.
Pond, P.J., Alma.
Pond, P.T., Alma.
Pool, John T., Orleans.
Pope, Alex, Orleans.
Poppett, Michael, Stamford.
Porter, Ira, Alma.
Posson, A.C., Huntley.
Posson, M.E., Huntley.
Potter, E.L., Wilcox
Pound, D.A., Orleans.
Powell, M.E., Ragan.
Prettyman, Anderson, Alma.
Prickett, Byron, Orleans.
Prettyman, L.W., Alma.
Prindle, W.E., Stamford.
Pringnits, Charles, Alma.
Proctor, William, Alma.
Pugsley, W.S., Republican City
Purdy, W.A., Orleans.
Purnell, Frank, Ragan.
Queen, Z.T., Oxford.
Ralston, Wm., Republican City
Ralston, A.M., Republican City
Ramage, Jacob, Stamford.
Rapp, Gottlieb, Huntley.
Rayburn, Andrew, Oxford.
Rea, W.H., Stamford.
Ream, James, Orleans.
Rebman, G., Republican City
Reed, D.J., Oxford.
Reed, E., Huntley.
Reed. John, Stamford.
Reibley, Chas., Orleans.
Reibley, Robt., Orleans.
Remke, John H., Huntley.
Renean, J.D., Orleans.
Renean, J.L., Orleans.
Renean, W.T., Orleans.
Reynolds, A., Alma.
Reynolds, A.E., Orleans.
Rhamy, B.M., Alma.
Rice, W.A., Republican City
Richards, L.A., Oxford.
Richards, M., Orleans.
Richards, Morgan, Alma.
Richman, T.A., Huntley.
Rider, Henry, Alma.
Riesenburg, Frank, Huntley.
Riesenburg, Wm., Huntley.
Rifenburg, L., Woodruff, Kansas
Riley, E.L., Woodruff, Kansas
Rinehart, Chas., Huntley.
Ritzman, John, Orleans.
Robb, E.P., Orleans.
Robbins, A.C., Stamford.
Robbins, H.C., Stamford.
Robbins, Walter A., Stamford.
Roberson, C.A., Orleans.
Roberson, C.C., Orleans.
Roberson, J.L., Orleans.
Roberts, Vance W., Alma.
Robertson, W.M., Orleans.
Robinson, C.E., Orleans.
Robinson, T.S., Orleans.
Robison, Jacob, Huntley.
Rodman, C.W., Oxford.
Rogers, F., Orleans.
Rogers, Thos., Ragan.
Rogers, Wm., Ragan.
Rohner, John, Huntley.
Roll, J.P., Alma.
Roll, Perry, Alma.
Roos, Carl A., Ragan.
Roper, Larson, Ragan.
Roper, Thos., Ragan.
Rosa, C.W., Stamford.
Rose, H., Republican City
Rose, J., Republican City
Rosenbrook, H., Long Island, Kansas
Roseveare, A.W., Orleans.
Ross, A.M., Orleans.
Routt, E.P., Oxford.
Rowley, Eli, Orleans.
Rowley, G.M., Orleans.
Rowley, John, Orleans.
Ruben, Andrew, Orleans.
Ruben, John, Stamford.
Rubendoll, G.W., Alma.
Rule, H.T., Stamford.
Runck, Phillip, Alma.
Rundall, R.W., Orleans.
Rupp, C.J., Orleans.
Rupp, M.J., Orleans.
Rupp, N.S., Orleans.
Rusk, William H., Ragan.
Russ, W.T., Orleans.
Russell, J.A., Republican City
Russell, T., Woodruff, Kansas
Rutherford, D., Orleans.
Rutherford, J.D., Orleans.
Rynn, A.L., Republican City
Rynn, B.F., Republican City
Runn, J.M., Republican City
St Clair, Milton, Orleans.
Salmon, James, Ragan.
Salmon, Web, Ragan.
Sample, A.J., Oxford.
Sample, W.J., Alma.
Sanders, L.R., Orleans.
Sanderson, W.L., Ragan.
Sandin, August, Stamford.
Sandated, Morris, Ragan.
Sansom, William, Huntley.
Sasse, August, Orleans.
Satter, F., Long Island, Kansas
Sawyer, Alden, Alma.
Sawyer, H.M., Republican City
Sawyer, W.F., Republican City
Scheller, Chris, Oxford.
Scheper, A., Republican City
Scheper, C., Republican City
Schertz, William, Mascot.
Schiem, C.F., Atlanta
Schluntz, W., Republican City
Schmaltz, Martin, Atlanta
Schmidt, W., Long Island, Kansas
Schrack, E.D., Alma.
Schrack, E.J., Alma.
Schrack, Theodore, Alma.
Schuster, F.H., Stamford.
Schwardt, J.H., Oxford.
Scott, Daniel, Oxford.
Scott, John, Orleans.
Scott, S.E., Atlanta
Scott, William, Oxford.
Searles, Geo. C., Stamford.
Sears, R.C., Ragan.
Seick, F.L., Huntley.
Seick, J.J.D., Huntley.
Seick, M.A., Huntley.
Shaff, M.Z., Orleans.
Sheffield, A., Republican City
Sheffield, John, Republican City
Sheffrey, Thos., Oxford.
Shelburn, A.P., Atlanta
Shelburn, G.F., Atlanta
Shelburn, Wm., Atlanta
Shepherd, H.A., Stamford.
Shepherdson, B.W., Orleans.
Shepherdson, E.C., Orleans.
Shepherdson, W.E., Orleans.
Sherlock, Geo.H., Oxford.
Shields, F.H., Oxford.
Shipman, W.O., Alma.
Shippert, John, Republican City
Shippert, Saml., Republican City
Shippert, Wm., Republican City
Shriver. L., Republican City
Shroder, Chas., Huntley.
Shroder, Corn., Huntley.
Shroder, Wm., Huntley.
Shumard, A.N., Ragan.
Silver, C., Republican City
Simmons, L.A., Orleans.
Sircomb, J.R., Oxford.
Sircomb, M.E., Oxford.
Sisson, A.J., Ragan.
Sisson, J.A., Huntley.
Sisson, W.J., Ragan.
Skewes, J.L., Atlanta
Skiles, G.S., Alma.
Skiles, Jas. F., Alma.
Skiles, Jas. R., Alma.
Skiles, L.B., Alma.
Skiles,. W.C., Alma.
Skiles, W.P., Alma.
Slawson, C.T., Alma.
Sloan, W.A., Ragan.
Smith, A.A., Orleans.
Smith, Carey, Republican City
Smith, Geo., Ragan.
Smith, J.A., Republican City
Smith, L., Orleans.
Smith, L.N., Alma.
Smith, M.A., Oxford.
Smith, M.E., Republican City
Smith, S.C., Stamford.
Smith, Simeon, Huntley.
Smith, V.T., Atlanta
Smith, Wm. S., Republican City
Snell, J.P., Republican City
Snider, C.E., Alma.
Snider, M.L., Oxford.
Snyder, Frank, Stamford.
Snyder, J., Republican City
Spangenberg, Wm., Oxford.
Spanier, Mathias, Mascot.
Spaur, Ed., Orleans.
Spaur, F.V., Orleans.
Spencer, Wm., Republican City
Sprickard, G.M., Huntley.
Sprague, E.A., Orleans.
Spirgin, S.L., Atlanta
Stackhouse, O., Huntley.
Stark, G.A., Ragan.
Starkey, Grant, Republican City
Steele, Chas. F., Republican City
Stephenton, John, Orleans.
Sterner, C.E., Ragan.
Sterner, M.S., Oxford.
Stevens, C.H., Atlanta
Stevens, F.W., Ragan.
Stevens, N.G., Ragan.
Stevenson, J.D., Alma.
Stevenson, L.E., Alma.
Stevenson, S.E., Alma.
Stewart, E.T., Alma.
Stickney, J. H., Ragan.
Stone, T.M., Orleans.
Stout, Chas., Alma.
Stover, W.M., Republican City
Stowell, M.T., Orleans.
Stratham, C., Long Island, Kansas
Stroble, Robert, Republican City
Stroh, E.E., Orleans.
Stroh, E.J., Orleans.
Stroh, I., Orleans.
Stomberg, C.A., Orleans.
Stroh, W.J., Orleans.
Stromberg, J.O., Orleans.
Strome, J.F., Huntley.
Strong, A.C., Ragan.
Struve, J.G., Oxford.
Suitor, J.A., Alma.
Suitor, Veasey, Alma.
Sundquist, A.G., Ragan.
Sutton, W.R., Oxford.
Swanson, D., Oxford.
Swanson, C.Q., Oxford.
Swanson, Frank, Orleans.
Swanson, N., Atlanta
Swartwood, J., Atlanta
Swartz, J.P., Alma.
Swindell, R.M., Mascot.
Swindell, W.R., Mascot.
Swint, Fred, Republican City
Syler, Theo., Alma.
Symmonds, J.H., Stamford.
Tanner, John, Oxford.
Tanner, Nathan, Orleans.
Tanner, Vesta, Oxford.
Tayler, John, Huntley.
Taylor, T.H., Alma.
Taylor, V., Atlanta
Taylor, Wm., Atlanta
Teeter, Anson, Republican City
Tegtman, Ed., Long Island, Kansas
Tegtmier, F., Alma.
Terry, John H., Huntley.
Thayer, E.J., Republican City
Thermacher, Wm., Huntley.
Thomas, Chalkly, Orleans.
Thomas, James, Orleans.
Thomas, Thomas B., Orleans.
Thompson, E. L., Stamford.
Thompson, George, Alma.
Thompson, John, Orleans.
Thompson, S., Orleans.
Thornton, F. L., Orleans.
Thorp, D. H., Alma.
Thrasher, A. B., Oxford.
Thrasher, J. A., Oxford.
Thrasher, James, Oxford.
Thrasher, J.C., Oxford.
Thrasher, J.S., Oxford.
Thrasher, R.H., Oxford.
Thulin, Nels C., Oxford.
Thunell, Hans, Oxford.
Thurston, David, Orleans.
Thurston, W.W., Orleans.
Tillotson, Alonzo, Alma.
Tillotson, E.R., Alma.
Tillotson, Erl., Alma.
Tobin F.W., Orleans.
Tomillinson, W.S., Oxford.
Travis, Patrick. N,, Orleans.
Treat, R.S., Orleans.
Trever, Joseph H., Huntley.
Tripe, John, Stamford.
Tripp, S.H., Oxford.
Troutman, J., Oxford.
Trumble, A.B., Long Island, Kansas
Tunison, Abram, Atlanta
Turley, Michael, Orleans.
Turnahan, James, Ragan.
Turnbo, Green, Alma.
Turner, J.E., Ragan.
Tyler, H.M., Orleans.
Uplinger, Joseph, Republican City
Upson, Geo. C., Stamford.
Upson, J.A., Stamford.
Vahle, C. H., Long Island, Kansas
Vanderhoof, L.D., Stamford.
Vandike, Griffey, Huntley.
Vanosdol, James, Oxford.
Vanosdol, G.M., Oxford.
Vanpatten, Wm. F., Orleans.
Varis, Abraham, Oxford.
Vaughan, C.E., Huntley.
Vaughn, Geo.C., Ragan.
Vaughan, J.M., Huntley.
Ventling, J.A., Atlanta
Vermillion, G. T., Atlanta
Vernon, W.H., Alma.
Vincent, E., Long Island, Kansas
Vincent, F., Long Island, Kansas
Vincent, Sam, Alma.
Von Hollen, Fritz, Stamford.
Von Hollen, J.C., Stamford.
Waddell, Jackson, Alma.
Waddell, John R., Alma.
Waddell, Joseph, Alma.
Waddell, J. T., Alma.
Waggoner, A., Huntley.
Waggoner, C.R., Ragan.
Waggoner, David, Stamford.
Waggoner, D.M., Stamford.
Waggoner, W.M., Republican City
Waggoner, Wm., Stamford.
Walker, E.E., Orleans.
Walker, James, Republican City
Walker, M.H., Oxford.
Walker, R.T., Wilcox
Walker, W.M., Orleans.
Wall, Coleman, Ragan.
Wall, Kiah., Huntley.
Wall, R.C., Ragan.
Wallace, G.M., Orleans.
Wallace, J.W., Orleans.
Wallace, R.A., Stamford.
Walter, Adam, Oxford.
Ward, C.B., Orleans.
Warner, A.P., Republican City
Warner, T.R., Ragan.
Waterman, H.M., Orleans.
Watson, Albert S., Atlanta
Watson, James, Oxford.
Watts, W.H., Republican City
Wearthington, Wm., Ragan.
Webber, Jacob, Stamford.
Webber, Jacob, Oxford.
Weekly, C.L., Atlanta
Weekly, W.E., Orleans.
Wenholz, Henry, Orleans.
Wentz, John, Oxford.
Werlick, J.S., Ragan.
West, B.F., Ragan.
Westerberg, H.G., Orleans.
Westfall, R.L., Orleans.
Weston, John, Alma.
Wheadon, Thos., Ragan.
Wheaton, A., Orleans.
Wheeler, George, Ragan.
White, C.A., Alma.
White, E.M., Huntley.
White, Frank L., Orleans.
White, Fred L., Orleans.
White, J.E., Orleans.
White, Kiter, Orleans.
White, N. R., Alma.
Whitted, H., Alma.
Whited, T.J., Orleans.
Whiting, C., Long Island, Kansas
Whiting, John E., Orleans.
Whitney, E. S., Republican City
Whitney, J.V., Republican City
Whitsel, George, Orleans.
Whittem, Charles, Ragan.
Wiken, A., Orleans.
Wilcox, M.V., Wilcox
Wilhelm, L.D., Alma.
Wilkinson, Phil., Orleans.
Wiley, David, Alma.
Wiley, Joseph, Alma.
Wiley, J.W., Alma.
Wiley, Wilson, Alma.
Willard, John C., Atlanta
Willford, J.H., Stamford.
Willford, John, Huntley.
Williams, Daniel, Republican City
William, F.A., Republican City
Williams, Fred, Orleans.
Williams, J.C., Republican City
Williams, J.C., Orleans.
Williams, J.N., Stamford.
Williams, N., Stamford.
Williams, R. E., Huntley.
Williams, S., Republican City
Williams, S., Alma.
Williams, W.W., Alma.
Williamson, Oscar, Orleans.
Willlis, W., Huntley.
Willmot, E.E., Oxford.
Willsey, C.H., Ragan.
Willsey, John, Ragan.
Wilson, A.C., Alma.
Wilson, Andrew, Ragan.
Wilson, Barney, Ragan.
Wilson, F.H., Stamford.
Wilson, James, Huntley.
Wilson, James, Orleans.
Wilson, Jno. A., Ragan.
Wilson, P.S., Ragan.
Wilson, Walter, Ragan.
Wilson, W.B., Ragan.
Wingard, J.D., Atlanta
Wingard, Henry H., Atlanta
Winger, E.S., Orleans.
Wise, Perry, Republican City
Wolf, Adam, Orleans.
Wolf, Geo. W., Alma.
Wolf, Jacob, Orleans.
Wood, Arthur F., Orleans.
Wood, B.S., Orleans.
Wood, James P., Huntley.
Woods, F.A., Oxford.
Woods, Greely D., Ragan.
Woods, J.G., Orleans.
Woodworth, O.H., Ragan.
Workman, Stephen, Republican City
Wright, F.T., Oxford.
Worthington, A., Ragan.
Wusterbath, Ernest, Oxford.
Wusterbath, Otto, Orleans.
Wyatt, W.W., Orleans.
Yoder, S.E., Orleans.
Young, E.P., Orleans.
Young, J.M., Orleans.
Young, T.P., Oxford.
Zade, B.A., Oxford.
Zade, William, Oxford.
Ziegler, J.F., Alma.
Zeluff, Henderson, Orleans.

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